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Rush Limbaugh: 'You're letting the media win with that outlook'

Limbaugh properly explains to Vinny from Queens why the media wins if we allow them to destroy Sarah Palin or stop her from running

In an unbelievable call that shows how in complete "sympatico" I am with Rush Limbaugh on why we must not allow the media stop Sarah Palin, Rush and a caller named Vinny from Queens had an incredible conversation Friday afternoon on Limbaugh's radio show. Rush said these things to Vinny:
What you basically said to me was, "The media has so thoroughly destroyed her, she doesn't have a chance."


...why are you gonna sit there and accept that?


Conventional wisdom inside the Republican Party is that she's not running. Now, I'll say this: If she's afraid to run, then the media terrorists have won.


And just think, now, how power-mad they're going to be if they decide they can destroy any candidate they choose -- and make no mistake here: Their objective is to keep her out of this race. Just, um... I don't know. Just in a -- what's the right way to say this? In a philosophical, real world sense, it just bothers me to hear people, anybody. It's not just Vinny; I've had a lot of people say this to me, and I've gotten into raised-voice arguments with people at my own dinner table over this, so much so that Kathryn pointed me to the door to leave.

People started telling me how stupid she was, Palin. I asked, "Why do you think she's stupid?" Everything they believe is a total product of what they've seen in the media. Therefore, people are willing to sit around and say, "Okay, media destroyed her. Too bad, she's gone." Yet we're supposedly sophisticated. We understand that's what the media's trying to do, and we're just saying, "Okay, they won. They won with Palin, fine." If that's it then don't ever call me again complaining about the media. If you're willing to let the media win in taking our people out, fine. Stop complaining about 'em. Stop complaining about 'em being liberal.
Rush landed every single point that I have been trying to make about the media and Sarah Palin. After I duct taped my head back together during the news break, Rush came back on and gave this phenomenal analysis of the discussion:
I am still thinking about the phone call we had with Vinny from Queens. I'm sorry, folks. I can't get past this. This is not aimed at Vinny, 'cause it's not just Vinny from whom I've heard this. I just can't get past this: "Rush, the media has destroyed her. There's no hope. She's damaged goods, and average, ordinary people who are not even paying attention yet still think she's an absolute goof. We don't have a prayer. We gotta move on." It just grates on me to acknowledge that kind of defeat. You may think it's just acknowledging reality, but it's defeat. 'Cause I was always under the impression here that one of our objectives is to not let the media do this to us.

Now, I know that a lot of people think that they're the only ones who know what the media has done to Sarah Palin. But odds are if Vinny from Queens sees that the media has launched this search-and-destroy mission on her, a lot of other people probably have, too. At some point the media smear of anybody peaks. They either get 'em out of office or they don't. In Nixon's case, he was gone. But Palin is enjoying life. She's got this bus tour. That's why I said on Greta's show last night, "Palin has learned to throw it right back at 'em." You've heard the old adage, the best revenge is success. She's earning a good living. She's living life as she chooses, where she chooses. They are as angry that they haven't forced her into an insane asylum as anything else.

At some point, folks, the smear of Palin has to peak. The smear of anybody has to peak. And the more people see her in relation to what they've heard from the media, the odds are more and more people are gonna realize they've been lied to. It's like when people meet me in person. Some of them are genuinely shocked. They're expecting me to be whatever they've heard the media portray me as. So at some point people are gonna realize the media has been lying about her. And I'm not making the case for it, because I don't know whether she's running. I'm not endorsing anybody right now. Vinny's not the first guy to say it, but when I hear people say, "The media's destroyed her, Rush, we gotta move on," it just bothers me. I thought that's what we're trying to prevent here along with many other things.
Rush nailed it.

The Democrats Fear Sarah Palin

Rush Limbaugh's Excellent Interview on On The Record 5/26/11

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Obama’s Strange Strategy: Borrow Foreign Money to Give to Foreign Countries

Governor Palin today posted on Facebook:

Should we be borrowing money from China to turn around and give it to the Muslim Brotherhood?

Given that we are running massive deficits and are drowning in more than $14 trillion in debt, and despite not knowing who will rule Egypt until its election this fall, this strange strategy may be the end result given President Obama’s announcement that he is committing $2 billion to Egypt’s “new government.” It’s part of a $20 billion foreign aid package laid out with the Group of 8 countries in Europe today.

Now, given that Egypt has a history of corruption when it comes to utilizing American aid, it is doubtful that the money will really help needy Egyptian people. Couple that with the fact that the Muslim Brotherhood is organized to have a real shot at taking control of Egypt’s government, and one has to ask why we would send money (that we don’t have) into unknown Egyptian hands?

Throwing borrowed money around is not sound economic policy. And throwing borrowed money around the developing world is not sound foreign policy. Foreign assistance should go to American allies that need it and appreciate it, and for humanitarian purposes when it can truly make a difference.

Considering the Obama Administration’s continued strange strategies on the economy and foreign policy have us counting down the days to the next election. November 2012 can’t come soon enough.

- Sarah Palin

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Watch the "One Nation" bus tour video

"One Nation"

As published at SarahPAC: Watch the "One Nation" bus tour video

One Mans Opinion

One Mans Opinion 5/27/2011
By Dewaine Shoulders

Well, it's Memorial Day weekend, and summer is upon us. Besides looking forward to high gas prices and a stagnant economy, there's not a lot to celebrate out there... Unless you see this bus.

If you happen to see this bus rolling down a highway near you, follow it. Inside, a leader is preparing to make history.

Sarah Palin's One Nation Bus Tour will be hitting many American cities and towns all across the Fruited Plain in hopes to reach out to everyday Americans. Her message will be a simple one: It's time to restore America, not fundamentally change it. It's time to go back to Constitutional Law, not Case Law as is currently the case. It's time to restore, preserve and celebrate America's Greatness and Uniqueness, not blend in with the rest of the world as the current POTUS desires. And it's time to unleash the American Industrial Machine, creating jobs and bringing everyone's standard of living up. And it's time to rely on American Oil to run that machine, not foreign oil.

This is the tour that will launch Sarah Palin's run for the White House. This is the tour that will allow Sarah Palin to show the nation that she is the real deal. This tour will establish the groundwork for what she envisions for this nation and its people. A restoration of all that's good in America. This tour will also warn the Progressives in both parties that their day in the sun is at an end, because We the People want our country back!

Yes, America is about to see a leader emerge. A leader with a simple message... One Nation, under God, with common sense leadership and prosperity for all.

That leader is Sarah Palin!

But that's just my opinion, I could be right!

Restoring the Good in America!

Governor Palin today posted on Facebook:

Our nation is at a critical turning point. As we look to the future, we are propelled by America's past. It's imperative that we connect with our founders, our patriots, our challenges and victories to clearly see our way forward. A good way to do this is to appreciate the significance of our nation's historic sites, patriotic events and diverse cultures, which we'll do in the coming weeks on our "One Nation" tour.

We'll celebrate the good things that bring Americans together; those things that will give us the needed strength to meet the heady challenges ahead. I’ve said many times that America doesn’t need a "fundamental transformation," instead we need a restoration of all that is good and strong and free in America! So, together let’s prepare ourselves for the days ahead by reminding ourselves who we are and what Americans stand for.

We'll celebrate the meaning of our nation's blueprints, our Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution, which are the threads that weave our past into the fabric necessary for the survival of American exceptionalism. Our founders declared "we were born the heirs of freedom," and despite our difficulties and disagreements, we remain one nation under God in freedom, indivisible. Through visits to historical sites and patriotic events, we'll share the importance of America's foundation.

We encourage you to support the pro-America events we'll be privileged to participate in during these coming weeks. Discover the ties that bind Americans, our history, our traditions, and the exceptional nature of our country!

Follow the One Nation tour at

- Sarah Palin

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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Game On or Game Over?

By Robert Wiles

Well, in the past few days we have witnessed some encouraging events involving Sarah Palin. First, we find out that the Palin family has purchased a home in Arizona. Many believe this indicates a possible 2012 presidential run. You can read more about it here. Secondly, we find out about a movie that will be documenting Governor Palin's political life. The film will aptly be named "The Undefeated". Today, May 26, 2011, we learned that Sarah Palin is going to hit the road! Yep, she'll be going on a "One Nation" tour. This news has the Left shaking and the Establishment Republicans accusing her of "thinking that the 'rules' don't apply to her." It's funny, I never knew the Founding Fathers of this Nation had established "rules" on how to get elected. I always thought the process was between the candidate and the people. Anyway, with all this exciting news coming out, many of her supporters are convinced...she's in! Oh my! I can only imagine how the Left is burning the midnight oil trying to convince themselves that is not true. Meanwhile, the Establishment Right is stil trying to ignore the news, hoping it's all a mirage that will go away. Keep dreaming good ole boys! She's in it to win it! Yep, her detractors' worst nightmares will soon come to pass. Game on! As you can tell, I'm elated by the news!

I've said it before and I'll say it again, Sarah Palin is vital to our culture. Our culture is being destroyed and many on both sides of the aisle don't see it or don't want to see it. They want to go on following their "rules" and enjoying their elitist parties. All the while our Country is falling apart. Governor Palin is feared because she represents what our culture should be and she wants to restore this culture. We have witnessed the vile attacks on Sarah Palin. The nasty books filled with lies written about her and the mocking of her young son Trig, who has Downs Syndrome. I don't know about you, but when someone stoops to the level of mocking a disabled child, they have scraped the bottom of the barrel in my opinon. This reflects the shape that our Country is in. We have lost much of our moral compass. Do we realize that saving our freedoms and values is worth more than saving a job? Yes, the economy is in a mess, but could our loss of culture and ethics be part of the reason? I believe so. When we hear a TV host call female radio host a "slut," you know that our Country is in real trouble. You can watch the video of the verbal assault here. Mr. Schultz has apologized, but why the hate in the first place?

Our Country is crying out for someone who can restore the culture, ethics and principles this Nation was founded upon. The path the people of our Country decide to take will be determined in 2012. Will we be One Nation Under God once again or will we be the Nation that has gone under? Is it "In God We Trust" or do we look to the deity of man who has no wisdom to see or know the future? When I was a child, we were allowed to enjoy our youth, enjoy Halloween and live without fear. We'd go out trick or treating and have a ball! We had fun and the candy was abundant. We wore our costumes without worrying about being politically correct. We'd gather the candy, bring it home and then go out for more. Our parents were usually playing cards and didn't have to worry about us getting abducted or harrassed. We just had good clean fun. Back then, we trusted in our neighbors and we trusted in America. What happened? Could it be that this Nation has become arrogant enough to think that we can accomplish a life without God? Character today is defined by the latest Hollywood actor or pop star. Shouldn't it be defined by the God breathed spirit that is inside of us?

Today I see a path opening up. It's the highway being taken by Sarah Palin this Memorial Day Weekend. A highway that we as a Nation should start following. If we don't, we will be on a highway to nowhere. I choose to take the highway that Sarah is on and on we roll.

Robert Wiles

Palin Promotions Recommendations


Hi folks, I just wanted to give a few recommendations before the almost inevitable Palin presidential announcement.

1) Most of you reading this post have Facebook pages. Make sure to join as many pro-Palin groups as possible. And make sure to re-post important announcements, especially those on Gov. Palin's FB notes. Here is Governor Palin's Facebook account:

2) If you don't have a Twitter page set up yet...GET ONE! Some of you may not like to tweet, but we are going to need a lot of people re-tweeting important announcements, especially Gov. Palin's Tweets. Governor Palin's Twitter page is as follows:

Remember, Barack Obama won the election by using the Social Media wisely, we need to do the same. Game On!


Run Sarah, Run!

Organize4Palin (O4P) CA Volunteers: Susan & Ray of essex & orange 1773 have created another free downloadable Sarah Palin poster! Get yours today: HERE


TEXT: 4Palin to 74679 & Register HERE

Thomas S Schmitz

Organize4Palin CA

Follow on Twitter: @CA4Palin & @ThomasSSchmitz

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Gov. Palin Achieves 3 Million Facebook Supporters

This day, May 25, 2011 at 2304 (11:04 PM) EDT, the goal of 3 million supporters on Governor Palin's Facebook page was achieved.

Please donate $30, $300, or $3,000 NOW to SarahPAC. Let's Roll!!!!

Gov. Palin had achieved 2 million supporters on July 29, 2010 and her first million on November 17, 2009 when her Going Rogue book tour began.

Palins' AZ House Purchase Confirmed

Conservatives4Palin and the Wall Street Journal tonight confirmed that Governor Sarah Palin and Todd Palin have purchased a second home in Scottsdale, Arizona. The Arizona house could be used as a 2012 Presidential campaign base of operations.

Photo courtesy of and retrieved from: StateBrief Blog

Photo courtesy of and retrieved from: StateBrief Blog

Photo courtesy of and retrieved from: StateBrief Blog

CASTING NOTICE: Sarah Palin; Wonder Woman

NBC may have passed on David E Kelley's new Wonder Woman pilot but America may still be saved by a heroine.

As the golden age of Hope & Change struggles with soaring deficits, misguided thinking, out of control spending, shocking joblessness, three wars, & a President hell bent on gifting Hamas with Christian and Jewish Holy Sites; a nation in need is looking for a hero....A heroine.

America is looking for a leader who see's this nation as we do. A leader who has as much faith in the American people as our framers had.

There is a rebellion growing against a devilish man who works to subvert America and her allies. The electorate is waking up, and America realizes that our biggest mistake would be to give Barack Hussein Obama the benefit of the doubt.

Mr President, GAME ON!

The LSM hostile smear campaign against Sarah Palin has back fired. She is more powerful than ever. Supporters across the nation have been quietly meeting, strategizing, and preparing for the restoration of our Republic.

Next month in Iowa, then South Carolina, New Hampshire and Nevada; the two hour documentarty The Undefeated is set to premiere.

The two hour epic, will put to rest the LSM's smear campaign against the 20 year public service record of a Mom who joined the PTA because her kids school was screwed up.

PTA, Councilwoman, Mayor, President of Alaska Conference of Mayors, Chair of Alaska Oil & Gas Conservation Commission, Chair Interstate Oil & Gas Compact Commission, Governor, Chair National Governors Association Natural Resources Committe, Commander in Chief US Missile Defense System BN.

How much time has the LSM devoted to reporting any of these qualifications that span a 20 year public service record?

Hey, America...Guess what? WE DON'T NEED THE LSM ANYMORE!

With our help, Sarah Palin is poised to be the leader who finally casts Barack Hussein Obama back into the beastly Chicago lakeside of fire from whence he came.

Begining in 2013 Michelle Obama will once again not be proud of her country.

There is light in this moment of darkness in America.

Now is the time to take a stand to ensure that America will no longer be endlessly reshaped and tinkered with according to the dictates of some abstract intellectual concept, hypothesis, or fool notion.

The time tested truths that made this country great will be the foundation and platform for our restoration.

Watch out. There's about to be a new sheriff in town and the know-it-alls in Washington and LSM who have bankrupted our country and shoved the issues of the small minority over the will of the majority are about to get their fancy little butts a girl!


Please join our cause! Let's make America great again.

TEXT: 4Palin to 74679 & Register: HERE

Thomas S Schmitz


Follow me on Twitter: @ThomasSSchmitz

Seniors4Palin: O4P NY's "Palin Mailin'"

Mary Lou Welz is the Monroe and Livingston County, NY Coordinator for Organize4Palin. A senior confined to a wheelchair, Mary Lou is not able to walk door-to-door distributing literature. But, Mary Lou purchased at least 1,000 Organize4Palin 4" x 6" palm cards and put her ingenuity to work. First, she obtained lists of registered Republicans in Monroe, and identified top Election Districts she wanted to target.

Mary Lou, then assembled a crew of family and friends, envelopes, stamps, and other supplies and her direct mail effort went full bore. Hundreds of cards were direct mailed to seven election districts.

The city of Rochester is located within Monroe County and was a stop on Gov. Palin's Going Rogue book tour, at which several of Gov. Palin's supporters including myself were present.

Read Mary Lou's report and see the complete photo spread on her site: Seniors4Palin.

Across the continent, Thomas S. Schmitz, California Coordinator, Organize4Palin is distributing "Why the Jewish Community Should Support Gov. Palin" in Jewish neighborhoods within Los Angeles. His report will appear at Palin Promotions and US for Palin. The California booklet is based on the original New York "Why the Jewish Community Should Support Gov. Palin" booklet.

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Liberals Fire Weak Shots and Palin Nukes Them

-from Unsheathed

The Left thought hit books by Frank Bailey, Geoffrey Dunn, Joe McGinness and even Levi Johnston were going to be the death blow for Sarah Palin. These books were timed for an expected presidential run by Palin. They are being released now as candidates announce for 2012. These poor saps never saw it coming. Palin has been building a nuke and they are about to be obliterated.

Real Clear Politics reports:
Shortly after Republicans swept last November to a historic victory in which Sarah Palin was credited with playing a central role, the former Alaska governor pulled aside her close aide, Rebecca Mansour, to discuss a hush-hush assignment: Reach out to conservative filmmaker Stephen K. Bannon with a request. Ask him if he would make a series of videos extolling Palin's governorship and laying to rest lingering questions about her controversial decision to resign from office with a year-and-a-half left in her first term.


Though she did not have any editorial role in the project, Palin facilitated access for Bannon and his film crew to key Alaskan defenders who were involved with the major achievements of her administration, and the filmmaker spent several weeks in the 49th state gathering archival film and conducting research and interviews for the project. He and his team took extraordinary measures to keep their endeavor secret.

When they requested from Alaska's TV news stations footage that was shot during Palin's political rise, they asked for additional tapes containing subject matters that were irrelevant to their project, in order not to raise suspicions. And rather than staying at the well-appointed Hotel Captain Cook in Anchorage, they instead took up temporary residence in low-key motels.

"We shot on the weekends, and we shot in locations that weren't being used during those weekends," Bannon said. "I did it with a handpicked crew of people I know and trust, and we were able to stay under the radar. The planning for the secrecy of this took many, many weeks."
The film is titled "The Undefeated." This is clearly the ultimate political "Manhattan Project." The liberals didn't bring a knife to a gun fight. They brought their heavy artillery and Palin still has superior fire power.

This is nothing short of pure genius on Palin's part. She knew what the big boys in the media were planning. Expect this movie to be an electro-magnetic pulse that basically shuts down the liberal meatgrinder on her.

Palin didn't retweet. She really did re-load!

"The Undefeated" to Document Gov. Palin's Record in IA Debut

A full-length feature film, The Undefeated documents Governor Palin's record and answers questions about her resignation that continue to perturb some potential supporters, Scott Conroy, Real Clear Politics reported tonight. The project commenced over six months ago when Gov. Palin approached Rebecca Mansour, a close aide of hers with the directive to request Stephen K. Bannon, a conservative film maker produce a video series. Bannon agreed on one condition: that it be a full-length feature movie and that he finance the $1 million cost.

Gov. Palin and her husband Todd viewed a rough cut version of the two-hour film in Arizona last Wednesday, according to Conroy's report.
When it premieres in Iowa next month, the film is poised to serve as a galvanizing prelude to Palin's prospective presidential campaign -- an unconventional reintroduction to the nation that she and her political team have spent months eagerly anticipating, even as Beltway Republicans have largely concluded that she won't run.
Real Clear Politics also got a copy of the two-hour rough cut.

Much of the film maker's work was secretly conducted in Alaska over many weeks, Conroy reported. The movie is divided into three parts and will be produced in two versions. "An unrated edition will contain some obscene anti-Palin language and imagery, while the other is targeted to a general audience and will seek a PG-13 rating from the Motion Picture Association of America."

The movie has received rave reviews from Governor Palin, Tim Crawford, Treasurer, SarahPAC, and Rebecca Mansour who commissioned it:
SarahPAC's treasurer Tim Crawford confirmed that "The Undefeated" was a hit with Palin.

"The governor thought it was great," Crawford said.
Bannon's film also resonated with members of Palin's staff, including Mansour.
"I'm a huge fan of Steve's work," Mansour said in a statement to RCP on Tuesday. "His film on President Reagan, ‘In the Face of Evil,' is my favorite documentary, and his ‘Generation Zero' was a rallying cry for the Tea Party movement early on. I think his new film really captures the essence of Governor Palin's stewardship of Alaska, and I think people will be really surprised by it. It shatters so many false stereotypes because it shows what she actually accomplished as governor. You can't leave it thinking the same way about Sarah Palin."

The movie will debut in Iowa with subsequent release to New Hampshire, South Carolina, and Nevada. Thence, it is to be released to between 50 and 100 markets nationwide. Copies of The Undefeated may also be gifted to SarahPAC donors.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Barack Obama’s Disregard for Ally’s Security Begs Clarity

Governor Palin today posted on Facebook:

As I noted on Judge Jeanine Pirro’s show this weekend, I reject President Obama’s idea that Israel must cede back its territories to the 1967 line. Will we now be in the habit of telling our allies what their borders should be? Should Prime Minister Netanyahu suggest we return to our 1845 borders before the annexation of the southwest of the United States during the Mexican-American War? Should we give back parts of Texas, New Mexico, and California?


But the problem is even deeper. In both his State Department speech and his speech yesterday at AIPAC, President Obama made some seemingly specific comments about the Palestinian state that he wants to see created. He either misspoke or he has even more dangerous plans for our friends in Israel than he is publicly admitting.


In the State Department speech, President Obama said that he wants the borders of Palestine and Israel to “be based on the 1967 lines” (in other words, with both the West Bank and the Gaza Strip as part of the new Palestinian state) and that he wants a Palestine that is a “sovereign and contiguous state” (emphasis added). The Merriam–Webster dictionary defines “contiguous” as “being in actual contact: touching along a boundary or at a point; of angles, adjacent; next or near in time or sequence; touching or connected throughout in an unbroken sequence,” like the “contiguous United States” which obviously excludes Alaska and Hawaii.


But the 1967 lines do not include a “contiguous” Palestine. (See the map here.) So what does he mean? The President proposes “mutually agreed [land] swaps, so that secure and recognized borders are established for both states.” Is linking Gaza and the West Bank with a road the “secured border” he has in mind? Or is he suggesting something more? Is it not possible he’s suggesting that the only way you can create a “contiguous” Palestinian state with “secured” borders is by carving Israel in half? Clarification on this point is of paramount importance, Mr. President.


In fact, that leads me to another even bigger geographic problem with the President’s remarks. As the British newspaper The Independent points out, there is further confusion because President Obama said, “The United States believes that negotiations should result in two states, with permanent Palestinian borders with Israel, Jordan, and Egypt, and permanent Israeli borders with Palestine.” As The Independent asks: “How does that square with the pre-1967 borders? Was the President implying that the new improved Israel will border neither Jordan nor Egypt, as it does now? Would Palestine’s contiguous territory come at the expense of Israel’s? Would Israel get the Gaza Strip and the Mediterranean and Palestine get the Negev and a Red Sea port?”


Is that what you have in mind, Mr. President? Do you not want an Israeli border with Egypt? You need to clarify what you mean. Diplomacy requires precision and you are causing enormous anxiety for some and making commitments to others that you might not be able to keep.


It has long been the dream of radicals like Noam Chomsky to create a “contiguous Palestine.” True, President George W. Bush spoke ambiguously of a “contiguous” Palestinian state, but he never defined it geographically with borders the way President Obama has, and he had the security of our ally Israel in mind more than our current President. President Obama has in essence boxed Israel in without regard for the facts on the ground and without appreciating the fact that Israel looks across the negotiating table and sees the terrorist organization Hamas in alliance with Fatah. Israel has demonstrated in the past that it is willing to negotiate fairly with a genuine partner in peace. Just look at the treaty it maintains to this day with Egypt. All of this should have been considered and the President’s words should have been carefully measured so as to help and not hinder the peace process. Unfortunately, his words have caused confusion and distressed our ally.


- Sarah Palin


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One Mans Opinion

One Mans Opinion 5/23/2011
By Dewaine Shoulders

History is repeating itself yet again... The leftist mythmakers are once again spreading dirt on Sarah Palin. The Huffington Post and The Daily Beast are trying to stir up their base with another fact-less piece from another liberal rag and running with it as if it were the gospel (oh, don’t get em started on religion LOL). It amazes me how low that these sites will go for reporting (or making-up) the news. Worse than the tabloids (which have better reporters and actually do some research on their stories), these Internet sites of choice for liberal loonfish are incapable of getting it right.

The HuffyPo, and the aforementioned Daily Beast, are spreading gossip concerning a story in New York Magazine. According to the article, Roger Ailes thinks Sarah Palin is stupid. Really? Roger Ailes, the man who also got Chris Matthews his start in TV, thinks Sarah Palin is stupid? What about Chris 'I get a tingle up my leg' Matthews? Anytime he speaks, dogs howl for miles around! Does Ailes think Matthews is stupid too? Hmm? I truly think it was Mr. Matthews that Mr. Ailes was referring to, but the liberals can't seem to get the facts straight. Go figure!

“He (Roger Ailes) thinks she’s (Sarah Palin) stupid,” a source told New York magazine. “He helped boost her up. People like Sarah Palin haven’t elevated the Conservative movement.” The article alleges that Ailes wants to put a Republican in the White House, but he is unimpressed with the current crop of candidates. “Roger is worried about the future of our country,” the source said. (From New York Magazine).

First of all... Who is this anonymous source their quoting? We want names, not sources! Give us facts, not fairy tales! Wait, that’s all the liberals can believe in are fairy tales. Reality doesn’t exist to them. Remember, they believed in Hope and Change. LOL

Anyway, why is it always that the left uses an anonymous source to leak a story for these trash sites to run with? Only loonfish liberals would believe anonymous sources. We conservatives need proof. When Roger Ailes goes on Fox News and says what the story supposedly says, then I'll believe the story. Until then, take that trash and shove it!

Honestly, I'm not impressed with the current slate of candidates in the GOP either. But the difference is that I'm not Roger Ailes, and I don't have anonymous sources leaking things to the New York Maggotzine either! Odds are that he never said these things and some liberal buffoon with a keyboard and a vivid imagination is stirring a steaming pot of rabid dog crap for the loonfish to devour. It wouldn't be the first time, and most certainly won't be the last time that this will happen.

Liberals are so easily led astray.

Aside for thinking about a run, Sarah Palin has yet to announce her intentions, thus isn't one of the current candidates. So, Ailes wasn't referring to Sarah Palin in the alleged statement from the 'source' in regards to the current candidates in question. There’s a fine line between exploring the possibility and actually running… But that’s all but a blur to the Libs.

Let's face it, this is yet another half-baked hit-piece from the left to make Sarah Palin look bad. You'd think by now they'd give it up already, but they can't let it go. Like so many things about the left, they cannot learn from their own mistakes. They keep making the same mistakes over and over again, hoping for a different outcome. It's the typical liberal tomfoolery.

Nuff said about that!

Also in the Sarah Palin Rumor Mill is that she may be about to (or has already) purchased a home in Scottsdale, Arizona. So what? Would it matter if she bought a home in, say, Newark? How about Chicago? Or perhaps Boise?

Of course, the speculation is that she'll be using the Scottsdale home as a base during a presidential run - if she elects to jump into the race. Again, so what?

Here's the bottom line, Sarah Palin, whether she decides to run for president or not, has made the money to buy a home wherever she wishes to buy one. She may have bought (or planning to buy) the home to be close to Bristol, who bought a home in Tucson. Who really knows for sure, and who really needs to make it their business? Once again, the dinosaur media, and the liberal internet blog jockeys are all gaga over anything Sarah Palin does.

She could write her laundry list on Facebook or Twitter and make national news. What does that say about the state of modern journalism in America today? Not too much… In my humble opinion.

As far as I'm concerned, she is free to live wherever she chooses in America, and do what she pleases as a free citizen of this country. Sarah Palin has rights too, ya know! Only the pundits, the busybodies in the media and the liberal bloggers seem to be nosing into her business. Maybe we should be sticking our noses into their business... But where is the sport in that, right?

Or, we can let Sarah Palin do what she feels she must for her and her family. If she decides to run for president, then all of the speculation surrounding her every move becomes justified. Until then, she's a regular American citizen, and for Pete’s sake, let her have some private time and space to live like the rest of us! How would the MSM like to have their every move critiqued in the HuffyPo or the rest of the MSM every single day. But, of course, that would only happen if the MSM folks in question were conservatives... How silly of me to think otherwise!

When Sarah Palin does make her decision, then she sets herself up for the constant scrutiny that she seems to be getting anyway. In that case, with what the MSM and the leftist bloggers and those wonderful folks over at the HuffyPo and the Daily Beast have been doing to her for over two years already, she'll be immune to it completely. The truth be known, I think the MSM have pretty much fired everything they have at her already. All they’ll be doing is rehashing everything they have tried and failed at before, and will get the same results yet again. By the time they get done with their assaults, Teflon Sarah will still be standing there and all the lamestreamer loonfish will be able to at that point will be to hurl spit wads at her. Gross!

Once again, the likes of the Huffy Post or the Daily Beast and the left-leaning media and bloggers have been sticking their collective noses into Sarah Palin's business. For someone they consider irrelevant, the sure seems to be showing their total fixation on Sarah Palin.

Isn't Palin Derangement Syndrome a wonderful thing?

The funny thing is, if she does run for president, they'll not be able to do anything else to her that they haven't already done, and that will make Sarah Palin the strongest candidate out there. She's been vetted more as a Governor and as a private citizen than they ever did to the Community Organizer in Chief by a factor of 10,000! And if the MSM continues to try to go after her and not the male candidates in the running on the GOP side, then they'll prove themselves totally biased and chauvinistic, thus further damaging their non-existent credentials for being unbiased. Of course, the liberal media and unbiased reporting is truly an oxymoron!

So, here's a big Thank You to all of you wonderful HuffyPo-ers and Daily Beasters out there. And a big shout-out to those leftist loonfish bloggers and LSM folks, who have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that Sarah Palin is the candidate to beat in 2012 by your continued attempts to destroy her. Well done, guys and gals on the left, well done. And thanks for all of your hard work! Keep it up and President Palin can personally thank you after her election.

But that's just my opinion, I could be right!