Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Cry Justin!

I have only posted a couple of times on this blog, but if you read any of my other writings, you will see that I am more of a social media writer. I write about the new stuff that's going on and I write it from the perspective I see it.

My post today is about the video that seems to be going viral, the one where Sarah Palin hugs the young man and he starts to cry. I have really heard of people making fun of him because he cried.

Truth is, I'd have probably cried, too. Just because you don't like Sarah Palin doesn't mean there aren't slews of people who admire her, look up to her, and want to be her followers... No, I don't just mean on facebook or twitter, either.

I am 23 years old and a single mom who has had to face her infant son having open heart surgery. I'm tough to say the least. But if I would have had the opportunity this young man had, actually getting to meet Mrs. Palin in person, face to face, I would have probably cried, too.

She is the face of our present and our future. A force to be reckoned with. Though there are women who claim they don't like Sarah Palin, I feel she is a voice for women everywhere. She is the kind of leader we need in our government.

So, go ahead, Justin (kid in the video)... Cry because you just had one of the greatest honors that you probably would ever have in your lifetime and that some of us will never get.

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