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Gov. Palin on Fox News: Ferraro a Pioneer, Paved Way for Women

"The open doors [Geraldine Ferraro] has provided all women [is] pretty profound and outstanding. [I am] so proud to have known her," Gov. Palin said in a telephone interview with Fox News today following the death of Geraldine Ferraro to blood cancer. Governor Palin and Ferraro were together on Election night discussing the direction the country should go in. Though they disagreed on politics, they "agreed on the rights that women have and that everyone here is to be treated equally, and you progress and accomplish based on your own merits," Gov. Palin said. Geraldine Ferraro was a pioneer, accepting the Democratic Vice Presidential nomination in 1984. "I can't say enough good things about what it is she accomplished." Ferraro had class, wisdom, and grace, Gov. Palin said.

Despite having cancer, Ferraro continued her work opening doors of opportunity for women. She refused to be a victim. And she advocated for cancer victims. "She wasn't self-focused. She was always trying to help others and trying to make the world a better place," Gov. Palin said.

"Across the political spectrum, all of us have the utmost respect for Geraldine Ferraro. She understood what she had to bust through to get to where she was....she was under great scrutiny...and was attacked as she rose. She handled it all with grace and dignity," Gov. Palin said.

When asked if Gov. Palin considered Ferraro a role model for young women to follow, she said, "absolutely." Gov. Palin had called her daughter Bristol to discuss Ferraro. Ferraro believed in work ethic and Gov. Palin noted that Ferraro was Providentially born on Women's Equality Day.

"Does it make you even more committed in your desire personally to serve the public good when you look at her life on a day like today that is sad, at the same time you say inspiring," the Fox News reporter asked Gov. Palin. "It does, because it is inspiring and it all about the pioneering spirit that built America - taking bold steps to accomplish great things despite the hardships that you know you're going to be anticipating - they're out there....every step of Geraldine's life she faced hardship, yet she plowed through and she was able to pave a way for others. She went before. She prepared the way," Gov. Palin said.

Sarah Palin Talks About Geraldine Ferraro retrieved from Fox News

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On the Passing of Geraldine Ferraro

Governor Palin today posted on Facebook:

My family and I would like to express our sincere condolences to the family of Geraldine Ferraro. When I had the honor of working alongside Geraldine on election night last year, we both discussed the role of women in politics and our excited expectation that someday that final glass ceiling would be shattered by the election of a woman president. She was an amazing woman who dedicated her life to public service as a teacher, prosecutor, Congresswoman, and Vice Presidential candidate. She broke one huge barrier and then went on to break many more. The world will miss her. May she rest in peace and may her example of hard work and dedication to America continue to inspire all women.

- Sarah Palin

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Gov. Palin Discusses 2012 and Family Life with India's Koël Rinchet

Governor Palin last week gave a wide-ranging interview to Koël Purie Rinchet following her speech at the India Today Conclave 2011. Rinchet, the host of On the Couch with Koël began the interview by stating that Gov. Palin could become the most powerful person in the world in 2012.

India's Fascinating Diversity

Gov. Palin said she found India's geographic, religious and cultural diversity fascinating, and praised India for "leading by terms of tolerance and embracing that diversity."

Gov. Palin lauded India's decisions pertaining to individual liberties, free markets, and small government.

She described her trip to the hotel from the airport as an "adrenaline rush," as she took in the New Delhi scenery. Gov. Palin said she wanted to see more of India, specifically the mountains and the Taj Mahal, sentiments she also expressed in her speech that day.

On Time Management

When asked how she manages a family of five children, a grandchild and her political life, Gov. Palin said her husband Todd is a great partner and helpmate. Both Sarah and Todd Palin have large families spanning five generations, and "all pitch in and help, making the logistics work," Gov. Palin said. When asked if something had to be sacrificed, Gov. Palin responded that she "does not spend a lot of time lazing around," and is usually multi-tasking. Downtime would be sacrificed. Gov. Palin said that both Todd and herself are wired to "go, go, go!"

Sarah and Todd Palin: Life Partners and a Team

Rinchet observed that Todd is a "such a caring man, checking your face before you went on." She noted that India tends to be a more macho culture and asked Gov. Palin if Todd ever felt like he was the lesser partner. Gov. Palin said no, adding that Todd is a successful businessman, four-time Iron Dog champion, and athlete. She said that they were very lucky to have met at an early age and though each does their own thing, they work as a team and as partners.

Rinchet asked Gov. Palin how she advised her daughter Bristol regarding her pregnancy with Tripp. Gov. Palin said at first it looked like an insurmountable challenge for Bristol, but she came to see what a joy and blessing Tripp was.

Recreation and Ordinary Tasks

When asked what she does for recreation, Gov. Palin said she goes running, snow-machining, and "anything else in the great outdoors."

Rinchet asked Gov. Palin what was the last ordinary thing she did. Gov. Palin had done many loads of laundry prior to her 19-hour flight to India. Gov. Palin and her family do a lot of life's ordinary tasks themselves. "It keeps me grounded," she said.

Did Pakistan's Prime Minister Flirt?

In 2008, Pakistan's Prime Minister Zardari asked Gov. Palin for permission to hug her. Rinchet asked Gov. Palin if she felt the Prime Minister was flirting. She said she did not know but wanted the meeting to get to politics and policy, which it did in short order.

People from India Gov. Palin has Met

Rinchet asked Gov. Palin who she would like to meet in India. Gov. Palin had already met Mother Theresa's biographer, and India's Prime Minister. She said there are so many dynamic, interesting people in India and "I'd like to meet more of you."

Frustration vs. Anger

Rinchet said that Gov. Palin was reputed to "have a temper" and asked her what things made her angry. Gov. Palin said reports of her "having a temper" were "ginned up" and "made up." She added that as a mom, she has to stay calm, cool, and collected in front of her children. Gov. Palin said she does not get angry, but sometimes gets frustrated at media lies about her record, accomplishments, and family.

Family, Todd, and God

"What is the most satisfying thing about being Sarah Palin," Rinchet asked. Gov. Palin said family, her relationship with Todd and her relationship with God were the most important things in her life, superseding all else.


Rinchet's final question was, "What do you make of President Obama?" Gov. Palin said, that she would not criticize him on foreign soil, that he is still our president, "but I look forward to 2012. I think we're going to see a change, and I think it's going to be a change for the better."

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Gov. Palin On the Couch with Koel Purie Rinchet, Part I retrieved from: Headlines Today

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Gov. Palin On the Couch with Koel Purie Rinchet, Part II retrieved from: Headlines Today

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Lamestream Media: Reload or White Flag?

Governor Palin today posted on Facebook:

“Let’s keep pivoting around media bias, and not get distracted with the vulgar personal shots. Call out lies and set the record straight, but always keep the ball moving. No one ever won a game only playing defense.”

Upon my return from an outstanding and productive trip to India and Israel, I’ve been inundated with requests to respond to petty comments made in the media the past few days, including one little fella’s comment which decent people would find degrading. (I won’t bother responding to it though, because it was made by he who reminds me of an annoying little mosquito found zipped up in your tent; he can’t do any harm, but buzzes around annoyingly until it’s time to give him the proverbial slap.)

I’ve given this a lot of thought, and I’d like to share my thoughts on the never-ending issue of media bias.

When it comes to responding to the media, the standard warning is: Don’t pick a fight with people who buy ink by the barrel because calling out the media and holding them accountable is a risky endeavor. Too often the first instinct is to ignore blatant media bias, crudeness, and outright lies, and just hope the media instigator will grow up and provide fairer coverage if you bite your tongue and not challenge the false reporting of an openly hostile press. But I’ve never bought into that. That’s waving the white flag. I just can’t do it because I have too much respect for the importance of a free press as a cornerstone of our democracy, and I have great respect for the men and women in uniform who sacrifice so much to defend that First Amendment right. Media, with freedom comes responsibility.

Friends, too often conservatives or Republicans in general come across as having the fighting instinct of sheep. I don’t. I was raised to believe that you don’t retreat when you’re on solid ground; so even though it often seems like I’m armed with just a few stones and a sling against a media giant, I’ll use those small resources to do what I can to set the record straight. The truth is always worth fighting for. Doing so isn’t whining or “playing the victim card”; it’s defending the truth in fairness to those who seek accurate information. I’ll keep attempting to correct misinformation and falsehoods about myself and my record, and I will certainly never shy from defending others who are unfairly attacked. This is in the name of justice.

But two decades in politics have taught me that when it comes to picking battles, often it’s best to ignore the truly petty, ugly personal media shots because engaging in a counter argument with disreputable, intolerant people doesn’t vindicate me; it merely gives those people the attention they seek. It wastes my time and it distracts from what we should focus on.

We must always remember the big picture. The media has always been biased. Conservatives – and especially conservative women – have always been held to a different standard and attacked. This is nothing new. Lincoln was mocked and ridiculed. Reagan was called an amiable dunce, a dangerous warmonger, a rightwing fanatic, and the insult list goes on and on. (But somehow Reagan still managed to win two major electoral landslides, and this was in the days before the internet and talk radio when all he had were three biased network news channels spinning reports on him. If he could do so much with so little and still be such an optimistic and positive leader, then surely we can succeed with the new media tools at our disposal.)

Let’s just acknowledge that commonsense conservatives must be stronger and work that much harder because of the obvious bias. And let’s be encouraged with a sense of poetic justice by knowing that the “mainstream” media isn’t mainstream anymore. That’s why I call it “lamestream,” and the LSM is becoming quite irrelevant, as it is no longer the sole gatekeeper of information.

Let’s keep pivoting around media bias, and not get distracted with the vulgar personal shots. Even with limited time we can try to call out lies and set the record straight, but always keep the ball moving. No one ever won a game only playing defense.

I’ll keep correcting false reporting, and I’ll defend others to the hilt; but I won’t spend any more precious, limited time responding to personal, vulgar, sexist venom spewed my way.

Today, our country is faced with seemingly overwhelming challenges. We have an unsustainable and immoral $14 trillion debt problem which, combined with a self-inflicted energy crisis, could bring America to her knees. The President of the United States is manipulating an energy supply by refusing to develop our U.S. energy resources. Shouldn’t that be the media’s focus today? Wouldn’t you like more information on the deficit that for last month alone was the highest in our history at $223 billion? That single month’s deficit was more than the entire deficit for the year 2007! We still have a 16% real unemployment rate. We had 2.9 million home foreclosures last year alone, with this year predicted to be even worse. Americans who are struggling to make ends meet are now hit by rising food and energy prices – exacerbated by the Fed’s decision to drop that $600 billion money bomb known as QE2 on us. Gas has already hit $4 per gallon in some areas. And let’s not forget that our men and women in uniform are deployed far from home today. From Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, to who-knows-where tomorrow under a clouded, confused Obama Doctrine, our armed forces are in harm’s way, defending our interests and protecting our freedoms.

Now these are the real concerns to Americans. These are times when real leadership is needed. We must never be distracted from these real concerns.

Petty comments from the small-minded are used to distract. Stay focused, America. Don’t wave any white flag. Simply put, let’s spend our precious time on causes that are worthy.

- Sarah Palin

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O4P Los Angeles; Run Sarah Run!

Many of you have seen the ads that say, "TEXT 4PALIN to 74679" or CLICK HERE to get involved and receive O4P updates and alerts. So what's this all about? Organize4Palin (O4P): Organize 4 Palin (O4P) is a site many Governor Sarah Palin supporters have been waiting for…a chance to put all of our gifts, talents, and plain old elbow grease to work behind the ideals and leadership of Governor Palin. A sister site to Conservatives 4 Palin and PalinTV, O4P is a grassroots effort and not affiliated with SarahPAC. With that said, let’s show America what Governor Palin supporters are made of. We are not fans. We are not puppets. We are not easily deterred by the mud slinging left and insider GOP good old boys (and girls). Bottom line? We love our country and have no doubt that Governor Palin is forging the path of common sense leadership we feel confidant in following. Governor Palin has taken heat from the media, the left, and in some circumstances, even her own party, in her quest to help our government find its proper role and our country find its lost soul. We can watch her in hopes she can do it alone and suffer the consequences if the tide is too strong. Or we can make our stand beside her, answer the call, and not lose the liberty our country fought so hard to win. Please join us at Organize 4 Palin, and invite your friends. Governor Sarah Palin supporters are the most passionate, honest, and tireless workers, online and off…no surprise, since the Governor herself is the same. We will show everyone across this great nation of ours what Americans can do when they put country first and stand together as one. (Click HERE to read more about O4P) O4P had great success in the 2010 elections! The Lame Strem Media will continue to ignore and downplay this; but let's not forget the victories of the Sarah Palin endorsed candidates from last November: 37 House Reps, 6 Senators, 7 Governors, 2 Atty Generals, & 1 Secretary of State. That's a lot of Mama & Papa Grizzlies sent to DC with the same goal: Put government back on the side of the people. O4P made pages for the endorsed candidates and O4P volunteers received calls to action to help those candidates. We donated time, money, and most importantly our personal skills to help each candidate get elected. O4P helped volunteers connect with each other and circumvent the machinations of the politics as usual crowd to bring about real change. Now that 2010 is behind us O4P is focused on 2011 & 2012. We will continue to bring real change to American politics and get our country back on the right track. After you sign up for O4P you will be contacted by your State Coordinator (sometimes County Coordinator if you live in a big state). She/He will communicate with you directly to find out your contact info, what kind of skills you have that will be useful (actually priceless) to O4P, and any other interests or talents you have that you'd be willing to donate. For example here in Los Angeles I was contacted by two volunteers who are graphic artists. Right now they are working on the O4P Los Angeles artwork and images that we need for various projects. Traditional Establishment (old fashioned) GOP politicians would never dream of operating like this. They would prefer to spend thousands of dollars on political operatives who would spend thousands of dollars on a public relations fim. The public relations firm would spend thousands of dollars to hire a focus group. The focus group would spend thousands of dollars to decide what colors to use in the images, and what words to use. Then the public relations firm would spend thousands of dollars to hire a graphic artist. The graphic artist would then charge the public relations firm thousands of dollars to make the image, the public relations firm (who owes thousands of dollars to the focus group) would charge the political operative thousands of dollars, and the political operative would charge the traditional establishment politician thousands of dollars. WHEW! Ben and Kelley are making the O4P Los Angeles images for free. Isn't it shocking that while President Obama continues to spend the Country into insolvency; the GOP experts (with help from the LSM) are trying to shove candidates on us who think nothing of wasting thousands of dollars just so a panel of more experts can decide what color and font to use for a political computer graphic images? It may be acceptable to Romney, Daniels, Gingrich, Pawlenty, Huckabee, Barbour, and the rest of the GOP boys; but regular, hard working Americans are sick and tired of politicians who don't understand the value of a dollar. It's hard for Americans to earn a dollar, yet very easy for politicians to spend that dollar. Wasting hard earned dollars on political operatives, focus groups, and voter profiles is frowned upon in the restoration of America. Our Los Angeles O4P meet-up brought together a diverse group of people united under just a few simple time tested truths: A smaller, smarter government. A constitutionally bound congress who spends less money than they take in from our taxes. (Can you believe that the concept of spending less than you take in is now merely desirous instead of a given?) A leader who believes that America is an exceptional nation and a force for good in the World. America’s borders must be secured. We want a leader who will stand up, secure the borders, and enforce the laws already on the books and not be afraid of being called: RAAACIST! America’s abundant resources must be tapped immediately. We want a leader who will take a stand, un-lock our lands, and have the courage to relentlessly DRILL NOW and not be afraid of the crazy green Anti-Capitalist anthropogenic global cooling global warming global cooling global warming Climate Change Alarmists. America's leaders must stick to our principles: strong defense, free trade, helping our allies, constant and never-failing opposition to America’s enemies. The United States of America is the most powerful country on earth and the world is better off because of it. O4P volunteers will work tirelessly to make sure the 2012 presidential election process is in the hands of the people. We will not allow the LSM or the fancy, hoity toity Country Club Republicans of the East Coast to select our nominee for us in 2012. The establishment GOP keeps trying to tell us that they fear that Sarah Palin will lose to Barack Obama in 2012. They are lying. The establishment GOP fears that Sarah Palin will beat Barack Obama and owe them nothing. Los Angeles, just like the rest of the country, is waking up and is hungry to finally live in reality and reject the progressive fantasy that many in the upper echelon of the GOP are so quick to embrace these days. The biggest mistake our alleged betters have made is that they still assume we're not paying attention to what is being done to our country. Each day I receive more and more Emails from people wanting to volunteer. More and more people are paying attention. More and more people want to get involved. The new volunteers I talk to all sense the same thing. We all sense the new re-structuring of power being brought in by the Tea Party and Sarah Palin. Being well bred and well paid are not necessarily an asset in the coming power shift. But understanding the proper role of government is. Sarah Palin believes that government exists to serve the people. Political Elitists in both parties do not believe this. When the time for choosing comes; the loyal American electorate will know what to do. Until then, join the thousands of others who have united and Get your Grrr on! Join your local O4P group today! TEXT 4PALIN to 74679 Register at O4P and get involved now! CLICK HERE Thomas S Schmitz Los Angeles City & County Coordinator for Organize4Palin (O4P) Follow me on Twitter: @ThomasSSchmitz

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Gov Palin on Greta: US Should Lead, Repeal Obama Care

Gov. Palin tonight said in a three-segment interview with Greta Van Susteren that the Obama administration needs to clarify its goals in Libya; ObamaCare should be repealed; Israel needs to know they can count on us; and "I need NOW's defense like a fish needs a bicycle."


"We are not leading. This is turning into much more than a no-fly-zone," Gov. Palin said, adding that the Obama administration's approach to Libya is very confusing and filled with mixed messages. She expressed concern that command and control over our troops would be turned over to a foreign power with no defined point as to when it would be turned back.

"We should be in it to win it!" Gov. Palin said. "That means Gaddafi goes."

"Gaddafi has the blood of innocent Americans on his hands and this is the opportunity to hold him accountable," Gov. Palin said twice during the interview. She predicted that he would end up dead either at the hands of the rebel fighters or America and her allies in enforcing the no-fly-zone. Gov. Palin said that if we turn over command and control and Gaddafi stays in power, we will have failed. We have the manpower and technology to win she added.

"We should not turn over command and control to a steering committee....the military's role is to get in, strike hard [get rid of him], and get out," Gov. Palin said. "Our goal should not be nation-building."

The Cost of War

Gov. Palin said that funding a war and these mission is a consideration, when we are $14 trillion in debt. "We have to choose our wars wisely. It is not our role to be nation-building. We need to know before we send troops into harm's way that we are in it to win it."

"A month ago, the mission was to get Gaddafi out of power. A real leader seeks to be informed and inform us. We need cohesive, coordinated, and consistent policy," Gov. Palin said.

Greta noted that the left is angry with Obama for taking the military action, and the right is angry for him taking the action and not informing us.

Israel - a Trip of a Lifetime

"I got to hear first-hand [from Prime Minister Netanyahu] what his concerns are and what the threats are. He wants to know that as our most valuable ally, Israel can count on us," Gov. Palin said. "Obama was inappropriate to interfere in Israel's zoning issue [regarding settlements last year]," she added.

"Israel has made concession after concession and dealt with threat after threat," Gov. Palin said. As President, Gov. Palin would ensure that "Israel knows they can count on us to secure peace and we would stay out of their skirmishes. Israel has threats all around....why aren't we telling the Palestinians to quit bombing, and [shelling]. Why should the Jews be the ones to always be backing down? We need to take a harder line [on the Palestinians]" Gov. Palin said.

She noted that the some of the problems in Israel go back 4,000 years and emphasized that we need to get our own house in order.


Gov. Palin said that ObamaCare is less popular now than it was a year ago today when it was signed into law. "People who ran in the mid-terms campaigned on repealing ObamaCare," Gov. Palin said. "...and in 2012, people will get elected on repeal." She said ObamaCare is job-killing, over-reaching, and unconstitutional. "It's unfair. We have 1,000 about a waiver for the whole country? Repeal it."

Gov. Palin said ObamaCare violates the Commerce Clause of the US Constitution. "The federal government cannot force citizens to buy anything," she said.

Double-Standards for Conservative Women

"Women are held to a different standard. So what? Work harder, do better, get over it!" Gov. Palin said. But, Greta said the double-standard is degrading to women. Gov. Palin responded, "life is not fair. Deal with it. I need NOW's defense like fish need a bicycle. When it's directed at me, it rolls off like water off a duck's back," Gov. Palin said. But, if it's directed at her family or other women, Gov. Palin said she would "reload" and rise to their defense.

Greta said that she has seen first-hand horrific comments directed at Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton. But, Gov. Palin said that kind of commentary is not said on Fox, but it is routine on HBO, MSNBC, and other left-leaning networks.

Gov. Palin concluded the question by saying, "we need to concentrate on what really matters in the world."


Gov. Palin is still considering and wants to see if someone is willing to serve for the right reasons with a servant's heart. She said you don't need a title to make a difference.

Governor Palin “On The Record” With Greta Van Susteren – March 23 2011 retrieved from PalinTV.

Palin Reflects on Libya, Trip to Israel retrieved from Fox News.

Palin on 'Obamacare': 'Just Repeal the Thing!' retrieved from Fox News.

Palin and the Vicious Double Standard retrieved from Fox News.

Gov. Palin Talks Foreign Policy, Energy in Naples, FL

"Sarah Palin visited Naples Wednesday, bringing her conservative message to a gathering of about 1,000 at the Ritz-Carlton as part of the Naples Town Hall Distinguished Speaker Series. / Special to"

Governor Palin tonight electrified the crowd of over 1,000 at the Naples Town Hall Distinguished Speaker Series with her speech on foreign policy and energy independence, Bob Rathberger, News-Press reported.

On Israel, Gov. Palin said, “The occupants of the White House do not have the concerns of Israel in their best interest." On Iran, she said, “We have tens of billions of barrels of oil warehoused underground in Alaska...But the president goes to Brazil. It's gone from ‘Drill, Baby, Drill' to ‘Drill, Brazil, Drill.’”

Gov. Palin said that the Obama administration squandered its opportunity to act on Iran. She said our policy on Libya is inconsistent and reiterated her concern expressed in India about China's military build-up which is offensive, not defensive in posture.

Gov. Palin described her foreign policy doctrine as: “If you're in it, win it. If there's doubt, get out.”

Gov. Palin also reiterated her concern about our skyrocketing national debt that she has expressed in many speeches and interviews. Gov. Palin said that the Democratic Party slogan of "Winning the Future" is more accurately described as "WTF."

Gov. Palin is still prayerfully considering whether she will run for President in 2012. She is scheduled to be on Greta Van Susteren's show at 2200 (10 PM) EDT tonight.

Jews4Sarah: Palin Doctrine Echoes Reagan's Foreign Policy

Benyamin Korn, publisher Jews for Sarah yesterday wrote in "A Foreign Policy Doctrine Echoing Reagan’s" that "allies should be supported, dictators reviled, terrorists hunted down and enemies defeated...we call it the Palin Doctrine." Korn recalled how Gov. Palin was the first to call for a no-fly zone over Libya nearly a month ago. While she was speaking in India, Gov. Palin's idea was finally adopted. In contrast to the Obama administration which considers the Muslim Brotherhood a secular organization, Korn wrote that Gov. Palin accurately and forthrightly said exactly what the Muslim Brotherhood is - a terrorist organization.

While Gov. Palin visited Israel at a critical moment - and as a private citizen met with that country's Prime Minister - Obama has yet to visit Israel after serving more than half his term in office.

Korn delineated how history is repeating itself. The relationship of Gov. Palin to Obama is like President Reagan to Carter.

H/T Doug Brady, Conservatives4Palin for story lead.

NOW: All Women are Equal, But Some Are More Equal Than Others

Anyone who has read George Orwell's Animal Farm knows this headline is a parody on a core theme of the book, which was written to describe the functioning of a communist totalitarian state. Several days ago, Bill Maher used a vulgar term referencing a part of the female anatomy to insult Gov. Palin. NOW stood silent, till yesterday when Lisa Bennett, the organization's media director responded, according to Fox News:
“Listen, supposedly progressive men (ok, and women, too): Cut the crap! Stop degrading women with whom you disagree and/or don’t like by using female body terms or other gender-associated slurs."

“You’re trying to take up our time getting us to defend your friend, Sarah Palin. If you keep us busy defending her, we have less time to defend women’s bodies from the onslaught of reproductive rights attacks and other threats to our freedom, safety, livelihood, etc,” wrote Bennett. “Sorry, but we can’t defend Palin or even Hillary Clinton from every sexist insult hurled at them in the media. That task would be impossible, and it would consume us. You know this would not be a productive way to fight for women’s equal rights, which is why you want us stuck in this morass.”
By using "even" in naming one of two women NOW apparently has no time to defend, they imply that Gov. Palin is somehow lesser than Hillary Clinton - a lesser woman, a lesser person. Translation: "Palin? Pfft! We don't have time to defend that. We don't have time to defend Hillary Clinton either and we think so much more highly of her as a woman."

How else can the National Organization for Women's (NOW) half-hearted defense of Gov. Palin be characterized than a case of all women being equal, but some women are more equal than others?

Gov. Palin in Israel Video Compilation

Video compilation of Gov. Palin visiting the Western Wall and Israel's Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyau.

Governor Sarah Palin In Israel - March 19-21 2011 retrieved from Alicia Fix Luke, Barracuda Brigade 2012

Monday, March 21, 2011

India Today Releases Text of Palin's "My Vision of America"

Sarah Palin, First Female Governor of Alaska (2006-2009), 2008 Republican Vice-Presidential Nominee and Author, delivers the dinner keynote address ‘My vision of America’ at the 10th India Today Conclave in Delhi on Saturday, March 19, 2011. Photo by Vikram Sharma/India Today. Photo retrieved from and courtesy of India Today Conclave 2011

The following transcript retrieved from and courtesy of: India Today Conclave 2011

My Vision of America

India Today Editor-in-Chief Aroon Purie's introduction for Sarah Palin

Good evening.

Ladies & gentlemen,

I have the privilege of introducing to you a Keynote Speaker who has generated extraordinary interest in her own country and ours. Frankly, in the past 10 years of the Conclave, I have not seen such media interest in one of our speakers. There has been a flood of articles, blogs and tweets about her India visit.

Our speaker is a former governor of Alaska and, more importantly, she was the vice presidential candidate of the Republican Party in the last elections in the United States. It was the first time that party endorsed a female candidate for the post.

Her surprise selection as a running mate for Senator McCain transported her from political anonymity to national and international fame. Her presence boosted the Republican challenger's sagging campaign. Although, not enough to beat the freshman senator from Illinois who mesmerized a nation with the eloquence of a prophet. After the election, conventional wisdom had her fade into obscurity. Instead, she's become a force to reckon with, in the Republican Party.

This remarkable woman is none other than Governor Sarah Palin.

This is only her third visit overseas. We are honoured that she chose to come to India.

Welcome to India, Governor. And welcome to India Today Conclave.

Governor Palin, you fit perfectly with the theme of our Conclave: The Changing Balance of Power.

You have already changed the balance of power in the conservative politics of America, if not the general politics of the country. You've been termed as the sexiest brand in Republican politics. The latest ABC poll has you as one of the frontrunners for the Republican nomination for the 2012 Presidential race.

Ladies and gentlemen, Governor Palin is both a galvanizing and polarizing force in America. If I may say so, either you love her, or hate her.

She touches a chord with an impressive section of America, because of her persona, and her philosophy. She is the straight talking, down to earth, folksy proponent of, as she puts it, a hardworking, patriotic, liberty-loving America.

In 2006, she became the first female Governor of Alaska, on a platform of promising to end what she called the culture of self-dealing.

Of that time, she famously said: "I got rid of a few things in the governor's office that I didn't believe our citizens should have to pay for. That luxury jet was over-the-top. I put it on eBay."

It is said that her appeal lies in that she typifies an American ideal of Middle America. She was a local beauty queen. In high school she was a basketball player - her aggressive play and ferocious defence earned the colourful nickname of 'Sarah Barracuda'. She is a hunter. She was mayor of a small town before she became the first woman governor of Alaska - and also the youngest.

She married her high school sweetheart, who is himself a template for adventurous Middle America: a commercial fisherman and snowmobile race champion, whom she calls the First Dude.

Strengthening that image, Governor Palin famously said at a campaign fund-raiser: "The best of America is in these small towns and in these wonderful little pockets of what I call the real America."

In other pockets, though, little as well as large, she was demonized and ridiculed.

Governor Palin has been lampooned by media - which she terms 'lamestream' media - for a range of issues from her views on foreign policy and the Obama healthcare plan, to her views on America's future and, if I may be forgiven for saying so, her creative vocabulary.

I hope, Madam, you will not 'refudiate' what I say.

Governor Palin has not allowed criticism to faze her. When the media panned her in 2008, she said: "Here's a little newsflash for those reporters and commentators: I'm not going to Washington to seek their good opinion. I'm going to Washington to serve this great country."

She has stuck it out. Sarah Palin is still here and making waves. She surprised everyone by quitting her job as Governor in 2009, and has become a one-woman national media empire.

She is a best-selling author, host of a television show about Alaska, a commentator on Fox News channels. She constantly sends messages on Twitter and Facebook. Her tweets are regularly reproduced as news by TV networks. She has 1.5 million followers on her Facebook page.

She posted recently on her Facebook page: "America is exceptional. It's not her politicians that make her so. It's everyday people, and values that Americans hold dear."

Alongside, she is a force behind the Tea Party movement in America. Governor Palin is a member of an ultra-conservative group which helped to change the balance of power in favour of the Republican Party in the House of Representatives.

Governor Palin, when your critics questioned your suitability for one of the highest political offices of your country, they cited your unfamiliarity with foreign affairs.

They flayed your claim of expertise when you commented that, Russia is your next-door neighbour and you can actually see Russia from Alaska. Some paraphrased that to say, when you opened a window in your home, you saw Russia.

Be that as it may, I hope after this visit, when you open a window at home, you will see India.

I just want to tell you something before I invite you to speak.

We have a tradition of inviting political leaders from America to speak at the Conclave. We have received Al Gore twice. Bill Clinton addressed us once, as did Hillary Clinton.

It so happens they are all Democrats.

As the first Republican speaker at the Conclave, I am sure you're up to correcting that imbalance.

No pressure.

It is my privilege and pleasure to invite Governor Sarah Palin to give the Concluding Keynote Speech: "My Vision for America."