Friday, April 22, 2011

Trig's Crew Companies Swell to 43 and Counting

Trig's Crew Companies - or what US for Palin calls "Trig's Crew Hall of Heroes" now encompasses 43 companies whose executives pulled ads from the deranged pro-abortion site known as "Wonkette." The site orchestrated an evil Twitter attack on three-year-old Trig Palin after his mother, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin posted a birthday Tweet and photo. As reported by Stacy Drake, Adrienne Ross and Lori Calabrese, Wonkette has since pulled down the post, however, many other vile anti-Trig posts remain.

Trig's Crew Companies was created by Ellen, an engineering student and contributor to

H/T Josh Painter, Texas for Sarah Palin for lead on Trig's Crew Companies Twitter

Trig's Crew Hall of Heroes
Standing Up and Doing the Right Thing

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