Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Gov. Palin on Greta: Obama "Not The One" No Matter What

No matter what happens with the economy, Obama is not "The One" and "I would never support him," former Alaska Governor said tonight in her closing remarks to Greta Van Susteren from her home studio in Wasilla, Alaska. "Obama has a track record of failure," and his European Socialism policies will bankrupt the nation, she said.

Gov. Palin tonight told us clearly what she is contemplating as she finalizes her decision to run for President or not in 2012. "Does a title take away from my freedom? Does it shackle?" Gov. Palin expressed concern that in a campaign she would be molded by handlers, a situation that's seared in her memory from the 2008 Vice Presidential campaign. But, Van Susteren countered that while Gov. Palin wields considerable power now, the Presidency would give her a much bigger platform. A private citizen cannot sign treaties, legislation, or make decisions about war and peace. Van Susteren quipped that Gov. Palin could only go so far on Facebook when it comes to international matters, such as our relationship with Israel. But, Gov. Palin countered that she had gone to Israel and dined with Prime Minister Netanyahu. Van Susteren acknowledged that, but countered back that as President, she could meet with multiple heads of state to resolve issues - something that the former Alaska Governor cannot do as a private citizen.

Gov. Palin said that for logistical reasons and getting names on ballots, a decision will have to be made soon.

Gov. Palin believes she can defeat Obama. "I would not have gone this far if I didn't think I could beat him," she said. Gov. Palin said the best way to reach Independents - the ones who will decide the outcome of the next election - is to stick to a message of common-sense Constitutional conservatism.

Weighing in on other candidates, Gov. Palin said "I think we can take Gov. Christie at his word that he is not interested in the Presidency." Her remarks came minutes after Christie re-affirmed that he is not running. She said Herman Cain is doing well in the polls because "people want politicians to have a foundation of coming from the real people of the United States of America - the working class....What Cain proposes is based on common sense."

Further, Gov. Palin said she is not surprised that the elites are shocked. She noted how she is within 5% of Obama in a poll on another network, but is doing poorly in poll on another. Many in the media "either don't do their homework, or interject an agenda," she said. The media should vet the field of candidates, but their flavor-of-the-week focus and their tendency to prop candidates up then crush them create a "reality TV" type atmosphere, Gov. Palin said.

Gov. Palin Discusses 2012 with Greta Van Susteren retrieved from SarahNet

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  1. excellent interview,, Gov. Palin is the one to save the USA from complete destruction.. she is tough, smart and ready....