Monday, April 18, 2011

Sarah Palin Walks Into The Belly Of The Beast; Guess Who Won?

By Robert Wiles

Most of us have heard the term "the belly of the beast." This past Saturday, in the "belly of the beast," Sarah Palin gave one of her most powerful speeches. I can truly say, she stared down the beast and stood tall without batting an eye in fear. The site was Madison, Wisconsin and the event was the Tea Party Tax Day Rally. We know that Madison, Wisconsin has been a site of major political furor. It has been a hot bed for union protests, political upheavals and yes, even fleebagger mania. Madison has a reputation of being a very liberal city; therefore, one can conclude that Sarah Palin was not walking into Mr. Roger's "neighborhood". The protesting thugs jeered at her and tried to distract her, but she stood firm.

In her speech, Gov. Palin did not mince words. She tore into the liberal media, President Obama and the Republican Party as well. No one was spared from Sarah's rebuke. A rebuke well deserved by those we have entrusted to lead this Nation into triumph, not chaos and despair. Sarah Palin has not and will not back down from the fight to win our Country back. Who other than Gov. Palin would march into the belly of the beast? It's easy to claim to be a "Tea Party Patriot" when one is preaching to the choir; try doing it while having death threats and vile spewed at you. Despite the attempted distractions, she gave a heartfelt speech encouraging all of us to rise above failure and move forward towards prosperity as individuals and as a Nation. Sarah spoke to a people, not a party and that's what we love about her. She's not just for the people, she's of the people.

Sarah Palin is one of America's most prominent figures; yet, she stands on her principles and does not waiver when the winds of adversity blow her way. What Sarah Palin promises, you can bet she will do. In my opinion, there is no other potential candidate of whom we can say the same. In order to support a candidate, one must believe in her/him. To have a vision, one must not be blind. To live, one should have honor and speak from the heart. Gov. Palin is a woman of honor. She speaks from the heart and not from the tongue of broken promises.

In the next several months, many candidates will by vying for our votes. But ask yourselves, do they want our prosperity? Are they looking out for your prosperity or their own? I have heard many ask, where is Sarah? Has she lost her following? First, Sarah has never left. She has been here fighting the good fight of faith along with the rest of us. Secondly, no, she has not lost her following. Anyone who thinks so has been taking too many chill pills. CBS News reported that over 20 million people listened to their livesteam of the Wisconsin event. Who else in the Republican party can garner that kind of listenership? Should I mention that about 8,000 people showed up for the rally itself? Hmmm...nope, she hasn't disappeared and she's not losing her following. Period.

It's time that we, the people of this Nation, decide what we want. Do we want more broken promises, words of compromise and prosperity within the motion of lies, or do we want integrity that lies within the heart of a girl? A girl who fights and stands her ground. She speaks not words of rhetoric, but words within a soul of conviction. For those who believe.....GAME ON!!!

Robert Wiles

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