Thursday, April 21, 2011

E! True Hollywood: Sarah Palin - a Hatchet Job

Having just finished watching E! True Hollywood: Sarah Palin, in the main it was a hatchet job. The Heath family moved to Skagway, not Seward, as was stated on the show. In the first 10 minutes, a photo of young Sarah Heath with red eye was used constantly, perhaps in an effort to make her look demonic. Arch enemies Lyda Greene and Shannyn Moore were featured throughout the show, as was Lorenzo Benet who authored Trail Blazer an Intimate Biography of Sarah Palin. Gov. Palin's family and friends have expressed displeasure with Benet's work on past occasions. Gov. Palin was falsely accused of lying about her opponent's record on guns and abortion when she ran for Mayor of Wasilla. Toward the end of the show, Moore railed about Gov. Palin attending "anti-choice" rallies. They're called pro-life rallies.

Bottom Line: this show was a hatchet job.

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