Saturday, June 25, 2011

Who I Am

I was asked to write a blog telling everyone who I am. I'm no one special but my life story may help someone else so I take pride in sharing my story every chance I get.

I'll start off with the basics. My name is Krystal B. Parrish (the B. stands for Brooke) and I am barely 23 years old and a single mom of a 3 year old boy who was diagnosed with CHD (Congenital Heart Disease) shortly before he turned 3 months old. I am also proud to be an American, even with all the governmental chaos these days, because I was raised to know what our country once was. Ronald Reagan was the president when I came into this world (and coincidentally he died 2 days before my 16th birthday) and I lived the majority of my life under President George W. Bush. As you could probably tell from my last, and first, post on the Palin Promotions Blog, I am a huge fan of Mrs. Palin. Not like stalker fan, that would be weird, but she definitely has all of my support and I would be blessed if I were to meet her one day.

Now, on to our story, which is a big part of who I am. Just 3 years and 6 short days ago, I was sitting in a Texas Children's Cardiology Office in Cy-Fair and hearing news from a complete stranger. News that made me ill, speechless, and took my breath away. My beautiful baby, as tiny as he was, was suffering from a disease that takes so many babies from their families every day. I had never heard of the disease until a couple of weeks before when Kendryck's (my son) Pediatrician informed me that my son had a distinct heart murmur. I went home and researched heart murmurs and came across the information of CHD. I saw pictures and videos of babies who had it and cried all night.

Days turned into weeks and the weeks turned into months filled with Cardiology appointments, hospital stays, and lots and lots of medicine. When Kendryck was almost 6 months old, the thing I feared the most and had been denying was now the unmistakable truth. My son, my little angel, was going to have open heart surgery. I, obviously, was devastated and every night I would run my finger up and down his chest, imagining what was going to be there for the rest of his life, a large scar. I would whisper to him while he was sleeping and tell him I needed him to fight for me because I was fighting for him.

It is hard for me to put everything into a blog because there is so much to tell so I am going to skip through. Kendryck had his open heart surgery, 5 1/2 hours of it, on October 21, 2008, 4 days before he turned 7 months old. He survived and I praise God and will praise God for that for the rest of our lives. He still has 2 small holes in his heart but you can't even tell by looking at him. He has a scar on his chest that he proudly shows off, his "battle scar."

We have come far from where we were. I have a book out called, "Save His Heart," that I wrote to share our story and raise awareness for CHD. There are so many people who are still unaware that this disease even exists and I have made it my life's goal to never stop spreading the word.

Also, I have always wanted to be an author and now, because of our experiences and my book, I am writing articles for websites, magazines, a new book, and now, this blog. My son and I are tremendously blessed. I am happy to be sharing our story with everyone who is reading this. If you want to know more about us, view pictures, or purchase a copy of, "Save His Heart," check out my website at Be sure to sign the guestbook and let me know you were there! And I look forward to writing for you all more in the future. Thank you, God Bless, and Vote Palin!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Supporting Sarah

Why so many are still choosing to follow Sarah Palin!

 Sarah Palin, a strong voice in today’s society, is a woman most of us can look up to. Her name is that of one who seemed to grow overnight. Before Senator John McCain selected her as his running mate, I had sadly never heard of Mrs. Palin. However, I am glad that I did and can proudly say I am a supporter. Here’s why:

 How many people do you see today giving thanks, or credit for their actions, to Christ? These days, you hardly ever see a public official praying in, well, public. But, Sarah Palin, will proudly raise her eyes to Heaven and give praise, or silently bow her head in prayer, wherever she may be. She gives us an example of what this country used to be before Christ was taken out of everything we do.

Mrs. Palin is also a huge supporter of anti-abortion. She chooses life for these babies who have no reason to lose their lives. Palin is a prime example of what a family could be without abortion, as she is one with a large and fulfilling family. I admire her because even though she was told her beautiful son would be born with Down Syndrome, she didn’t take the road most travelled. She and her husband, Todd, CHOSE to keep their baby and raise him along with their other four children.

Sarah Palin is also a voice to women everywhere, not just America. She teaches us to rise above the men who are trying to keep us down and quiet, and take a stand for what is right. She leads us to a new “revolution,” where being president is obtainable by a woman. And she inspires us to reach as high as we can, and even further, for what we want. We, the women of America, make up a big part of this nation and I haven’t met one woman who doesn’t support her.

Sarah Palin doesn’t give up. She laughs in the face of adversity, she pushes on when the “lamestream media” try everything they can to bring her spiralling down, and she strikes back and takes lead when one strikes at her, or her children… Especially her children. Mrs. Palin is intelligent. She was raised by a great teacher, and she’s smarter than a lot of people give her credit for thanks to the lamebrains, for a lack of a better word, who criticize every little word she says.

Yeah, maybe I’m just an average Jane who works from home typing articles, writing books, and raising my son on my own. But, trust me, there are a lot of women out there just like me who all support Sarah Palin. So, go ahead and run for President, Mrs. Palin. We need a strong leader for our country. We’ve got your back… You betcha!

Stealing America Blind - How to Steal Money by Printing It (or: Sarah Palin Warned Us)

By Mark America

You may remember candidate Obama telling Joe the Plumber that he wanted to spread the wealth around. President Obama, in concert with the Democrats and Ben Bernanke have been quite busy.

To understand what's been done, and how, we need to first understand a bit about how money is created. In a simplified model, the Federal Reserve loans money into existence. The Federal Reserve loans the US Government money and the bonds thereby created are sold on the open market to buyers. These bonds are traded globally, and this is why and how the Japanese and more recently, the Chinese, have come to hold so much US debt. Of course, you can buy bonds too. So can banks. It's seen as an investment, but with interest rates maintained artificially low, the desirability of the bonds on the market slips dramatically.

We no longer base our money on an objective store of value. Many people reference the end of the Bretton Woods agreement under Nixon, but the truth is that we really came off any reliable, meaningful gold standard under Franklin Roosevelt. Roosevelt arbitrarily set the value of the dollar vs. gold by picking random numbers from within a range, pulling numbers out of a hat, drawing cards, or whatever else he dreamed up at the time. (See: "The Roosevelt Myth" by John T. Flynn)

The Bretton Woods agreement merely formalized the process in 1946, but it continued the basic FDR policy: You, as a person subject to the jurisdiction of the United States, could not redeem your dollars for gold. A foreign bank or government could. By1971, your treasury was emptied and Nixon was forced to announce that we could no longer even redeem dollars held by foreigners with gold. For the period between 1933 and 1971, we functioned on a fake gold standard that was propped up by functioning like a gold standard internationally, but domestically, as pure fiat currency. In short, here at home, what we had was monopoly money, but it looked and spent normally because in the international markets and exchanges, where somebody would quickly notice and complain, the money was backed by gold, until the gold ran out. Most of the gold formerly held by the United States was long gone, to pay foreigners when they presented dollars obtained in trade for redemption. It is literally gone. Only a relative token of that gold survives.

So what gives your money value, if not gold? The answer is simple: It is the confidence of the bond-holders in the debtor's promise to pay. Imagine you purchase a home. If you were borrowing the money, you would of necessity need to find a bank willing to lend it to you. If they saw you had no job, no business, and no assets, you were a poor credit risk, and you'd not get the mortgage. Mortgage companies trade mortgages, just like bond-traders trade bonds. Debts are basically investments based on the value of the interest due. The investor is betting that inflation will not surpass his earned interest on the mortgage, and therefore, will profit slightly as the mortgage is paid in full. Mortgages with higher interest rates can be better investments, but traditionally, they implied more risk because people tend to get mortgage rates based at least in part on their credit-worthiness.

The value of the US dollar is determined in much the same way. The currency is backed in part by the assets of the people who owe money, and in part by the confidence bond markets have in the probability that as the bonds mature, they will be paid in full, with the expected interest.

Now that we know all of this, and with my apologies to all who already did, let's get on to the meat of this. Barack Obama, the Congress, and the Federal Reserve have been stealing you blind. Over the last three years, the Fed has lent more money into existence than in all the time since WWII. The Federal Government has been the borrower of record, with the total debt incurred by the Congress and President Obama in that period exceeding four-and-a-half trillion dollars. That's $4,500,000,000,000.00. It's a lot of cash. The problem is, the economy in no way produced nearly that amount of additional wealth in that period. The effect is simple: Each and every dollar, the new ones and all the ones that existed beforehand, fell in value. This is engineered inflation, or what the Federal Reserve has taken to calling "Quantitative Easing," which is a fancy way of saying that they're digitizing or printing more monopoly-money dollars that will go into circulation with the rest of the dollars, and thereby devalue them all.

Last November, Governor Sarah Palin warned about this practice, telling all who would listen that this would drive inflation, and that it would cause food and energy prices to rise dramatically, and thus stifle the economic recovery until it would be stillborn. We are now reaping that harvest, just as she suggested, and while President Obama releases three days worth of oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserves to try to hide it, the fact is that the economy is in free-fall. Obama and his crowd planned all of this, because they wanted to commit the largest theft in history. Barack Obama is, himself, an economic buffoon. The man doesn't know a demand curve from an equilibrium price. His advisors, all of them, are following a script laid out for them by a man who knows how to destroy currency and steal the wealth of nations. He is considered an 'economic terrorist' in much of the Pacific rim. I speak of none other than George Soros.

Now, we could delve into the why and how, but it's much more important, I think, to show you a simplified illustration of how this is being done. I've created a few charts here to help illustrate how this works. I've simplified it so as to promote understanding, but I am going to explain what you're looking at, and when you're done, you can draw your own rational conclusions.

In the first chart, we are starting at day zero. On this day, a dollar is worth a dollar. There are a total of 400 in circulation, and they are distributed as shown. I assume that on day zero, a gallon of gasoline costs $2, and a loaf of ordinary bread costs $1. This is the baseline. You may wonder who is Person 1 , Person 2, Person 3, and Person 4. For the sake of argument, however, we'll get back to that. Also notice the purchasing power. Notice how many loaves and gallons each person can buy. Take a look at day zero(You can click the image for a slightly larger version:)

Now remembering that there are $400 in total, let's imagine the Government borrows another $200 from the Federal Reserve, and the Fed must borrow it by issuing bonds. Now there's a total of $600 in the economy. The Government takes the newly printed/digitized dollars and distributes them, $50 each, to all four persons. There is no new value in the economy. The money's value has dropped by 50%. Expressed another way, the money is now worth only 2/3s of what it was worth on day zero. Let's call this day one, and take a look:

As you look at the chart above, you immediately notice that the distribution of wealth has changed. Person 1 and Person 2 have both picked up their share of the wealth. Person 3 has lost a little, and Person 4 has gotten clobbered. Notice that we didn't 'tax' a soul. We merely printed more money into existence, and distributed it differently. Now notice what has happened to the purchasing power of our four persons. Also note that the cost of the gallon and the loaf has risen accordingly. We're not finished, however. We're going to come back around and do it again:

Now look at the results. We'll call this day two, or if your prefer, we can use Federal Reserve Chairman Bernanke's term, "Quantitative Easing 2." Notice what has happened. We've shifted a good deal of wealth to Person 1, a little bit to Person 2, stolen just a bit from Person 3, and taken Person 4 to the cleaners.

Notice that the price of a loaf and a gallon have doubled. This is because you now have twice as much money in circulation, and no additional material value. Here's what you need to know, however. Person 1 can be a welfare or other entitlement recipient, or a foreign citizen in a foreign land to whom we've gifted money. Person 2 can be a low-skilled, low-wage worker, just below the median income for a family. He's struggling, and barely getting by. Person 3 is solidly middle class. He either works in a higher-skilled field, or is even self-employed, like Joe the Plumber. He probably barely notices the effect, at first. Person 4 is everybody above that. This is the person that creates almost all the jobs in a free market economy. How do you now expect him to do that?

As Tammy Bruce reminds us, Sarah Palin warned us that this would be the result. Those of us who actually know anything about economics(as opposed to the LameStreamMedia) knew that she was right when she said it. Time has born her thesis. Where was Mitt Romney? He said it was 'necessary.' Where were the rest of the Republicans? They were all joining Paul Krugman and Barack Obama in laughing up their sleeves at Mrs. Palin. Most importantly, however, where were you, and what did you believe? Or were you making Thanksgiving plans while they carried out another round of theft?

This is the policy of "spreading the wealth around" that Barack Hussein Obama promised. He's delivered, but he's not finished quite yet. Now that he's thoroughly clobbered the wealth creators by devaluing the dollar, he's next going to take the rest via taxes, if the Republicans fail to stop him and his cronies in the Senate. If they do, it won't matter, because he'll soon announce, through his stooge, Ben Bernanke, perhaps yet another round of Quantitative Easing. They'll call it "QE3," and all you will need to know is that another round of theft is underway. It may have worked too well already. Remember when Rush Limbaugh was criticized for saying he hoped Obama would fail? This is what he hoped would fail. It hasn't. Your wealth and your life are under assault. There is only one answer to this, and it is to send Barack Obama back to Chicago, with the rest of the thugs, and I know just the lady to do it!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Betting the Farm on Sarah Palin

By Mark America

The country is running out of time. We're broke, nationally, and as the spendthrifts in Washington, D.C. try to discover new and increasingly dishonest, disguised methods by which to hide the scope of the impending disaster, we should be considering what it means for we, the people. There can be no doubt that they are driving us to complete and unrecoverable collapse. I can describe to you what I believe their motives to be, but that doesn't change the reality, and I'd rather focus on what we can do about it. Time is getting short. It's possible that there will be no elections in 2012, because we may have collapsed into chaos and anarchy. If hyperinflation strikes, as some now believe it will, the country is over as we have known it. Let's imagine, for the sake of argument, that we can stave off complete collapse at least long enough to hold the 2012 elections. What should be our electoral goal, as a people? We must first stop the hemorrhaging and apply a tourniquet to this nation's deep, spurting, arterial wounds. That tide of blood, the lifeblood of our economy, and our future, cannot be stemmed by band-aids and a series of well-meaning but undisciplined politicians. We need a determined practitioner who is willing to crack the chest and do the serious, nation-saving surgery. As it stands, there is only one Republican under consideration who fits that description: Sarah Palin.

My own farm is slowly failing. While part of it is the drought, and part of it is the stupidity of the Texas legislature, through its unwillingness to put Texas horsemen on par with those in neighboring states, much more importantly, it is the state of the general economy. The price of fuel, the shrinking value of the dollar, and the general lack of disposable income nationwide is killing the horse industry in Texas. Nobody buys horses when they're choosing between fuel for their vehicle, and food for their table. Soon, at my farm, it may be a choice between feeding horses and eating them.

Barack Obama is gutting this country, and he's doing it by intention and with malice aforethought. There can be no more claim that he is accomplishing this all due merely to gross incompetence. I don't think it's possible to be that incompetent. Even a blind pig finds an acorn occasionally. This guy doesn't seem to notice a truckload of them. He sees them, but he evinces the willingness, and the naked determination, to ignore them.

There's not much desire on the GOP side to do anything better, or at least no willingness to fight to press these issues. Boehner and Cantor may be 'really good guys,' but that's not enough. We need fighters. We need warriors. We need somebody to realize that the person whose ass needs kicking is the guy boasting about being the guy who says he will "decide whose ass to kick."

We cannot compromise or otherwise weasel our way out of this mess. There is no short-cut back to prosperity. It's going to take daring, disciplined leadership. It's going to take a leader that can look to all the people in the country and say, approximately: "You, the people, must lead us out of this mess, and it starts with a commitment to what is right, rather than what is easy." Too few of our politicians are willing to get tough in the name of the country and its future.

This is why I am betting the farm on Sarah Palin. Her shortened term as Governor of Alaska stands as empirical evidence that she knows how to lead, is willing to confront difficult problems, combat the media, fight entrenched interests, and rally the people to demonstrate the better angels of their nature. I will support Sarah Palin, if only she will run, and I am holding on, a little longer, with all I can, for the future of my country, and the future of my farm, in the hope that she will shortly answer the call.

Dear Governor Palin: (The Real Front-Runner)

By Mark America

Sarah, you've kept us all guessing. Various rumors and speculations abound with respect to your plans. Maybe you're still thinking it over. If you are, and if your plans are not yet finalized, I'd like to give you a few more things to think about. I realize I'm nobody special, and it's overwhelmingly unlikely you'll ever see this, but if you do, I hope you'll understand why I am compelled to try.

My adult daughter and I went to your Going Rogue signing at Fort Hood. The line through the Post Exchange was curled around the entire facility. You signed books for hours, engaging everybody who stepped before you and your husband, and your parents were on hand as well, talking proudly of their daughter with folks who were gleefully exiting the signing area. Young women gasped coming out, "Oh my God, she touched me. She touched ME..." Hilariously, it wasn't only the young ladies who were so-affected. As we came around the partition, my daughter before me, I watched you talking to all the people as you shook their hands and signed books. Being a tall fellow, I was able to watch your interaction with the whole group, and with each individual or family, and I was astonished. I know that makes of me some sort of rube or bumpkin to some people, but honestly, I've met people of some fame before, and none had this odd affect on me. I know there were pictures taken - I saw them - and I looked every bit as foolish as I felt. My daughter showed off her t-shirt, one insulting to communism, which you said that you liked. I'm a middle-aged guy, you're a day younger than my own bride, and I was transfixed like some pathetic schoolboy who had just bumped fortuitously into Miss America.

It wasn't motivated by the things most leftists will instantly assume. What had me transfixed wasn't the fact that you're a beautiful woman, although that's undeniably true. It was something else, entirely, and I've had to think about how to express this in an analog people can understand. I'm a horseman, among other things. I know what makes a beautiful animal, and makes an animal beautiful. In horses, form must follow function, or it's superfluous. You know a beautiful horse because its beauty is translated into its every motion. There is a purposeful, perfect union of all the pieces, every bone and muscle and motion all flowing through time in pursuit of a single goal, and an optimal balance that results in something akin to perfection. Now in truth, there are no perfect horses, but there have been some phenomenal creatures. One such horse, a horse that may have been both the greatest racehorse of all times, and one of the most spectacularly beautiful animals ever to grace a paddock or pasture was Secretariat. There really aren't sufficient words to describe his beauty, or his on-track achievements. Secretariat was a force of nature. Sure, he had a few bad days, and a few defeats, but when Secretariat was on his game, there wasn't a horse on Earth that could touch him. 38 years ago, he proved that on the track by galloping into the history and record books, apparently for all times, since none have yet bested his feats.

Now, I don't wish you to think that I'm comparing you to a horse directly. That isn't my intention. My purpose is to explain to you what had me transfixed on that day, and why I stammered and could barely utter my own name when you asked for it. You see, it's seldom you see something or someone so purpose-built for a particular task. People who looked upon Secretariat, or even now watch the grainy old videos of his Belmont win, knowing even a little about horses, will know what I mean. Sometimes, a thing, be it an animal, a human or even a machine is just perfect for the function they are performing. If you watched the rhythm of Secretariat's powerful, but effortless-looking gait, you could see every muscle, every sinew flowing upon his frame as if this was the design for which no suitable copy could ever be produced. Since that day in 1973, many have tried, somehow, to recreate him. I've tried myself. Some have come close, but none have managed to create such a horse again. When you see that sort of rare perfection-to-purpose, it's awe-inspiring. It's captivating. It's mesmerizing. It is the stunned recognition of that which is a force of nature, a pure thing, pure to purpose and dedicated to an idea. It's wonderful to behold.

So there I stood, watching the interaction between you and my daughter. Your cheerful and kind banter, and your engaging tendency simply floored me. I watched my daughter smile the smile of angels. You have a daughter that age. How often was Bristol so thrilled by any adult at that age? Maybe over that extra-cute boy? What teenage girl isn't captivated by some young man? Never over an adult, yet there I stood watching you turn my super-confident daughter into putty. Then your eyes turned to me. I suddenly felt self-conscious, like a fish out of water, like that dream where you find yourself suddenly naked. You looked at me and I was suddenly embarrassed. What was I doing here? Was I about to swoon? Beam me up, Scotty! I think I managed to croak my name when you asked for it.

You see, I'd been watching you engage all the people before me. I analyze things. It's what I do. I examine complex systems, whether electronic or mechanical, or even biological, and I figure out how they work. I spot the flaws in their operation, and I make improvements, or I repair them, but in general, I make things work. It's just what I do. Most of the time, I start by spotting flaws in things. It's just my nature. I have a severe eye for details, relationship, and functions, so few things escape my discovery. Nothing is flawless. Even Secretariat had what many considered to be questionable knees, though they never gave him trouble when it mattered. Like anything in our world that functions perfectly for its purpose despite insignificant flaws, no re-engineering or re-design necessary, I saw the same in you that day. You were in your natural environment, doing what you do, engaging a crowd one at a time, making each feel important and special and worthwhile, it dawned on me that you really do understand that our country is not a collectivized hive-mind, but a collection of individuals each with their own goals and ambitions and aspirations. That's America. That's what we're supposed to be. That's how we expect our leaders to treat us: As individuals. You see that. You see its critical importance. You see it in the identities and persons of all the people you meet. You look out, and do not see a massive crowd as a single entity, but as a number of people, each there giving of their precious time, all to see you. You have the good sense to know the difference, and the sincere determination to remember it when you greet people.

How astonishingly rare are your talents? I don't have them, though I know them when I see them. I could spend a lifetime, in vain, trying to recreate them. No, just as there is only one of each of us, there is also only one Sarah Palin. Some mistakenly believe that if the GOP could just substitute in some woman, any woman, they could somehow recreate you, but try as they might, it's simply not possible. You're you, unashamedly, and that's just how we like it.

I'm relating all of this for a purpose, and it is most easily stated thusly: Run Sarah, RUN! I will not attempt to guilt you into running, and tell you my sad stories and tales of woe, while begging you to fit your purposes to my needs. I don't believe in that kind of claptrap, and honestly, I don't think you do, either. Instead, I will ask you to consider the things you value. You have a large family, your eldest children now grown, more yet in the nest, your grandchild and all the ones yet to be who you must consider. You have your husband, a man with a firm handshake, and parents in whose eyes you're still the apple. You live in the greatest country the world has ever known, with a history as yet unrivaled. You hold certain principles, near and dear without compromise or capitulation. You have the drive, the talent, the dedication and the solemn devotion to take you to the top.

It would not be without cost to you and all those you love, but I now ask you to reflect: What will happen to all the people and things you love and value if the current maladministration of our country continues? Worse, what will happen if one of these less-conservative sorts managed to win and due to lack of principled and consistent philosophy, made the mess we're confronting even worse? All those things you love and cherish, your own life, your own talents and aspirations - what becomes of them then?

Nevermind me, Governor Palin. I'm in all ways inconsequential to the outcome. I'm just some bumpkin-computer-nerd and horseman in Texas. Ignore that. What I want isn't important, to you, and shouldn't be. What's important to you, I trust, is that all the things you know and love are under real, lethal threat by runaway statism. All the freedoms you've known, and all the freedoms your children should have known, are disappearing. They're vanishing. One after another.

Once upon a time, I was a young soldier in a distant land, doing the things my country bade me do, not because I had been drafted, but because I volunteered - not out of some pretense about duty, but because I saw an opportunity to trade value for value: I would devote my life, and put it at risk as need be, in exchange for certain things that I believed would redound to my eventual benefit. Chief among those things was a country in which I would be free to pursue my loves and my passions and my values. Next were things like a paycheck and an education fund. I don't pretend that mine was a sacrifice. I gained inestimably from the exchange, and I have never ceased to hold my head high, in pride at all the things I accomplished while wearing our nation's uniform.

In much the same way, I'm asking you to volunteer, not out of some sense of duty to me or any of your millions and millions of supporters, or even to a country now gasping and on its knees. I ask you to serve the purposes of your own life, and your own values by rising to take on the fight, a grim and terrible fight, in which you will be the tip of the spear. You already have the heart of a warrior. You're already battle-tested and hardened. You look no less happy for the engagement, and in truth, look at home in your element when embattled.

I believe that the oath I first took in 1983 has no expiration. There is no statute of limitation upon my oath to protect and defend the constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. The enemies are here. There's no sense pretending otherwise, and while this remains a political war, we must win it lest it become something even more terrible. That is a cost none should wish to pay. Ronald Reagan reminded us that history's lesson is 'peace through strength.' This applies as much within a nation as without.

There is no disguising the fact that our country is on the brink. If we don't turn the ship of state hard about, the iceberg looming before us will surely doom us. Unlike that fated ship, we look-outs have screamed 'Iceberg, dead ahead' well in advance of the collision. The only fog confronting us is the mist of indecision and obfuscation. The danger is no longer concealed.

I ask you then, Governor Palin, not for my sake, or my daughter's sake, but for your own sake and the sake of all you love: Take up this fight. Battle relentlessly, not merely through a campaign season, but until your terms expire. It's a mighty chore. It's a terrible burden. It's as awful in contemplation as any political endeavor I can imagine, except for surrender.

I can promise you only that which I can be certain to deliver. I do not speak for a group. I do not speak on behalf of some special interest, save my own, and I do not make idle promises: Run, Sarah Palin! Run! I will stand with you in all ways that I am able. I will deliver yard-signs. I will recruit. I will send such money as I can muster. I will paint my own quarter-mile stretch of rural highway frontage with the name "Palin." I will be your shield, though you'll not know it. I will get the vote out to the polls. I will take your part in every fight. I will absorb as many of the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune as circumstance will permit. My support won't stop on election day, or upon your inauguration. It will in all ways I can make it be seamless and fluid, like a perpetual beast of burden, happily carrying his share, without break or pause or idle. I pledge this, because it's my life, and my love, and my values now under the gun and whip of the merciless state. It is my future, the future of my daughter, and any children she might one day bear. It is our country, our freedom, and our way of life which is now under severe and gathering threat. It's me. It's you. I'm with you. I'd ask my fellow conservatives and also libertarians to do the same.

There will be those who will say that I should not place all my hopes in a single candidate. There are those who dared not place their hopes in a single racehorse in 1973. They tell me that it's foolish. They ask me "what's your back-up plan?" As always, we the American people will make do, I hope, but why would you start out that way? Why would you turn a back-up plan into your primary if your first choice, your best bet, is still there and available and fit to the race? Who entrusts their future and their country and their sacred honor to a back-up when their best bet is right there, before them?

That's why I decided to write this note. I had to try to ask you, myself. I apologize for the length of this note. I wanted to leave it all bare, in the open. You know me, Sarah, though not by name. You know most everybody here, though few by name. We're you. You're us. They prick you and we bleed. They prick us and you bleed. There's no reason for pretense about it. We want you to run, yes, for our own selfish purposes, because we selfishly dare to love our country and our lives. That's why they hate us. It's why they hate you. Make your choice, make it in full knowledge of the costs to you and yours. Make it for your own purposes. If you choose not to run, we will understand, though we will be sad, and we will go in search of our back-up plan. We will go in search of the 'next-best.' You've already borne more upon your back than any thousand candidates have had to bear.

Nobody will blame you. The part of me that loves justice almost hopes you will walk away. The direction of the country isn't your fault. It's ours. We let this happen. We let them cheat and lie and steal our values. We watched them do it. We don't have any right to ask you to do it for our sake. Where were we? Where was our engagement? Most of us went about our way, trying to pretend what was happening hadn't been real, or worse, participating in the debasement. There's no reason you should go it alone on our behalf. In truth, I have nothing to offer by way of compensation except to promise I will not abandon you on the field - that you will not lead the charge into battle only to find your legion has deserted you. The rest may retire from the fight. I will be there, until the end or until victory. I ask only that you choose for the sake of all you love. This may be our last chance. Good luck in all things, Governor Palin.



Winning by a mile!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Why We Republicans Don't Have a Viable Front Runner

Some in the GOP have had no backbone when it comes to standing up for one of our own.

If everyone would have stood behind Sarah Palin after the media tried to destroy her two and a half years ago, we’d have a front runner. We have too many “trembling tigers” in the GOP who are “afwaid” that the media might make people vote for Obama again.

If we would have had a friggin backbone and stood up to the media early on while Sarah Palin was getting her ass kicked by DNC inspired bloggers and ethics violation complainants, then we wouldn’t be sitting here waiting for her movie The Undefeated to put the truth out. We’d already know it.

I know a lot of good conservatives on here who have stood up for Governor Palin when many in the mainstream as well as the Fox media wanted to turn their fair and balanced debates into arguments about gravitas and electability. But there have also been a lot of wishy washy conservatives fretting over the is she electible meme. We have a country to take back from some vicious sickos who have no problem with making stuff up, dragging Governor Palin's children into everything and calling us racists, and there are conservatives who want to fret over whether Palin has gravitas? She would be seen as electable if you wusses would have stood up for her against the onslaught of a sick and vicious mainstream media, which she has slain despite your unwillingness, or impotence, to draw sword for her.

The fact of the matter, Governor Palin has been through more crap and has been more vetted than any other presidential candidate. She’s worked harder than anyone running for president. She has put in an amazing effort at keeping herself viable, no thanks to some on our side.

We can sit here and whine all we want that we have no front runner, no Reagan. But she’s been under our nose the whole time.

This post was inspired by a post by Dan Riehl.

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Sunday, June 19, 2011

O4P CA Event; Hollywood4Palin 7pm Tues June 21st

Here in Hollywood there has been a shift.

Last week master screenwriter and playwright David Mamet came out in support of Governor Sarah Palin.

The Hollywood Reporter (the NYT of Hollywood) gave Victory Film Group's The Undefeated a great review.

Even Ashton Kutcher & Demi Moore came to the defense of Sarah Palin against the LSM's call to dig through Mrs. Palin's emails.

Tuesday June 21st Organize4Palin-CA Presents: HOLLYWOOD4PALIN

Invites have been sent out for Tuesday Nights Organize4Palin (O4P) Event. 7pm in Hollywood. RSVP: Tweet @CA4Palin or email

You must RSVP for event location. Entry not guaranteed. Attendees must be registered members of O4P. Click HERE to register, & TEXT: 4PALIN to 74679.

Security available upon request.

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