Saturday, October 15, 2011

Where Gov. Palin Leads We Shall Follow

In the days following former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin's announcement that she will not be seeking the GOP nomination, I fell back on my MBA training from University of Phoenix Online. When dealing with political leaders everyone tends to focus on party and ideology, but virtually no one applies the principles of leadership theory. A solid understanding of Gov. Palin as a leader - totally divorced from the politics of left and right - is essential to aligning with her mission and strategies moving forward.

I have always written that Gov. Palin is a Transformational Leader, which includes Charismatic Leadership as a sub-component. Continued leadership contingent upon results and self-sacrifice are core behaviors of Transformational Leaders. These leaders also tend to move on once they have effected change; a Transactional Leader comes in behind them to maintain the new status quo. Kreitner and Kinicki's Organizational Behavior is a standard textbook used in MBA courses and discusses this leadership style at great length. US Air Force Colonel Mark Homrig provides a solid primer on Transformational Leadership for free and it is a must-read to understanding how Gov. Palin leads, and the brave new world she is leading us in.

Gov. Palin is also a Servant Leader to the core, for she has all 10 characteristics: listening, empathy, healing, self-awareness/objective ego, persuasion, conceptualization, foresight, stewardship, commitment to the growth of people, and building community. Providentially, her first and married names define none other than Servant Leadership. Sarah means "princess" in Hebrew. Palin means "servant" in Welsh. Princess Servant. Servant Leader. You can learn more about Servant Leadership in Larry Spears' Reflections on Leadership: How Robert K. Greenleaf's Theory of Servant-Leadership Influenced Today's Top Management Thinkers.

Titles, Making Differences, and Hierarchies

Gov. Palin has said numerous times since resigning her governorship "you don't need a title to make a difference." She has proven the statement true over these past two years. Even so, Gov. Palin's announcement that she will not seek the 2012 GOP nomination broke many hearts and left many minds bewildered. While some dismiss this reaction as "childish," it's human nature. In an MBA paper I wrote that even new leadership methods such as self-directed teams are little more than hierarchies in disguise. In any human endeavor involving a group or organized effort, there can only be one leader. Even grassroots groups have leaders and hierarchies, sometimes morphing into machine bureaucracies.

We place stock in official titles, because those with legitimate power can request certain behaviors of others and are vested with the authority to undertake specific actions. The difference Gov. Palin can make as a private citizen is - well - different from the difference she can make as President of the United States. The conventional way of thinking cannot accept the difference she can make as a private citizen.

In Branded: The Underpinning of Support, I wrote:

In the hands of the wrong person, even the right message can be disastrously implemented. In these times, mediocrity does not cut it. We need a strong leader. We need a standard bearer. The person does matter. Judgment and discernment by definition cannot be programmed. You see, some qualities are completely apolitical and cannot be mechanized. Few people possess even one of them, much less all of them. These qualities are: integrity; leadership by example; keeping promises; executive experience; command experience; life experience; judgment; the right combination of toughness and sweetness; accomplishments; fortitude; the ability to keep confidences; a proven and vetted track record of success; a proven ability to withstand media scrutiny; people person; and impeccable character that inspires confidence and commands respect. Add to that list: proving to the world that a woman can do anything a man can do – and in many cases, do it better.

These qualities are about the person and Gov. Palin possesses every last one of them. That's what makes her the kind of leader you see only once in 75 - 150 years.

Nearly all dedicated Palinistas agree that the current field of Republican candidates is completely unsatisfactory. Why? There is no leader among them and none are worthy of the job. None of the 2012 candidates has even one of the qualities Gov. Palin possesses, much less all of them. This knowledge drives things like the Earthquake Movement and talk about drafting and write-in.

You Can't Solve Current Problems with Current Thinking...

If we are Gov. Palin's supporters, accepting that you don't need a title to make a difference is part of what we signed up for. We cannot consider ourselves her supporters and not accept this. Since we also know there can only be one leader in any human endeavor and we have been supporting Gov. Palin for over three years running, she is our leader. She may not be President of the United States, and may not be running - in the conventional sense of the term - but she is our Private Citizen President. We look to her for leadership and inspiration.

If we take her October 5 announcement in isolation and at face value, Gov. Palin remains our Private Citizen President. Nothing has changed.

One of my respected colleagues, Josh Painter presented a theory about the factors that could have driven Gov. Palin to not seek the 2012 GOP nomination. More specifically, Painter delineates precisely how and why Gov. Palin "running" - in the conventional way - could have been been a kamikaze mission for her. The GOP establishment was pulling chicanery with leapfrogging primaries among other skullduggery specifically to disadvantage Gov. Palin and favor RINOs like Mitt Romney.

Gov. Palin declining to seek the 2012 GOP nomination was not for lack of support. We've been egging her on for three years. She has received a huge volume of mail each day, much of it asking her to run, starting the night Obama was elected. Nor is money the issue. Some supporters started saving money in coin jars, shoe boxes and piggy banks three years ago. Many would not even donate to SarahPAC. They wanted the money to go to her campaign. Team Sarah has a large sub-group dedicated to campaign donation savings.

Unconventional Campaign?

Gov. Palin also said numerous times over these past three years that any campaign she runs would be unconventional - to the point that many supporters would be uncomfortable with it. She has been consistent in saying this, and she has referenced an unconventional campaign nearly every time the subject arose.

Consider the following: in her announcement of October 5th, Gov. Palin never said "I am not running for President." Read the transcript and listen to the audio. Gov Palin said she is not seeking the 2012 GOP nomination. I can parse words just like the old master himself. It could all depend on what the meaning of "is" is.

In Lynchburg, VA, Gov. Palin said she could not understand supporters who trust her "to be the leader of the free world, but who do not trust in her decision at this time." In Seoul, Gov. Palin said it was time for a woman to be President of the United States. I hardly think Michele Bachmann is the woman she referred to.

Could Gov. Palin's October 5 announcement have marked the beginning of the unconventional campaign about which she has spoken so many times? Could my heart-break at her announcement have been because the announcement went right over my head - along with everyone else's? My original headline appeared to indicate such. If so, it would be my best heart-break ever. Could Gov. Palin already be doing the very thing that people are trying to Earthquake her into doing?

Guerrillas defeated the British Redcoats to found our republic. Guerrillas fight unconventional wars. They also fight clandestine wars. Could Gov. Palin be running a clandestine unconventional campaign the likes of which have never been seen in US history?

I would be highly irresponsible to suggest as fact that Gov. Palin is currently running unconventionally for President. I would be blindly foolish to dismiss the clear signs suggesting the possibility. This is why "glassing the field" - picking up the binoculars and slinging the rifle - makes most sense. Sometimes, slow and steady wins the race. Only Gov. Palin, Todd, God, and maybe her closest staff know what she's doing. Given the mortal enemies in her own party and its inability to abide by its own rules, best it's left that way.

Where She Leads...

I began my analysis in Branded with a quote from Vince Lombardi:
“It is essential to understand that battles are primarily won in the hearts of men. Men respond to leadership in a most remarkable way and once you have won his heart, he will follow you anywhere.”
Gov. Palin could remain our Private Citizen President or she could have already begun an unconventional campaign to run for President. Either way, she is leading us into a brave new world.

Her dedicated supporters have responded to her leadership in a most remarkable way.

Gov. Palin has won our hearts...

...Where she leads, we shall follow.

Friday, October 14, 2011

O4P NY: We're Aligned with Gov. Palin's Mission

Immediately following former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin's announcement that she will not seek the 2012 GOP nomination, I temporarily suspended Organize4Palin's New York state operations. The simple reason for this is that O4P in its current form was oriented toward supporting a Palin presidential candidacy following conventional primary and caucus rules. A time-out is required to align the organization with Gov. Palin's strategies that support her mission moving forward.

Gov. Palin's Vision and Mission

We know that Gov. Palin's vision is Sudden and Relentless Reform. We know that her mission is to root out crony capitalism and corporate welfare; enforce the Constitution - specifically the Second and Tenth Amendments; make the United States energy independent with an "all-of-the-above" approach; revive, renew, restore Reagan Conservatism and American Exceptionalism; restore our economy following a five-point plan; and set forth a five-point military policy moving forward.


Anyone who has at least some basic knowledge of Gov. Palin's career over these past 20 years knows that her vision and mission has been fundamentally the same throughout. Perhaps the size, scale, and scope of what her mission focused on at key milestones of her career differed, but her overall vision and mission have been consistent.

Since July 2009, Gov. Palin has been an author, Fox News contributor, public speaker, documentary producer and was the subject of a movie. We could broadly classify these disciplines as "Constitutional Conservative Advocacy," and she has been doing it as a private citizen now for over two years running. Seeking the 2012 GOP nomination is one strategy that Gov. Palin could have used - and could still use - in service of her mission. She has decided not to use this strategy - at this time - language that comes straight out of her speech in Lynchburg, VA.

Aligning Her Mission...

In the days that followed, I polled the volunteers and Regional Coordinators who comprise O4P NY. My questions were directed at determining their understanding of Gov. Palin's mission, the current strategy she has chosen to support it and their position on drafting and write-in campaigns.

I made it clear that O4P is not legally setup as a draft committee, thus any drafting or write-in under the O4P name will violate FEC regulations. O4P members who wish to draft may do so as private citizens, but the O4P name absolutely cannot be used in connection with drafting. Randy Highsmith, FL State Coordinator once led the 2012 Draft Sarah Committee which was registered with the FEC as a draft committee. Because the 2012 Draft went defunct many months ago, there is no FEC-registered draft committee pertinent to Gov. Palin currently in existence.

Also, O4P cannot endorse any candidate Gov. Palin has not herself endorsed for the simple reason that the word “Palin” is in our name. Any endorsement or support of a candidate must be in connection with something Gov. Palin has sanctioned, approved, or authorized by putting her name on it.

I have made the decision that O4P New York will focus on Gov. Palin, her vision, mission, and her endorsements – that is operate exclusively under the O4P brand. This is based at least in part on the 64% of responses to my volunteer polling indicating alignment with Gov. Palin’s mission – seeking the GOP nomination or not. O4P NY must always be aligned with Gov. Palin’s mission and her strategies or it will be working at crossed purposes with her.

Sometimes, Slow and Steady Wins the Race

While our game is not off, many aspects of it are on a time out. The reasons for this are:
  1. O4P cannot turn on a dime and significant changes in footing - reversion to the 2010 model of down-ticket endorsements as one possible example - would take time to implement. It’s just the nature of the beast when working with organizations.
  2. O4P NY must always remain aligned with Gov. Palin's mission and O4P National's mission.
  3. The language of Sarah’s announcement – not seeking the 2012 GOP nomination, her last three speeches, and the Sarah’s Earthquake movement present us with a unique situation and a whole host of things Gov. Palin could do or circumstances that could transpire in relation to her. Making radical changes based on impetuousness is not wise.
Yes, we must not retreat. Yes, we must reload. But, we don't just go off half-cocked. We do long-range recon before going into our next battle. Do the Heaths and Palins not "glass the field" on their moose and caribou hunts?

I think waiting, and observing is the most rational approach as opposed to making radical changes right now. This is a situation where slow and steady wins the race. Putting it another way, now is the time to sling the rifle and pick up the binoculars.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

O4P-CA: Game Off? Hell NO!

In the coming weeks I will help coordinate strategies to assist in replacing the President, re-taking the Senate, and maintaining the House. - Sarah Palin

Hey there O4P Gals and Guys.

The dust has (sort of) begun to clear from the big earthquake that rocked the political landscape last week. Wow! Are there anymore earthquakes coming to America? We may need to brace ourselves a little bit...but not in the frame of our doorway. For these particular types of earthquakes we need to be GOING ROGUE and acting like Marines. We run TOWARD the danger.

Sarah Palin will not be seeking the 2012 GOP nomination for President of the United States...HUH?...I still don't get it.

To some of us, this moment in history may seem a tad undefined, a bit murky, or even risky. Be not afraid, this sudden turn of events really isn't that out of character for the Sarah Palin brand of modern, unconventional politics, and American restoration.

As our multi talented O4P-CA volunteer @TwoLegsGood pointed out the other day:

Sarah Palin's Career Was Born By Committing ‘Career Suicide’.

The writing on the wall, Lady Luck, destiny, kismet and yes providence all go hand in hand with our newly unleashed citizen leader.

There are no mistakes. There are no accidents. We have all been activated.

We are all Sarah Palin now.

That is why we are here. That is why we have united. That is why we know in order for Governor Palin to lead effectively (with or without a title, with or without an office, and quite frankly with or without the GOP) she will need an engaged citizenry.

Not just any engaged citizenry. A united and engaged citizenry of independent warriors working together as reformers to restore the founding values and principles of our Republic at every level of government.

The battle for our civilization has begun.

As a sovereign individual; your participation, and your level of engagement is your choice. What do you feel driven to do?

O4P volunteers have stepped up to answer the call in many ways.

Many have been compelled to write letters and post cards to Sarah Palin about her recent decision.

Some feel encouraged to join the O4P phone team that reaches out to the electorate.

Even as you read this blog a number of O4P volunteers are behind the scenes brainstorming; discussing and batting around ideas for future projects. One idea (that is quickly rising to the top) is to have online summits. By frugally holding an online summit O4P volunteers from coast to coast can discuss ways to further develop our capacity to influence electoral results at all levels of government.

Buckle your seatbelts. The long haul starts now.

It's time to be honest, it's time to be optimistic, and it's time to be fearless.

Our work continues. Let's restore America.

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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Gov. Palin in Seoul: US Due for Woman President

Photo by AFP.
Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin yesterday told attendees of the World Knowledge Forum in Seoul, South Korea that the United States was due to have a woman as its president, according to the Washington Post. "There will be a woman president of the United States and I look forward to that day," she said. Gov. Palin did not discuss her political future or why she declined to seek the 2012 GOP nomination.
Gov. Palin said she hopes to see "regime change" in North Korea and the South rebuild the North.
Photo by AFP.
According to an AFP report on Yahoo News, Gov. Palin also spoke about "China using its military influence in regional disputes."
She targeted political elites in the United States, Europe, and China, speaking out against crony capitalism and corporate welfare. The Chinese Communist party dictates to the Chinese what they can and cannot do and the European Union is dictating to to its member states, she said. In the United States, "political elites believe we just can't get along without them. Government officials like to push this idea because it gives them the opportunity to pick the economic winners and losers in our system... in other words, it gives them ultimate economic power," she said.
Gov. Palin hailed the role technology and social media plays in empowering individuals. "Technology has taken power away from central authorities and provided individuals with more choices. We are no longer living in a top-down world. Now we are living in a bottom-up world, from entertainment and information to education," she said.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

US for Palin SarahPAC Money Bomb

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Dewaine & Susie Live

Well, with Sarah Palin making her decision NOT to run, Dewaine & Susie Live will be making one last live show on 10/9. We will be discussing Sarah Palin's decision and Herman Cain's 999 plan.
Don't miss the last show! It starts a 6:30 pm EST/ 5:30 pm Central.