Friday, April 22, 2011

Why I Believe In Sarah Palin

By Robert Wiles

Why I believe In Sarah Palin

Yes, I believe in Sarah Palin. I am not one who is hesitant in his support of Sarah, who just likes her as I hear so many say "I like her", BUT. I hear that a lot but I never hear a good reasoning for the BUT. I guess with all the rhetoric I hear concerning the disgust with our leadership in the recent budget deal, I would have to add my own BUT. I say, you might not like her and don't think she is presidential, BUT. I bet one thing, she would had held her own on that so called scam of a budget deal and most likely she’d be leading a charge against the Democrats and wouldn't have compromised like the Republican Party has done for decades.

I am so tired of compromising with a party that is led by someone like President Obama, someone who believes America would not be great without all of our entitlement programs. We choose to compromise with a party that insists taxing the rich is the only solution to solve our debt crisis. We compromise with a party who believes that Government is the solution and the individual is an entity of failure. We compromise with a party who tells us to shut up and bear it. We compromise with a party who believes that for America to be great, we need a “living” Constitution. I say, leave my Constitution alone! I am tired of backroom deals, I am tired of our politicians scratching each other's back for favors, it is time for the government to scratch our backs for they work for us. Our party stands on compromise. We need to stand on principle.

I want a leader within our party who will call out anybody that is not doing the job they were elected to do. I want a leader who is not afraid to call out even those in her own party who are neglecting their responsibilities. I want a leader who stands by her values and principles, not one who compromises those values and principles to avoid upsetting a voting block. I want conviction. I want character. I want honor and dignity, not more words from politicians who speak empty promises but take actions of corruption and obstruction. Who act not just against the welfare of the Country, but against the people themselves.

This past Saturday in Madison, Wisconsin, Sarah Palin once again stood tall speaking to a Tea Party gathering called Tax Day. Once again, all eyes focused on Sarah. Once again, the words spoken from Sarah were repeated by many upon many media outlets and I always ask myself, "What do they see that my side of the aisle doesn't see"? To me there are reasons that they, the elites, the parties, and the media fear her. It is so simple. They tremble because...she is real, she is of the people, she is of a faith that they do not understand. I listened and I saw one who stands by her values and principles. To her they are not for compromising. Her soul is not for compromising. Her love of Country is not for compromising. She also believes deeply that “We the People” were not born to have our lives compromised and dictated. For “We the People” in the vision of Sarah, are a people not to be ruled by Government, but ruled by the One who gives us life. We are a free people, a people to choose our own destiny, to live in the comforts of freedoms and liberties, not to be dragged into the abyss of despair by men because of their unfaithfulness to honor and integrity.

Yes, I see a woman of strength. I see a woman who will hold her ground and speak to the elites, both parties, and the media, and let them know, “We the People” are not subjects to be ruled, but a people to be ordained with honor and looked upon as winners, not failures. I listened to the words of Sarah as she spoke to that crowd in Madison. I heard words of disdain, not for us the people, but for the ones who we elect to lead this Country into harmony, prosperity and honor, not to lead us into despair and ruins. I heard that voice scold the media, not for her sake, but for our sake, to live within the realm of truth and not live in darkened halls of ugliness and lies. Yes, I admire Sarah Palin because I am tired being looked upon as incompetent by my own government. I admire Sarah Palin for her steadfast belief that “We the People” are able to achieve the wealth in life of prosperity. I am tired of a Government who has no faith that we can achieve lives of greatness through our own efforts, but can only achieve through the governance of elected officials. “We the People” for so long have been cursed to not live for who we are, but to live who they want us to be.

For decades, we conservatives have been ridiculed, scorned, damned and mocked for our beliefs. So many times we have taken steps backwards, not because we believed in our hearts that we needed to. So many times we have begun to believe the political correctness that who we are was wrong. As we began doubting our beliefs, we hid our beliefs, because we didn't want to hear the name calling. So we stayed quiet and lived a life of silence. We saw our schools change, we saw political correctness control our lives, we saw the scorn from the liberal media and even from within our own Republican Party. However, now we see someone who is not afraid. We see one who will stand with us, speak for us, march along with us and tell us to be proud of who we are. We have someone who tells us that believing in God is nothing hide or shy away from. Someone who tells us we are somebody, we are a people who believe in the principles and the values of the founding of this nation. We have a voice, we have strength, and we can be proud and not question who we are. We can proudly proclaim who we are and not kowtow to the rhetoric of hatred that is heaped upon us for our beliefs.

Yes, I am one who proudly believes in God. I am one who believes in the principles and values of America, founded upon the great wisdom of our Forefathers. Yes, I hold the American flag proudly. I raise it, I salute it, I am proud of it. Yes, I say my prayers, I worship my God, I honor who I am. I love my apple pie, I love my baseball, I still admire John Wayne. I am proud to sing my National Anthem and proud to stand and recite the Pledge of Allegiance with my hand over my heart. I believe in mom and dad, I believe in the family and the humanity of the preborn. I believe in living within a moral fabric within a society. I “love thy neighbor”, I love those I disagree with, lifestyles or whatever. We are all the children of God and with that being said...I LOVE AMERICA and I am proud to say it. I am not embarrassed to be a God fearing Constitutionalist Christian Patriot anymore. Sarah is not for just me, she is for the people, all the people. She believes in who we are, she believes in the greatness of America, and she believes it is “We the People” who make this Country great. For we are a people of endless prosperity if we will have the desire to achieve it and the strength to work for it. Sarah believes in the achievable, she believes in the reaching of the stars, and she believes that “We the People” are the answer, not a Government of obstruction. “We the People” can achieve anything we want if we truly desire it. To me that is the hope a government cannot bestow upon a person. That is why I believe deeply in Sarah Palin, because she believes in me and in all of us, the people of this great Country...... AMERICA !!!!!!!!

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  1. Wow, very inspiring. It is so wonderful to have been blessed with a leader that loves this country and believes in us. Sarah will lead us into a future of hope and prosperity. She is truly "for such a time as this".