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TwoLegsGood: The Silence of The RINO's

by @TwoLegsGood








The day after Sarah Palin’s Madison speech, a fellow Palinista, TAM (Tammy Bruce Army Member) and orthodox Jew tweeted me a happy Palm Sunday — as I tweeted back Passover high-fives. Though we both attended Chicago C4P, we only bonded as TAMs later – and our Palin-Tea camaraderie is like Amos: “Unless two are agreed, they cannot walk together.”

Indeed, Tea Party is an agreement on the very definition of America, a covenant of Patriots.


I was in deep BibleThink that day, there’d been discussion of how Good Friday happened because of jealousy of Christ — and it reminded me of some Palin-notes I’d made on the King Saul/King David “jealousy paradigm” Sarah Palin had been in with John McCain:

1. King Saul elevated young David to a public position of power in the Goliath episode – though David had previously been anointed king by the prophet Samuel …

… just as John McCain elevated Sarah Palin to a public position of power in the ’08 race, though her true authority was the depth of her governing experience (successful Mayor, Big Oil lion tamer, Governor who bested the Alaskan crony class).

2. In a jealous rage, King Saul tried to murder heir-apparent to the throne David in his own house…

… just as McCain’s own aides attacked GOP heir-apparent Sarah Palin minutes after the ‘08 election (attacks that were veritably McCain’s because he could’ve called off his goons at any time).

3. David refused to “touch mine anointed” and harm King Saul…

… just as Governor Palin has refused to say or do anything against John McCain; in fact, she campaigned for his Senate re-election.


Even these past few weeks of the Joe McGinniss slander/libels against Sarah Palin, I was thinking about McCain. McCain would have known immediately how McGinniss’s book — and every smear-job against Sarah Palin since ‘08 — are outright lies. There’s no way McCain would have chosen Palin as his running mate if any of the sickening accusations against her over the past three years carried any weight.

It’s despicable how, every time the MSM ramps up against her, McCain has never come to Sarah Palin’s defense.

And, worse, it was McCain’s silence during the now infamous “day after” drubbing of Sarah Palin by his campaign aides on November 5th, 2008 that have set the tone for every RINO betrayal of Palin since.


McCain’s silence signaled his tacit approval of the attacks upon Sarah Palin. He set the tone ESPECIALLY for the RINO silence during the false accusations thrown at Palin during the Tucson shootings.

Just imagine if McCain had done the gentlemanly, honorable thing in ’08 and defended his choice for Vice President. What a different GOP world it would be, because RINOs would realize they’d have to take on McCain to attack Palin.


And John McCain’s hobbiting of Tea Party is despicable, too; considering he used various Arizona Tea Parties (Tucson!) to keep his Senate seat lukewarm.

As the chief RINO of our lifetime (outside the Bushies) McCain is the godfather of the RINO rift in the GOP against Sarah Palin (and Tea Party).

Every time some heinous attack hits Sarah Palin or her family, all I can think of is how John McCain could have — and should have — set a gentlemanly standard by sticking up for his running mate.


I’ll get back to McCain later.

But let me repeat it just one more time: John McCain set the standard for disgusting behavior towards Palin and Tea Party by fellow RINOs; be they FoxRINOs like Roger Ailes, BushRove RINOs, Congressional RINOs, Daily Caller RINOs, Frum RINOs, Presidential wannabe RINOs, Liberal Media Complex RINOs, former President RINOs, etc., etc.

McCain’s silence during the persecution of Sarah Palin was his tacit approval of the attacks. It cannot be viewed any other way.

Somewhere inside the compromised soul of John McCain is a jealousy towards Sarah Palin like that of the doomed King Saul towards the young David.

And it’s a deadly jealousy that’s spread through the RINO ranks.


While I believe Governor Palin to be a strong Christian, this is in nowise hagiography or religious historicity — but rather an attempt to dissect establishment power under threat.

The Governor’s fight for 2012 will be like her battles against good-old-boy Alaskan networks in 2006. And Palin knows it: she forewarned GOP RINOs in her Madison speech — and recently expanded on the problem of Establishment Left and Right as the Permanent Political Class in one of the best political speeches of recent conservatism.

My Palinista point is to isolate the psychology of ruling elites when flanked by a traditional foe and oppositional upstarts — as a way to arm for the 2012 fight ahead.


RINOism is an infectious disease and Ann Coulter and Laura Ingraham seem to have caught it – re: their recent meow-fest over Sarah Palin.

Because Palin is Tea incarnate, and because Tea Party is Constitutional conservatism unfettered, Coulter and Ingraham’s reactions to Palin reveal more about them than anything about the Governor.

Suddenly, their RINOism, misogyny and East Coast Establishmentarianism showed (giggling together over how Palin is “a long tease”? Sick.)


Suddenly, there’s total recall as to what big Mitt fans they’ve both been – and how Coulter is nearly unbalanced in her need to “Get Christie Love!” when the NJ Governor is just another handpicked BushRoveRINO.

(Plus Christie’s speech at the Reagan Library was a mishmoshed jumble of conservative cliches; and the man doesn’t know the difference between the words “passé” and “blasé”? Huh?)


Coulter and Ingraham have been RINOized, even though Ingraham knows better; I recall Ingraham’s bright exchange with the Governor regarding the Barbara Bush/Establishment views of Palin about a year ago. What happened there?

Their catty arguments about Palin’s lack of substance boil down to a dated, Caribou Barbie meme (sniping about the pitch of her voice? Really?)

Sarah Palin is an experienced executive who knows the value of well-thought out policy because she knows only well-thought out policy — works.

Just ask Big Oil Alaska.

Using “she’s dumb” out of the “stupid/whore/bitch” triumvirate of classical female backstabs is a step down from Coulter’s previous Palin diatribe: “Palin should keep on getting rich and enjoy her political influence”.

Coulter and Ingraham hover in a cloistered, pre-Tea Party time-warp of their own choosing. (And let’s not forget Coulter and Ingraham dissed Palin on the RINO BOR show, on the FoxRINO network…)


In DEMONIC, Coulter stressed the nonviolence of Tea Party within the context of the Revolutionary War and her demonic mob meme, but basically she sees Tea Party the same way she sees Palinistas – as fans, readers or audience members.

For Coulter to patronize/criticize Palin’s supporters perhaps reflects the loss of her Freeper fan base to Palin? (Let’s do the pre-Tea time-warp again!)

As “conservative” pundits, Coulter/Ingraham don’t get the organic populism of the Tea Party — because Tea is a change-agent in a moment when strategic conservative action is required…

… not more punditry.

Both Coulter and Ingraham still bank on the relative “shock-value” of the notion that conservatives can actually hold forth in a P.C. world — while missing entirely how Tea Party may be the answer to the problem of a P.C. world.

Keyword: “bank”.

Tea presents an awkward competition for Ann and Laura, who do not (and perhaps cannot) understand Tea Party as the solution we’ve been waiting for.

Of course, neither gal (if they can criticize her voice, I can call them “gals”) fathom Sarah Palin, who is the Tea Party Change Agent personified.

Palin knows what political time it is; she knows it’s time for faith and prayer to be matched with works; it’s time for political deeds — not words.


But it’s still weird how the intellectual history-buff Coulter doesn’t get the political genealogy of Palin and Tea. The roots go back to Whittaker Chambers (and therefore not-so-much Ayn Rand) — the founder of modern conservatism and Ronald Reagan’s spiritual mentor.


Anyone who knows about the former Soviet spy, born-again Quaker Chambers, knows the Chambers/Hiss conflagration birthed the modern Left/Right divide in this country.

In his day, Reagan represented this Left/Right divide, just as Palin – more than any other political leader of the last two decades – represents the depth of our Left/Right divide, albeit with the means to heal it through her anti-Establishment, common-sense Constitutionalism.

Chambers led conservatism out of the Marxist infiltration of the US government during the Red Scare; Reagan led us out of the Marxist perestroika-feint during the Cold War; and a Tea Party Change Agent has been born to lead us out of a Marxist, CapNTrade putsch during an ongoing War on Terror.

It’s almost ridiculous how neither Coulter nor Ingraham can see Tea or Palin for who they are or for what they represent. A recent, nearly glowing New York Times piece on Palin aces anything the TREASON author has had to say about the Governor — beyond irony for Ms. Coulter.

As someone who’s been secretly married to LexisNexis since the 90’s, Ann Coulter gets a fail on her Palin research. Ingraham is just as out of it.

How déclassé of both of these women in this mean little episode.

But it’s better to know — now — who’s Tea and who’s RINO.


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