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How to Vet Candidates: Financial Records

It doesn’t surprise me. I’ve seen this kind of crony capitalism before. It’s is the same good old boy politics-as-usual that I fought and we defeated in my home state. I took on a corrupt and compromised political class and their backroom dealings with Big Oil. And I can tell you from experience that sudden and relentless reform never sits well with entrenched interests and power-brokers. So, please you must vet a candidate’s record. You must know their ability to successfully reform and actually fix problems that they’re going to claim that they inherited.

-Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin September 3, 2011, Indianola, IA

If you've vetted a candidate's voting record, the next step is to vet financial records. "Forensic accounting" is a discipline unto itself, and while the average voter cannot be expected to be the next Peter Schweizer, we can examine some basic records and apply common-sense. We are looking for:

  • Expenses reasonable and customary vs. outlandish and extravagant.
  • Irregularities that could suggest embezzling funds.
  • Irregularities that could suggest cloaking sources of income.
  • Understating income or expenses.
  • Income from trade, industry or interest groups who benefit from legislation sponsored or voted on. This is a tell-tale sign of reg neg and possible crony capitalism.

To keep this simple, three websites are key to vetting financial records to the level of a very well-informed voter if not a semi-professional level.

Federal Election Commission Disclosures

The Federal Election Commission website houses income, disbursement and other financial data pertaining to candidates, campaigns, 527 organizations and Political Action Committees. Palinistas who donate to SarahPAC (listed as "Sarah PAC" - two words - Committee Number C00458588), should be familiar with its filings. Just as investors should understand that in which they invest, donors should understand that to which they donate. For instance, Palinistas should know that SarahPAC stumps for candidates who support its principles and that monies from the PAC cannot legally be used for purposes outside SarahPAC's purview, such as a campaign for any office by Gov. Palin. A campaign would have to be done with separate monies.

Like all government sites, the FEC site has a bit of a learning curve, before you are able to find the desired information. If you are comfortable navigating the FEC site, reading and understanding SarahPAC's filings, you are ready move on to other candidates and committees to apply what you've learned from reviewing SarahPAC's filings.

FEC Website

Open Secrets

Open Secrets is operated by the Center for Responsive Politics and is an excellent way to vet financial information pertinent to federal candidates and committees. Being privately owned and operated, it is somewhat easier to navigate than the FEC site. I used it almost three years ago for a campaign financing study and it is a goldmine of valuable information. Considering that I had only been supporting Gov. Palin all of six months at the time and was a complete newbie to elective politics, the site is easy to use.

Open Secrets

Follow The Money

Follow the Money is used for vetting financial records of state candidates. Like Open Secrets, Follow the Money is a non-partisan organization. The website has several tools that help you see who is lobbying to include well-heeled individuals. Tools of particular interest include: Follow the Money

The Final Installment

We'll discuss using the clock as a vetting tool in our final installment of this candidate vetting series.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Gov. Palin on Bolling: Candidates Should Attract Diverse Voters

Candidates "can't just be preaching to the choir...Candidates should not be afraid to debate in front of the nation regardless of who the host is," former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin said tonight in a wide-ranging two-segment TV interview with Eric Bolling of Follow the Money from her home in Wasilla, Alaska.

Gov. Palin was referring to Donald Trump's proposed debate which Mitt Romney and Jon Huntsman both declined. She said both candidates should reconsider their attendance and if she were a candidate would be attend so as to get her message out to a diverse audience which includes independents and those who are "not into the inside baseball."

Bolling said that he does not consider either Newt Gingrich or Mitt Romney true conservatives and queried Gov. Palin as to how someone like him should proceed with the field of candidates. "You and so many Americans are in the same boat," she said. Our choice is between "being socialist" or "being a nation of free men and free markets."

"You are looking for the perfect candidate," she continued. "We're going to have to support the GOP nominee."

Like Hannity before him, Bolling asked Gov. Palin if she was going to endorse a candidate before or after Iowa. She reiterated that her endorsement will not come before Iowa and that Iowa is the beginning, not the end. She said that Gringrich has risen in the polls because he has reached out to Tea Party and Constitutional conservatives, who in turn have forgiven some of his past political sins. Romney has yet to reach out conservative voters.

But, Gov. Palin warned that Gingrich cannot pretend to be a DC outsider when he was an insider. She said that he had in fact done good things as an insider, such as balancing the budget during the Clinton administration, and he needs to remind voters what he has done to reform corruption.

Gov. Palin said whoever rises to the top must campaign on sudden and relentless reform. "If you've been part of the problem, you are not going to get my support or the support of Constitutional Conservatives."

"Any of the candidates would be infinitely better than Obama." Further, Gov. Palin noted that all the candidates have cut budgets, taxes or fought for smaller, more limited government. "I have studied their records." She said a good bellwether on where conservatives might go would be to see who Ron Paul endorses if he leaves the race. Though Gov. Palin disagrees with Paul's foreign policies, she agrees with his domestic spending policies.

Gov. Palin also again said that she did not believe this had become a two-candidate race. "History shows that the winner or second place in Iowa doesn't necessarily get the nomination."

In the second segment, Gov. Palin said that it was typical that Nancy Pelosi and others in Congress would lie about their insider trading - a practice that is illegal for every US citizen outside of the Congress. She said that this activity is appalling and accounts for why people of modest means leave the Congress unusually wealthy. Bolling spoke about how Senators and Representatives were calling and trading stocks after meeting with Treasury Secretaries - accessing both tax payers' money and inside information.

The loans given by the Obama administration to campaign bundlers and friends are also a form of crony capitalism. Gov. Palin referenced Peter Schweizer's Throw Them All Out and said it's time to do precisely that.

About Obama's forthcoming 17-day trip to Hawaii, Gov. Palin said he is "deaf, dumb, and blind" to what is going on in the nation. She predicted "he threw the number 17 days out there just to tick people off, then will come back in 15 days to address some issue in the White House and look like the hero."

Video retrieved from SarahNET

Gov. Palin on Hannity: "Obama is Phony," No Endorsements

"I'm very encouraged by these poll numbers and we will have a candidate rise to the top to beat Obama. We want undo what Obama has done to this country," Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin said tonight in her single-segment TV interview with Sean Hannity as her fireplace roared in her Wasilla, Alaska home. Gov. Palin was referring to a poll in which a generic GOP candidate would beat Obama 49% - 41% if the election were held today.

Hannity recited a list of Obama's negative statements about the Republican Party and Gov. Palin responded, "you gave examples of more of Obama's hogwash. He doesn't mean it and he doesn't walk the walk. He is a phony. Obama is a phony."

Gov. Palin acknowledged that her ticket "missed the boat during the last go-around," but said unlike in 2008, Obama does have a record.

Hannity asked Gov. Palin if she ready to make an endorsement.

"I am not ready to make an endorsement. This is a long process. Iowa is not the end. It is the beginning. We can't be complacent with this poll....Obama will have $1 billion 90% of the lamestream media in his back pocket," Gov. Palin said.

He followed up by asking Gov. Palin specifically if she would support either Newt Gingrich or Mitt Romney.

"At the end of the day, I will support the GOP nominee," Gov. Palin said, adding that any of the independents and unsung candidates would be better than Obama.

Even the lamestream media might be souring to Obama. A coworker informed me about a hard-hitting column written on October 30 by Matt Patterson, a columnist for the Washington Post, the New York Post and the San Francisco Examiner, in which he refers to Obama as an "Affirmative Action President" and discusses Obama's lifelong lack of accomplishment in all of his pursuits.

Video retrieved from SarahNET.

H/T Michael Monahan for lead to Affirmative Action President article.

“Smoking Gun” in Fast & Furious?

Governor Palin today posted on Facebook:

For anyone following the Obama administration's scandalous cluster-of-an-operation Fast & Furious, which resulted in the deaths of innocent people, please see the article excerpted below. (And in my humble opinion, I do believe the anti-2nd Amendment characters working in the Obama administration purposefully used their Fast & Furious gun walking operation to propose more gun control regulations.)   Scour this article and let me know if you too think this might be a “smoking gun” in the Fast & Furious case.  
ATF officials didn't intend to publicly disclose their own role in letting Mexican cartels obtain the weapons, but emails show they discussed using the sales, including sales encouraged by ATF, to justify a new gun regulation called "Demand Letter 3". That would require some U.S. gun shops to report the sale of multiple rifles or "long guns." Demand Letter 3 was so named because it would be the third ATF program demanding gun dealers report tracing information.   On July 14, 2010 after ATF headquarters in Washington D.C. received an update on Fast and Furious, ATF Field Ops Assistant Director Mark Chait emailed Bill Newell, ATF's Phoenix Special Agent in Charge of Fast and Furious:   "Bill - can you see if these guns were all purchased from the same (licensed gun dealer) and at one time. We are looking at anecdotal cases to support a demand letter on long gun multiple sales. Thanks."   On Jan. 4, 2011, as ATF prepared a press conference to announce arrests in Fast and Furious, Newell saw it as "(A)nother time to address Multiple Sale on Long Guns issue." And a day after the press conference, Chait emailed Newell: "Bill--well done yesterday... (I)n light of our request for Demand letter 3, this case could be a strong supporting factor if we can determine how many multiple sales of long guns occurred during the course of this case."   This revelation angers gun rights advocates. Larry Keane, a spokesman for National Shooting Sports Foundation, a gun industry trade group, calls the discussion of Fast and Furious to argue for Demand Letter 3 "disappointing and ironic." Keane says it's "deeply troubling" if sales made by gun dealers "voluntarily cooperating with ATF's flawed 'Operation Fast & Furious' were going to be used by some individuals within ATF to justify imposing a multiple sales reporting requirement for rifles." The Gun Dealers' Quandary   Several gun dealers who cooperated with ATF told CBS News and Congressional investigators they only went through with suspicious sales because ATF asked them to.   Sometimes it was against the gun dealer's own best judgment.
Retrieved from:

SarahPAC: Get Signed Undefeated for Christmas

SarahPAC Supporter,

We stand at the edge of an uncertain future. From the uncertainty of the millions of unemployed to the uncertainty of future tax burdens for small business owners, it is clear that we must now fight against the fundamental transformation taking place against all that has made America truly exceptional. We must bring certainty back into the lives of the American people.

To do this, SarahPAC will continue to be a driving force in the discussion for reforms that tackle the problem of crony capitalism and promote free markets, smaller government, domestic energy development, and removing the excessive tax and regulatory burdens that have left American industry more uncertain and less prosperous.

With the 2012 elections right around the corner, now is the time to join Governor Palin and SarahPAC’s continuing efforts to take our country back.

If you give a gift of $100 or more to SarahPAC, we will send you a copy of "The Undefeated" DVD signed by Governor Palin to show our appreciation for your ongoing support.

With the holiday season upon us, this collector's item is the perfect gift for a friend or family member and if your gift is received by December 18th, we guarantee delivery of the DVD by Christmas!

With your donation of $100 or more to SarahPAC, you will not only be receiving this exclusive signed copy of "The Undefeated," but you will also have a direct impact on the 2012 election cycle by ensuring that Governor Palin and SarahPAC have the resources needed to help elect conservative candidates and send them to Washington.

The future of our country belongs to those who are willing to fight for it, and with your vital support we can continue to help elect commonsense conservatives who will do what is necessary to ensure that America’s prosperity is renewed.

Once again, I ask you to take this stand with us.

Thank you for all you do for Governor Palin and SarahPAC,

Tim Crawford Treasurer, SarahPAC


Paid for by SarahPAC Not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee

P.O. Box 7711 Arlington, VA 22207

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How to Vet Voting Records

"I have great respect for the wisdom of the people....the American voter doing their own homework, knowing who these candidates are, what they represent, what their experience provides them - they will be making up their own mind."

-Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin
December 1, 2011, Hannity

An incumbent seeking re-election or a candidate having served in a prior office has a voting record. The purpose of examining voter records is to assess:
  • Congruency of stated position in campaign materials and actual voting record.
  • Integrity or lack thereof.
  • Consistency of position on issues vs. "flip-flopping."
  • If a change in position on an issue is heart-felt or motivated by political expediency.
  • Possible evidence of crony capitalism or other forms of corruption when assessed along with financial data. A key indicator is the legislation benefits a business or industry and there are major campaign or PAC contributions from interests associated with the business or industry. You likely need to cross-reference voting records and financial data to see this.
Note that legislators have a penchant for attaching amendments to bills that have nothing to do with the bill itself. A legislator might vote against a bill that seemingly aligns with your values because of these amendments. So, you may need to look up public statements about the decision to see if this factor was operative. Similarly, many bills are deceptively named. Just because the name sounds like something you agree with does not mean that it is. If something about a candidate's vote on a bill causes alarm bells to ring, investigate further.

Remember that no one in the House or Senate can truthfully claim to have cut a budget. Gov. Palin noted this in her December 1, 2011 TV interview with Sean Hannity and Eric Felten's The Ruling Class: Inside the Imperial Congress detailed how "services baseline" budgeting works back in 1993. Nothing has changed since then.

At the federal level, both the House and Senate provide complete official roll call voting records, so if your candidate has served in the House or Senate, you will find the voting record here. These records are organized by the legislation or resolution voted on. You cannot go to one of these sites and search a particular person's complete record, so using these sites fast becomes a real chore. Some Representatives and Senators do list their complete voting records, but it is not common practice.

We should push our elected representatives to post their complete voting records, not just at the federal level but at the state and municipal levels as well. We should also be able to see complete voting records, not just sponsored or introduced pieces of legislation.

US House of Representatives

US House of Representatives Roll Call Votes

US Senate

US Senate Roll Call Votes

Project VoteSmart

Project VoteSmart is a non-partisan organization consisting of an equal number of liberals and conservatives. A search on a person's name will pull up the voting record, and in some cases financial disclosures. VoteSmart has a Political Courage Test which virtually no major candidate of either party has taken. Thus, nearly every candidate will have "Lacks Courage" under his or her name. Is this an indictment of all candidates of both parties, or is it more an indictment of VoteSmart? We'll leave that question for our readers to decide.

For the 2012 POTUS election, VoteSmart offers a tool known as VoteEasy which asks you to answer 20 questions about various issues and rank their level of importance to you. Based on your answers, the algorithm will pick one or more candidates who supposedly most closely align with your position on the issues. How reliable is it? All I will say is run it and judge for yourself. I certainly would not stake my voting position on VoteEasy, but it can be valuable as a starting point.

The VoteSmart site does a very good job with highlighting voting records of those candidates who have House or Senate experience. It also goes to the state and municipal levels, though not as comprehensively.

Project VoteSmart


Cross-Referencing VoteSmart, Senate and House Sites

The easiest way to vet a candidate with House or Senate experience running for re-election or for POTUS is to first use Project VoteSmart. This is because VoteSmart will pull up the voting record associated with a candidate. If a candidate voted a certain way on a piece of legislation that you determine warrants further investigation, you can go to the appropriate site and search on the legislation to read its text. By doing this, you can see if the candidate in fact "flip-flopped" or found an amendment to a bill or act objectionable.

State and Municipal Offices

State and municipal records are much harder to track down than House and Senate records. Each state and city site has its own quirks and there will be a learning curve in accessing them. As the offices get smaller in scale, the records get more scarce. Some states and cities may not have this information online, making vetting a real chore.

Still, the procedure is similar to the federal offices. In New York State, all legislation sponsored by a state Senator or a State Assembly member is available online. The same is true for the New York City Council. But, finding how these elected officials voted on legislation they did not sponsor is very difficult. Sponsored legislation should give you enough information to make a reasonable assessment.

Here are some examples using New York State and New York City:

New York State Senate: Diane Savino

New York State Assembly: Matthew Titone

New York City Council: use the advanced search. You can find sponsored legislation, by picking the council member's name off the drop-down menu and it's organized by first name first.

Executives: Governors and Mayors

Executives sign and veto legislation, thus they have a "voting record." Visit the state gubernatorial website and the city's mayoral site where the official served. Executives do more than sign and veto legislation, however. The governor is the president of a state and the mayor is the president of a city. Executives fill appointed positions, administer budgets, and manage crises. A governor has ultimate command over the state's National Guard units and the state police. A mayor has ultimate command over a city's police and fire departments. Executives sign ceremonial proclamations. Don't pooh pooh these. Just ask any sitting or prior executive how riled up a voting bloc gets if a pertinent proclamation is forgotten or omitted one year. These proclamations reflect somewhat on issues that may be important to the executive. Everything matters when vetting, even those items that on the surface appear petty.

When you vet someone who has executive experience, you need to look beyond "voting record" - legislation signed and vetoed - to consider all facets of the executive's job and how well he or she performed in these areas. Gov. Palin's accomplishments throughout her life, for instance have been thoroughly compiled and continue to be updated. The point in using Gov. Palin's accomplishments for this exercise is not to compare others to her, but to see the various aspects of what an executive does.

Using New York State as the example again, here is the list of Governor Andrew Cuomo's signed legislation, and Gov. Cuomo's initiatives, including budgets. Here is Project VoteSmart's Key Issues Summary on Gov. Cuomo. There are a fair number of bills vetoed, and you can see he used the line item veto on a budget vote. I learned something new writing this. I had no idea my home state has the line item veto.

New York City's Mayor, Michael Bloomberg does not list legislation signed or vetoed, but he does list his accomplishments, issues that matter to him, and his executive orders.

While state and city sites are excellent resources for sitting executives, finding the accomplishments of a prior governor or mayor will require some real digging, because much of that information is archived.

Google (or Bing, or whatever) is Your Friend

For instance, just on a Google search, I saw that my councilwoman, Deborah ("Debi") Rose received the endorsements of Planned Parenthood, NARAL, and NOW and is favorably predisposed to the Working Families Party. She is a hard leftist and her sponsored legislation (mainly resolutions) confirms that. All this came up without my even having to open the links, but I could see the links themselves were authoritative. Using a search engine is a good supplementary tool for vetting voting records.

The Next Installment

The next installment will show you how to vet financial data and why you should cross-reference it with voting records.

Friday, December 2, 2011

How to Vet Candidates: General Principles

So, people - the voters - [have] a lot of responsibility on their shoulders. They need to do their homework. They need to study a candidate's record - see what they have done in the past to give you a glimpse into the window of where they intend to bring this country in the future.

-Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin
Freedom Watch, September 29, 2011

It is incumbent upon us to properly vet candidates running for all elective offices so that we can make informed decisions based on facts. In less than 60 days, Gov. Palin taught us - her supporters - some hard but valuable lessons in politics and life. Gov. Palin has often said that our support of her was not so much about her per sé but about her common-sense Constitutional Conservative message. With her decision to not seek the 2012 GOP nomination, Gov. Palin taught us that no person alive is indispensable - not even the best the person for the job - and not even once-in-a-lifetime leaders. She taught us that we cannot always get what we want and we need to adapt to changing circumstances. As much as she asked us to trust her vis-á-vis her decision, Gov. Palin asked of us something even more difficult: to think for ourselves, to make informed decisions, and to trust in ourselves. If Gov. Palin is the Mamma Grizzly and we are her cubs, consider this as the Mamma Grizzly teaching her cubs how to hunt and survive.


This series is not about strictly about the 2012 POTUS race. The purpose of this series is to provide you as a voter with the tools to make a more informed decision on all elections moving forward and for all offices from city council all the way to POTUS.

Due Diligence

In the business world, investors go through a procedure known as "due diligence" to determine if a corporation or a project is worthy of investment and worth putting their money to risk. The principals in a venture or the officers of company seeking financing are also personally vetted to give investors some assurance that nothing untoward will happen with their money. Vetting candidates is our conduct of due diligence, and even in this era of heightened political awareness, involvement and activism, few voters actually do it. Ignorance of how to vet, and voter apathy are the two most likely reasons. When voters believe that there is no fundamental difference between any set of candidates in a race, many will simply not bother voting, much less vetting. Voter apathy leads to the election of precisely the kind of people we don't want in office and it becomes a vicious cycle. "People get the kind of government they deserve." If we don't vet candidates and a flawed candidate gets the job, we have no one else to blame but ourselves. If we sit on the sidelines out of disgust and the candidate we don't want gets elected, whose fault is it? Our actions in elections at all levels of government have consequences.

Voter Vetting vs. Professional Vetting

Voter vetting is nowhere near as exhaustive as the professional vetting that candidates seeking endorsements or campaign support undergo. The vetting of Gov. Palin by the McCain campaign cost over $50,000. Candidates seeking Gov. Palin's endorsement also undergo professional vetting, which costs thousands of dollars. Gov. Palin's careful and disciplined approach to endorsements was responsible at least in part for the 68% success rate in her 81 endorsements of 2010 with an astounding 90% for the Take Back the 20 subset. The average voter will probably never vet any candidate to this level, but several free tools are available to help voters make a more informed decision and we'll discuss them in the next installment.

Beefs and Endorsements

Speaking of endorsements, be aware that personal beefs may influence a politician's endorsement decisions. For instance, a co-worker told me that my former Borough President Guy Molinari has a running feud with Newt Gingrich that is over two decades old. Molinari recently referred to Gingrich as being "evil" and likely will not be at Staten Island Gingrich event December 3 so as to avoid a confrontation that could reflect on the Romney campaign. Molinari endorsed Mitt Romney and will have a leadership role in Romney's New York primary campaign. My Congressman, Michael Grimm is a long-time friend of Molinari's and looks to him as his mentor. Grimm endorsed Romney, much to the consternation and dismay of his conservative base. Voters outside Staten Island may be unaware of the animosity between Molinari and Gingrich, but it may be a factor in local voters' decisions, and it could ripple down to other well-known local politicians' endorsements of a 2012 POTUS candidate.

Poor Vetting Practices

Having campaigned for two Congressional candidates and the McCain-Palin campaign, I have come face-to-face with some of the most shallow and ridiculous reasons why people choose a candidate, with the top three being: physical attractiveness, the sound of the candidate's voice, and the candidate living in the same neighborhood/city as the voter. Some people pick candidates just on hunches. Some people are completely ignorant as to which candidate has which platform and vote based on what they don't know. Shock jock Howard Stern went into a Manhattan neighborhood and recited the McCain-Palin campaign platform to people on the street. To a one, the interviewees thought the platform was Obama's! Other people pick candidates based on sound-bites they hear on radio and TV, YouTube videos, or juicy one-liners in the paper or on the web. Some will take the time to read campaign materials, but go no further. If we are to improve our government at all levels, we as voters need to do much better than this!

Campaign Materials Are the Starting Point - Not the End

Many voters go to a campaign website or brochure and if they like what they see, vote on that basis. Campaign materials are always self-serving for the candidate - any candidate - for any office. Reading campaign materials exclusively to form a decision is a poor voting practice. As a voter, what you want to get from campaign materials is the candidate's stated position on various issues. Knowing the stated position, if the candidate has served in office prior, you will want to examine the candidate's voting record and we'll examine how to do that in the next installment.

Be Careful with Special Interest Groups

When vetting candidates, you want to rely on non-partisan, official, unbiased, and authoritative sources. Be careful with special interest groups or political organizations including Tea Party Groups. Remember, there is no political party on any ballot called "Tea Party." The Tea Party is a grassroots effort and many organizations use the name "Tea Party." Some Tea Party organizations have aligned themselves with one candidate and will smear all others in an effort to help their chosen candidate win. Other Tea Party organizations may prefer a different candidate. Special interest groups who have chosen to back a candidate will also do what they need to do to benefit their chosen candidate. It's human nature. Do your own vetting and draw your own conclusion!


WikiPedia is not authoritative, because anyone with a computer can change any entry. WikiPedia is generally not acceptable for academic papers; and it's not acceptable in US for Palin stories. That said, the reference lists on WikiPedia's entries may point to more authoritative sources. In other words, use WikiPedia as a springboard to reach authoritative sources, but don't use it as the source of your information.

The Next Installment...

In the next installment, we will discuss how to review voting records and research financial data on candidates for various offices. H/T Michael Monahan for lead to information on feud between Molinari and Gingrich.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Gov. Palin on Hannity: "Endorsement Not Worth Hill of Beans," No Regrets

"Today, my personal endorsement doesn't amount to a hill of beans. I have great respect for the wisdom of the American people," former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin tonight said during a two-segment interview on Sean Hannity's TV show from her home in Wasilla, Alaska. Gov. Palin also said she has the fire in her belly, but no regrets about her 2012 POTUS decision and said, "we have a good slate of candidates. We have to back a Constitutional Conservative." No mention was made of the Conservatives4Palin Reconsider advertisement.

Hannity repeated his question about endorsing a candidate prior to the Iowa Caucus, which is now 32 days away. "I honestly don't think a pundit's endorsement and their personal opinion amount to a hill of beans," Gov. Palin said. When asked if she was leaning toward endorsing a particular candidate, she said, "I am leaning toward endorsing a candidate who is the antithesis of Obama." She added that no person who has served in Congress can legitimately make the claim that he or she cut budgets.

Hannity asked Gov. Palin if she thought the race was now down to Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney. She said no and added that other candidates such as Rick Santorum also have messages that should be heard. Gov. Palin noted that Santorum has been consistent on the sanctity of life, Israel and other issues. She lauded Rick Perry's defense of the Second Amendment and Ron Paul's domestic policies, though she disagrees strongly with his foreign policy. "All are infinitely better than Barack Obama because they know we cannot survive the status quo.

Gov. Palin said it was good that Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich were "going back and forth," but said it was important that they not "lose focus which is to make sure Obama is not re-elected." She said the candidates should provide sudden and relentless reform to clean up the crony capitalism that now infests Washington, D.C.

The first segment of the interview focused on the allegations of sexual harassment and affairs swirling around the Cain campaign. "If Herman did not screw around on his wife and give money to some broad on the side...if she made false allegations, it is despicable. If he did it, boys will be boys, but there is no room for a boy in the White House," Gov. Palin said.

"I have had people swear on Bibles that they had affairs with Todd or me that never happened....Whether he likes it or not, he is guilty until proven innocent. He should have her show the proof," she said. During his interview with Gov. Palin and with Herman Cain before her, Hannity said that hotels, airline tickets, and tickets to venues would be easy to prove and many of these places have video surveillance. Gov. Palin said that these allegations are a distraction that causes money to dry up and the candidate to make no further progress. Though Gov. Palin is resolute in her 2012 decision, Cain is reconsidering his campaign, and he promised to announce one of three possible dispositions of his campaign by next Monday: continue, suspend, or terminate it.

Gov. Palin and Hannity discussed the double standard whereby taking gratuitous swipes at conservative blacks and conservative women is considered fine, but calling Obama out on his past associations is "racist."

Like the prior interview, Gov. Palin was seated before her operating fireplace, giving the feeling of a Fireside Chat. Hannity quipped that her Christmas tree needed more decorations and Gov. Palin said she have her daughter Piper get on it.

Video retrieved from SarahNET.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Media Dredge Up Discredited Blood Libel Against Gov. Palin

ABC's Diane Sawyer on November 15 resurrected the blood libel leftists tried to foist on former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin after deranged gunman Jared Loughner shot Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle ("Gabby") Giffords and 19 others, killing six. Sawyers' false linkage of Gov. Palin to the shooting aired on 20/20. CNN's Piers Morgan last week jumped on the bandwagon. While Giffords' husband Mark Kelly explicitly said Gov. Palin was not responsible for the shooting, he claimed she was "irresponsible." Here are some facts as they pertain to this shooting:
  • Loughner never saw SarahPAC ad which contained 20 cross hairs representing the 20 districts in which sitting Congressmen and women were "targeted" to be voted out. The campaign known as "Take Back the 20" was highly successful: 18 out of the 20 candidates Gov. Palin endorsed were elected.
  • Loughner did not like or watch the news.
  • Loughner did not listen to talk radio.
  • Loughner had a years-long personal obsession with Giffords.
  • Loughner was known by many in his circle to be mentally unstable.
  • Loughner was a leftist and probably would not have been positively predisposed to Gov. Palin.
Gov. Palin addressed the blood libel in a video and a Facebook Note: Sarah Palin: "America's Enduring Strength" from Sarah Palin on Vimeo. Here are some facts as pertain to the SarahPAC ad: See: All Cross Hairs are Equal, But Some are More Equal than Others Facts on "target" and "targeting":
  • The word "targeting" has been used in political campaigns by both Democrats and Republicans since time immemorial.
  • "Target" and "targeting" are key words used in sales. Salesmen and women target prospects. Their commissions are based on hitting certain targets.
  • "Target" is often used synonymously with "goal."
  • Politics and sales share much in common, hence the use of similar terms in both disciplines.
Facts about Gov. Palin and her political advocacy:
  • Gov. Palin has never advocated, supported or promoted vigilante or mob justice.
  • Gov. Palin has always advocated following established legal and political processes.
  • Gov. Palin has on numerous occasions condemned the use of violence to achieve political objectives.
  • Gov. Palin has on numerous occasions said that our arms (weapons) are our ballots.
  • Gov. Palin is a responsible leader who knows and understands her words influence others to action. Gov. Palin has never and would never encourage or counsel anyone to break the law or engage in unethical acts.
Facts about Gov. Palin, Conservatives and Violence:
  • Gov. Palin and members of her family have been targeted for violence numerous times in these past three years. Prior to announcing her decision to not seek the GOP nomination in 2012, threats, death wishes and hate speech against Gov. Palin were routine on Facebook and Twitter. Even post-announcement, haters still make threats.
  • The Undefeated begins with a montage of some of the most hateful and violent rhetoric that has been directed at Gov. Palin and her family. This hateful imagery and rhetoric was so disturbing that the theater version of the movie would have had an NC-17 rating if ran uncut.
  • Tea Party rallies and other conservative events are self-policed, sanitary and conducted in compliance with the law. I have yet to hear of an arrest made at a Tea Party rally.
  • Leftists are responsible for most violence and the threats of violence. This was going on with the "Occupy" protests in cities throughout the country. Violent confrontations with police, rapes, sexual assaults, and destruction of private and public property were staples of "Occupy" protests. Occupy protesters have gone on record as wanting to firebomb businesses, burn cities down, and one has expressed a wish that 9/11 would have occurred 911 more times.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

O4P-CA: Mamie Eisenhower's Pumpkin Chiffon Pie

Mamie Eisenhower's Pumpkin Chiffon Pie


1 env. plain gelatin

4 tbsp. cold water

1 cup brown sugar

3 eggs, separated

1/2 cup milk

1-1/2 cups canned pumpkin

2 tsp. cinnamon

1/2 tsp. ginger

1/4 tsp. allspice

3 tbsp. granulated sugar

1 baked 9" Pie Shell


Soak gelatin in water for about 5 minutes. Combine brown sugar, egg yolks, milk, pumpkin, salt and spices in top of double boiler. Cook over boiling water, stirring until thickened. Remove from fire. Add gelatin, stir until thoroughly dissolved. Chill until mixture begins to set. Beat egg whites quite stiff; gradually add sugar while continuing to beat until stiff. Fold the meringue into pumpkin mixture. Pour into baked pie shell and chill until set.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Our work continues...

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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Congressional Corruption: As Old as the Republic

Any Palinista worth his or her salt knows that one of Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin's missions is rooting out crony capitalism and corporate welfare in Washington, D.C. Throw them All Out, by Peter Scheweizer - Gov. Palin's foreign policy adviser - focuses on Congressional insider trading, a practice that is illegal for the rest of us. Recall that a perjury conviction related to insider trading infamously earned home-making guru Martha Stewart time in the federal pen. Congressional insider trading is only one of numerous Congressional sins. In 1988, as the Reagan administration drew to a close, the Heritage Foundation undertook a five-year study of Congress, resulting the publication of The Ruling Class: Inside the Imperial Congress by Eric Felten in 1993. The Ruling Class is an expose on the inner workings of Congress and also suggests several ways to reform our legislative branch - all of which have been discussed, but none of which left the dream stage.

How Crony Capitalism Works

Gov. Palin has spoken numerous times about the federal debt ceiling. Ruling Class, Chapter One, which is titled "Sleight of Hand" explains precisely how the debt ceiling is raised automatically: House Rule XLIX (59). As Felten pointed out, the need to raise the debt ceiling is rather embarrassing. Not wanting to be held accountable for voting in favor of raising the debt ceiling, this piece of stealth legislation lets Congress do it without actually being voted on. Remember "deemed to have been voted on" - the trick some Democrats wanted to use to pass ObamaCare? Same principle here.

When the $787 billion stimulus was passed, Gov. Palin noted that many in both houses of Congress never read the bill. Many conservatives were likewise shocked when Nancy Pelosi declared about ObamaCare, "we're not going to know what's in it until we pass it." Actually, it's not shocking at all. This is routine practice in Congress. Our Senators and Representatives don't write legislation. Their staffs do it for them. Our legislators do not even read what was written for them either.

Ruling Class also outlined how Congressional hearings amount to little more than bullying to benefit a special interest group that successfully lobbied a Senator or Representative. Felten referred to these proceedings as a "Barnumocracy," and history is replete with them.

Another Congressional abuse is "regulation negotiation" or "reg neg," where lobbyists are directly involved with law-making. In a typical reg neg, the interested parties agree with a federal agency not to challenge a regulation in court. Felten described how Marriott Hotels strongly favored the Americans with Disabilities Act and worked to influence its passage. Marriott had already been designing its properties to be accessible for the prior 10 years. Compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act cost Marriott nothing, but cost its competitors many millions of dollars. Thus, passage of the ADA worked to Marriott's advantage. Reg neg is one of the underpinnings of crony capitalism.

The Commons, Spending, Debts, and Deficits

According to Felten, our current woes with national debt and deficit spending are rooted in how both parties conduct business in both houses of Congress. Federal budgeting works in a manner similar to pasturing cattle on public commons. Eventually, too many cattle over-burden and deplete the commons. Because constituents and special interest groups have grown addicted to legislative pork without paying their fair share, the demand for services only increases. The result is more federal bloat, over-spending, debt, and deficits.

Felten also revealed that spending "cuts" are little more than a Congressional shell game, in which the "current services baseline" is raised, then "cut." This practice is akin to a store normally selling an item for $100, raising the price to $150, then offering a special sale promotion of $125.

Felten also asserted that re-election has become a machine-driven process in both Houses. Felten even wrote about crony capitalism, only he referred to it as "the favor factory."

As Old as the Republic...

Congressional corruption is as old as our Republic and "...has no party, no ideology and no gender," says Constitutional Scholar Alan Baker. "It's bipartisan and soaked in history and tradition. It also often defies logic."

While it is theoretically possible to throw the entire House of Representatives out every two years, only one third of the Senate is subject to election in any given cycle. Incumbents enjoy a strong re-election advantage. "Throwing out" often becomes a case of "Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss."

"We're talking about a culture of 'I'm better than everyone else' and 'I don't have to answer to anyone,'" says Baker. "It is pervasive and it has been part of the Congressional culture for a long time. You may hear a lot of talk about accountability and reform, but it simply is not happening."

Even when a new member of Congress arrives in Washington, full of idealism about doing a good job, he or she is soon sucked into the system.

This could explain why at least two of Gov. Palin's endorsees who ran on a Reagan-Conservative platform are backing Mitt Romney. They got sucked into the GOP establishment. Why else would they back a candidate who has been running for over six years, consistently polls at around 22%, and does not appeal to the party's base?

Political Corruption in America: An Encyclopedia of Scandals, Power and Greed, by Mark Grossman covers all of it since there was a Congress, but at nearly $200, the book is not likely to land on many shelves. An abridged version is available as a free Google eBook.

The Almanac of Political Corruption, Scandals, and Dirty Politics, by Kim Long also claims to cover 300 years worth of skullduggery and at $14 is more within the average person's reach. Inside Congress: The Shocking Scandals, Corruption and Abuse of Power Behind the Scenes on Capitol Hill, by Ronald Kessler focuses heavily on sex scandals, before addressing other malfeasance. This is also an expensive read coming in at nearly $125.

Of course, crony capitalism, patronage, corruption, and scandals have infected the executive and legislative branches at federal, state and local governments since time immemorial. Tammany Hall ruled New York for over 100 years. I remember when Queens Borough President - Donald Manes - committed suicide while his huge corruption scandal involving the Parking Violations Bureau erupted. And, two generations of Daleys treated Chicago to a tour de force of graft and corruption.

Reforming Congress Requires an Act Of Congress, and More

Felten's proposed reforms for Congress included: term limits, the line item veto, session limits, spending limits, removing Congressional exceptions to laws passed, subject Congress to Freedom of Information Act, "end the Constituent Service Racket," establish fair and open procedures, and cut committees.

These are all lofty reforms. Unfortunately, reforming Congress in many cases requires - well - an act of Congress. Reforms such as term limits, the line item veto and subjecting Congress to its own laws likely require a Constitutional Amendment. President Reagan repeatedly called for a line item veto throughout his administration, but it never materialized. When Sarah Palin was Alaska's governor, she did have the line item veto and used it with telling effect. Subjecting Congress to its own laws would resolve the entire issue of Congressional insider trading which is what Schweizer delineated in Throw them All Out.

Gov. Palin's Role in Reform

Since the founding of our republic, no one from inside the political establishment of either party has been able to root out any of these abuses in the federal Congress. Will Gov. Palin be able to do it as an outsider private citizen? Only time will tell and history will be the judge over the many election cycles this could play out. Gov. Palin, of course has a proven record as a reformer throughout her entire political career. If she cannot do it, most likely nobody can.

The future, how Gov. Palin will pursue ending political abuses, and her very destiny remain uncertain. Conservatives - not just Palinistas - are yearning for today's Ronald Reagan.

Today's Reagan very much exists, but she is not pursuing a formal title.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Going Rogue Signed: Two Years On

Signed two years ago today at the seventeenth hour and the fortieth minute Eastern Standard Time.

“Governor Palin…Sarah….it’s nice to see you again.” We locked eyes…she shook my hand, said “Hi, what’s your name.” “I’m Ron Devito, from Staten Island. You signed my heart in Pennsylvania.” She smiled…I could tell she remembered. “I like your buttons,” she said. But…I saw her looking at the Palin Power button, I had been selling. Pointing to the button, I said, “Today, I prototyped this one. And I will be giving it to you in the gift box. It is yours.” “Thank you,” Governor Palin said. It was time to leave….I turned back….”It was nice to see you again” — followed by a pregnant pause — “my President.” She ended the conversation with a final thank you and I took my signed books.

That day, I got to meet: Chuck and Sally Heath, Trig Paxson Van Palin, Jason Recher, and two of my authors: Adrienne Ross and Kristina Lazzaro, among several other friends and colleagues. Many things changed over these past two years, but my final two words to Gov. Palin this day are not among what's changed.

Enjoy the complete journey:

Going Rogue: Rochester, NY, Part VI — Going Home

Going Rogue, Rochester, NY: Part V — Egg Attack

Going Rogue, Rochester, NY: Part IV — Books Signed

Going Rogue: Rochester, NY, Part III — Ready

Going Rogue: Rochester, NY Part II — Camping

Going Rogue: Rochester, NY Part I — Journey

Friday, November 18, 2011

The Undefeated to Screen in Palmer & Wasilla AK Sunday and Monday

The Valley Women's Republican Club is sponsoring a screening of The Undefeated this Sunday November 20 from 1600 / 4 PM till 1800 / 6 PM AKST at the Colony Inn in Palmer, AK. Tickets for a special VIP meet-and-greet event with Stephen K. Bannon, the movie's creator and producer sell for $50 per person or $75 per couple, and include a light dinner.

The movie will play at the Wasilla Alaska Club Theater on Monday, November 21 at 1800 / 6 PM AKST. This is a screening only with seating limited to 150 and a suggested donation of $5.

For more information, to reserve a seat or to purchase a ticket to the meet-and-greet, contact Harmony Shields at or 907-315-5038.

H/T Ian Lazaran, Conservatives4Palin for story lead.

Todd Palin to Race in 2012 Iron Dog

File Photo by Rick Small, Anchorage, Alaska. 2011 Iron Dog: "And he’s off…Todd is officially on the Iron Dog trail." As published in Sights & Sounds from Iron Dog 2011 Starting Line, by Missy Stewart.

Four-time Iron Dog Champion Todd Palin will partner with Eric Quam, forming Team 11 in the 2012 Iron Dog, according to Alaska News. Palin and Quam came in second place for this year's Iron Dog, when Palin's snow machine sustained damage during the final leg of the race. He bungee corded the damaged left ski back to the machine and came in second by only 6:51. The first five places are considered wins with first being the champion. Todd Palin has raced in 21 Iron Dogs. Racers over the 2,000-mile course reach speeds of 80 mph or more in temperatures that drop to -70 Fahrenheit, and often in whiteout blizzard conditions.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Gov. Palin on Hannity: No Regrets, No Endorsements

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin tonight said she has "no regrets" about not seeking the 2012 GOP nomination and "can shake it up better from outside with Peter Schweizer and my PAC" in a two-segment interview on Sean Hannity's TV show from her home in Wasilla, Alaska. Gov. Palin would not endorse a particular candidate, however, she said the GOP nomination will be "Romney versus the non-Romney," with various candidates shifting front-runner position as the "non-Romney." Gov. Palin was seated by her fireplace which was operating, giving the feeling of a Fireside Chat.

Gov. Palin said it is very important that all the candidates be vetted so that the mistake that led to Obama's election would not be repeated. She also said voters should not be distracted with minor issues and gaffes that may reflect the idiosyncrasies of candidates running for office.

When asked about Newt Gingrich's rise in the polls, Gov. Palin said she was not surprised since "he's done so well in debates and balanced budgets during the Clinton Administration," but advised that Gingrich and all the other candidates should read Peter Schweizer's Throw Them All Out. About Romney, Gov. Palin said he has six years of experience as a candidate and has held steady with his numbers, which rest at 22%. She cautioned that the GOP nominee will have have a formidable foe with Obama who will have a $1 billion war chest and 90% of the lamestream media on his side.

Gov. Palin expressed her outrage at the violence being committed by Occupy protesters and the support of these protesters by Obama, Biden, and Pelosi. "These folks are ill-informed...misguided. I think it's atrocious what's going on," she said. Gov. Palin agreed with Hannity that Obama has inspired the protesters. "The Office of the Presidency has the power of word. This is getting out of control, this Occupy Wall Street, these shenanigans," Gov. Palin said. "He'll lecture us on words we should use. This is actual violence!"

Occupy "could become a campaign issue. The hypocrisy is glaring. Obama is perpetuating class warfare." Gov. Palin said the protesters should be angry about things like Solyndra, and crony capitalism. They should be directing their anger to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., she said. "For shame they are not angry at what is going on. Peter Schweizer is revealing graft, corruption. We cannot afford afford to continue this...our country is going bankrupt," she said.

"2012 is important not just for the Presidency, but the House and 33 Senate seats, and not just American Exceptionalism, but ethics," Gov. Palin said.

Video retrieved from SarahNET.

Gov Palin in WSJ: How Congress Occupied Wall Street

by Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin Reprinted in its entirety and retrieved from Wall Street Journal: How Congress Occupied Wall street

Mark Twain famously wrote, "There is no distinctly native American criminal class except Congress." Peter Schweizer's new book, "Throw Them All Out," reveals this permanent political class in all its arrogant glory. (Full disclosure: Mr. Schweizer is employed by my political action committee as a foreign-policy adviser.)

Mr. Schweizer answers the questions so many of us have asked. I addressed this in a speech in Iowa last Labor Day weekend. How do politicians who arrive in Washington, D.C. as men and women of modest means leave as millionaires? How do they miraculously accumulate wealth at a rate faster than the rest of us? How do politicians' stock portfolios outperform even the best hedge-fund managers'? I answered the question in that speech: Politicians derive power from the authority of their office and their access to our tax dollars, and they use that power to enrich and shield themselves.

The money-making opportunities for politicians are myriad, and Mr. Schweizer details the most lucrative methods: accepting sweetheart gifts of IPO stock from companies seeking to influence legislation, practicing insider trading with nonpublic government information, earmarking projects that benefit personal real estate holdings, and even subtly extorting campaign donations through the threat of legislation unfavorable to an industry. The list goes on and on, and it's sickening.

Astonishingly, none of this is technically illegal, at least not for Congress. Members of Congress exempt themselves from the laws they apply to the rest of us. That includes laws that protect whistleblowers (nothing prevents members of Congress from retaliating against staffers who shine light on corruption) and Freedom of Information Act requests (it's easier to get classified documents from the CIA than from a congressional office).

The corruption isn't confined to one political party or just a few bad apples. It's an endemic problem encompassing leadership on both sides of the aisle. It's an entire system of public servants feathering their own nests.

None of this surprises me. I've been fighting this type of corruption and cronyism my entire political career. For years Alaskans suspected that our lawmakers and state administrators were in the pockets of the big oil companies to the detriment of ordinary Alaskans. We knew we were being taken for a ride, but it took FBI wiretaps to finally capture lawmakers in the act of selling their votes. In the wake of politicos being carted off to prison, my administration enacted reforms based on transparency and accountability to prevent this from happening again.

We were successful because we had the righteous indignation of Alaskan citizens on our side. Our good ol' boy political class in Juneau was definitely not with us. Business was good for them, so why would they want to end "business as usual"?

The moment you threaten to strip politicians of their legal graft, they'll moan that they can't govern effectively without it. Perhaps they'll gravitate toward reform, but often their idea of reform is to limit the right of "We the people" to exercise our freedom of speech in the political process.

I've learned from local, state and national political experience that the only solution to entrenched corruption is sudden and relentless reform. Sudden because our permanent political class is adept at changing the subject to divert the public's attention—and we can no longer afford to be indifferent to this system of graft when our country is going bankrupt. Reform must be relentless because fighting corruption is like a game of whack-a-mole. You knock it down in one area only to see it pop up in another.

What are the solutions? We need reform that provides real transparency. Congress should be subject to the Freedom of Information Act like everyone else. We need more detailed financial disclosure reports, and members should submit reports much more often than once a year. All stock transactions above $5,000 should be disclosed within five days.

We need equality under the law. From now on, laws that apply to the private sector must apply to Congress, including whistleblower, conflict-of-interest and insider-trading laws. Trading on nonpublic government information should be illegal both for those who pass on the information and those who trade on it. (This should close the loophole of the blind trusts that aren't really blind because they're managed by family members or friends.)

No more sweetheart land deals with campaign contributors. No gifts of IPO shares. No trading of stocks related to committee assignments. No earmarks where the congressman receives a direct benefit. No accepting campaign contributions while Congress is in session. No lobbyists as family members, and no transitioning into a lobbying career after leaving office. No more revolving door, ever.

This call for real reform must transcend political parties. The grass-roots movements of the right and the left should embrace this. The tea party's mission has always been opposition to waste and crony capitalism, and the Occupy protesters must realize that Washington politicians have been "Occupying Wall Street" long before anyone pitched a tent in Zuccotti Park.

Ms. Palin, a former governor of Alaska, was the Republican nominee for vice president in 2008.

H/T Ian Lazaran, Conservatives4Palin for story lead.

O4P-CA: #OWS, Got It?

Dear OWS,

Please try not to hurt anyone (else) at your OWS Day of Action today.

I know you think your protest is cool and it must feel good to actually do something but you need to take a step back and re-think this whole occupy thing.

It's really stupid.

We're all for reform too but you gotta realize that there is a right way to make your point and there is a wrong way to make your point.

You probably don't believe in right and wrong. You seem eager to worship at the altar of the George Soros Open Society rather than live and let live as in Margaret Thatcher's Free Society. (choices...people...choices)

It doesn't really matter though because...well..because you are wrong.

Your dirty little protest has achieved nothing but rape, murder, suicide, robbery, tuberculosis, public masturbation, and yes...crabs.

While all of you over educated, under employed, college brats were busy whining and stinking up the streets of America someone else was hard at work.

Sarah Palin adviser Peter Schweizer of the Hoover Institute didn't just stop bathing and feign outrage over bank bail-outs and DC corruption in a misguided attempt to be fashionable.

He did something really really radical.

He worked his butt off for two years analyzing and investigating how it is that congressional leaders make millions of dollars because they have access to information that peasants like us don't have.

And now less than 72 hours after the release of Mr. Schweizer's book, Throw Them All Out, our corrupt little leaders are running around trying to save their jobs.

Both chambers of Congress are frantically producing bills that will restrict our naughty legislators from making money off the information in the law-making activities they're engaged in.

This has happened in the last three days.

Peter Schweizer's Throw Them All Out has already done more in the name of actual reform than any protesting from selfish OWS punks and cry-babies.

And just think. Mr. Schweizer achieved this without raping anyone, exposing himself, shooting anyone, or infecting them with body lice ( even the parasites have parasites - maybe the illegal Obamacare law covers Valtrex and Kwell?)

Funny how diligence and hard work pay off.

This is how it's done folks. This is the American way.

Got it?

Our work continues...

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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Gov. Palin Advises Candidates on Greta; No Endorsements or Picks

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin tonight offered advice for six of the declared candidates running for President in 2012 on Greta Van Susteren's On the Record from her home in Wasilla, Alaska. Gov. Palin did not endorse any candidate saying that the "the cream has not risen to the top." She did not pick a candidate most likely to defeat Obama in 2012 as Fox News had promoted on its website, and the subject of a reconsidered run never arose during the interview.

Gov. Palin said a candidate who most closely aligns with her values and articulates them best would earn her endorsement. The values she specifically mentioned include: "shifting the balance of power back to the people and adhering to the Constitution."

In what will likely be the "takeaway" from tonight's interview, Gov. Palin said she "would bring the rope" to hang former Penn State coach Jerry Sandusky "from the highest tree if he were found guilty and convicted of child molestation charges." That statement was made in answer to Van Susteren's question about whether Gov. Palin agreed with former Senator Rick Santorum's position that Penn State should not be allowed to play in any bowl game. Gov. Palin said that "it was not the players' fault and they should not be made to suffer for having had a perverted coach."

About Herman Cain, Gov. Palin said "it sucks to be falsely accused," but also said Cain needs to candidly answer the questions being asked of him and acknowledged that his answers could be "a game-changer." She said Cain needs to get to the substance of the issues. Gov. Palin recounted that both she and her husband Todd have been falsely accused of having affairs.

Gov. Palin said Romney has been running for president for nearly six years now and has not seen a change in his polling numbers. She said he "needs to reach out to the Tea Party conservatives and explain his real and perceived flip-flops." She said voters seek authenticity and candidness.

Ron Paul "has very energized's unfortunate he has been written off," Gov. Palin said adding that Michele Bachmann and Rick Santorum have also been written off by the mainstream media. "He needs to keep doing what he is doing. He was only given 89 seconds to respond to questions. It's not fair, but his supporters need to be the ones to raise the issue, Gov. Palin said.

She said public disdain for Congress, especially with revelations of crony capitalism and pay-to-play are at least contributing factors in Santorum and Bachmman being written off. She added that if Congressmen and women are not fighting crony capitalism, people will perceive them as being part of it.

"[Newt Gingrich] needs to hang on to his hat. People are respecting his performance in debates and his knowledge of history," Gov. Palin said. She continued that his momentum in the polls makes him a target for media scrutiny and he needs to be prepared for it.

Gov. Palin said this election is not just about replacing Barack Obama, but who we replace him with. "Evidently, in this day and age, personal indiscretions don't matter, but jobs and economy are paramount. People need an explanation about solutions and proposals."

Video retrieved from SarahNET

Fox News: Gov. Palin to Reveal 2012 Pick on Greta Tonight

Gov. Palin tonight will reveal on Greta Van Susteren's On the Record which declared candidate she believes has the best chance of beating Obama in 2012, according to promotional language on Fox News' home page and in a promo video.

Ed. Note:

If the foregoing is true, we can reasonably conclude that all reconsideration, "earthquake" and other such efforts should cease. Further, this pick may or may not constitute an official Palin endorsement of a declared candidate.

H/T Anne Quinn, Sarah Palin News for story lead.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Gov. Palin's Adviser Discusses Crony Capitalism on 60 Minutes

Gov. Palin's adviser, Peter Schwiezer discussed the crony capitalism that has infected the Obama administration on CBS News 60 Minutes earlier this evening. As this goes to press, Schwiezer is on the air with Victory Sessions with Stephen K. Bannon to discuss his new book Throw Them All Out which goes to market on Tuesday, November 15, 2011.

H/T Ian Lazaran, Conservatives4Palin for story lead and video.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

BREAKING: Grizzly Coalition Action Report

From time to time Grizzly Fest will be bringing you action items and updates that are separate from the quarterly Grizzly Fest Online Summit's.

This Sunday Sarah Palin adviser Peter Schweizer will be on CBS's 60 Minutes. Mr Schweizer will talk about Crony Capitalism, Insider Trading, and how Barack Obama's pay-to-play Green Jobs taxpayer grants and loans are not shovel ready, but rather another green scam:

Invest some money, secure taxpayer grants and loans, go public, and then cash out.

Listen NOW to the Grizzly Coalition Action Report: HERE

Tune in to CBS's 60 Minutes on Sunday November 13, 2011

Our work continues.

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Friday, November 11, 2011

If You Love Freedom, Thank a Vet!

sarah palin-M4-CompM2-kuwait
Governor Palin today posted on Facebook:
I proudly display a bumper sticker that proclaims “If you love your freedom, thank a vet!” It was on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month of 1918 that the armistice between Germany and the Allied nations was formed. A year later the White House commemorated the day as one to be “filled with solemn pride in the heroism of those who died in the country’s service and with gratitude for the victory.” Years later 11-11 was officially declared Veterans Day. We are thankful for this day being set aside to remember our vets, and many of us are overwhelmed with pride and respect for those we honor today. America's men and women in uniform selflessly sacrificed – some giving all – to protect the freedom and opportunities we enjoy today. In honor of everything our veterans have given, I implore Americans to remember them and thank them. And I ask that as a nation we not squander what they have fought to protect: American Exceptionalism that was based on free men and free markets. May God bless, protect, and heal the hurts of America's finest. God bless our veterans. - Sarah Palin  
Retrieved from:

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Fire Eric Holder

Governor Palin today posted on Facebook:

It’s tempting to get distracted with the horse race aspect of electoral politics during a primary season. But as pundits talk about “who’s up and who’s down” in the 24 hour news cycle, we must keep our eye on the ball with the Obama administration. They rely on distraction to skirt responsibility, but we’re going to hold them accountable for their corruption and incompetence.

When the stories about Operation Fast and Furious first broke, it sounded too crazy even for this administration.

Why would any government official with an ounce of common sense think it’s a good idea to facilitate the smuggling of thousands of guns into the hands of violent Mexican drug cartels? That’s what Operation Fast and Furious did.

You might think Eric Holder’s Department of Justice was setting up a sting operation in which our federal agents would swoop down and arrest the bad guys the minute the guns traded hands. But that’s not what happened. Eric Holder’s DOJ had American gun dealers sell weapons to “straw purchasers” tied to drug cartels without actually following the movement of the guns as they were then sold to Mexican drug lords. They apparently thought this so-called “gun-walking” operation would help them chart the path of gun smuggling, but they didn’t have a plan to actually control the weapons’ movements as the guns were allowed to “walk” into Mexico. All Holder’s DOJ did was arm violent criminals. What manner of fools do we have working in this administration? What’s next? Supplying nuclear weapons components to the Iranians so we can track their activities?

Fast and Furious isn’t just your typical government incompetence. This is a deadly tragedy. U.S. border agent Brian Terry was gunned down with weapons connected to Holder’s debacle. At least 200 Mexican citizens were also killed by criminals using Fast and Furious weapons. We can only imagine how many more people will be murdered by criminals our government armed.

When an agent with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives blew the whistle on this operation, the DOJ leaked sensitive information about him to the press. This week, the former U.S. Attorney for Arizona, who was ousted in the wake of the scandal, admitted to being the leaker.

And where is President Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder in all of this? When did he first know about the operation? In his testimony to the House Oversight Committee on May 3, 2011, Holder stated, “I probably heard about Fast and Furious for the first time over the last few weeks.” But the DOJ’s own documents prove that Holder had been receiving briefings on Fast and Furious for nearly a year before that date. In other words, our government’s top law enforcement official, Eric Holder, lied to the American public. He finally admitted this week to the Senate Judiciary Committee, “In my testimony before the House committee [on May 3], I did say a few weeks. I probably could have said a couple of months. What I said about a few weeks was inaccurate based on what happened.”

When the nation’s highest law enforcement official lies to the American people, he must go.

And if he claims that he didn’t lie, then how else do we explain this situation? He’s either lying or he’s so grossly incompetent and lazy that he didn’t read important life and death briefings from his deputy attorney general and didn’t know about this deadly operation run by people under him. So, which is it? Incompetent, lazy, or lying? No matter which explanation fits, he needs to go.

Holder conceded this week, “I have ultimate responsibility for what happens in the department.” He can prove it by resigning. And if he refuses to resign, then President Obama – with whom the bucks ultimately stop – can prove that he respects honesty, transparency, and accountability in his administration by firing Holder.

I stand with the members of Congress who are calling for Holder’s resignation. I stand with the family members of Brian Terry who are demanding transparency and accountability. Mr. President, where do you stand?

- Sarah Palin

P.S. It can be argued that some elements of this scandal give the appearance of perhaps being intended to be used to infringe on our Second Amendment rights. I invite our President to correct concerned Americans if they’re wrong on this.

Retrieved from:

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Gov. Palin Raises Over $900K for FL GOP

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin's November 3 keynote speech helped raise over $900,000 for the Florida GOP, Ian Lazaran, Conservatives4Palin reported last night, sourced from Alex Leary of the St. Petersburg Times. According to both reports, the amount exceeds the $894,000 the Democrats raised in their entire third quarter. Gov. Palin's fund-raising keynote speeches have a 100% success rate - that is they earn money for those who host her 100% of the time. For instance, Gov. Palin's fund-raising speech before St. Stanislaus raised over $200,000 for the school.

Lazaran also posted three videos which, when watched in sequence form the entire video transcript of her speech.

Sarah Palin's First Visit to Disney and her Caribou Stew by the SharkTank1

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Friday, November 4, 2011

Support Ohio’s Issue 2 and Kentucky’s Todd P’Pool Next...

Governor Palin today posted on Facebook:

Next Tuesday, November 8, there are elections in several states. Here are two great ways you can get involved.


As a proud former union member and the wife, daughter, and sister of union members, I’m encouraging you to learn the facts about Issue 2 in Ohio. To the hard working, patriotic, selfless union brothers and sisters in Ohio and throughout our country: I believe that Issue 2 is needed reform. It will help restore fairness to Ohio taxpayers and help balance the budget.

As a former card-carrying IBEW sister married to a proud former Laborers, IBEW, and later USW member, I’m encouraging Ohioans to vote YES on Issue 2. Get the facts at


Todd P’Pool is a new conservative leader for Kentucky. Todd is a dedicated public servant in Hopkins County and a community leader focused on building a better future for Kentucky. We can count on Todd P’Pool as Attorney General to stand up and defend our Constitution, to take on the entrenched special interests, fight against Obamacare, and stop Obama’s EPA from destroying jobs.

Please join me in supporting Todd P’Pool for Attorney General. Learn more about Todd at

- Sarah Palin

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