Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Hockey Mom Visits Israel

By Ambusher

If you go to search on your PC and type in J Street, You will find that J street is a big Jewish lobby group based in D.C. They claim on their site that they are pro-Israel and pro- American. Now just a few weeks ago they had a big meeting scheduled with the Prime Minister of Israel to discuss the problems facing Israel and all the upheaval taking place in the Middle East. But the Prime Minister blew off this meeting with J street, and instead had dinner with a hockey mom from Alaska. J Street was stunned. The GOP has a large Jewish wing of the party and for some reason wanted to plan the trip to Israel for the hockey mom from Alaska. But the hockey mom blew off this request from the big Jewish block of the GOP. The Jewish wing of the GOP was stunned. The hockey mom from Alaska while on her visit to Israel paid a visit to the Kotel (wailing wall), while walking through the tunnels on the way to the wall. The hockey mom from Alaska turned to the Rabbi that was walking with her, an said with reference to the Temple Mount,: why are you always apologizing? The Rabbi was stunned by the comment. So what is going on here with this hockey mom from Alaska? Why all the uproar over a simple little visit to the Holy Land? Why would two major American Jewish groups be shunned in favor of a hockey mom from a very tiny town in Alaska? Well if you do not know the answer to that already, then I will tell you. It is called spirit and courage, a total faith in G-d, and the Prime Minister of Israel saw this hockey mom from Alaska with her head held high and her Star of David necklace around her neck as she walked with courage and love in her heart for the children of Israel. Queen Esther looking down from heaven would have been proud of that hockey mom from Alaska, I know I was. Her name is Sarah Palin, and she will be President of the United States of America, and the glory of America will be restored by her, and the children of Israel will have their own American Queen Esther.


  1. Really well put. Loved your Article on the Wonderful Sarah Palin!!

  2. Excellent article. Now how do we get the Jews to support her here in America?

  3. Wonderful article. There is such power in truth spoken in courage from a humble heart. May J Street have their eyes opened to the truth.