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One Mans Opinion

One Mans Opinion 5/23/2011
By Dewaine Shoulders

History is repeating itself yet again... The leftist mythmakers are once again spreading dirt on Sarah Palin. The Huffington Post and The Daily Beast are trying to stir up their base with another fact-less piece from another liberal rag and running with it as if it were the gospel (oh, don’t get em started on religion LOL). It amazes me how low that these sites will go for reporting (or making-up) the news. Worse than the tabloids (which have better reporters and actually do some research on their stories), these Internet sites of choice for liberal loonfish are incapable of getting it right.

The HuffyPo, and the aforementioned Daily Beast, are spreading gossip concerning a story in New York Magazine. According to the article, Roger Ailes thinks Sarah Palin is stupid. Really? Roger Ailes, the man who also got Chris Matthews his start in TV, thinks Sarah Palin is stupid? What about Chris 'I get a tingle up my leg' Matthews? Anytime he speaks, dogs howl for miles around! Does Ailes think Matthews is stupid too? Hmm? I truly think it was Mr. Matthews that Mr. Ailes was referring to, but the liberals can't seem to get the facts straight. Go figure!

“He (Roger Ailes) thinks she’s (Sarah Palin) stupid,” a source told New York magazine. “He helped boost her up. People like Sarah Palin haven’t elevated the Conservative movement.” The article alleges that Ailes wants to put a Republican in the White House, but he is unimpressed with the current crop of candidates. “Roger is worried about the future of our country,” the source said. (From New York Magazine).

First of all... Who is this anonymous source their quoting? We want names, not sources! Give us facts, not fairy tales! Wait, that’s all the liberals can believe in are fairy tales. Reality doesn’t exist to them. Remember, they believed in Hope and Change. LOL

Anyway, why is it always that the left uses an anonymous source to leak a story for these trash sites to run with? Only loonfish liberals would believe anonymous sources. We conservatives need proof. When Roger Ailes goes on Fox News and says what the story supposedly says, then I'll believe the story. Until then, take that trash and shove it!

Honestly, I'm not impressed with the current slate of candidates in the GOP either. But the difference is that I'm not Roger Ailes, and I don't have anonymous sources leaking things to the New York Maggotzine either! Odds are that he never said these things and some liberal buffoon with a keyboard and a vivid imagination is stirring a steaming pot of rabid dog crap for the loonfish to devour. It wouldn't be the first time, and most certainly won't be the last time that this will happen.

Liberals are so easily led astray.

Aside for thinking about a run, Sarah Palin has yet to announce her intentions, thus isn't one of the current candidates. So, Ailes wasn't referring to Sarah Palin in the alleged statement from the 'source' in regards to the current candidates in question. There’s a fine line between exploring the possibility and actually running… But that’s all but a blur to the Libs.

Let's face it, this is yet another half-baked hit-piece from the left to make Sarah Palin look bad. You'd think by now they'd give it up already, but they can't let it go. Like so many things about the left, they cannot learn from their own mistakes. They keep making the same mistakes over and over again, hoping for a different outcome. It's the typical liberal tomfoolery.

Nuff said about that!

Also in the Sarah Palin Rumor Mill is that she may be about to (or has already) purchased a home in Scottsdale, Arizona. So what? Would it matter if she bought a home in, say, Newark? How about Chicago? Or perhaps Boise?

Of course, the speculation is that she'll be using the Scottsdale home as a base during a presidential run - if she elects to jump into the race. Again, so what?

Here's the bottom line, Sarah Palin, whether she decides to run for president or not, has made the money to buy a home wherever she wishes to buy one. She may have bought (or planning to buy) the home to be close to Bristol, who bought a home in Tucson. Who really knows for sure, and who really needs to make it their business? Once again, the dinosaur media, and the liberal internet blog jockeys are all gaga over anything Sarah Palin does.

She could write her laundry list on Facebook or Twitter and make national news. What does that say about the state of modern journalism in America today? Not too much… In my humble opinion.

As far as I'm concerned, she is free to live wherever she chooses in America, and do what she pleases as a free citizen of this country. Sarah Palin has rights too, ya know! Only the pundits, the busybodies in the media and the liberal bloggers seem to be nosing into her business. Maybe we should be sticking our noses into their business... But where is the sport in that, right?

Or, we can let Sarah Palin do what she feels she must for her and her family. If she decides to run for president, then all of the speculation surrounding her every move becomes justified. Until then, she's a regular American citizen, and for Pete’s sake, let her have some private time and space to live like the rest of us! How would the MSM like to have their every move critiqued in the HuffyPo or the rest of the MSM every single day. But, of course, that would only happen if the MSM folks in question were conservatives... How silly of me to think otherwise!

When Sarah Palin does make her decision, then she sets herself up for the constant scrutiny that she seems to be getting anyway. In that case, with what the MSM and the leftist bloggers and those wonderful folks over at the HuffyPo and the Daily Beast have been doing to her for over two years already, she'll be immune to it completely. The truth be known, I think the MSM have pretty much fired everything they have at her already. All they’ll be doing is rehashing everything they have tried and failed at before, and will get the same results yet again. By the time they get done with their assaults, Teflon Sarah will still be standing there and all the lamestreamer loonfish will be able to at that point will be to hurl spit wads at her. Gross!

Once again, the likes of the Huffy Post or the Daily Beast and the left-leaning media and bloggers have been sticking their collective noses into Sarah Palin's business. For someone they consider irrelevant, the sure seems to be showing their total fixation on Sarah Palin.

Isn't Palin Derangement Syndrome a wonderful thing?

The funny thing is, if she does run for president, they'll not be able to do anything else to her that they haven't already done, and that will make Sarah Palin the strongest candidate out there. She's been vetted more as a Governor and as a private citizen than they ever did to the Community Organizer in Chief by a factor of 10,000! And if the MSM continues to try to go after her and not the male candidates in the running on the GOP side, then they'll prove themselves totally biased and chauvinistic, thus further damaging their non-existent credentials for being unbiased. Of course, the liberal media and unbiased reporting is truly an oxymoron!

So, here's a big Thank You to all of you wonderful HuffyPo-ers and Daily Beasters out there. And a big shout-out to those leftist loonfish bloggers and LSM folks, who have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that Sarah Palin is the candidate to beat in 2012 by your continued attempts to destroy her. Well done, guys and gals on the left, well done. And thanks for all of your hard work! Keep it up and President Palin can personally thank you after her election.

But that's just my opinion, I could be right!

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