Wednesday, April 6, 2011


By Martha

Some people need to get a life. Enough said. (Please read explanation below the video.)

To the person who has accused me, Martha, of "infringement". You KNOW that is false. The FB page I had up was JTS NOT TS and had no logo AND a disclaimer...but, if that's what's going to make you feel "powerful", than so be it. It just shows your lack thereof. So the page was removed by Facebook. I guess that's a "notch" on your belt. Just remember, there's One greater than you that you'll have to answer to..good luck. Also, bitterness surely leads to a sad life, which is obviously what you have.


  1. Wow, martha. It amazes me that people are still dragging this thing on.

    First, its WAY beyond me why they would complain about such a page. Not only does it promote TS but it promotes the cause.

    Second, it amazes me that they are taking time to accuse a fellow palin-supporter of a bogus "crime", when it is obvious said claims hold no basis what so ever.

    It seems like a monumental waste of time for these people to be attacking one of their own, when we could be coming together as one to defend Sarah....but perhaps these people have lost sight of our true goal! I really think Sarah would be disappointed in these people, that they are making such bogus claims instead of working towards the cause...but hey thats just one mans opinion :P sorry, couldnt resist. Much props to Dewaine Shoulders, your blog title really does make a good catch line sometimes!

  2. The page was no longer promoting TS. It had no logo, it had a disclaimer and I would rarely post on there. I think a few months back was the last time I posted anything. I was not even using their name. The title of the page was JTSBTR. NO LOGO ATTACHED to the page at all. But, doing this makes the person feel "powerful" and "authoritative" Notice that I use the word "makes the "feel" powerful". That's what this person thrives off of and it has destroyed what started off as a good thing. That's why the aformentioned site is going down the tubes and is no longer a forerunner, but a "backrunner".