Saturday, April 2, 2011

Sarah Palin Is The Answer!

By Robert Wiles

“I like Sarah but she’s a quitter”. Ugh…here we go again. Once again, I had to hear this dribble from a “Conservative Republican”. As a Conservative Republican myself, I will not sit down, shut up and allow this nonsense to continue. Just as the newsboys of old use to shout “Extra, extra, read all about it”, I will continue to shout with all that is within me…Sarah is NOT a quitter! This individual had the audacity to tell me that they loved Sarah, but would not vote for her. I guess love does have its limits doesn’t it? Please! Sarah’s resignation should be a non-issue among Republicans by now. She did not quit, plain and simple. If she truly were a quitter, she’d be at home right now living a life of freedom, enjoying her private life and saying “to hell with all this damnation being thrown at me and my family”. But, that’s not our Sarah. She is a fighter and a leader to boot. I will repeat over and over again, this is not just about Sarah Palin nor is it about politics. This is about the American Culture. Just for one moment forget about Sarah’s political views, her resignation and everything else. Now focus on her values, morals, character, but mostly her faith in God. Bingo!! Her belief in the values of our heritage have made her a pariah to the Left and even some on the Right. We Americans want our heritage back and Sarah is the answer, but it all comes with a heavy price for her.

I recently wrote about two politicians posting death wishes regarding Sarah on Facebook. Although both apologized and resigned, the sentiment is still there. Let me tell you something, if Sarah was a quitter, she’d be quitting right now. Why in the world would she want to put herself in harms way? She continues forward because she is fighting for this Country and she’s fighting for us. This so called “quitter” is the leader that is standing in front of you and I and taking the knocks for us. Yet, she looks back and says, “You are worth fighting for because you are America”. I want to ask some Republican Conservatives, why don’t you see what we see or do you “choose” not to see”? Do you “choose” not to see that she resonates with the people? Do you “choose” not to see her as a leader as many in our own Party do? Do you “choose” not to see that she is the one whom is most feared by the Left? Do you NOT see it? If you don’t, you may just need a “Blind Bartimaeus” type of miracle. I’ve always heard phrases such as, “we need someone who really cares about us”, “they just don’t live in our world” and “all they want is our vote”. Well, Sarah Palin is what they have been asking for; yet, they are too blind to see it…or too prideful.

America has been crying out “we need one of us", we get her, then start having second opinions about her. Sarah is all American. Her husband Todd is more in tune with the average American male than any Washington elitist out there. Americans gripe about the “elitism” in Washington; yet, we are sent a “Sarah and Todd” and we seem to question whether we want them to have a role in Washington.

What do we want America? We say that we are not being respected, counted or heard, but in rejecting Sarah, we in essence are saying that we need to keep out of this Country’s business. We doubt that the average American can be worthy enough to provide leadership within our Country. So, do we want to be part of a Country that is again led by the elite? Do we want to feel neglected once more? Do we want to be led by those who are out of tune with the average American? We have a voice who has lived like us, who speaks as we do, who loves the little things in life, but we doubt in her ability to run this Country? What that tells me is that we are not sure of ourselves. Is it that we believe that politics is the only answer in America and that politicians are the ones who can guide this Country? If that’s what we believe, then WHO ARE we..? If we believe that “one of us” is wrong for the job, then we will never be a part of this Country.

America!!! It’s all about culture! Sarah Palin is the one to lead us and I say it with confidence. We have a mosque that is being built two blocks from Ground Zero. Two blocks! The elites made their decision and again “we the people” were left out. It’s like our voice means nothing and we do not matter. The truth be told, we really don’t matter much to them (elite). We really don’t. The Elites have forgotten about us. Today they act as if they care about us because election time is coming around, but remember when they make those back room deals, they do not ask you what you think.

Sarah Palin is the way out for the people of America. We either believe in Sarah or we don’t. Sarah has never quit on us, but some in our Party have quit on her. If not for Sarah, where would we be today. I look at it as being so simple: we rally around Sarah and make the Left and the media have a major panic attack due to the mighty army of people saying “No More”, or we just do as always and vote for the same old Elites and whine about how “they don’t care” about us.

To those that say Sarah is a quitter because she resigned her Governorship , I ask, could we have waited any longer? Her resignation was a blessing not only for herself, but for the Country as a whole. In years past, I have always noticed that the Republican Party was always on the defensive and never on the offensive. Today I see Sarah Palin on the offensive, throwing the Left and Media into a frenzy. They can’t even think straight. Sarah has led the charge and has not backed down. As I am pondering all this, i’ve come to the conclusion that there are some States who wished their own Governors would have resigned. There are quite a few States near bankruptcy, so deep in debt that future generations do not have much of a future. I see victory in Sarah Palin, now its up to us. We either go with Sarah and fight for our Country or we stay with the Elites. Most importantly, we either go with Sarah and fight for the American culture or we let our culture run amok and allow our future generations to carry out those death wishes upon each other. I truly hope our side makes the right decision because if we don’t, it’s as if…WE QUIT ON SARAH.

Robert Wiles

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