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One Mans Opinion

One Mans Opinion - 9/10/2011
By Dewaine Shoulders

They say you never forget where you were when something big, or terrible happens. There are many who are still among us that remember where they were when Pearl Harbor was attacked. There are many who remember where they were when JFK was assassinated in Dallas. And there are those of us that remember where we were when man first landed on the moon.

And like those people, I'll never forget where I was and what I was doing on that September morning in 2001.

Tuesday, September 11th, 2001 - 7:45 a.m. (Central Time Zone)

The wife and I had recently moved from Dallas to Texarkana to care for her mother, who had just had quadruple bypass surgery and a leg amputated due to diabetes. I had found a part-time job, but was looking for something better.  We both were looking for full-time work, and the going was rough at that time in Texarkana.

That particular morning, I got up early and went to apply at one of the two hospitals in Texarkana. I garnered an application and took it out to my Ford Explorer to fill it out. It was a beautiful morning, and damned if I wanted to sit inside a musty old hospital, filling out an application. So, while filling out the application, I turned on the radio, listening to a Shreveport, Louisiana radio station that carried The Bob and Tom Show, which originates from Indianapolis. I think I was a tad bit homesick for Kentucky that morning. Back home, I used to listen to Bob and Tom daily.

Now, if you've have ever listened to The Bob and Tom Show, you know these people rarely get serious. Kristie Lee, the woman that does the news on the show, interrupted the shows humor with a serious story. A plane had just crashed into one of the World Trade Center towers. Instantly, my attention was taken from the application and was placed on the radio. I remember staring at the radio, asking myself, "How could that be? How could some pilot not see two towers that reach so far up in the New York skyline?" It was then nearly ten minutes after the first plane had hit the first tower when the news was announced.

Within minutes, still filling out the application, Kristie Lee interrupted the show again, reporting that a second plane had hit the other tower. It was 8:05 in the morning (local time).

At that exact moment, I knew that this was no accident. We had just been attacked! I tossed the employment application in the back seat of my Explorer and took off out of the parking lot and made a beeline home. Ten minutes later, I was screeching the tires as I turned onto the driveway.

My wife had decided to sleep-in that morning before she was to go out looking for a job. So, she was just getting out of bed when I came rushing into the house we were renting at the time, immediately turning on Fox News. There, I witnessed the replay of the first plane crashing into the first tower.

My wife asked what was going on, and I tried to relay what precious little I knew from listening to the radio on the way home. She joined me on the couch, where we witnessed the buildings collapse, one--- and soon after--- the other. The carnage was awful. Then we learned about Flight 93 crashing in a field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania, and another plane slamming into the Pentagon in DC.

I felt my gut tighten. War had been declared on America!

For the next three days, we slept little; constantly watching what was going on in New York, Pennsylvania and Washington, DC.

At this point, we knew that Flight 93 had gone down in Pennsylvania, as passengers had overtaken the hijackers, in a plane that was presumably destined to crash into the White House.

As for the plane that hit the side of the Pentagon, my wife's nephew was among the first responders that were digging out burnt corpses and verified the horrific scene weeks later (after being debriefed) to us. And yes, it was a plane that hit the Pentagon (not some missile as conspiracy theorists have claimed). He saw the parts of the plane and the pieces of the engines.

Needless to say, around 3,000 souls were lost that fateful day. As December 7th, 1941 had been a day that would live in infamy, so would September 11th, 2001.

We watched the TV for three days straight, nodding off occasionally on the couch, but unable to peel ourselves away from the TV for longer that quick bathroom breaks and grabbing something to eat in front of the TV.

After three days of constant replaying of the horrific scenes of death and devastation, I finally turned the TV off. I told my wife that we would be at war soon, and that life was about to get interesting.

I was then reminded of the old Chinese proverb: "May you live in interesting times."

And life in America has become interesting indeed! And a lot has changed in America since 9/11/200... A day that will live in infamy.

Ten years after, I'm divorced, having moved back to Kentucky, and still in shock that someone dared do this to America. I have never hated people so much in my life like I have those that flew those planes into the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and almost into The White House. I bless those brave souls that stopped the hijackers and crashed the plane in Shanksville, PA. They were truly heroes all!

I also have no respect for anyone that tries to condone the acts of a bunch of religious kooks. Anyone that dares claim that these idiots were martyrs to some lunatic cause are foolish. They were murderers!

And I'm aware that not all Muslims are guilty of the 9/11 attacks, but to any Muslim that condones what happened, or can justify it because of their religion, I can't even have pity for them, as they will burn in Hell, along with those mass-murdering hijackers.

To the politicians that now try to sugarcoat the attacks and politicize it, you will burn in Hell for forgetting the true nature of Radical Islam, and forgetting the faces and names of those that died at the hands of the hijackers.

And to the mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg, who won't allow the Police, Firefighters or prayer to be involved in the 10th anniversary, you will burn in Hell as one of the people who has forgotten the true meaning of 9/11. It was an attack on our way of life. It was an attack on America, and as an American, you should know that those brave firefighters and first responders gave their lives to protect those trapped inside those buildings. To not allow them a place at the anniversary event is a slap in the face of those brave men and women in the NYFD!

Bloomberg is a man who won't allow prayer at the event, but is all for building a mosque near Ground Zero! He may be a billionaire, but the man had no sense! To me, he's just one more loonfish swimming in the Sea of Stupidity!

From New York, to Shanksville, PA, to Washington DC, those that died on September 11th, 2001 should never be forgotten. They were innocent people, living their lives when a group of Radical Islamic loonfish decided to make a statement to America.

Well, I'm going to make a statement to the current and would-be terrorists that would try to do harm to America--- be they foreign-born or homegrown--- The religion you claim to follow is a cult. If killing innocent people is a part of your religious beliefs, then your religion was spawned from Satan himself.

Anyone who kills in the name of God or any god will burn in Hell; not collect 72 virgins in paradise. Only fools believe in that!

As an American, I will never forget what happened to my country on 9/11/2001. And I will never forgive those bastards that tried to destroy America in the name of their minor god!


But that's just my opinion, I could be right!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

What about the past 3 years?!?

I just finished watching President Obama's address... on Fox News, of course... And it prompted this blog. His speech really made me angry, to say the least. I listened closely while he read what he was supposed to say and didn't say a word until the end.

When Obama stated, "We have 14 months left to the next election...," there was an uproar in my home. He acts like he really wants to make this better, and then BAM! "Let's not make them wait until the next election." Really? That's all he really cares about is making himself look good now so that people will vote for him and his lies again.

Hey, Mr. Obama, what happened to the last three years since you were elected? Why couldn't you step in then and honor your promises? Why'd you have to wait until campaigning started for the next term? You were too busy going on vacations to stand up for the people of America. You waited until people were laid off and until some people took their own lives because they didn't know how to survive in this economy. 

We need a leader! A leader, like Sarah Palin, who will have our backs when times get tough. A leader who will find a way to fix our problems here in America instead of spending money relentlessly on some of the stupidest projects! We need a leader who will be our president during the ENTIRE term! Run, Sarah, Run!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My Thought for the Day 9/7/2011

By: LindaBee
As each day unfolds in life, you will become more aware that you are right where you need to be, and with who you are meant to be with, and that you have truly been blessed by God, Who put this all in place for you.

Catch “The Undefeated” for Alaska and America’s Story

Governor Palin today posted on Facebook:

Steve Bannon just released a powerful film about Alaska’s history, our rich resources, and a committed team’s successful effort to tackle political corruption. Bannon’s independently financed, produced, and directed film called “The Undefeated” is now available on cable via pay-per-view and video-on-demand. I’m thankful for Bannon’s group at Victory Films for independently putting their own time and resources into documenting the work my team in Alaska did in successfully fighting corruption and enacting real reform that put local and state government back on the side of the people. Thank you to the good Alaskans who participated in the film and spoke so passionately about our state’s history, our natural resources, and our destiny as the energy contributor for America’s security.

Bannon’s film shows how on a state and local level all citizens – no matter background or party affiliation – can come together to fight the special interests and the corrupt powers-that-be that steal power from the people. Through examples of putting government-run businesses back into the private sector hands, inviting competition, reducing taxes, and blowing the doors open to force government transparency, “The Undefeated” shows that though real reform is difficult and real reformers are vilified, it is possible. The obstacles in the way of reform are why true reform is so rare, but as the film shows, it can be done and it is worth it.

This film is not about any one person. It’s about great American values – like our indomitable optimistic pioneering spirit – that will always see America through no matter how tough times are. It’s the spirit of our Last Frontier, it’s the story of how Alaskans fought corruption and won, it’s the story of the spirit of the Tea Party Movement, and it’s the story of a people’s movement for reform. I’m grateful to these filmmakers for telling the story.

Here’s more about Steve Bannon’s film and where to view it. I encourage you to watch it. I promise you it will open some eyes.

- Sarah Palin

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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

O4P-CA: Boots on the Ground in Iowa

O4P-CA departed friday morning and headed to Iowa for the Tea Party of America's "Restoring America" event at the Indianola Balloon Festival Grounds.

As soon as we landed in Iowa we headed straight to the local Target to pick up a few things for the weekend.

We had our O4P-CA bags stuffed full of goodies (O4P-CA SWAG)

But we needed something to transport the SWAG in to the event that night at The Machine Shed. We found some really groovy red rectangular baskets to put the SWAG in. (Pssst Peter, Michelle, and Kristi, the groovy red rectangular baskets are behind the front desk at the Days Inn waiting for you. They'll come in handy transporting O4P stuff back and forth from upcoming events)

Look closely and you can see the black Converse-esque O4P Grizzly Shoe Proto-types. They say: GRRRR on the tongue of the shoe and have a Quad colored Warhol-esque O4P Logo (see below) on the backside of each shoe. Hopefully these will be ready for the O4P Christmas store. (along with long sleeve T-Shirts, and an O4P Road Side Emergency Kit!...STAY TUNED for details)

We brought lots of SWAG to give out to the O4P Volunteers.

It was so much fun to meet, mingle, smooze, and talk to all the O4P volunteers that we've been talking to online for so long.

All of the volunteers were so warm and friendly and full of excitement for the weekends activities.

People from all over the country came together last friday and saturday in Iowa for the historic Tea Party.

I remember over a year ago at the first Meet-up in San Diego Tammy Bruce told us to look around at each other because we would be seeing a lot of the same faces the next year and a half.

I also remember (the Meet-up last November) in Chicago a group of us sort of jokingly said that the next time we would see each other would be in...Iowa...WE WERE RIGHT!

And yes, it was good to see some familiar faces too.

We even saw some VERY familiar faces.

The next day we got up early and headed out to Indianola.

O4P Volunteers set up a booth, got instructions from Peter and Karen; and then got busy.

O4P Volunteers from all over the country invaded, and took over the grounds determined to recruit new patriotic Davids for the looming battle against Goliath and his corporate cronies.

Everywhere you turned, there were O4P Volunteers equipped with clipboards taking measurements for new soldiers and making sure they were armed and loaded with facts, truth...and the name of their O4P State Coordinator.

Slowly but surely people are catching on to what O4P is all about...A complete restoration of our country. Even the LSM wanted to know what was going on.

Talking to people, one vote at a time, is the way we plan to bring real change to America.

Heading back to Los Angeles on Sunday morning with a renewed hope in this network, this fellowship, this crusade that has begun I couldn't help but wonder: Do Bachmann, Perry, Romney, Gingrich, Cain, Huntsman, Johnson, or Santorum have anything close to the enthusiasm, dedication, or numbers that O4P does?

It's really a silly question.

The answer is NO.

In the coming months the confused Obama administration will have to set aside their abstract economic theory to endlessly ponder something else...


(Hey Obama...YES SHE CAN!)

Join Organize4Palin (O4P) TEXT: 4PALIN to 74679 and Register HERE

Thomas S Schmitz

California State Coordinator Organize4Palin (O4P-CA)

Twitter: @CA4Palin & @ThomasSSchmitz

Iowa Was About Special Moments, Not Mere Politics

Last Saturday, thousands of Palinistas, of all affiliations descended upon rural Indianola in a mass pilgrimage. We came from New York, Florida, Texas, California, Alaska - all corners of this great nation - to see, hear, commune and meet with Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin - Our Sarah. We stood in the rain waiting for Our Sarah and were not bothered by it. I tried to get the "Official Organize4Palin Wet Tee Shirt Contest" going, but had no takers. I won by forfeiture.

You see, these two days were not just about politics. Of course, Gov. Palin gave an epic speech. She hit all the salient points about our economy. She pointed out the utter lack of leadership by the man who supposed to be a leader. But, when she descended those steps from the stage, the former Alaska Governor became simply Sarah. This weekend was about camaraderie, friendships, humor, special moments - and meeting not merely with Gov. Palin - but with Our Sarah.

We long ago got the memo that the prospect of Gov. Palin announcing her candidacy for the 2012 Presidential election during this rally was highly unlikely. Since Gov. Palin's intentions were clearly spelled out in public SarahPAC press releases, one would think professional reporters would have gotten that memo too. Besides, Gov. Palin did run the following day, though her run was not announced until after the fact.

They tried to spin the narrative of supporters who walked away "disappointed". That tale is pure, unadulterated baloney. Not one of the over 2,000 people on that field walked away disappointed in anything Gov. Palin did. She spent more time meeting with her supporters at the rope line than even on her own speech, walking two complete passes. Anyone who wanted to be with her got what he or she wanted. Even my wife, who tacks hard left was astounded when I told her that. We could not think of anyone in recent history who walked two passes on a rope line. "Sarah was going back to her people," my wife said.

This post is about my special moments, which are but a few of the thousands experienced by all who came to see Former AK Gov. Sarah Palin - Sarah.

Beautiful and Providential Flights

What could beat watching twilight and a huge first quarter moon for the entire duration of the flight out - and passing over the spot where where I met Gov. Palin the first time? On the return flight to Des Moines piloted by two retired fighter pilots, we were given the option to go to Channel 9 and listen in their communications with Air Traffic Control. So, I got a nice refresher in IFR communications. From Chicago back to Newark, great IFR flying and a sweet approach to landing. Thank you, United.

The SarahMobile

A proper SarahMobile is essential for getting around when you take your show on the road, and you haven't traveled with a charted bus group. Any decent rental car will do, but nothing beats a nice score. I rented this Alamo Jeep Wrangler at the same price as the econo-box I had reserved. Now, that's a score.

Under the Bus

Whether you are Republican or Democrat, liberal or conservative, love Former AK Gov. Sarah Palin or hate her, you no doubt use the political slang "thrown under the bus." So, I figured it was time to get a picture - well - under the bus. So, I took a picture under the Central West bus Jelayne Sessler's TX for Palin group chartered. No, the driver was not there to witness the humorous spectacle; and yes the bus was not running.

I couldn’t fit under the bus. Since Jelayne was the photographer, and I’m more than twice her size by weight, she couldn’t throw me under the bus either. So I did the next best thing – I laid down in front of the bus. Trust me, you don't want to be thrown under the bus. Yeah, I need to lose a couple of pounds. OK, a little more than a couple.

Speaking of Buses

I hated buses all my life until this one rolled out of the garage...and what a bus it is. This is the Palin family's mobile home and command center, and it was at rear stage left in Indianola. This bus was bought and paid for with money earned by the sweat of the Palin family's brows. Its operation is financed by donors who love the Palins and who donate without even being asked. There is one bus I love and adore: this one. You see, what's beautiful about this bus is not just the visually stunning artwork on it, or the fact that it was imported from Alaska and built right here in the good old US of A. The Palins will never, ever throw any loyal employee, or volunteer under it. They don't drive that way. This is a bus operated by people whose word is their honor and their sacred bond. No, I did not enter the bus. The open door did not mean "permission granted."


Machine Shed, Clive, IA - September 2, 2011 at the Twentieth Hour and the Twenty Seventh Minute Central Daylight Time

The First and Only (so far) O4P NYS Shirt Signed

As she signed the shirt, I said, “Take New York. Take the heart of it. Take it all...all 29 electoral votes. Do it for my wife. Do it for my mother. Do it for all the little girls of this country.”

Hug and Handshake with Todd and Sarah Palin

1080p HD YouTube

US for Palin, NY4Palin and Reagan-Sarah Signs Captured on C-SPAN

September 3, 2011 at the Thirteenth Hour and the Twenty Ninth Minute Central Daylight Time

September 3, 2011 at the Fourteenth Hour and the Fourteenth Minute Central Daylight Time

Photo Copyright © 2011 Ron Devito. Photographer, Jason Recher, SarahPAC.

September 3, 2011 at the Fourteenth Hour and the Twenty Eighth Minute Central Daylight Time

Front left to right: Ron Devito, Kristi Honas, Camille, Deb, Heather, Nancy (those with first names only have requested it). Rear left to right: Jason Recher, SarahPAC; and Former AK Gov. Sarah Palin.

Photo Copyright © 2011 OP Ditch, Vets4Sarah

Former AK Gov. Sarah Palin's Restoring America Speech and Meet/Greet - 1080p HD

Welcome, Union Brothers and Sisters

Governor Palin today posted on Facebook:

In my speech on Saturday in Iowa, I said: “Between bailouts for Wall Street cronies and stimulus projects for union bosses’ security and ‘green energy’ giveaways, [Barack Obama] took care of his friends. And now they’re on course to raise a billion dollars for his re-election bid so that they can do it all over again.” This was shamefully on display yesterday at President Obama’s taxpayer-funded campaign rally in Detroit. In introducing the President, Teamsters President James Hoffa represented precisely what I was talking about as he declared war on concerned independent Americans and on the freshman members we sent to Congress last November by saying, “Let’s take these son-of-a-bitches out!”

What I say now, I say as a proud former union member and the wife, daughter, and sister of union members. So, as a former card-carrying IBEW sister married to a proud former Laborers, IBEW, and later USW member, please hear me out. What I have to say is for the hard working, patriotic, selfless union brothers and sisters in Michigan and throughout our country: Please don’t be taken in by union bosses’ thuggery like Jim Hoffa represented yesterday. Union bosses like this do not have your best interests at heart. What they care about is their own power and re-electing their friend Barack Obama so he will take care of them to the detriment of everyone else.

To the same degree Americans are concerned about irresponsible, greedy corporate execs who got cushy bonuses from taxpayer-funded bailouts, we should also be concerned about greedy union bosses who are willing to tank our economy just to protect their own power. As union history shows, power and greed corrupt. Just because you claim to represent union members doesn’t mean you are on the side of the angels. The greed of too many of these union bosses has all but destroyed the labor movement in this country, helped chase away our jobs, and is killing the American dream.

To see where this leads, look at what’s happening to the working class in our industrialized cities. These cities are going to hell in a hand basket thanks to corruption, crony capitalism, and the union bosses’ greed. The union bosses derive their power from your union dues and their promise to deliver your votes to whichever politician they’re in bed with. They get their power from you, and yet their actions ultimately hurt you. They’re chasing American industry offshore by making outrageous, economically illogical demands that they know will never work. And now that they’ve chased jobs out of union states, they’re trying to chase them out of right-to-work states like South Carolina, so eventually the jobs will leave America altogether. But these union bosses will still figure out a way to keep their gig, and so will their politically aligned corporate friends. As long as these big corporations have a good crony capitalist in the White House, they can rely on DC to bail them out until the whole system goes bankrupt, which, I am afraid, is not very far off. When big government, big business, and big union bosses collude together, they get government to maximize their own interests against those of the rest of the country.

So, now these union bosses are desperately trying to cast the grassroots Tea Party Movement as being “against the workingman.” How outrageously wrong this unapologetic Jim Hoffa is, for the people’s movement is the real movement for working class men and women. It’s rooted in real solidarity, and not special interests and corporate kickbacks. It represents the needed reform that will empower workers and job creators. We stand with the little guy against the corruption and influence peddling of those who collude to grease the wheels of government power.

This collusion is at the heart of Obama’s economic vision for America. In practice it is socialism for the very rich and the very poor, but a brutal form of capitalism for the rest of us. It is socialism for the very poor who are reduced to a degrading perpetual dependence on a near-bankrupt centralized government to provide their every need, while at the same time robbing them of that which brings fulfillment and success – the life-affirming pride that comes from taking responsibility for your own destiny and building a better life through self-initiative and work ethic. And Obama’s vision is socialism via crony capitalism for the very rich who continue to get bailouts, debt-ridden “stimulus” funds, and special favors that allow them to waive off or help draft the burdensome regulations that act as a boot on the neck to small business owners who don’t have the same friends in high places. And where does this collusion leave working class Americans and the small business owners who create 70% of the jobs in this country? Out in the cold. It’s you and your children who are left paying for the cronyism of Obama and our permanent political class in DC.

Ask yourself if the folks you heard demonize concerned, independent Americans yesterday really speak for the working class when they’re all too happy to burden your families with the bill to bail out the President’s friends on Wall Street.

We should not forget that for all his lofty rhetoric, President Obama is a Chicago politician. Graft, cronyism, and quid pro quo are the well-known methods of an infamous Chicago political machine, of which Barack Obama emerged. This corruption isn’t just the result of a few bad apples. It’s the nature of a skewed system that’s typical of one not allowing a level playing field. If one desires opportunity for all, then the only solution is sudden and relentless reform. I know of what I speak. I too served in public office in a state that had a corruption problem. The difference is that I fought the corrupt political machine. Barack Obama used the machine in his state to advance. He never challenged it. And he’s evidently brought the same Chicago “pay-to-play” practices to the White House.

It’s sad to see much of the labor movement fall lock step behind a President whom Hoffa calls upon to partner in “waging war” against patriotic Americans. I will never forget that as a governor, in trying to be a friend to the working men and women in our unions, I gave a speech on August 27, 2008, at the annual AFL-CIO meeting in Anchorage. There, union members humbled me with a standing ovation for fighting the corruption in Alaska and for bringing parties together for progress on energy development projects. Then just two days later I landed on the national stage as John McCain’s running mate, and the union leadership turned on me from that day forward even though I had not changed one iota in my plans, principles, vision, and commitment to jobs for working class Americans. The only difference was I was challenging the politician the union bosses were committed to electing. It was almost comical, this lesson learned with their new spots revealed so quickly.

Recently someone commented: “I’m a union member. I’ve been a Democrat all my life. Now I’ll vote for anyone with a plan to save America.” I know what that person is feeling. I want all good union brothers and sisters to know that there is an alternative. The grassroots, independent Tea Party Movement articulates a real alternative rooted in free men and free markets, not the cronyism of Barack Obama and the permanent political class in DC. Their cronyism is why we have no job growth, massive unsustainable debt, and a housing market in the tank. Too many politicians are simply addressing the economic symptoms instead of fighting the underlying disease. The path forward is through reform. On Saturday, I outlined some ideas about that reform, and I will continue to do so.

In the meantime, good union brothers and sisters, don’t let Hoffa tell you what to do. He doesn’t represent the real interests of working men and women. He’s not doing you any favors. He’s just living off your paychecks.

- Sarah Palin

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Cry Justin!

I have only posted a couple of times on this blog, but if you read any of my other writings, you will see that I am more of a social media writer. I write about the new stuff that's going on and I write it from the perspective I see it.

My post today is about the video that seems to be going viral, the one where Sarah Palin hugs the young man and he starts to cry. I have really heard of people making fun of him because he cried.

Truth is, I'd have probably cried, too. Just because you don't like Sarah Palin doesn't mean there aren't slews of people who admire her, look up to her, and want to be her followers... No, I don't just mean on facebook or twitter, either.

I am 23 years old and a single mom who has had to face her infant son having open heart surgery. I'm tough to say the least. But if I would have had the opportunity this young man had, actually getting to meet Mrs. Palin in person, face to face, I would have probably cried, too.

She is the face of our present and our future. A force to be reckoned with. Though there are women who claim they don't like Sarah Palin, I feel she is a voice for women everywhere. She is the kind of leader we need in our government.

So, go ahead, Justin (kid in the video)... Cry because you just had one of the greatest honors that you probably would ever have in your lifetime and that some of us will never get.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Governor Palin's Speech at the Tea Party Express Rally in Manchester, NH

The following video is of Governor Palin's speech at the Tea Party Express Rally in Manchester, New Hampshire, on September 5, 2011.


As published at SarahPAC: Governor Palin's Speech at the Tea Party Express Rally in...

Tea Party Express Rally - Manchester, NH - 9/4/11





As published at SarahPAC: Tea Party Express Rally - Manchester, NH - 9/4/11

Hawkeye Granite

Just wrapping up an awesome four day trip to the Hawkeye and Granite States. Visiting with residents there it's easy to see why they play such an important role in vetting America's leaders. Todd and I were able to interact directly with informed Americans and hear their concerns first hand outside the media spin.

Yesterday morning I joined the "Jump Right in and Run" half marathon in Storm Lake, Iowa and last night in Manchester, New Hampshire we enjoyed a lovely dinner at the Puritan Back Room. The local folks we met with were wonderfully nice and true American patriots. Their concerns were common - the massive burden of government on small businesses, the abysmal economic and employment rate and their strong desire to restore America.

These good folks are tired of politics as usual; Tired of being spoon-fed by packaged politicos and tired of the twisted sound bites and 30-second ads. They want solutions and they deserve strong, honest leadership.

Thank you to the citizens of Iowa and New Hampshire for your hospitality, your thoughtful questions and picking up where the media left off in vetting and challenging us all on our vision for America's future.

Have a safe and happy Labor Day. We will see you again soon.

-- Sarah Palin

As published at SarahPAC: Hawkeye Granite

LIVE: Gov. Palin Addresses Tea Party Express, Manchester, NH

Puritan Backroom Restaurant, Manchester, NH - 9/4/11



As published at SarahPAC: Puritan Backroom Restaurant, Manchester, NH - 9/4/11

Sunday, September 4, 2011

HD/SD Videos: Gov. Palin Meets, Greets 150 Supporters at C4P Meetup

Photo Copyright © Ron Devito

1080p HD YouTube

UStream SD

Video streaming by Ustream

From: Gov. Palin Meets With Supporters in Clive, IA:

CLIVE, IA – Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin and her husband Todd tonight held a special meet and greet session with over 150 supporters at the Machine Shed Restaurant. They entered the restaurant to a throng of reporters and supporters shouting “Run, Sarah Run!” Gov. Palin spent nearly 30 minutes shaking hands, hugging, and meeting with her supporters. She signed tee shirts, books, posters, and bare arms. As this story goes to press, one man who had his arm signed is on the way to a 24-hour tattoo shop to have the former Alaska Governor’s signature made permanent.

Gov. Palin shook my hand shortly after entering. She signed my O4P NY tee shirt, as I said to her, “Take New York. Take the heart of it. Take it all…all 29 electoral votes. Do it for my wife. Do it for my mother. Do it for all the little girls of this country.” My meeting with her concluded with a hug from Gov. Palin, followed by a handshake with Todd.

My interaction with the Palins can be seen on the UStream Standard Definition video from 5:17 to 5:37. My shirt signing and hug was September 2, 2001 at 2027 / 8:27 PM CDT.

The former Alaska Governor did not address supporters at the Conservatives4Palin-sponsored event, however, Peter Singleton, Iowa State Coordinator, Organize4Palin did. The Palins sat and listened to his address, followed by final bonding with supporters.

Peter Singleton's remarks are on the HD YouTube video commencing at 5:42, following a portion of Gov. Palin's bonding with supporters.

Tea Party of America's "Restoring America" event...



As published at SarahPAC: Tea Party of America's "Restoring America" event...