Monday, April 4, 2011

Alaska Girls Kick Ass!

By Saber

This is one of my old soldier bumper stickers. I proudly display it on my vehicle while I drive around my little Alaska town. Tourists always mob me asking for directions to where they can purchase them.

Hundreds of these bumper stickers have followed me to Iraq. They have donned the bumpers of many Hummers and turrets of Abram Tanks. They were proudly displayed on lockers and below the pin up pictures of our gal, Sarah Palin, by many of our men and women in uniform. Can you just imagine our heroes going into battle with Sarah's name donning some of the world's deadliest weapons of freedom?

One night while serving a tour in Iraq, we raided a small farming village. There were only three Hummers and fifteen of us conducting the raid which would capture insurgent fighters. Within an hour we had fifty prisoners, but no transportation to move them to their designated location. So we called for assistance. Twenty minutes later we heard the rumble of  tanks. Just around the corner came a convoy of Hummers armed to the teeth! It was a nice sight. Upon closer inspection, we noticed that it was the Alaska National Guard. They had just been deployed to Camp Victory. On the turret of that tank was the above bumper sticker and Sarah's name written on it with a Sharpie black pen!!

On other occasions, I had my Sarah Palin bumper stickers on my Military suburban. It was the quickest way to find any Alaskan soldier (it could be spotted from miles away!) I've actually had a Seal from Talkeetna Alaska (different special forces) search me out and our conversation always revolved around how proud we were of Governor Palin and the job she was doing for our State and Country. We felt honored because we knew she had our backs. We knew we were always in her thoughts and she had our best interest at heart. We knew that our Governor stood with us.

Our Military loves Mrs. Palin!!

My next blog will deal with my bumper Sticker...If Sarah can skin a Moose, she can skin a Jack ass................


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  1. I sure hope you "kick ass" soldiers are members of If you're not, please go there and click on Add Your Name. Sarah deserves your support.