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Bizarre: AK Gov. Parnell asks "How much $ is Enough" for Surplus

Alaska Governor Sean Parnell - who was supposed to keep Gov. Palin's agenda intact - is bent on scuttling one of her signature accomplishments Alaska's Clear and Equitable Share (ACES), a subject extensively discussed on yesterday's Bob and Mark Show. "Really, how much [money] is enough?" Gov. Parnell bizarrely asked about money going into Alaska's state surplus from taxes on oil and gas revenues. Under the Alaska State Constitution, the people of the state own its energy resources. ACES is as simple as it is brilliant. ACES is a graduated tax system, whereby taxes on oil and gas revenues increase as the value of the resource increases. A portion of this money goes into state savings and another portion is distributed to all Alaskans via the Permanent Fund Dividend (PFD). Another point often missed when discussing ACES is that it contains a built-in incentive to explore and drill by levying little or no tax when these operations are being conducted.
Aside from his bizarre question, Gov. Parnell is also extorting passage of the bill that would dismantle ACES by threatening to veto capital projects passed by the legislature. Alaska's House of Representatives approved of dismantling ACES, but the state's Senate has not thus far. Gov. Parnell - who Bob and Mark refer to as "Gov. Jellyfish" - rather than representing Alaskans has chosen to behave like a lobbyist for big oil. He operates on the fanciful notion that by doing away with ACES, the top three oil companies will drill and explore in Alaska. Those shilling for the oil companies rail about what a "horrible" place Alaska is to do business, yet Alaska has some of the lowest taxes and much better working conditions than most of the nations these companies find preferable. Since ACES passed in 2008, Alaska has seen an increase in the amount of energy industry jobs.
If Alaska is a "horrible" place to conduct energy business, ACES has nothing to do with it; however, the federal government most likely has everything to do with it, via onerous and ridiculous regulations. The Obama administration and the Democrats in both houses of Congress are anti-everything to do with domestic energy development that is not "green." This administration sees rising fuel prices as a good thing - to "bring us in line" with western Europe.
Executives from the oil companies have outright said they are not in the drilling and exploration business. Given that federal regulations have all but driven them out of this business, we can not really quite blame them. But, this does not justify giving the oil companies corporate welfare, as Gov. Parnell proposes.

Buying leases and never developing them - warehousing and hoarding the resource - is a practice that the Palin administration took a hard line on. Exxon-Mobil did not drill at Point Thomson for nearly 30 years. There was no such thing as ACES during most of this time. When Gov. Palin was in office, the well got drilled. In the pre-Palin days, the oil company executives were in bed with Alaska's legislative and executive branches figuratively, and quite possibly literally. After all, Gov. Palin did recount in Going Rogue, p. 142 how Meghan Stapleton was told by a lawmaker, "I can tell you right now which bills will pass this session and which won''s based upon one thing: relationships - and who is sleeping with whom."
Prior to the Palin administration, the big oil companies received corporate welfare, via the tax system. Apparently, Gov. Parnell wants to roll the clock back to these pre-Palin days. He wants to ride roughshod on the state Constitution and has no regard for real owners of the oil and gas locked beneath the permafrost: Alaska's citizens.
Gov. Parnell - who US for Palin supported under the mistaken notion that he would continue the Palin mandate - wants to forgo an estimated $8 billion in guaranteed income over five years on the fantasy that big oil companies will ramp up exploration. Meanwhile, the small independent operators who want to drill then ship through the pipeline are charged prohibitive tariffs by the pipeline owners - the big three oil companies.
Bob and Mark summed it up on their Facebook page:
"Really, how much (money) is enough?"- Governor Sean Parnell. Let that sink in people. He is OUR leader, and this question was not directed at the oil and gas companies, it was directed at you and me. WE are the greedy ones...WE are the bad guys here. That's what we have leading us. God help us all!
We join Bob and Mark in saying "Go ACES!"

Commander in Chief’s Appalling Action with Our Troops

Governor Palin today posted on Facebook:

Yesterday the House passed H.R. 1363, which funds our Department of Defense and our military for the rest of the year at their current levels. It allows for the continuation of current military operations, which is pretty important when you’re fighting three wars. It also funds the government for another week and cuts $12 billion in wasteful spending. So why would the Commander in Chief declare that he will veto this? Why would he play politics at the expense of our troops who are putting everything on the line to protect us? Memo to the President: I doubt the insurgents will stop and wait for a government shutdown to end before resuming actions. You need to fund our troops, sir.

Like me, you might be asking yourself: Why on earth would he threaten to veto funding for the troops? What is his game plan? Basically, he’ll veto military funding because he wants the rest of the government funded too. And by the rest of the government, he means things like Harry Reid’s “Cowboy Poetry.” Essentially, he’s holding military funding hostage to NPR funding. This is a perfect analogy for what is wrong with this entire budget showdown. Our federal government has strayed so far from what is constitutionally mandated that they are blind to the fact that NPR funding is not a constitutional duty. Funding our military at a time of war is!

The House GOP does not want a shut down. They just want legitimate cuts (and I would argue not even enough!). If we can’t agree to cut a billion here and a billion there, we’ll never close this $1.5 trillion deficit.

Let’s look at the numbers. We have a $1.5 trillion deficit this year. We’re paying $200 billion a year on our interest alone. That’s half a billion dollars per day on interest. And our $1.5 trillion deficit means that we’re borrowing $4 billion per day just to keep afloat. So, we pat ourselves on the back if we cut a billion dollars here or a billion there in discretionary spending, as we borrow $4 billion a day and pay half a billion a day in interest. The deficit for the month of February alone was the highest in our history at $223 billion. That’s more than the entire deficit for the year 2007. And there’s no end in sight. We’re not heading towards the iceberg. We’ve already hit it. Now we’re taking on water. We must find a way to get back to harbor to repair our ship of state before it’s too late.

Where is President Obama in all of this? He just doesn’t get it. His 2012 budget was a signal of that. The President’s proposed budget offered higher taxes and higher spending. A budget is supposed to be more than just numbers crunched on a spreadsheet. It’s supposed to be a credible blueprint of a nation’s priorities and direction. The President’s budget was a political document. It was designed not to ruffle any feathers or take any decisive moves to deal with the deficit problem. Instead of cutting spending, he’s moving us in the opposite direction. The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office reported that the White House was not telling the truth when they claimed that their 2012 budget reduces the deficit. It actually increases it. Instead of dealing with the hard realities we face, he just kicked the can down the road. That’s not leadership. That’s politics.

Real leadership means leading by example. It means showing an “all-in” commitment to tackling complex issues and putting in the time and effort to educate the American public. Right now the American people have not been educated about this major challenge we face. Keep in mind that perception often becomes reality, and the perception President Obama has repeatedly given off is that he can’t be bothered to deal with our debt crisis.

This is profoundly unfair to the American people. Throughout our history, we have proven again and again that we are strong enough and wise enough to do the right thing when we are properly informed. We can judge and make the tough choices when we are not spun by the media or the financial class or the political class. We the People can decide – if our leaders level with us honestly.

It’s about time the President step up to the plate and lead responsibly. Our troops who are putting themselves in harm’s way deserve a Commander in Chief who is not AWOL from the debt debate. The American people deserve a president who will take on the tough challenges and understand that funding “Car Talk” is not as crucial as funding our troops at a time of three wars.

2008 seems like such a long time ago, but 2012 is just around the corner. There is a leadership vacuum in the White House right now, but that’s nothing that another good old-fashioned election can’t fix.

- Sarah Palin

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By Martha

Some people need to get a life. Enough said. (Please read explanation below the video.)

To the person who has accused me, Martha, of "infringement". You KNOW that is false. The FB page I had up was JTS NOT TS and had no logo AND a disclaimer...but, if that's what's going to make you feel "powerful", than so be it. It just shows your lack thereof. So the page was removed by Facebook. I guess that's a "notch" on your belt. Just remember, there's One greater than you that you'll have to answer to..good luck. Also, bitterness surely leads to a sad life, which is obviously what you have.

Proselytizing for Palin

Proselytizing for Palin (P4P)

By TwoLegsGood

Late Sunday I had to go out and decided to swing by the wake at my local Borders Books, in the midst of their bankruptcy sale. (They're even selling light bulbs and antibacterial soap and containers out of the bathrooms...)

As I work my way over to the history/political section, the funereal atmosphere is punctured by the mumblings of some PDS (Palin Derangement Syndrome) afflicted person, an Obama-zombie of about 30, complaining loudly to a boy friend. With a wave of her hand she indicates two rows of Glenn Beck’s “BROKE” books in her section:

Lookit allda CONservative books!”

I'm directly behind her in another aisle, watching now as she proceeds to cover up and hide all of the “BROKE” books with random titles she pulls off the next shelf. She’s intent on completely obscuring each Beck book in the section. She takes particular relish in finding Joe Biden’s bio as she fits it in front one of the "BROKE" books.

She then gravitates to a rack of Sarah Palin’s "AMERICA BY HEART" titles on sale near me. She goes after them by turning them around so their back covers are facing out. You’d have no idea what title it was by glancing at the back cover alone. And that's her goal.

All I can think is: this is a Tammy Bruce object lesson -- the Left always
counts on the passivity of the Right.

The zombie is in some weird PDS reverie, humming to herself as she turns the Palin books around. She’s so intent on her little act of book vandalism, I’m pretty sure she doesn’t notice me. I interrupt it all by reaching over, picking up one of the Palin books and saying:

Good, I wanted one of these!”

Without looking up, she says...

I KNEW you would."

I ignore this strange remark, instead challenging her authority to mess with book displays: "Do you work here?"

She meanders off with: "No...ha, ha..."

But it’s oddly personal of her to have said: "I knew you would" because she'd not made eye contact, and I’m pretty sure I’m not looking like a Stepford Conservative in a low-cut long sleeved pink thermal and tight jeans. The chick’s crazy. I put Palin’s book in my carrier and go over to re-arrange the Beck books she’d messed up. (I’m not a huge Beck fan, but still.) I take out my iPhone to take pictures of the scene:

She's way at the end of the aisle by now (I catch her arm in one photo) and she sees the flash go off as I take shots of her “handiwork.”

Itching for a fight, I guess, she marches back as I’m fixing the Palin

I say:

What you did here is really -- weird.”

She answers with some unintelligible, but purposefully mocking:


And I say...
That’s all you can say for yourself -- gibberish?”

She continues with the mocking tones but won’t confront me directly, sort of like how homeless demoniacs talk out loud at bus stops. I'm now a little pissed off and I say:
That’s just -- gibberish!”

Her little friend, who's white (she's black) dutifully tags behind as she drifts away from me. He’s somehow held captive by her liberal vandalism. I realize she's playing some race card on her friend as well as everyone in the store. But her race card didn’t work on me -- I think she was surprised I called her on her antics.

She must have followed me upstairs, because when I turn to go, I see she’s done the same thing to another Palin display. But the Borders people are on to her, they are quietly re-arranging the books after she leaves the area.

I take a deep breath. My reaction had been less than cool; I really wanted to throttle the little wingnut. I’m sure there was a better way of handling it, but I can’t think in the moment of what that might be.

The truth is I'd come to Borders to see what books they had on Sarah Palin, not AMERICA BY HEART, of course, but was hoping they had GAME CHANGE (they did) --wanted it so I could perhaps figure out what angle the filmmakers would take with the Julianne Moore adaptation. Having been a script analyst for Hollywood producers for years while trying to establish a writing career -- I wanted to do my own story notes on GAME CHANGE to see how they might attack Palin.

So I feel uncomfortable as I go to check out, because I’ve narrowly avoided a scene with the PDS zombie and I don’t know where she might be lurking. As I'm talking to the counter-guy, I notice a big photo scrapbook of Palin, something I hadn’t seen before.

I ask for it. And as I do, I say:

"I came in to see what you guys had on Sarah Palin."

As I say it, I regret it. That little zombie’s actions affected me, intimidated me to the point I now feel self-conscious. The way I said it was as if I was simply curious to do research on Palin, not a firm Palinista.

I remember meeting Thomas S. Schmitz at the C4Palin meet up in Chicago, and how he explained what he was doing on behalf of Sarah Palin, basically creating Palin art and Palin graphics out of whatever he had on hand (crayons on paper, handmade photo collages) and politically proselytizing in the name of Sarah Palin whenever and wherever he could.

Thomas is like an evangelist in a brothel when he gives out stickers and Organize4Palin materials in Hollywood. I thought about the guts it takes him to do what he does, and here I am at my local suburban bookstore where I’m suddenly intimidated by a Dem nutcase because I’m for Sarah Palin?

So I go back in line to final checkout where I recognize the worker as someone I’d kibbitzed with at the store over the years, and I tell him I am into, really into, Sarah Palin as he rings up GAME CHANGE and the other book. He’s kind of startled. L.A. is not PalinTown...yet! I notice an intelligent looking woman next to me -- her ears perking up as I speak. She’s interested. I go on telling the Borders guy I believe Palin is the right person to fix our current nightmare, I’ve got my hopes on her for 2012. I say it sweetly, but firmly and loud enough for eavesdroppers behind me in the line to hear. (If I'm going to discuss Sarah Palin, I'll say it in a public voice.) My old Borders pal smiles at me, hands me my Palin books. He has no idea where he's going to get another job, he's worked there for six years, Obama's not his hope or change.

As I go, I realize the zombie chick and her zombie pal are long gone, but the smart looking woman does a slight double-take when she sees me in the parking lot.

It’s a thoughtful recognition. I’m happy I proselytized for Palin.


Horror: Bristol Palin Earns Honest Money for Honest Work

Bristol Palin's earnings as an advocate against teen pregnancy is front page news today with headlines blaring that she's "cashing in." Bristol has done nothing illegal, unethical, or immoral regarding her earnings, but the newspaper headlines imply otherwise. Yet another another headline takes Candies Foundation to task for paying her a sum the "reporters" deem "inappropriate" compared to the charitable contributions the organization makes.

One of the better headlines written by the The Blaze simply states that she made $262,000 for her teen pregnancy prevention work. The reporter Emily Esfahani Smith at least states in her lead that Bristol earned this money.

The media coverage was so negative and biased that Candies Foundation released the following statement:
Candie's Foundation Statement on Bristol Palin Compensation

For ten years, The Candie's Foundation has been working to prevent teen pregnancy by producing and funding celebrity-driven print, television, radio and online public service announcements. Ms. Palin was compensated for her work with the foundation, which included appearing in video and print PSAs, two town hall meetings, and numerous media interviews.

The message of the foundation about teen pregnancy prevention has generated more than ONE BILLION media impressions – tremendous reach for any teen pregnancy prevention campaign. We know that Ms. Palin's work has had a positive effect on teens. In a recent independent national survey of 1,000 teens that compared a Bristol Palin PSA with those of another national teen pregnancy organization that use non-famous teens, more than twice as many teens (57% vs. 27%) said Bristol's PSA "got my attention", three times as many (41% vs. 11%) said it was "powerful", and more than twice as many (38% vs. 16%) said it was "memorable".

Bristol Palin is one of dozens of celebrities who has worked with the foundation. She has been a courageous and powerful partner to the foundation as we attempt to discourage teen pregnancy.
This truly does sound like "déjà vu all over again," as Bristol's mom, Governor Palin is routinely and mercilessly savaged over the income she earns from speaking, book sales, her Fox contract and Sarah Palin's Alaska mini-series.

Bristol is a busy and productive young woman both as a teen advocate and an entertainer. She is currently writing her memoir “Not Afraid of Life” to be published by William Morrow, a Harper Collins imprint, with a release date of June 21, 2011. It is available for pre-order at the North Star Group Amazon store.

Bristol speaks about teen pregnancy and women's issues and can be booked through the Single Source Speakers Bureau.

Bristol was a contestant on Dancing With the Stars, Season 11, finishing the competition in third place. She bought a house in Maricopa, Arizona where she lives with her son, Tripp. She also cut a music video with Alaskan rock band Static Cycle, titled "Inside this World of Mine."

As of this writing, Bristol has 49,491 friends on her Facebook Page.

US for Palin and The People for Palin both maintain pages dedicated to Bristol's life and accomplishments.

H/T Karen Allen for lead to The Blaze story.

A Hockey Mom Visits Israel

By Ambusher

If you go to search on your PC and type in J Street, You will find that J street is a big Jewish lobby group based in D.C. They claim on their site that they are pro-Israel and pro- American. Now just a few weeks ago they had a big meeting scheduled with the Prime Minister of Israel to discuss the problems facing Israel and all the upheaval taking place in the Middle East. But the Prime Minister blew off this meeting with J street, and instead had dinner with a hockey mom from Alaska. J Street was stunned. The GOP has a large Jewish wing of the party and for some reason wanted to plan the trip to Israel for the hockey mom from Alaska. But the hockey mom blew off this request from the big Jewish block of the GOP. The Jewish wing of the GOP was stunned. The hockey mom from Alaska while on her visit to Israel paid a visit to the Kotel (wailing wall), while walking through the tunnels on the way to the wall. The hockey mom from Alaska turned to the Rabbi that was walking with her, an said with reference to the Temple Mount,: why are you always apologizing? The Rabbi was stunned by the comment. So what is going on here with this hockey mom from Alaska? Why all the uproar over a simple little visit to the Holy Land? Why would two major American Jewish groups be shunned in favor of a hockey mom from a very tiny town in Alaska? Well if you do not know the answer to that already, then I will tell you. It is called spirit and courage, a total faith in G-d, and the Prime Minister of Israel saw this hockey mom from Alaska with her head held high and her Star of David necklace around her neck as she walked with courage and love in her heart for the children of Israel. Queen Esther looking down from heaven would have been proud of that hockey mom from Alaska, I know I was. Her name is Sarah Palin, and she will be President of the United States of America, and the glory of America will be restored by her, and the children of Israel will have their own American Queen Esther.

2012 depends on the youth

Hi, everyone! Its been a while since I posted a blog for Palin Promotions! Its great to be back on the team, promoting Sarah & everything she stands for!

Ok, so as you all (more than likely) know - Obama announced just a few days ago that he will be running for re-election. When I heard of his announcement (first it was of little surprise to me) it got me thinking of 2008. Ah, 2008...what a crazy year it was! It was the year I first got involved in politics & of course it was the year Sarah Palin stepped into the national spot light (and for the record, thank god she did, after all we all [more than likely] wouldnt be here if she didn't!)!

In 2008 a great many things happened. Sarah Palin excited conservatives nation wide with he appointment as McCain's VP Candidate, but also (as hard as it is for me to discuss) Obama drew upon one crowd in particular that in all reality, is probably the sole reason he did become President - he largely captured the vote of the youth (18-25).

Now, me being who I am (and believing what I do) it is hard for me to believe anyone can (sanely that is) actually support Obama....but after taking a step back (evaluating America as a whole, and taking into consideration the opinions of my fellow teens on politics), I can come to the conclusion it is easy for someone, like Obama, to convince the youth of our nation to conform to his ways.

When you think about it, our chances of capturing the presidency in 2012 (no matter who the GOP nominee turns out is) lies in his/her ability to capture the attention of the youth. Now, my firm opinion is that we can easily (well, more easily than in any other case) capture the vote of the youth if Sarah is our nominee. Being a firm supporter of Sarah, and being closely involved in Several Pro-Palin Organizations (Even founding which is aimed specifically at the youth of our nation, Teens 4 Palin) I feel it is more than realistic that Sarah can capture the youth's vote in 2012.

Based on my experiences in politics, and dealing with recruiting teens to support Sarah (on behalf of T4P), I have come to realize there are really 4 types of teens...
  1. Teens which show no interest in politics
  2. Teens which show an interest and support the GOP
  3. Teens who show an interest and support the Democrats
  4. Teens who show an interest but are basically in the middle

Now, maybe I am being over optimistic but I honestly think with (a lot of) work, and effort we can capture teens from all 4 of these categories to our cause in 2012. I have found that a lot of teens tend to "go with the crowd." So, if we start just might be possible to capture the youth vote that was Obama's faithful in 08. Since 08, many once faithful Obama supporters have abandoned ship. We have seen republicans take control of the house, and in my opinion America has now, as a now famous lady (I know not her name) once stated when talking to Obama at a rally "...grown TIRED of defending you (Obama!)"!!! 2012 is our year, as always it will be a fight, but as we all know - there is nothing Sarah loves more than a good fight!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Alaska Girls Kick Ass!

By Saber

This is one of my old soldier bumper stickers. I proudly display it on my vehicle while I drive around my little Alaska town. Tourists always mob me asking for directions to where they can purchase them.

Hundreds of these bumper stickers have followed me to Iraq. They have donned the bumpers of many Hummers and turrets of Abram Tanks. They were proudly displayed on lockers and below the pin up pictures of our gal, Sarah Palin, by many of our men and women in uniform. Can you just imagine our heroes going into battle with Sarah's name donning some of the world's deadliest weapons of freedom?

One night while serving a tour in Iraq, we raided a small farming village. There were only three Hummers and fifteen of us conducting the raid which would capture insurgent fighters. Within an hour we had fifty prisoners, but no transportation to move them to their designated location. So we called for assistance. Twenty minutes later we heard the rumble of  tanks. Just around the corner came a convoy of Hummers armed to the teeth! It was a nice sight. Upon closer inspection, we noticed that it was the Alaska National Guard. They had just been deployed to Camp Victory. On the turret of that tank was the above bumper sticker and Sarah's name written on it with a Sharpie black pen!!

On other occasions, I had my Sarah Palin bumper stickers on my Military suburban. It was the quickest way to find any Alaskan soldier (it could be spotted from miles away!) I've actually had a Seal from Talkeetna Alaska (different special forces) search me out and our conversation always revolved around how proud we were of Governor Palin and the job she was doing for our State and Country. We felt honored because we knew she had our backs. We knew we were always in her thoughts and she had our best interest at heart. We knew that our Governor stood with us.

Our Military loves Mrs. Palin!!

My next blog will deal with my bumper Sticker...If Sarah can skin a Moose, she can skin a Jack ass................


Eric Holder - 9/11 Terrorist Military Commission Trials Press Conference (A Patriot’s Summary)

By Rogue Rose

Eric Holder - 9/11 Terrorist Military Commission Trials Press Conference (A Patriot’s Summary)

Let me start by saying that I was right and I made the right choice about going the Federal Prosecution route. We had overwhelming evidence and would have won. But evil Congress has prevented this victory and put unwise and unwarranted restrictions in place that will harm national security. They don’t understand that the executive branch should run everything and they should just sit down and shut up. They are blowing this with their insistence in being involved. We are working hard to repeal those pesky restrictions but probably won’t win that fight because life is so unfair and my people have suffered more than anyone else. (wait, wrong speech).

Now, against my better judgment, we are going to go with a military tribunal and are referring the case to the DOD. Now, we don’t believe for one minute that they are competent, so the DOJ will continue to be involved, even though we have absolutely no jurisdiction in that action. For our friends and campaign contributors on the far left who hate military commissions, don’t worry. Back in 2009 we fixed them and now they will be just fine, you know, because it’s us, not that evil Bush guy.

Let me take a moment to smear all those that were criticizing the federal justice system (actually, my decision to bring this in the federal justice system), you are all wrong and really stupid and should have known better. Our federal system has convicted hundreds of terrorists since 2001 (nope, don’t have a list of who they might be, just trust me on this one.) Let me be clear, no let me be very clear, that mean’s I am right and all critics are wrong and stupid and should just shut up. This case has been the source of much needless controversy since I got involved. If you would all have just butted out and let me do everything my way, you would have seen how right I am and how wrong you all are. Now, let me take one last moment to invoke the memory of the innocent victims of 9/11 to smear all who disagreed with me as political idealogues who don’t care as much as I do about either the victims or justice.

Q. You told 9/11 families that going to military commissions was “rolling the dice” and now you say you have complete faith in the process. Has there been a change in your position?

A. Nope, I am right and this should happen in federal court. Did you not just listen to my statement?

Q. Why the delay for the past year?

A. Because the stupid politicians kept getting in the way and putting in dangerous restrictions on our power? Geez, didn’t you guy hear a word I just said?

Q. So if this trial will be at Gitmo, how’s that closing process going?

A. We are still going to shut ‘er down guys. It’s those idiots in Congress imposing all those dangerous restrictions on our power…. Wait, didn’t I just answer this one?

Q. Congress represents the American people who have their own views on this issue. Is it your thinking that you know best and the public’s view doesn’t matter?

A. Couldn’t have said it better myself. Not just yes, but hell yes. And Congress should sit down and shut up, and take those idiotic citizens with them.

Thank you.
One Mans Opinion 4/4/2011
By Dewaine Shoulders

I didn't post a blog last week. I don't think anyone noticed, but that's okay.

Life sometimes is about choices, and I chose to skip posting a blog last week because I was in a funk. Sometimes it's easier to sit back and wait for inspiration to hit you than to try to force that inspiration to just show up.

Between working on a new book and doing two blogs (not to mention a four night a week, half hour Internet radio show), my life has been somewhat rushed. Finding the time to do everything and working a regular job in the process has also been daunting (to say the very least), so I choose to take a week off and look for inspiration. It was a good choice to make.

Choices are sometimes difficult to make, especially when you have to consider all of the things that could happen if you make a certain choice.

Or, in the immortal words of Rush (the Band, not the Commentator):
'If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice.'

So, I think I understand what Sarah Palin must be going through right now.

To run for President of the United States is a daunting choice to make. How it will affect your family is something to consider, as you will be putting your life in the spotlight for all to see. Any skeletons that happen to be in your closet will be brought out and displayed, and the pundits will pick your choices in life apart.

So, having considered what choices Sarah Palin must be making gives me hope that she will choose to run for president. Having been vetted as much as she has been already, I doubt that there is much left the lamestream media's talking heads could come up, but I'm sure they will continue to try.

Compared to Sarah Palin, the choices I have to make in my life seem small in comparison. The big question is: Will she choose to make a run for the presidency? I think we'll know before too long. Until then, I'll choose to wait patiently and continue writing.

Choices are sometimes difficult to make, but when you do make them, you must live with those choices. We're already living with a bad choice that was made by many Americans back in 2008... Let's hope sanity returns to America in 2012 and a better choice is made.

But that's just my opinion, I could be right!

One Mans Opinion can be heard Monday through Thursday nights at 9:30 p.m. EST / 8:30 p.m. Central on TalkShoe Internet Radio.