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Are Pro-Choicers Really Pro-Choice?

During this past Holy Week and Passover, we saw both the worst and the best of humanity on display. We bore witness to deranged attacks on an innocent three-year-old spurred by a "pro-choice" site. And we bore witness to three, then 11, then 23, 43, and now 44 advertisers standing up and doing the right thing - and pulling their ads off that site. With each development of the story, we emphasized how these deranged attacks on Trig Palin are rooted in pro-abortion ideology - or what what pro-abortionists call "pro-choice." We further cited the statistic that fully 90% of Down Syndrome pregnancies are aborted. Wonkette and its followers went unhinged, because Governor Sarah Palin - Trig's mother - chose life.


What is "Pro-Choice"?

The term "pro-choice" sounds really warm and fuzzy. After all, who wants to be "anti-choice"? It's a loaded term leftists always use to describe pro-lifers. One pillar of pro-choice ideology is that a woman's body is hers to do what she wants with, and that abortion is a woman's inalienable right. Keeping abortion "safe and legal" is the second pillar of "pro-choice" ideology. Some center-leftists and "pro-choice" folks from the center-right add "rare" to the mix. But, the behavior of Wonkette and its followers was "anti-choice" to the core. These people were so consumed by blind hatred toward all things Palin that they staked an illogical position antithetical to their own stated ideology. They became the thing they hate.

Carrying a Pregnancy to Term From a Pro-Choice Perspective

So, let's examine Gov. Palin carrying Trig to term from a "pro-choice" standpoint. If we accept as true the notion that Gov. Palin's body is "hers to do with as she pleases," carrying a pregnancy to term is just as much a choice as aborting the pregnancy. You cannot call yourself "pro-choice" while simultaneously arguing against completing a pregnancy to term. It's Gov. Palin's a woman if she wants to carry her pregnancy to term - choosing life - that is her prerogative and her right. Gov. Palin had the legal right to abort her pregnancy. She chose life instead. Is that not "choice"?

Just because something is legal, does not mean it is mandatory. Smoking tobacco and drinking alcohol are both legal, and in some jurisdictions, marijuana possession and smoking is also legal. Many people choose not to smoke or drink even though the law permits it. Just because something is legal does not make it right or smart to do.

Life is a Choice...

Gov. Palin did not carry Trig to term under threat or duress. She carried him to term of her own free will, knowing and understanding that he would have special needs. Free will is the essence of choice. Free will underpins "pro-choice." True pro-choice respects the choosing of life as a woman's right.

But, to hear some "pro-choicers" speak and read their evil anti-Trig rants, they practically wanted to ambush Gov. Palin while she was pregnant with Trig, hog-tie her and drag her to the nearest abortion clinic....simply put, these "pro-choicers" are "pro-choice," as long as the choice is abortion. Life is not a valid choice in their deranged ideology. These people are not "pro-choice," as they like to call themselves. They're "anti-choice" and they're pro-abortion. They have taken the leap from abortion being a "right" to being mandatory - anti-choice.

Gov. Palin Lives and Leads by Example

Though Gov. Palin is pro-life, we have never seen her trying to outlaw all abortion. Yes, she believes tax payer dollars should not be used to fund abortions. Yes, she believes partial-birth abortion should be outlawed - even most "pro-choicers" agree with her position on this. Yes, she has supported parental notification when a minor wants to have the procedure done. Gov. Palin believes abortion is an issue that should be decided at the state level, not the federal level. Being a limited government conservative, Gov. Palin is not interested in policing people's bedrooms. While she has strongly held beliefs that guide her life, Gov. Palin has said more than once that she is not out to convert anybody or shove anything down anybody's throat. For Gov. Palin, when governing, following the Constitution supersedes everything.

Gov. Palin has a simple faith and lives it. Gov. Palin does not merely preach pro-life. She lived it, as did her daughter Bristol. Both carried their pregnancies to term of their own free will, even though it was not "convenient," and they live in a society where abortion is "safe" (it's not quite as safe as its proponents crack it up to be, though admittedly safer than the back alley coat hanger abortions of old), legal, and - unfortunately - common.

Pro-Life is Pro-Choice

Gov. Palin's decision was not just pro-life. Her decision was also pro-choice in the purest sense of the term. To argue otherwise is patently absurd and irrational. Choosing life is a choice. Pro-life is pro-choice.

Tonight will most likely be our final update to the Trigs Crew Companies or Hall of Heroes, which now number 44 with Dominos Pizza jumping aboard. These 44 companies sent the message loud and clear that attacking an innocent three-year-old is a despicable act not to be tolerated. The Letterman debacle of 2009 was the beginning of the end of the era of the Palins being a leftist punching bag. His sexism and misogyny cost his show four major sponsors. This episode proves once more that unhinged, unprovoked attacks against the Palins carry severe consequences.

Trig's Crew Companies was created by Ellen, an engineering student and contributor to

H/T Josh Painter, Texas for Sarah Palin for lead on Trig's Crew Companies Twitter

Trig's Crew Hall of Heroes
Standing Up and Doing the Right Thing

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Friday, April 22, 2011

Trig's Crew Companies Swell to 43 and Counting

Trig's Crew Companies - or what US for Palin calls "Trig's Crew Hall of Heroes" now encompasses 43 companies whose executives pulled ads from the deranged pro-abortion site known as "Wonkette." The site orchestrated an evil Twitter attack on three-year-old Trig Palin after his mother, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin posted a birthday Tweet and photo. As reported by Stacy Drake, Adrienne Ross and Lori Calabrese, Wonkette has since pulled down the post, however, many other vile anti-Trig posts remain.

Trig's Crew Companies was created by Ellen, an engineering student and contributor to

H/T Josh Painter, Texas for Sarah Palin for lead on Trig's Crew Companies Twitter

Trig's Crew Hall of Heroes
Standing Up and Doing the Right Thing