Monday, November 21, 2011

Going Rogue Signed: Two Years On

Signed two years ago today at the seventeenth hour and the fortieth minute Eastern Standard Time.

“Governor Palin…Sarah….it’s nice to see you again.” We locked eyes…she shook my hand, said “Hi, what’s your name.” “I’m Ron Devito, from Staten Island. You signed my heart in Pennsylvania.” She smiled…I could tell she remembered. “I like your buttons,” she said. But…I saw her looking at the Palin Power button, I had been selling. Pointing to the button, I said, “Today, I prototyped this one. And I will be giving it to you in the gift box. It is yours.” “Thank you,” Governor Palin said. It was time to leave….I turned back….”It was nice to see you again” — followed by a pregnant pause — “my President.” She ended the conversation with a final thank you and I took my signed books.

That day, I got to meet: Chuck and Sally Heath, Trig Paxson Van Palin, Jason Recher, and two of my authors: Adrienne Ross and Kristina Lazzaro, among several other friends and colleagues. Many things changed over these past two years, but my final two words to Gov. Palin this day are not among what's changed.

Enjoy the complete journey:

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