Wednesday, April 6, 2011

2012 depends on the youth

Hi, everyone! Its been a while since I posted a blog for Palin Promotions! Its great to be back on the team, promoting Sarah & everything she stands for!

Ok, so as you all (more than likely) know - Obama announced just a few days ago that he will be running for re-election. When I heard of his announcement (first it was of little surprise to me) it got me thinking of 2008. Ah, 2008...what a crazy year it was! It was the year I first got involved in politics & of course it was the year Sarah Palin stepped into the national spot light (and for the record, thank god she did, after all we all [more than likely] wouldnt be here if she didn't!)!

In 2008 a great many things happened. Sarah Palin excited conservatives nation wide with he appointment as McCain's VP Candidate, but also (as hard as it is for me to discuss) Obama drew upon one crowd in particular that in all reality, is probably the sole reason he did become President - he largely captured the vote of the youth (18-25).

Now, me being who I am (and believing what I do) it is hard for me to believe anyone can (sanely that is) actually support Obama....but after taking a step back (evaluating America as a whole, and taking into consideration the opinions of my fellow teens on politics), I can come to the conclusion it is easy for someone, like Obama, to convince the youth of our nation to conform to his ways.

When you think about it, our chances of capturing the presidency in 2012 (no matter who the GOP nominee turns out is) lies in his/her ability to capture the attention of the youth. Now, my firm opinion is that we can easily (well, more easily than in any other case) capture the vote of the youth if Sarah is our nominee. Being a firm supporter of Sarah, and being closely involved in Several Pro-Palin Organizations (Even founding which is aimed specifically at the youth of our nation, Teens 4 Palin) I feel it is more than realistic that Sarah can capture the youth's vote in 2012.

Based on my experiences in politics, and dealing with recruiting teens to support Sarah (on behalf of T4P), I have come to realize there are really 4 types of teens...
  1. Teens which show no interest in politics
  2. Teens which show an interest and support the GOP
  3. Teens who show an interest and support the Democrats
  4. Teens who show an interest but are basically in the middle

Now, maybe I am being over optimistic but I honestly think with (a lot of) work, and effort we can capture teens from all 4 of these categories to our cause in 2012. I have found that a lot of teens tend to "go with the crowd." So, if we start just might be possible to capture the youth vote that was Obama's faithful in 08. Since 08, many once faithful Obama supporters have abandoned ship. We have seen republicans take control of the house, and in my opinion America has now, as a now famous lady (I know not her name) once stated when talking to Obama at a rally "...grown TIRED of defending you (Obama!)"!!! 2012 is our year, as always it will be a fight, but as we all know - there is nothing Sarah loves more than a good fight!

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  1. Excellent blog Lee. It is so encouraging to know there are teens actively working to promote the candidacy of Sarah Palin. My daughter will be able to vote for the first time in the next election. I'm going to have her check out your Teens 4 Palin Organization. Sarah Palin 2012!