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TwoLegsGood: The Silence of The RINO's Part III








Though GOP RINOs and the Left work together symbiotically against Governor Palin, the two sides have different reasons for hating her.

Leftwing Liberals hate Sarah Palin because they do not understand her “extraordinary ordinariness.” Lefty Libs are political idolaters, they believe in the mythos of “professionalism”. As Obama has lectured, “professional politicians” are just so much smarter than us ordinary citizens.

What the Left does not understand is it’s Palin’s spiritiual authority with its resultant popularity — not her professional political skills — that is the premium.

(Palin’s organizational networks and Tea Party are the antithesis of “professional” – it’s an organic reaction to the Governor as well as to a government out of control.)

The Left are completely flummoxed by Palin’s authority because they do not believe God or “the good” exists. They believe people like Sarah Palin went extinct by the early 1960’s (and even then, hardly believable or real). Hers is a spiritual syntax so plainly forthright she just freaks them out.


The Left cannot comprehend Palin because what the Left wants is dangerous glamour: they want a neo-Wizard of Oz, high and mighty and fearful and oh-so-mysterious. This idolatrous lust produced Barack Obama as well as a concurrent denial of him: they know darn well what a dull little man lurks behind the curtain.

But idolatry being idolatry, what they worship is Obama’s process, not Obama for himself. They genuflect to his transformational powers. They believe that — just as Obama went from student Marxist lounge lizard to gun-runner-in-chief – they, too, can transform themselves and ascend to the heights though they haven’t worked for it and don’t deserve it.

When you hear applause for Obama, remember this. It’s applause for the thief who tricked the system, applause for Obama’s caper crime, applause for their own selfish ambition.


So the Left worships the Obama trajectory while simultaneously wanting to deny Palin any power track of her own. This is because they unconsciously know Sarah Palin is no fraud; she already has the spiritual (and experiential) authority to occupy the Oval Office.

If the Left allows her ascendency, they run the terrible risk of being unmasked — because goodness always seeks to dethrone evil. Though they don’t believe in evil or the good, (thus “the existential” in why Palin is an “existential threat” to them) the Left is threatened because they know Palin has the strength of her convictions.


This lack of a moral code should win Liberals on the Left a pass in some sense. They claim no Judeo-Christian heritage of fairness, justice or morality in their allegiance to Marx/Mao/Che/Alinsky/Obama, so it’s sort of weirdly unfair to posit them in the normal moral universe that most people — and all children — understand.

On the other hand, RINOs DO understand the moral and spiritual component in politics — because they must. As Republicans, they campaign on a family values/morality-based platform. This is the source of the moral double standard the MSM doles out to the Right.

The Right claims to have some morality so they naturally get pilloried when they fail to live up to their own standards. The Lefty Libs do not claim any moral high ground from the get-go.


The rightwing whine about “if a democrat did this, we’d never hear the end of it!” is an unfair double standard. But it’s a hollow argument that garners no ground for conservatives, because our opponents on the Left have no idea what you’re talking about when you discuss “morality”. You’ll just get a blank stare.

These are thugs and thieves who are motivated by graft and greed. Better to dissect liberal-speak regarding motive rather than try to hold (for example) Anthony Weiner to the same conservative moral code.

There never will be any fairness in this double standard as long as there are Judeo-Christian mores on the conservative side, so it’s best for us to quit bitching about it.

It’s actually a backhanded compliment when conservatives get criticized for breaking their own moral code.


And RINOs — especially the RINOs — know Sarah Palin represents this moral code and family values more than any politician in recent memory, including Michele Bachmann (as I will explain).

In many important ways, and even more than the Left, RINOs can’t deal with Palin’s moral authority — because she’s a “Standard Bearer” of the spirit.

In an army, a Standard Bearer holds up the “standard” or banner or flag as he leads troops into battle. The Standard Bearer has no other arms but his flag. The banner signifies and identifies the army; his standard symbolizes what the army is fighting for.

Standard Bearers need to be on the front lines so soldiers can easily see their banner, to remind them who they are and where they are in battle position.

Because he must be so visible — so exposed — in the midst of the contest, Standard Bearers are always an easy target for the enemy.

But the real significance of the Standard Bearer is he upholds the morale of his men. Because the unarmed Bearer risks his life so bravely, just seeing his waving flag encourages his soldiers to press forward in the fight.

The Standard Bearer holds the spiritual well-being of his army with his raised standard. Everyone from Clausewitz to Sun Tzu will tell you wars are won or lost on morale alone… the Standard Bearer’s job is of utmost importance. His personal integrity — vital.

Here is the Oath of Allegiance for a Standard Bearer in the Danish military of the early 1600’s:


“I trust you this Banner; because I believe you are an honest and brave Man;

You must lead it, as it is proper for a loyal Warrior.

You must safeguard it, as a real Dane will safeguard his wedded wife.

You shall wave this Banner for honest people, but never wave it for traitors.

On the march and mounting guard, during storms and battles,

You must appear as an example to brave soldiers;

You should never retreat;

equally should you never cause the army to become discouraged and running away from the enemy.

If, in the battle, the enemy should cut off your right hand, grasp the Banner with your left hand.

If you lose both your hands, grasp the Banner by your teeth’s.

You must safeguard it, as long as you are alive and breathing.

Are you forced to give up fighting, may God forbid that;

You must wrap the Banner around your body and die”.

I believe this is Sarah Palin’s spiritual rank. She’s the designated Standard Bearer in the Battle of America — and she holds a banner with the sacred dates of 1773, 1776, 1787 and 1865.


Sarah Palin constantly describes what America’s “standard” or “banner” is: common sense Constitutionalism. She upholds these ideals for everyone to see, evidenced nearly every time she’s afforded a microphone. (Gauge her very impromptu Pella speech… she was telling us what she “stands” for… and it’s not about her… )

Standard Bearers “re-present” the rest of the army – it’s not about them personally. They uphold the ideals of the army. Because of the spiritual nature of representing others, we want her to look like our own “best selves.” (This explains in part why her external appearance, her presentation, gets so much attention. It’s because she is “representing” ppl.)

Being a Standard Bearer does not mean Sarah Palin is any less of a sinner or less flawed than you or me. It simply means she represents you and me as she carries our American ideals.


Every Palinista instinctively senses how unarmed Palin the standard bearer is, how susceptible she is to attack. We’re sensitive because of what she’s already been through, but at the same time, we recognize her many morale-building kindnesses, even against political enemies.

Her very vulnerability draws people to her, to protect her (as we want to do) though Palin probably believes we’re overdoing it, she can take care of herself thank-you-very-much. And she wants to protect the Tea Partiers herself, in turn.

But vulnerability to attack is part of the leadership quality of Standard Bearers. Their courage – unarmed but for the flag – brings out the warrior soul in everyone on their fight battalion.

(The collapse of @attackwatch underscores how liberals have no concept of this idea.)

Palin’s true fight is to define the goal and lead people forward to it: she has no real defense but the truth. This is why it pains us to see Palin defending herself, in the random and few times she has done it. It’s not natural for her to do so, nor necessary, because every attack upon her, somehow, in God’s economy, boomerangs back on her accusers.


Governor Palin talked to Sean Hannity in early August about the importance of having a “steel spine” – something all standard bearers need in order to “stand tall”.

She said: “(Reagan) reminded us — as our steel spine is stiffened — look around, and you’re going to see that it strengthens others around you — and then they know that it’s okay, too, to stand on principle and do what’s right.”

As we see the Standard Bearer’s courage, we are encouraged in our own spiritual war footing. This is the secret of true leadership: to inspire others to do give their all for the cause.

Oh, and it’s no coincidence another word for “Standard Bearer” is… “President.”

- TwoLegsGood

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The Origin Of The RINO Rift: McCain

A Palin/Bachmann Comparison Chart For Dummies

The Honesty Meme And Other Defenses

Who Sarah Palin Has To Run Against To Beat Barack Obama

Sam the Cat Wants Sarah Palin to Run for President

This is my cat. He notices the snacks aren't coming as quickly as they used to. He sees a lot more people around the neighborhood ever since unemployment went up. He's too young to remember the shining city upon the bag of 9-Lives. He thinks Morris the cat is a crony capitalist, hawking a product that has been getting more expensive now that inflation is up.

Sam was never very politically active. He mainly hung out in the back yard with my neighbor's cat who is into handouts - eating out of the bowl of food I would put out when I was out during the day. Sam is beginning to feel the pinch, though. There's less food. There's not much partying going on (which results in less attention, snacks, etc). Sam's not going to take it anymore. He wants a new president.

Sam has been watching me blog. He sits on the dining room table meowing while I tell him to be quiet as I type. But, he's been trying to tell me something. He sees what I'm writing. He understands now why I don't pay attention to him when Sarah Palin is on Fox News. He understands now and he wants to get active.

My friend across the street and I came up with a great idea. We could paint "Palin 2012" on him and let him walk the neighborhood. It would kinda be like Organize4Palin while I was out trying to get my business going or looking for work. This way, I could still be active in the cause, yet not have it cut into my ability to survive financially.

So, Sam has joined the army. This has got to be better than just having a lawn sign. Maybe I could write "The media lies" on the other side of him.

This is just the beginning. Sam will be campaigning hard for our lady from the north when she announces. I kidded with Thomas S. Schmitz on my blog when I wrote "I bet they don't have cats like Sam in California!" Well, Tom had to set me straight with this picture of Shiva.

Besides, it's about time our cats start earning their keep.

Erick Erickson, Get Over Yourself

Just for Erick Erickson and his crew at Red State, I present The World's Saddest Song played on the World's Smallest Violin. Erickson's "P Day" has come and gone, but isn't he supposed to be posting every hour on the hour till she announces or was that only for "P Day"? In the course of all the excitement, I kind of lost track. If Gov. Palin delays her announcement another two weeks that will be 336 posts he's got to crank out. If he links US for Palin prominently in every last one of them so much the better. Don't forget to link all the other pro-Palin sites out there. There's whole bunch of us in this Palin business and we all want good numbers. He can call us a "cult," "nuts" or whatever. I couldn't care less, but I would have a major problem if calls any of us "late for dinner." The only people whose opinion on the timing of a Sarah Palin Presidential Campaign Announcement matters is Gov. Palin and her family. This point is completely lost on Erickson, Coulter, some supporters, and the establishment crowd which is 100% responsible for the mess our nation is in. So, Erickson, keep that coffee pot topped off, keep banging those posts out, and keep the traffic coming. I'll keep the violin playing and have my nearest colleague shove a big Bermuda onion in my face so I can cry for you.

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TwoLegsGood: The Silence of The RINO's Part II










Tammy Bruce predicted months and months ago the 2012 elections would be a fight between Tea Party conservatives and the Establishment, whether they’re Establishment Dems or RINOs. She’s also been dead right to describe RINOs as “liberals in GOP clothing”, especially George W. Bush, who hid his liberalism behind an apparent Christianity.

It’s easy to take ideological shots at Dem liberals, but much more difficult to see liberals within the GOP — because RINOs hide behind the traditional family/conservative values of the GOP platform.


For example, Bush-Rove-RINOism set us up for Obamanation, but there’s a conservative reluctance to condemn Bush because of the beating he took in the lib MSM for so many years… especially now since it seems Bin Laden’s death may have been fruit of Bush-era interrogation policies.

Plus, it’s nearly impossible to remember George Bush is no conservative after his speech at the Flight 93 memorial, a speech given by a President who actually loves America.

“W” was so affable and so “right” on many issues, but in the end, his liberal agendas (amnesty; bloating government healthcare costs; no endgame in the W.O.T.; kick-starting the anti-American bank and big business bailouts; attempting to blend democracy into Sharia; creating a whole new intelligence entity — Homeland Security — rather than solving the problems of our intel-gathering institutions) were demon seeds.

(Rick Perry set off a Texas pissing contest with Bushies/Rove in 2007 when he said “George W. Bush has never been a fiscal conservative”… and Perry was right.)

Bush has come out to say he regrets the bailouts… but he neglects to speak out against disastrous Obama policies based upon his disastrous last years in office?

In our current shipwreck of state, certainly good ol’ W could dispatch with the “former Prezzies don’t criticize” dictum and say or do something constructive? Considering the enormity of his part in our dying economy, Bush’s current behavior is strangely irresponsible, if not abhorrent.

(I still want to know why Geo. H.W. and Geo. W. Bush took a meeting with Obama in January 2010.)


Adding insult to injury, the Bush daughters came out in support of Obamacare (while their parents were mute?), Jeb Bush took a Florida “edu” photo-op with Obama cashing in on the Kennedy/Bush “No Child Left Behind” defilement of public schools, Laura Bush made furtive calls to Mitch Daniel’s wife before he dropped out of the 2012 presidential race; and the elder Bushes entertained RINO Jon Huntsman at Kennebunkport.

And will someone answer me why Barbara Bush is calling Chris Christie’s wife to encourage him to run? The Bushes only interest in the 2012 race has to be Jeb 2016, so are the Bushes expecting Christie to lose? What strange political striving or working of the last vestiges of their political power is going on?

Why did the Bushes let Laura Bush make a new tv spot about women in the middle east last week? Rove used to call Laura Bush “his secret weapon”… are they afraid, as they should be, that Sarah Palin now occupies the spot Laura Bush used to occupy in the heart of the GOP? (But better than Laura, Palin has the making of a better President than Laura’s husband at the same time!)


And then, there’s Fox — vis-a-vis Hannity – who did a very long and overtly presidential infomercial on Jeb Bush. And with the McGinnis book published, we find out Joe McGinnnis is friends with Roger Ailes? Ailes who is BFF with George H. W. Bush?

On Labor Day (when Fox declined to cover either of Sarah Palin’s speeches in Indianola or N.H.) the Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin did an incredible puff piece on Jeb to position him as top dog in the current line up of GOP hopefuls.

(It must be a RINO thing. Ingraham also drops Jeb’s name as a potential ’12 candidate…)

A few weeks back, someone at the Frum Forum RINOfest wrote an article as if George W. Bush was the top pick of the GOP candidates in a fantasy debate.

The Bushes are still in the game and they’re gaming Jeb against Sarah Palin.


I believe this is why Rove baited Palin on her declare date: none of the Rove-tinged candidates (even Bachmann was backed by Rove in her initial congressional run) can beat Obama and everyone, including the lib-media, knows this.

Another BushRoveRINO, an actual Rove protégé, Chris Christie, is too un-vetted to beat Obama but maybe RINOs think he can beat Palin to the nomination. Christie is CapNTrade, anti 2nd amendment, pro Obamacare and bad on creeping Sharia — there’s really no reason but lunacy that Nancy Reagan invited him to speak last night.

Any RINO currently in the lineup – Romney or Perry or Cain — even the tainted Bachmann – would lose to Obama. Which just could be the plan of the Permanent Political Class, RINO division.

The other evidence Jeb is running is the Rove flip-flop on his former protégée, Rick Perry. Right after Perry declared for President, he declared open war with Bush-Rove. Then Rove was lovey-dovey with Perry, but then flipped back: Rove saying Perry’s view that Social Security is a Ponzi scheme is “toxic”. Last we heard of this supposed feud, Perry pushed back on Rove at the Reagan library debate.

The truth will come out about Rove/Perry if Perry can stay in the race. If Rove pulls his punches — and Rove knows where ALL the Perry skeletons are buried – they we’ll know whether or not this is some Establishment-Bush-RINO ruse to keep Obama in office.

Either Rove has some other horse (Jeb) in the race, or he’s playing a shell game with Perry and the other Rove protégé, Christie.

Sure is interesting how Rovepal Christie reconsidered a Prezzie run moments after Perry unraveled in the last debate, though.


Jeb himself took a Palin-jab a few months ago none-too-subtly:

“I don’t anticipate [running for President in 2012], you never say never. This is a standard answer that I’ve kind of learned how to give which is — you never say never, but I’m never ruling out being on Dancing with the Stars…”

Jeb must run if Palin runs. This is what the waiting game is all about. She’d beat Obama and that messes up the Bush Dynasty plan for Jeb 2016.

Palin dashes ALL their plans. She knows it. And they know it.

This is why last winter Barbara Bush warned Palin to just keep her pretty little self up there in Alaska (and stay “dead”).


As Karl Rove proved during the mid-terms with his attacks on (the Palin-backed) Tea Candidates — most notably Christine O’Donnell in the most spiteful Fox-RINO rant imaginable — the Bushes are RINO, Cap’N’Trade enemies of Tea Party and Sarah Palin.

The Bushes are pro North American Union, open borders RINOs. Notice not one of the Bush boys has said a word about Obamacare, the litmus test today for normal conservatives and, of course, Tea Party.

Normal conservatives have been disgusted at Rove’s chicanery since at least 2006, but hand it to Donald Trump to summarize the Rove problem best:

“Bush-Rove gave us Obama.”


Tea Party can also never forget RINO George H. W. Bush is an accursed New World Order dullard who hated Ronald Reagan and morphed the Cold War into the era of Islamic terror because of his UN-centric beliefs.

Who knows if the denuding of our intelligence services and selling of our nuclear secrets to the Chinese in the Clinton years was not an impotency set in motion by George H. W. Bush – and his desire for a day without national sovereignty?

January 20, 1993 was just as much of an apocalypse as January 20, 2009 — and both disasters were born of Bush failures.

The passive aggressive N.W.O. RINOism of the Bushes is as dangerous as blatant Dem liberalism.

No, I take that back.

Their RINOism is more dangerous.

Whether it’s Bushie, Frum, Rove, Mitt, Boehner, Christie, McCain, Romney or Graham (or newly minted RINOs Ingraham/Coulter) — RINOism needs to be dissected for its danger to be understood. There’s a behavioral RINO constant to behold — a strategy lesson to be learned.


The Tucson slander of Sarah Palin was the most egregious outpouring of political hate since George W. Bush and Ronald Reagan; a spiritual crucifixion, if you will.

But Bush was attacked by the Left because he purposely co-opted Reagan’s western cowboy/conservative image, attacks which fizzled after he left office exposed as a compromised liberal.

Bush was a counterfeit Reagan, an anti-Reagan.

While in contrast, Palin’s Reagan DNA was evident in 2008.

The virulent attacks against her during Tucson were because the Left and colluding RINOs recognized her as the inheritor of the Tea Party mantle, the true “winner” of the November 2010 election sweep: private citizen Sarah Palin wielded the political punch to take the House.

The Tucson hate was a “tell” for the Left and RINOs: they realized Sarah Palin plus Tea Party equals Reagan 2.0.


And, as the truth about the Tucson lies against Governor Palin proved crackhellcrazy, both GOP RINOs and the Liberal Media Complex went into a shared, delusory denial regarding her comings and goings. It started when Dana Milbank failed to take a month off from Sarah Palin. They needed the Governor to be a ghost to them, functionally invisible but haunting the shreds of their seared consciences.

So their “Palin’s over”, “Palin’s in hiding” “Palin’s not running”, “Palin’s content not being in office and only out for the money” mini-memes churned out during her (actually) very busy first quarter schedule: headlining Reagan’s 100th, speaking at the Long Island Association, cheering Todd at Iron dog, dazzling them in India, dining with the Netanyahus; all the while tweeting, Facebooking and media-squirmishing.

The disconnect was churlish wish-fulfillment for the RINOs — who wanted Palin to slink away somewhere and become RNC Chairman, “GOP Kingmaker” or “GOP Gal Friday”.

All this Palin denial was reflexive of the grotesque extremes they’d worked for her political death during Tucson — the Left hammering down false accusations of murder and other damnable lies, while the GOP RINOs – through a silence of shared bloodlust – held the nails.

And the Left and GOP RINOs inhabited an alternate Palin reality until…


“This is the speech they did not want to have happen. It is why everyone in the GOP establishment was quiet when (Sarah Palin) was being accused of murder in January… because they did not want THIS speech to happen. Well, it did. And not only have the Union thugs in Wisconsin lost, but the GOP establishment is losing as well.” – Tammy Bruce 4/16/11

Yeah. And every Palinista who heard Sarah Palin’s “Fight Like A Girl – Game On!” Madison speech on Tax Day Saturday felt like waving palm branches for “President Palin” Palm Sunday.

The Palin game shifted that day she stared down the beast in Madison (check out the hordes of union thugs shouting during her speech on YouTube sometime). There, she told the establishment RINOs in Madison: I’d like to try to work with you, but I’ll take you on if I must!

In order to outgame GOP RINOs, it’s a Palinista point of reference to remember they share the same basic motive with King Saul:

RINOs are murderously, insanely — jealous.


Jealousy, or envy, stems from the sweaty fear of being replaced or eclipsed. It’s a terror of losing your position or your identity to someone or something you fear is bigger, better, smarter, stronger or more favored than you.

Envy pushed King Saul to try to murder his loyal commander in the field, David. Good Friday happened because of envy of Jesus. Tea Party and Sarah Palin were “handed over” by the silence of party RINOs to be scourged by the Left during Tucson, during the Hobbiting of McCain, etc., because RINOs envy their organic power in the voting booth.

Again, silence when someone is being attacked is their agreement with the aggressor.

It is RINO passive aggression.

Cowardly RINOs such as this are as much of a political enemy as the Far Left Union/Marxist/CapNTrade thugs.


Today, the RINOs in Congress are so jealous of Tea Party’s November 2010 landslide WHICH BROUGHT THEM INTO HAVING POWER IN CONGRESS, they try kill this Tea spirit by capitulating to Obama on the debt ceiling and stalling on healthcare?

They are so insane with Tea jealousy they squander and give away their power in Congress to the Democrats?


RINOs see only one thing. Their jobs – their very identities — are threatened.

The RINOs who want to be President and the Beltway RINOs are jealous of the spirit of Tea, jealous of the joyous fight that invigorates Sarah Palin because it represents their own hypocrisy and culpability for the problem that is Obama — and they don’t know what to do with themselves.

GOP RINOs remember very clearly how the stock market spiked in a happy response to the Tea Party victories on November 2nd 2010.

They know the market response to Tea Party is enthusiastic, because the market understands Tea Party principles are soundly conservative and pro business. Yet the Congressional RINOs worked a terrible victory for Obama on the debt ceiling deal, in an open fear of the power of Tea? Jealousy makes them “think crazy”.

The GOP RINO mindset does not register political genuineness. They cannot understand Tea, they do not believe it to be real, they believe it to be some huge trickery or slight of hand.

This is why it’s vital Tea Party and Palinistas stick to their ideals. Appeasing, befriending or coddling RINOs doesn’t work. Compromise and appeasement with RINOs will get Tea Party… nowhere.

Ask Renee Elmers.

by TwoLegsGood

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fair Sarah For The Common Man

This video was created by Susan Baumgaertner Fentz

Gov. Palin on Freedom Watch: Will Not Tip Hand on 2012 Plans

"I hold my political cards close to my chest. Don't look for a decision in 24 hours. I am still in deliberations," former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin said in her interview tonight with Judge Napolitano on Freedom Watch from her Wasilla, Alaska studio. Fox Business had promoted the segment as being a possible venue where Gov. Palin could announce her intentions. In Titles, Shackles, Decisions, and Respect, I discussed Fox trying to get Gov. Palin to tip her hand for the past nine months.

Gov. Palin had heard the prior segment in which colleague Juan Williams said that he thought "it was nasty of Gov. Palin to refer to Herman Cain as 'flavor of the month.'" Judge Napolitano informed Williams that she never referred to Cain in that fashion and he accepted the correction. But, Gov. Palin fired back during her segment, "I think it's nasty when a colleague says something without knowing what he's talking about! I never said 'Herman Cain is flavor of the week.'" Gov. Palin said the media was ginning up the "flavor of the week" cycle that has afflicted the 2012 GOP field of declared candidates and hopefuls.

When asked about the value of debates, Gov. Palin said that they "do offer a window into what a candidate stands for" and a means by which to vet candidates, but emphasized it is the voters' responsibility to do their homework and study the candidates. A 10-second soundbite, or even interviews such as she does with Fox do not provide sufficient information on candidates, she said.

Judge Napolitano asked Gov. Palin which candidates she preferred: "the big government compassionate conservatives or the small government types." "I'm with whomever understands that smaller, smarter government is best and that the government which governs least governs best," Gov. Palin said. She recounted how in her experience local government tends to be more responsive and more efficient. As the government gets more remote and larger, it becomes more dismissive of people's needs, she said.

Gov. Palin said the permanent political class in both parties needs to be retired. She said crony capitalism and corporate welfare are bi-partisan problems, as both parties have embraced them. Solyndra is a the poster-child of Crony Capitalism on Steroids.

In the first segment, NY-13 Rep. Michael Grimm - one of Gov. Palin's endorsed candidates in 2010 - spoke about the FBI investigation of Solyndra's activities. Congressman Grimm also advocated for a smaller government that provides an opportunity for everyone to thrive, thus he shares in Gov. Palin's Reagan Conservatism.

Gov. Palin Talks to Judge Napolitano, 9-29-2011 retrieved from SarahNET.

One Mans Opinion

One Mans Opinion  9/29/2011
By Dewaine Shoulders

Okay, normally I would be talking about Sarah Palin, or the upcoming presidential elections here, but this scares the hell out of me. First of all, let me preface this by saying that when I first saw this report, I was appalled. But then fear crept in, as this could very well be what happens before next November, if the left has their way.

Speaking to a Cary Rotary Club in North Carolina, Gov. Bev Perdue suggested that the next round Congressional elections should be postponed for two years, so that Congress can focus on the economic recovery and not the next election.

These are her own words:

"You have to have more ability from Congress, I think, to work together and to get over the partisan bickering and focus on fixing things. I think we ought to suspend, perhaps, elections for Congress for two years and just tell them we won't hold it against them, whatever decisions they make, to just let them help this country recover. I really hope that someone can agree with me on that. The one good thing about Raleigh is that for so many years we worked across party lines. It's a little bit more contentious now but it's not impossible to try to do what's right in this state. You want people who don't worry about the next election."

Those, ladies and gentlemen, are the words of a liberal progressive; someone who would usurp the power from the people in order to save their own jobs and garner more power for themselves… To take away the rights of the people to vote in order to secure their positions of power over the people.

Does this scare you? It should, because I have said a time or two in the past to a few friends that our president could do this very thing to secure his own position as he slips further down in the polls. What better way is there to keep your job than by making sure that elections are suspended because of a national crisis? The thing is, I can't seem to recall a time that our voting rights were suspended because of anything... Be they World Wars, Great Depressions or any other crisis that stopped the people from voting.

Is it just me, or is this the plan being cast into motion by the left because they know that they are about to be swept out of office all over the country?

Maybe I'm just being paranoid, but this sounds like someone who would call for the congressional elections, or, perhaps, even the presidential elections to be postponed indefinitely to make sure that the economy gets better. The only way the economy is going to get better is to oust the people that put us in this position in the first place; the elites in Congress... On both sides of the aisle! They are the very people who placed this nation in financial jeopardy, and they should be voted out of office; hopefully to be replaced with people with integrity, common sense, and some ability in mathematics!

It's the Spending, Stupid! This is not about taxing the rich, it's all about eradicating the Middle Class to make America into a Feudal Caste of the Elites and the Surfs! And they are doing it right before our eyes, and the useful idiots on the left seem to be okay with it so long as they get what's coming to them. Screw freedom, they say, we want what the rich guys have! They would give their freedom away for a few pieces of silver. Judas Priest, how stupid are they?

Okay, let's put this in a way that most everybody can understand: Anyone who has ever watched the Star Wars Saga knows that Senator Palpatine plotted a war, and then using it as a basis to get himself elected to the chancellor's office. Then, he kept himself in power far longer than he should have by using the lawmakers; playing them for fools--- preying on their fears. He used the corruption that many of them were involved in to keep his base unified. He went from Chancellor to Emperor Palpatine when he decided to eradicate the Jedi. And as silly as it sounds, a similar scenario is being played out in this country today.

You have union bosses telling their union members to protest state houses to disrupt laws being changed or passed. You have college professors telling their students to protest and get arrested, all in the hope of overthrowing the country (Does Socialist Professor Cornel West from Princeton ring any bells for you?). You also have a bunch of government-dependant people, who refuse to work to better themselves, who will vote for the democrats to keep getting their government checks and food stamps coming in.

They are called Useful Idiots by the Socialist. You can't have a revolution without them. But once the revolution has been won, the useful idiots are the first to die, thus striking fear into the hearts of everyone else. That is how Socialism leads to Communism, and China is drooling right now because we are but a few short steps away from being just like them! For anyone doubting this, take a look at how Cuba fell to Castro. It happened in our own back yard, so to speak. The youth, and the poor were used to overthrow the legitimate government and Castro took over. And what happened then is happening here... NOW! It's called Class Envy, or Class Warfare, but the results are the same --- The government takes the money from the people, who then will dribble it out to the masses. But, in return, you must earn it. There will be no lazy or sick people then, because those who refuse to work, and those that are too sick to work, are deemed inferior and disposed of. That will be the fruition of the revolution. That is what the useful idiots aren't told. If they were told the truth, no one would follow them!

Someone once called this the Perfect Storm, and I'm afraid that the storm clouds are now gathering, and soon, the storm will sweep across America... And take our precious liberties away. 

Again, maybe it's just me being paranoid, but somehow I sense the dark side is clouding everything, and soon, the Sith will rule the country. They damn near do now. All it will take is one crisis to make it so. 

May God help us!

Pray that America comes to her senses and votes out the progressives. Pray that America can ride this storm out and comes out of it a better place. Pray that we can elect leaders that will turn back the tide of leftist darkness that is overshadowing this nation. Pray that when it's all said and done, America will once again be that shining city on the hill, and not a smoldering pile of rubble at the hands the left, the anarchists, and the useful idiots they seem to attract. 

But that's just my opinion, I could be right!  

Dewaine can be heard every Sunday evening on Dewaine & Susie Live at 6:30 p.m. EST/ 5:30 Central on Blogtalk Internet Radio 

Titles, Shackles, Decisions, and Respect

Many so-called supporters of Gov. Palin are aghast that she suggested a title could shackle and take away her freedom. There's quite a bit of "she owes us," "she's not running," and "she better run" being thrown around the comment boards on all the Palin sites.

Our Support is of Our Own Free Will

Nothing in her statements with Greta Van Susteren Tuesday night indicated a GO/NO GO on a POTUS run - nothing that is, except words that supporters who should know better put in her mouth. We want Gov. Palin to run for President and have been egging her on for three years now. Many of us wanted her to run when wanting her to run was "not cool." We supported her knowing that she might not run. Second, no one forced anyone to support Gov. Palin. She did not extort, bribe, con, or cajole our support. We gave it willingly of our own volition. She does not owe us anything and people who think they're owed need to get over it and get over themselves - especially those who think they did so much that she owes them a paid position. For those "supporters" who didn't get the memo, Gov. Palin is not for sale, does not run a pay-to-play operation and is not a crony capitalist.

Respecting Gov. Palin's Decision-Making Process

Third, Gov. Palin will make her decision on her terms after carefully considering all the factors, including - and especially - whether she can be more effective doing what she does now, or more effective campaigning for - and hopefully - winning the Presidency. Support means respecting her decision whatever it may be. It's mind-boggling that some of the same supporters who want her to run for President and announce right now are ready to jump ship if she doesn't do things their way and on their schedule. We're back to some people needing to get over themselves.

Gov. Palin Will Not Tip Her Hand

Fourth, Gov. Palin made a promise on at least four different occasions to a local Alaskan radio show that they would be the first to know of her decision to run or not. Every interviewer on Fox News has tried to get Gov. Palin to tip her hand or announce on their shows in practically every airing over the past nine months. They have asked just about every permutation and combination of the same question. I learned to expect it long ago when watching these shows to write my synopses. This was discussed at length in Gov. Palin's September 12 interview with Greta Van Susteren where she said she was tired of "giving the same dopey answers" to the 2012 question. Gov. Palin does not break promises and she is not going to betray her own confidence. Newbies are not expected to know this, but veteran supporters should know better. This should be old news to any long-time supporter of Gov. Palin's. Fox News is simply not going to be the first place of her announcement. Bob and Mark is.

Gov. Palin's Actions Suggest a POTUS Run

Fifth, Gov. Palin's actions over the past year point squarely to a POTUS run. The epic Facebook Note to the 2010 Congress was a 16-paragraph Presidential position paper. She traveled to India and Israel and is set to travel to South Korea. In her travels, she met with heads of state. She hired a chief of staff, replaced her prior neo-con foreign policy advisers with a Reagan Conservative, developed five-point military and economic policies, and conducted bus tours in the Northeast and Midwest. She has developed substantive and sophisticated policies on health care, national security, quantitative easing, and entitlement reform. She has thrice been to Iowa in as many months. She has withstood the harshest media scrutiny of any candidate in well over 100 years. These are not the actions of a high-profile activist who just wants to make noise and money. The people who are latching on to the "title/shackle" line and getting ready to jump out of windows missed the other line which clearly indicates a possible intent to run:
“I would not have gone this far if I didn’t think I could beat [Obama].”
I don't think she has beer summits in mind and Gov. Palin does not play golf.

About Those Titles and Shackles

Gov. Palin knows full well what she can do without a title versus what she can do with one. She only has a couple of decades experience. She also knows very well what could happen to her influence if she chooses not to run. But, Gov. Palin understands that yes, a title can shackle. She's been there and done that. The matter of handlers trying to mold and shape Gov. Palin would probably not be much of an issue during the primary campaign. After all, she would be the boss. If handlers try to insult her intelligence, Gov. Palin could simply show them the door and tell the handlers in question to go handle themselves. The general election is where she could lose that autonomy. The GOP establishment would be an integral part of a Palin campaign (or anyone else's for that matter) and could make demands that she would have to comply with as a condition of their support. Remember that George H.W. Bush was not President Reagan's choice for Vice President. The party forced his hand. Gov. Palin has intimate and extensive knowledge of this having been McCain's running mate. She knows what goes on in national campaigns, because she was in one. Her heart-felt concern is legitimate. Gov. Palin is a stateswoman and a citizen public servant. She is not a machine politician. Absent a title, Gov. Palin enjoys unbridled freedom to shape the political debate on her terms, but quite possibly with much less influence. The next title gives her the ability to sign or veto legislation and treaties, and make decisions about war and peace - that is lead this nation.

The Summons and Finishing Some Unfinished Business

Gov. Palin is carefully considering this for all the right reasons. She's not pursuing a title or power. She knows the Presidency is a calling. She knows she's been summoned. It's public service and sacrifice. She wants to do what's right for this country and discharge the duties of that office unbeholden to anyone. Yes, we want her to run. None of the other candidates possess a single one of her leadership traits. The others simply fail to inspire. But, we cannot let our zeal for her running turn into petulant demands, whining that "she owes us," and putting words in her mouth she never said. It was NJ Gov. Chris Christie who said he was not running on Tuesday night, not Gov. Palin. Gov. Palin knows that if she runs, failure is not an option. There's also an historic element should she run that amplifies failure not being an option. You see, Geraldine Ferraro and Hillary Clinton left some unfinished business. Somehow, I think Gov. Palin is going to show little girls of this country exactly what they can do...

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

TwoLegsGood: The Silence of The RINO's

by @TwoLegsGood








The day after Sarah Palin’s Madison speech, a fellow Palinista, TAM (Tammy Bruce Army Member) and orthodox Jew tweeted me a happy Palm Sunday — as I tweeted back Passover high-fives. Though we both attended Chicago C4P, we only bonded as TAMs later – and our Palin-Tea camaraderie is like Amos: “Unless two are agreed, they cannot walk together.”

Indeed, Tea Party is an agreement on the very definition of America, a covenant of Patriots.


I was in deep BibleThink that day, there’d been discussion of how Good Friday happened because of jealousy of Christ — and it reminded me of some Palin-notes I’d made on the King Saul/King David “jealousy paradigm” Sarah Palin had been in with John McCain:

1. King Saul elevated young David to a public position of power in the Goliath episode – though David had previously been anointed king by the prophet Samuel …

… just as John McCain elevated Sarah Palin to a public position of power in the ’08 race, though her true authority was the depth of her governing experience (successful Mayor, Big Oil lion tamer, Governor who bested the Alaskan crony class).

2. In a jealous rage, King Saul tried to murder heir-apparent to the throne David in his own house…

… just as McCain’s own aides attacked GOP heir-apparent Sarah Palin minutes after the ‘08 election (attacks that were veritably McCain’s because he could’ve called off his goons at any time).

3. David refused to “touch mine anointed” and harm King Saul…

… just as Governor Palin has refused to say or do anything against John McCain; in fact, she campaigned for his Senate re-election.


Even these past few weeks of the Joe McGinniss slander/libels against Sarah Palin, I was thinking about McCain. McCain would have known immediately how McGinniss’s book — and every smear-job against Sarah Palin since ‘08 — are outright lies. There’s no way McCain would have chosen Palin as his running mate if any of the sickening accusations against her over the past three years carried any weight.

It’s despicable how, every time the MSM ramps up against her, McCain has never come to Sarah Palin’s defense.

And, worse, it was McCain’s silence during the now infamous “day after” drubbing of Sarah Palin by his campaign aides on November 5th, 2008 that have set the tone for every RINO betrayal of Palin since.


McCain’s silence signaled his tacit approval of the attacks upon Sarah Palin. He set the tone ESPECIALLY for the RINO silence during the false accusations thrown at Palin during the Tucson shootings.

Just imagine if McCain had done the gentlemanly, honorable thing in ’08 and defended his choice for Vice President. What a different GOP world it would be, because RINOs would realize they’d have to take on McCain to attack Palin.


And John McCain’s hobbiting of Tea Party is despicable, too; considering he used various Arizona Tea Parties (Tucson!) to keep his Senate seat lukewarm.

As the chief RINO of our lifetime (outside the Bushies) McCain is the godfather of the RINO rift in the GOP against Sarah Palin (and Tea Party).

Every time some heinous attack hits Sarah Palin or her family, all I can think of is how John McCain could have — and should have — set a gentlemanly standard by sticking up for his running mate.


I’ll get back to McCain later.

But let me repeat it just one more time: John McCain set the standard for disgusting behavior towards Palin and Tea Party by fellow RINOs; be they FoxRINOs like Roger Ailes, BushRove RINOs, Congressional RINOs, Daily Caller RINOs, Frum RINOs, Presidential wannabe RINOs, Liberal Media Complex RINOs, former President RINOs, etc., etc.

McCain’s silence during the persecution of Sarah Palin was his tacit approval of the attacks. It cannot be viewed any other way.

Somewhere inside the compromised soul of John McCain is a jealousy towards Sarah Palin like that of the doomed King Saul towards the young David.

And it’s a deadly jealousy that’s spread through the RINO ranks.


While I believe Governor Palin to be a strong Christian, this is in nowise hagiography or religious historicity — but rather an attempt to dissect establishment power under threat.

The Governor’s fight for 2012 will be like her battles against good-old-boy Alaskan networks in 2006. And Palin knows it: she forewarned GOP RINOs in her Madison speech — and recently expanded on the problem of Establishment Left and Right as the Permanent Political Class in one of the best political speeches of recent conservatism.

My Palinista point is to isolate the psychology of ruling elites when flanked by a traditional foe and oppositional upstarts — as a way to arm for the 2012 fight ahead.


RINOism is an infectious disease and Ann Coulter and Laura Ingraham seem to have caught it – re: their recent meow-fest over Sarah Palin.

Because Palin is Tea incarnate, and because Tea Party is Constitutional conservatism unfettered, Coulter and Ingraham’s reactions to Palin reveal more about them than anything about the Governor.

Suddenly, their RINOism, misogyny and East Coast Establishmentarianism showed (giggling together over how Palin is “a long tease”? Sick.)


Suddenly, there’s total recall as to what big Mitt fans they’ve both been – and how Coulter is nearly unbalanced in her need to “Get Christie Love!” when the NJ Governor is just another handpicked BushRoveRINO.

(Plus Christie’s speech at the Reagan Library was a mishmoshed jumble of conservative cliches; and the man doesn’t know the difference between the words “passé” and “blasé”? Huh?)


Coulter and Ingraham have been RINOized, even though Ingraham knows better; I recall Ingraham’s bright exchange with the Governor regarding the Barbara Bush/Establishment views of Palin about a year ago. What happened there?

Their catty arguments about Palin’s lack of substance boil down to a dated, Caribou Barbie meme (sniping about the pitch of her voice? Really?)

Sarah Palin is an experienced executive who knows the value of well-thought out policy because she knows only well-thought out policy — works.

Just ask Big Oil Alaska.

Using “she’s dumb” out of the “stupid/whore/bitch” triumvirate of classical female backstabs is a step down from Coulter’s previous Palin diatribe: “Palin should keep on getting rich and enjoy her political influence”.

Coulter and Ingraham hover in a cloistered, pre-Tea Party time-warp of their own choosing. (And let’s not forget Coulter and Ingraham dissed Palin on the RINO BOR show, on the FoxRINO network…)


In DEMONIC, Coulter stressed the nonviolence of Tea Party within the context of the Revolutionary War and her demonic mob meme, but basically she sees Tea Party the same way she sees Palinistas – as fans, readers or audience members.

For Coulter to patronize/criticize Palin’s supporters perhaps reflects the loss of her Freeper fan base to Palin? (Let’s do the pre-Tea time-warp again!)

As “conservative” pundits, Coulter/Ingraham don’t get the organic populism of the Tea Party — because Tea is a change-agent in a moment when strategic conservative action is required…

… not more punditry.

Both Coulter and Ingraham still bank on the relative “shock-value” of the notion that conservatives can actually hold forth in a P.C. world — while missing entirely how Tea Party may be the answer to the problem of a P.C. world.

Keyword: “bank”.

Tea presents an awkward competition for Ann and Laura, who do not (and perhaps cannot) understand Tea Party as the solution we’ve been waiting for.

Of course, neither gal (if they can criticize her voice, I can call them “gals”) fathom Sarah Palin, who is the Tea Party Change Agent personified.

Palin knows what political time it is; she knows it’s time for faith and prayer to be matched with works; it’s time for political deeds — not words.


But it’s still weird how the intellectual history-buff Coulter doesn’t get the political genealogy of Palin and Tea. The roots go back to Whittaker Chambers (and therefore not-so-much Ayn Rand) — the founder of modern conservatism and Ronald Reagan’s spiritual mentor.


Anyone who knows about the former Soviet spy, born-again Quaker Chambers, knows the Chambers/Hiss conflagration birthed the modern Left/Right divide in this country.

In his day, Reagan represented this Left/Right divide, just as Palin – more than any other political leader of the last two decades – represents the depth of our Left/Right divide, albeit with the means to heal it through her anti-Establishment, common-sense Constitutionalism.

Chambers led conservatism out of the Marxist infiltration of the US government during the Red Scare; Reagan led us out of the Marxist perestroika-feint during the Cold War; and a Tea Party Change Agent has been born to lead us out of a Marxist, CapNTrade putsch during an ongoing War on Terror.

It’s almost ridiculous how neither Coulter nor Ingraham can see Tea or Palin for who they are or for what they represent. A recent, nearly glowing New York Times piece on Palin aces anything the TREASON author has had to say about the Governor — beyond irony for Ms. Coulter.

As someone who’s been secretly married to LexisNexis since the 90’s, Ann Coulter gets a fail on her Palin research. Ingraham is just as out of it.

How déclassé of both of these women in this mean little episode.

But it’s better to know — now — who’s Tea and who’s RINO.


L'shanah tovah! Happy New Year!

Governor Palin today posted on Facebook:
We wish our friends in the Jewish community a shanah tovah u'metukah – a happy and sweet new year!   Rosh Hashanah is the time for new beginnings and, for me personally, I’ve always considered the new season as providing an opportunity for clear thinking about priorities.   God bless our Jewish friends, and may Israel be blessed with peace and strength as she continues to innovate and prosper and befriend our own great nation.   May this new year be filled with manifestations of our respect for our ally Israel and our nation’s Judeo-Christian foundations.   - Sarah Palin  
Retrieved from:

Now He’s Blaming Europe

Governor Palin today posted on Facebook:
On Monday, during a fundraiser in California, President Obama declare that Europe’s debt problems and their inability to solve them was “scaring the world.” He went on to explain that Europeans “have not fully healed from the crisis back in 2007 and never fully dealt with the challenges that their banking system faced” and that “they’re trying to take responsible actions, but those actions haven’t been quite as quick as they need to be.” This of course is coming from a President who has done nothing to deal with our own country’s enormous debt crisis and who is in fact eager to incur even more debt with another useless stimulus bill (now called a “jobs bill” though the last stimulus failed to produce the jobs it promised, which is perhaps why Harry Reid doesn’t seem too eager to bring this new bill to a vote despite the President’s demands to “pass this bill”). Yes, Europe has serious debt problems, but for President Obama to be lecturing our allies about not being “quite as quick” in dealing with a debt crisis is downright hypocritical. When his all-too-common finger-pointing is directed at Republicans, President Obama’s search for a scapegoat is swallowed as merely the typical Beltway politics of our permanent political class. But pointing fingers at our allies when they are working to get their own financial house in order is counterproductive and can have a serious negative affect on our ability to lead the free world. One German newspaper denounced the President’s comments as “overbearing, arrogant, and absurd.” Another wrote: “The gloomy state of the economy is putting a damper on Obama’s future prospects. The optimism of the past is gone, replaced by a cheap search for a scapegoat.” And still another wrote: “That’s not how friends talk to each other. That applies particularly to friends who have themselves failed to get a handle on their own, self-made crisis.” Can we blame them for feeling this way? Keep in mind this was a President who was supposed to make the rest of the world “like” us again. It’s about time the President showed some leadership and took responsibility rather than campaigning on blaming everyone else for the financial mess his policies have exacerbated. Between President Obama’s hypocritical lecture poking our allies in the eye again and one Democrat governor’s call to postpone lawfully mandated elections for two years, I suppose nothing should surprise concerned Americans anymore. But that doesn’t mean we have to accept these misguided memes. 2012 can’t come soon enough. - Sarah Palin  
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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Gov. Palin on Greta: Obama "Not The One" No Matter What

No matter what happens with the economy, Obama is not "The One" and "I would never support him," former Alaska Governor said tonight in her closing remarks to Greta Van Susteren from her home studio in Wasilla, Alaska. "Obama has a track record of failure," and his European Socialism policies will bankrupt the nation, she said.

Gov. Palin tonight told us clearly what she is contemplating as she finalizes her decision to run for President or not in 2012. "Does a title take away from my freedom? Does it shackle?" Gov. Palin expressed concern that in a campaign she would be molded by handlers, a situation that's seared in her memory from the 2008 Vice Presidential campaign. But, Van Susteren countered that while Gov. Palin wields considerable power now, the Presidency would give her a much bigger platform. A private citizen cannot sign treaties, legislation, or make decisions about war and peace. Van Susteren quipped that Gov. Palin could only go so far on Facebook when it comes to international matters, such as our relationship with Israel. But, Gov. Palin countered that she had gone to Israel and dined with Prime Minister Netanyahu. Van Susteren acknowledged that, but countered back that as President, she could meet with multiple heads of state to resolve issues - something that the former Alaska Governor cannot do as a private citizen.

Gov. Palin said that for logistical reasons and getting names on ballots, a decision will have to be made soon.

Gov. Palin believes she can defeat Obama. "I would not have gone this far if I didn't think I could beat him," she said. Gov. Palin said the best way to reach Independents - the ones who will decide the outcome of the next election - is to stick to a message of common-sense Constitutional conservatism.

Weighing in on other candidates, Gov. Palin said "I think we can take Gov. Christie at his word that he is not interested in the Presidency." Her remarks came minutes after Christie re-affirmed that he is not running. She said Herman Cain is doing well in the polls because "people want politicians to have a foundation of coming from the real people of the United States of America - the working class....What Cain proposes is based on common sense."

Further, Gov. Palin said she is not surprised that the elites are shocked. She noted how she is within 5% of Obama in a poll on another network, but is doing poorly in poll on another. Many in the media "either don't do their homework, or interject an agenda," she said. The media should vet the field of candidates, but their flavor-of-the-week focus and their tendency to prop candidates up then crush them create a "reality TV" type atmosphere, Gov. Palin said.

Gov. Palin Discusses 2012 with Greta Van Susteren retrieved from SarahNet

Just To Clear Things Up

Bristol Palin today posted on Facebook:
As a lot of you know, I had an encounter in West Hollywood the other day with an unhinged guy who was yelling hateful things at me about my Mom. The press has only shown a part of the encounter, so many reporters have totally missed the point of my comments. Most people may have walked away rather than go up to some guy raging like that and try to find out what his problem is. But that’s not how I’m wired. I usually do walk away, but I'm very tired of hateful people lying about my Mom, my family, and myself. So, this time I tried to get to the bottom of it.

I asked the guy if the reason he was so angry at my Mom was because he was gay. I was NOT baiting him or mocking him or in any way being derogatory of gays. It was just the opposite! I know that some members of the gay community have completely false notions about my Mom. I wanted to clear this up with this guy, but he was so far gone in his crazy hatred that rational conversation was impossible.

I think so much of the hatred directed at my Mom is based on lies and misconceptions about her and our family. It’s gotten so out of control that a 40-something guy in West Hollywood started shrieking obscenities at the top of his lungs and wishing death on my Mom, just at the thought of her. She hasn't done anything to warrant his hatred, and I wanted to address that.

As I said to that hate-filled guy in West Hollywood: Show me one thing my Mom has done that is so “evil” as to warrant the hatred and death wishes people heap on her and her kids.

The crazy guy had no answer because there is no answer. You can disagree with her politics without vilifying her or lying about us.

Isn’t it time for this crazy hatred to stop? That’s what I was trying to say to that guy.

- Bristol
Retrieved from:

Monday, September 26, 2011

Gov. Palin to Discuss Leading World out of Crisis in South Korea

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin's speech before the World Knowledge Forum in Seoul, South Korea this October 11 is to provide a "US leadership perspective on how to lead the world out of the latest [economic] crisis, Hyun-kyu Shin - Samji Chung writer and Soyoung Chung, editor, Maeil Business Newspaper reported September 1 in Korean and English. Perhaps Providentially, a Google machine translation lists Gov. Palin as a "Presidential Candidate." Though far from perfect, the machine translation delves into a synopsis of Gov. Palin's policy positions on the deficit, debt, and quantitative easing. It compares and contrasts today's economic climate with the Great Depression and Obama's handling of the economy with President Franklin Delano Roosevelt's. The machine translation lists Gov. Palin as the World Knowledge Forum's keynote speaker.

Maeil Business Newspaper Korean Language Composite Featuring Gov. Palin

Gov. Palin will be among 250 leaders from 40 countries, including former UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

Gov. Palin's speech will be in Vista Hall at the Sheraton Grande Walkerhill Hotel, Seoul, South Korea on Tuesday, October 11 at 0900 / 9:00 AM Korea Standard Time. Since KST (UTC+9) is 13 hours ahead of Eastern Time, for us, her speech will be October 10, 2011 at 2000 / 8:00 PM. Registration fees for the World Knowledge Forum range from USD $500 to $800.

Her speech is on the Presentation Track and will be moderated by Riz Khan, an Al Jazeera English Anchor. In a telephone conversation I had with Jennifer Moon at the World Knowledge forum, she indicated that Gov. Palin's speech would be broadcast on NBN, a South Korean cable TV channel, which is part of the Korean Broadcasting System.

Photo by Melissa, retrieved from HillBuzz and posted by Kevin Dujan. H/T Josh Painter for lead to photo.

The event is being aggressively promoted throughout South Korea as evidenced by this billboard featuring Gov. Palin's photo in downtown Seoul. This is Gov. Palin's second trip to the Pacific Rim and could be historic. Her first ever Washington Speakers Bureau speech was delivered in Hong Kong, in September 2009. This year, Gov. Palin delivered her epic My Vision of America speech in India, gave an exclusive interview to India's Koël Rinchet, then made history as a private citizen breaking bread with Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu for Purim.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

O4P-CA: Beverly Hills Tea Party

Last Sunday September 18, 2011 was the 2nd annual Beverly Hills Tea Party.

O4P-CA was out in full force registering new volunteers for our California Ground Team and passing out O4P literature.

Early Sunday morning we packed up the O4P Mobile full of cards, SWAG, O4P posters/banners, sign-up sheets, and our very own one man camera crew (thanks Russ! Pssssst!...Stay tuned for details!)

The Beverly Hills Police Department were very kind and helped us set up shop on the grass (The BHPD are super cool; I still don't understand why Zsa Zsa slapped that officer)

The Beverly Hills Tea Party was founded last year by Pat Boone and a group of Mama Grizzlies led by O4P-CA volunteer Josephine Rescigno.

Mama Grizzly Josephine's hard work really paid off! This years Tea Party Rally was a huge success. Turn out was great, momentum was high, and lines were drawn in the sand. Beverly Hills has a message for the permanent political class: We are TAXED ENOUGH ALREADY!

This years speakers began with: Master of Ceremonies (and the original American Idol) Pat Boone, Congressman Tom McClintock, Presidential Candidate Congressman Thaddeus McCotter, author and columnist Benjamin Shapiro, Rev. Wayne Perryman, broadcast journalist Hugh Hewitt, writer Bill Whittle, President of the American Family Business Institute Dick Patten, commediene Sonja Schmidt, producer James Patrick Riley, 2nd Vice Chair of the Republican Party of Los Angeles County Peter Ford, and closing remarks were delivered by O4P-CA State Coordinator Thomas S Schmitz.

During the Rally O4P-CA volunteers armed with clipboards and sign-up sheets roamed the crowd registering new people for our Ground Team.

There were people from the Hermain Cain and Rick Perry campaigns at the Rally too. As the day went on it became more and more obvious. The enthusiasm, the drive, and the motivation is on our side. Together, we can do this.

All day long O4P-CA volunteers heard the same thing from concerned citizens. "We want Sarah Palin to run for President".

In order to win against the GOP Establishment and the left in 2012 we must continue to connect with one another and build a Ground Team that is the mother of all grass-roots efforts...ever.

In the coming days, weeks, and months O4P will keep the ball rolling, and keep on truckin along...

If you haven't already now is the time to double down your efforts. Now is the time to join your state O4P group. Now is the time to get involved.

America must win this war.

We must work, we must save, we must sacrifice, we must endure.

To join O4P TEXT: PALIN to 42828 and register HERE.

Thomas S Schmitz

California State Coordinator Organize4Palin

Follow O4P-CA on Twitter: @CA4Palin

Follow Thomas on Twitter: @ThomasSSchmitz

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