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On the Future of Libya

Governor Palin today posted on Facebook:

We join the Libyan people in gratefulness as we hear of Col. Gaddafi’s defeat. The fall of a tyrant and sponsor of terrorism is a great day for freedom-loving people around the world. But the path to democracy in Libya is not complete, and we must make wise choices to ensure that our national interests are protected.

First, the White House needs to avoid triumphalism. Gaddafi may be gone, but the fighting may not be complete. As we’ve seen in Kosovo, Bosnia, Iraq, and Afghanistan, we must not celebrate too quickly. There are now mounting concerns that we will see tribal and sectarian fighting in Libya like we saw in Iraq. Let’s hope that is not the case, but it must be prepared for.

Second, we must be very concerned about the future government that will emerge to take Gaddafi’s place. History teaches that those with the guns usually prevail when a coalition overthrows a tyrant. We must remember that military power ultimately resides with the rebel commanders. This should be a source of some concern. The armed opposition to Gaddafi is an outgrowth of a group called Islamic Libya Fighting Group, and some rebel commanders admit that they have Al Qaeda links. The rebel fighters are from different tribes, and they have a variety of political views. Some are Islamists, some appear to favor some sort of western democracy. We should work through diplomatic means to help those who want democracy to come out on top.

That said, we should not commit U.S. troops or military assets to serve as peacekeepers or perform humanitarian missions or nation-building in Libya. Our military is already over-committed and strained, and a vaguely designed mission can be the first step toward a quagmire. The internal situation does not seem stable enough for U.S. forces to operate in a purely humanitarian manner without the possibility of coming under attack. Troop deployment to Libya would mean placing America’s finest in a potentially hostile zone that is not in our vital national security interest.

Finally, we must make sure that terrorist groups don’t try to co-opt the revolution, as Al Qaeda is trying to do in Syria. We should continue to use our intelligence assets to monitor the situation in Libya to ensure that potentially dangerous weapons are secured, and that terrorist organizations such as Al Qaeda don’t gain a foothold in Libya.

People of Libya, be vigilant. May this opportunity be used to build a free and peaceful country.

- Sarah Palin

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Constitution and a Cornfield

The Constitution and A Cornfield

Rob Cunningham
August 23, 2011

In 1789, the world witnessed the ratification of America’s Constitution, thus
ushering in the birth of a nation envisioned and framed by centuries of human
wisdom, political insights, thousands of failed governmental experiments, and
steeped in principles almost exclusively based on Judeo-Christian teachings.
In the 222 years since our Constitution was ratified, there is no doubt that
our country’s birth has proven to be the most successful experiment in human

No other nation has ever produced a greater amount of positive global change,
international generosity, economic prosperity, scientific advancements, or a
stronger defense of personal liberties and religious freedoms. None has come

It would be impossible to overstate the global human disaster certain to follow
in the aftermath of America’s demise. As we learned in basic science, nature
abhors a vacuum, and vacuums are immediately filled with a surrounding
substance. Given the heightened levels of virulent, anti-American, secular-
progressive and global-government thinking so pervasive in today’s “ruling
class” culture, this destructive world view would most likely be the “surrounding
substance” to fill the space previously occupied by America’s moral
leadership. As surely as night follows day, America’s collapse would usher in
global economic chaos and a worldwide cultural disaster. 

America, as a nation, stands at death’s door. Only radical, bold, and morally
courageous leadership can prevent our country’s ultimate demise. We must
concur with the wisdom of French philosopher, Alexis De Toquevuille, when
he observed, “America is great because America is good.” Yes, America may
slip and lose its way from time to time, but never has our core national spirit
required a “fundamental transformation” of the type envisioned by the Obama

We must choose bold restoration or suffer a certain, immediate demise. Precious
little time remains to make this fateful decision. Often, when nations or individuals
stumble, they need most what they desire least. Thankfully for America, many
millions of independent voters, Tea Party patriots, common sense conservatives,

and sovereign citizens are fully aware of the measures needed to restore our fallen
country. We stand ready, eager, and willing to do the hard work necessary to elect
true leaders, and to make the many sacrifices required to save our beloved nation
for future generations.

Normally, it is only through the lens of time that one can appreciate events of
true historical importance. It is extremely rare to be alive during a significant
inflection point in human history, especially one that future generations may
reflect upon and study for possibly thousands of years into the future. We may
have an opportunity to witness - and to participate in - one of those pivotal
inflection points.

On Saturday, September 3rd, in Indianola, Iowa, I believe that a significant and
historically fateful event will occur in this small town near Des Moines. Governor
Sarah Palin will likely deliver a speech in which the 2012 election battle lines will
be clearly drawn for every friend and foe to hear.

No other presidential candidate has offered, or is likely to offer, such clear,
specific, and bold measures to the American people as I expect Sarah Palin
will offer on this day. Her speech will likely prove to be refreshing, inspiring,
invigorating and so historic in nature, it may be impossible to calculate its
significance until many years have passed.
 The epic struggle for America’s very
survival will be engaged on this day, and our world will never be the same.

With every ounce of passion and personal conviction in my soul, I implore each
and every person that feels called to volunteer in defense of our beloved nation,
to make your reservations for Indianola, Iowa, today. You have been officially
notified of the rare, once in a lifetime, historical significance of this Labor Day
weekend event. Please do not write to me or complain to any Organize4Palin
group with, “Someone should have told me!” or “Why didn’t you really bang the
table harder to convince me to attend?”

If you can’t make the journey to Iowa, please note that CSPAN will be covering
this event from beginning to end, from 12:00 noon to 3:00 pm EST. Mark your
calendars, set your DVRs, host a viewing party and tell your friends, family,
neighbors and co-workers. If you happen to live in Iowa, there should be no
reason, no excuse, no football game, party or precious few priorities that trump
the significance of attending this historic event in your own backyard.

For complete details regarding this event, visit

I Ask For Nothing, I Expect Nothing, I Believe In Sarah And That's All I Need!!!

By Robert Wiles

Lately I have been watching a storm which is brewing, and that storm has been cast upon us by none other then ones who want to see Sarah Palin fall in her ranking as the people's candidate. I am not going to get in all the details about who said this and who said that, but it does seem that there are some forces who just would love to see Sarah stumble. For 3 years we have been seeing this concerning Sarah, many want to see her out of the picture. I have been watching and hearing a lot of rhetoric concerning September 3rd. As we know, Sarah will be in Iowa speaking to the Tea Party on that day, and now we are seeing a story that is unfolding within the news media and blogosphere being will she or won't she. Oh we are hearing from Karl Rove, Dick Morris, the news media, event organizers within the Tea Party that this is going to be the day Sarah announces that she will run for president of the United States. We also hear this isn't the day from some and they even go on in saying she won't ever announce that she is running, and that as well is a ploy to have Sarah's supporters run away from her. Mark Levin has his take on what's going on and he doesn't hold back. Mr. Levin says Sarah will announce, but not September 3rd, he also sets the record straight in why this frenzy concerning the 3rd, he also says why this is taking place as he does mention there is a ploy behind all this . Concerning Karl Rove, we can't forget this statement either concerning the tease factor that Mr. Rove so much wants Americans to know concerning Sarah's decision. In this clip you will see at the end his candid remark . To me all this is a set up to hurt Sarah and bring her support down, that's all it is, now it is time to show faith in Sarah and our solidarity for her.

Well, we see what's going on and as for me there is only one reason we are seeing this, its called FEAR. All we have to do is look back in these past 3 years and just study the entities that so much wanted to see Sarah stumble and fall. The lame stream media, The RINOs, the left, the establishment, the elites, and Hollywood to name a few of the distracters of Sarah wanted to see Sarah trounced by their hoofs because they can not stand Sarah Palin, for she is not of them, she is of us the people. Yes, again they see a chance to take Sarah down, and they want to disrupt the timing of Sarah in making a decision, they want her followers to feel like they are being teased as Karl Rove said. They want to start a battle within the inner circle of the supporters of Sarah Palin for this might be their last chance to crush this woman, so they are running with it and badgering the air waves as well as the blogosphere in hoping to finally put a stop to their nightmare that has been keeping them up for 3 years.

Well, enough said about that, I do have another concern and that being there might be some or even quite a few that might go along with this scenario that Sarah might be a tease, and she might be playing us the people as fools and will never announce. I say STOP it if you even think that, STOP it if you even remotely believe that. Oh yes, as I go around and see what is happening within the Sarah Palin community as on Faceboook, articles through out the news media and the blogosphere, I do see many posts and articles that for quite some time now are getting leary of what she might do. I have seen many losing patience and many are just ecstatic thinking Sarah might announce September 3rd in Iowa. I do fear that some might be heartbroken if she doesn't announce then, and I say to them...... who out there has lifted your spirits more then any other. Who out there has given you a serenity of hope, a feeling of knowing you are somebody, a person of strength, a person of wisdom, a person who is worthy. I remember 3 years ago what I felt, I remember thinking it is was all over, I remember feeling as if we have no hope anymore, I remember hearing many on my side say it doesn't matter who we vote for because neither is of quality, I remember feeling the times were upon us that only God could save us and then I remember God did save us because in a woman he gave us life once again in believing we are somebody to behold. Yes, I remember that day Senator John McCain announced his running mate. I remember that day when not even knowing who she was, I was ecstatic and didn't even know why. I remember watching and learning about this woman and seeing this woman was my mom, my neighbor, my grocer, my bank teller, my friend, my niece, my being. I remember following Sarah and seeing her conforming not to them but to us the people. I remember listening to Sarah and discovered she cared about us as a person, not a vote. I remember watching the liberal media attack Sarah for her beliefs, values and principles and noticed that I as well have those beliefs and knew they were attacking me as well. I remember Sarah standing tall for not herself, but for us. I remember watching Sarah stand proud and show strength in the times of despair when being attacked. I remember Sarah never backing down as when attacked and moving forward with such grace. I watch when Sarah holds a gathering and I see the smiles, I see the warmth of the people as they surround Sarah. I watch and see how Sarah worships the people who she is among and talks to them as human beings, not ones who are below her. I listen as she talks to others and I hear and see the compassion for the people, who they are, the conversing concerning their lives not hers. I remember how many times they called her stupid, unworthy to be near them. I always listened to the mocking of her and realized that mocking was directed to me but she was the one who endured it for me. I remember the times of joy we felt because we saw the visions of Sarah and they were of a pride in nhonoring us. This woman and her family has gone thru hell for us and I'll be damned if I am going to walk away from her. As far as I am concerned, Sarah put her life through hell so I wouldn't have to live it.

For 3 years I have watched how the liberal media, the RINOs, the left, establishment, the elites and Hollywood crucify this woman. I watched as she stood up to them, not standing up to them for herself, but for ME, for US. I watched her family go through hell, I watched her son Trig be humiliated and damned. I watched as they wished death upon her and the family. I listened to lies, to accusations of Sarah being a mastermind for the shooting in Arizona. I read books and articles damning her soul. I watched as they ridiculed and mocked her for her speech, her outfits, her hair style, her unconventional ways in being herself. I listened and read the names they called Sarah, every disgusting name you could call a woman. I watched as she shed a tear at the Glenn Beck's Restoring Honor Rally and I saw a woman of faith, honor, character and dignity. I followed Sarah and felt a love for who I am, for all of us. Lets not forget this as well, for 3 years now I have felt that I am worthy as a citizen of this country, not as a vote, but as one who is the backbone, the foundation in making this county great.

Yes, Sarah has no fear from me, whatever she does is fine with me and lets also not forget this either. For 3 years we have been behind Sarah, for 3 years we have said to ourselves "Sarah is who we need to lead this country, Sarah is a true leader of faith, values, principles, honor, character and dignity". So for me I have to say, if we trust and believe so deeply in her as being the one that is the only one that can save us, can't we believe in her as well in knowing what she does and when she does it will also be done with faith, character, honor and dignity as well.
Robert Wiles

Monday, August 22, 2011

Setting The Record Straight: Wrong & Misleading

Three years ago DC pundits predicted with glee the demise of Sarah Palin's political career. This past weekend their tune changed, citing false information that she has made a decision and set a date regarding a future campaign. Any professional pundit claiming to have "inside information" regarding Governor Palin's personal decision is not only wrong but their comments are specifically intended to mislead the American public. These are the same tired establishment political games that fuel the 24 hour news cycle and that all Americans will hopefully reject in 2012, and this is more of the "politics-as-usual" that Sarah Palin has fought against throughout her career.

PS - Kudos to CNN for setting the record straight, and including Governor Palin's own words

As published at SarahPAC: Setting The Record Straight: Wrong & Misleading

Supporters Of The Left, Even Your Leaders Think You Are Clueless!

Recently I saw 2 different stories and as I listened I even had to ask myself, there can't be anything such as intelligent design because the things I heard were of outright stupidity, I will have to say the evolution of stupidity is very real however. In reading and hearing these 2 stories, my first thought was does the left deem their followers are clueless and too stupid to see this story was basically a scam in hoping the stupidity of the followers would believe crap like this. More then that though, supporters of the left are programmed to follow, not think for themselves. The first story that caught my eye concerned the remarks of Governor Perry that were taken out of context. As most are probably aware by now republican presidential nominee Rick Perry in giving a speech while campaigning at the Iowa State Fair made a reference of a big black cloud hovering over America. That big black cloud that Perry was referencing to was the huge debt this country has mustered. Well, of course The pundits of the left as usual up to their dirty old tricks had to voice their summation concerning Perry's words. As we saw first with MSNBC's Ed Schultz as you can see here , Mr. Schultz saw an opportunity and he ran with it, he saw an opening to make Governor Perry out to be one big racist SOB, and as we know the leftists in this country love touting our side as being just racists who have no conscience whatsoever in humanity when comes to the Afro-American community. As we witnessed, Ed Schultz once again took the Governor's speech out of context by deleting the comments of what that black cloud was in reference to. Mr. Schultz in his delight proclaimed that black cloud as being a racist comment concerning President Obama. The truth will always be hidden by the left because they want more in this battle which is going within our country, they want total victory, not just a political win. Their goal is domination over the whole spectrum of the populous within America and that being the culture that lives upon the land as well. However, we can say that not everyone was in line with Mr. Schultz's display concerning the black cloud comment. Jon Stewart in his own comical way does make the point in showing how Ed Schultz does come across as a race bait . However, we can't just hold Ed Schultz as the only hypocrite in conveying those remarks by Governor Perry...enter Rev. Al Sharpton . Yes, the charges of racism are caste upon the people with swiftness everyday from the left. This was not just against Governor Perry, this charge of racism was against everybody who is not of the left. I also noticed one thing as well, I didn't hear from anybody within the Democratic Party in criticizing these charges caste upon the Governor. Isn't the Democratic Party the party of civility ?
My second story that troubled me were comments made by none other then actress and leftist activist Janeane Garofalo on Current TV's Keith Olbermann's Countdown. You can see that story here . Yes as with her and the left, an Afro-America as a Hermann Cain is not true to his race, people as Herman Cain are sell outs. As she mentioned about Mr. Cain, he was bought to help the GOP have cover in knowing that now they have an Afro-American who can criticize President Obama and not be known as White Supremacists as the left tries to make us out to be. Yes, to them any Afro-American who is not of the left is a sell out, an Uncle Tom, an Aunt Jemima or just a plain traitor to their race. What really got my attention though were the words Janeane spoke “Because anytime I see a person of color or a female in the Republican Party or the conservative movement or the Tea Party, I wonder how they could be trying to curry with the oppressors.” People of color ?, I always thought to the left, people were people, not touted because of their heritage, OR MAYBE, that is what they want Americans to believe, but in essence you are not a person unless you agree and believe in their philosophy. As I listened to Ms. Garofalo, I sensed a control factor and that being for the Afro-American community. That control factor being people of color is just only that, they are distinguished by the color of their skin and nothing more. I sensed a dehumanizing fear that the Afro-American community DARE NOT think on their own, they follow and nothing more. If one is of conservative beliefs they are not Afro-American. They are demeaning souls who are of a mindless people who are corrupt because they dare to break the code of being silence and use their God given right to free will. Yes, that is what the left believes when comes to one of Afro-American heritage. How dare they think on their own and use their God given talent to be an individual of humanity and not be one who is only of color. For decades the left has secured the Afro-American vote and for decades if one of the Afro-American race does not side with them, they are cast into the abyss of hell because they dare think in their own realm of life's choices when comes to living. The hatred for conservative blacks and conservative women is profound within the leftist community. As we have seen the name calling directed at black conservatives, conservative women are damned as much with names that are not of a human soul.
For decades we have seen the assault from the left against Conservative/Republicans in promoting that the left and Democrats are not of racism, but the Conservative/Republicans of this world transcended from the racist culture. In these 3 articles you can read the history of the Democratic Party and their philosophy when it came to racism within America . Most I am sure do not know the history of the Democratic Party and many I am sure do not know that racism was conceived by the Party they believe is of salvation. Today we see the race card thrown so many times from the left at Conservative/Republicans its as being surrounded by a violent a storm and the lightening just won't cease. We also have seen many comments directed at the Tea Party as being a mob of racists and nothing more. Oh yes, the Tea Party are not just racists, now they are terrorists as well as we heard recently from the left during the debt ceiling debate. It is not of debate anymore today, its charges of racism from the left and that all, nothing more. The left can not win on debate so they throw charges of racism into the frey of the political and cultural debate, hoping it will stick with much of the populous. The Left knows as well with help from their media cohorts, much of the populous does live off sound bites and many do believe in those sound bites they hear. I guess we can say its a fear the left has for our side, its not just the race card they will throw at us, they will also throw the hate card, a card that demonizes us as being a people who live within the boundaries of hell and in more then being just racists, we are murderers, terrorists, and vampires that feed upon the blood of the living. We can't forget the attacks upon Governor Sarah Palin as in cases of the Arizona shooting when Sarah was damned to the abyss of hell as being the mastermind behind that shooting. The damnation of Conservative/Republicans and the Tea Party is like categorizing us as soldiers of Satan for being ones who want to kill, rape and destroy the land that we walk upon called America. Yes, the hatred grows rampant towards us within the community of the left, but mostly we have seen that hate become so abundant to our fellow conservatives within the Afro-American community as Herman Cain, Congressman Col. Allen West of Florida, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, Thomas Sowell, Condoleezza Rice, Walter E. Williams just to name a few. However, its not just hatred for the Afro-American community, its for their visions, their desire to be someone and not be led by another just because they are a seen as a token. It doesn't matter if you are Afro-American, Caucasian, Conservative, Republican, Libertarian, or of any race, you are dammed if you do not follow the philosophy of the left.
Yes, we all are hated by the left and here is the key. This philosophy of the left has been happening at the beginning of the century, but much of what we see today really took control during the 60's cultural revolution. The names of Richard Cloward and Frances Fox Priven back in the 1960's were very prevalent names back then and today their work is basically the foundation of the leftist's agenda. Back in the 60's, Cloward and Piven who are known socialists came up with the conclusion and promoted it which today is known as the Cloward-Piven Strategy. The strategy of forcing political change through orchestrated crisis. The "Cloward-Piven Strategy" seeks to hasten the fall of capitalism by overloading the government bureaucracy with a flood of impossible demands, thus pushing society into crisis and economic collapse. You can read more about this strategy here . Today we see not one or two crisis's in America, we are seeing that flood of demands. Capitalism and individual rights are being attacked here in America. In these attacks we have seen the philosophy from the left as in bringing down our economy, inducing clashes among races and the clashes between rich and poor. Today we are seeing much chaos here in America and also around the world. As I mentioned before, we have seen the promoting of racism from the left and in that, the leftist's strategy is strong in disrupting harmony in America. What we see today did not just happen, this has been planned for quite some time, and now we are seeing the deep repercussions, and in this I can't just blame the left, I have to blame our apathy in not fighting this philosophy when we saw it coming. For the left, the pushing of racism is one where the potential of a race war would supplement their agenda as they sit back and watch the crisis they determined was essential to help in the collapse of America. The philosophy of having a populous rely on the government is essential for the leftist's movement. To have a people lost in who they are and in search of salvation the people go to the ones who furnish them with goods. We can look at the Ed Schultz's and the Al Sharpton's of the left and we can see the promoting of desires in seeing the races clash and the potential of a race war. We as a society need to determine why the hatred towards us from a certain group, and before we can fight back we need to determine who they are. We always hear the words Democrat and Liberal thrown into the mix, but we must KNOW the left. For me Dennis Prager captures who the left is in these 2 articles . The left hates us for who we conservatives are, they hate our visions, they hate our beliefs, they hate the fact that we stand in the way of their Utopia which is complete domination of a society. Yes, that is why they need to destroy us conservatives and when we are gone, they will hunt down the Libertarians, Independents and Moderates with a wrath as of a fiery inferno. The left has to proclaim that we are racists for they need to destroy us now, and hope much of the populous will agree that we are. The left knows that Conservative/Republicans stand in their way and if we fall, they win. The left needs to crucify the likes of a Sarah Palin, not because of her being, but because she has garnished a following that lives and has become strong in fighting the philosophy of the left. The left wants government control, they want a society of followers not to dream of a life of prosperity, but a following that never dreams but only follows. Big government is their answer, total domination is their way for a Utopia, a Utopia of power. That is why the attacks on conservatives as Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, the Tea Party and others. That is why the attacks on Afro-Americans who follow their own visions and dreams. For some out there in America we hear we must compromise, to them I say I will not compromise to ones who wish me harm because I dream and live through my free will granted from God. Just looking at one scenario which the left deems is a must to follow and if you don't, your soul and being shall be cast into the pit of hell. We have seen the debate on global warming, we have seen the hatred cast onto the ones who have questions about it, and we have seen from the left a person does not question their philosophy on global warming or anything. The hatred grows and grows, the casting of racism onto a people who live within the realm of freedom will never cease until we know who we are up against and realize their goal for America. As I watch the Democrats, I have never seen or heard ones in that party stand up for the people who are called racists and terrorists. I have never heard one from that party say "Wait a minute, that was uncalled for in calling the people of the Tea Party terrorists", as we heard many call us during the debt ceiling debate, one being our Vice President.
The left knows that they have the Afro-American community on their side, they have a voting block in the Afro-American community. All I ask is for they to ask themselves, are you truly free or are you still a slave to not white America but to a group we call the left. Today unemployment is at 16% for Afro-Americans Ask Herman Cain that question of being free and I am sure he will tell you "I live for myself, not a group who calls me a people of color, I am a person, a human being". The left will attack anybody who lives for themselves and lives within a world of a faith. I even look back and have seen the dismantling of having God not be prevalent within our lives. I have seen how the left despise seeing God within America and the world. Today I have seen my question answered that I always asked and that being "What would happen if there was no God and humans controlled the destiny of the world". Today here in America we are seeing an economically collapse taking place, the dollar is falling, unemployment is rising, foreclosures are rising, more are on food stamps then ever before, our debt is enormous, banks are closing, people living in fear in not seeing any hope, the races of people are at war, the classes of society are at war, hatred for people is rising, mobs of youths terrifying the land with violence, we still are at war in many parts of the world. In the world we have seen much chaos, we have seen the nations of Europe collapsing financially, we have seen the Arab spring, we are seeing much blood shed within many countries, we are seeing riots and much more. Yes, America does have a racist path and still today we see racism, but not just white on black, we have many times have seen black on white. As we see today the violence among gangs of black youths who have been terrorizing communities just because of one thing..the victims are white. Yes, just making that comment is racism as far as the left is concerned, BUT, because of their suppression through the works of politically correctness in talking about racism, we now have seen a surge of racism. Racism will never die if the left has their way, so we can conclude one thing, the left desires to see a war among the races because that is another crisis which will destroy the harmony for a society that is needed to survive.
Yes America, many of us are hated, for what you ask, well its so simple and that being because we believe in who we are as a person and a people. We have free will, free thought and are being attacked because we believe in those God given traits bestowed upon us. For me personally, and I feel this deeply as well, because of one certain person the left is in panic mode. For one who believes in the people, who they are and what they bring to a society, Sarah Palin is attacked relentlessly by the left because the left knows she is our only hope. I say that because if Sarah Palin did not come along, where would we be now..? Would we had succumbed to the left, lost our will to fight back. Would we have lost our nation by now and just been tokens to the left and live under a rule of not law, but by a philosophy of hate that deems that one is not of God but of man's rule. Yes, the Tea Party is hated as well, but for me I look back and saw our side wake up the day Sarah was announced by Senator John McCain as his running mate for 2008. Lets be honest, the left was winning, they were close to their agenda and then someone comes along and stands up to the left as we see here in one of her many great speeches , but lets never forget, Sarah knows who the left is, the left knows who Sarah is. Why they hate Sarah and must destroy her, Sarah knows their game. The left was winning, somebody came along and told us the people of all races and classes we are somebody, and the hatred for Americans by the left became full force on the night of September 4th, 2008
Robert Wiles

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Palin In The Heart Of Texas!

Deep in the heart of Texas you will find Governor Sarah Palin, nothing could indicate this more than the two trips to the Restoring America event in the newly relocated location of Indianola, Iowa. One such trip planned in cooperation between the volunteers of the Southeast and Gulf Coast regions of TexasO4Palin. The planning committee has been very successful putting this trip together, even with a few bumps and bruises along the way. But as the bus out of Dallas says, “Texas is Palin Country” and we Texans were determined to make it happen. Cost for the the round trip to Iowa cost $120 per passenger (Two seats still available so get them while they last! Please contact:

The first leg of our trip begins in Beaumont, TX where we will be picking up our large passenger van and placing “Texas4Palin” magnetic signs on each side and back of the van, purchased to make the trip, but to use for future events as well. These signs were purchased at a discount from a fellow Palin supporting manufacturer. In Beaumont we will head to the Greyhound Bus station to pick up a passenger who is coming in from Alexandria, LA where Palin also has heart struck supporters.

Houston passengers will be picked up from a local parking garage so that our passengers have the option to park their vehicles in a secure location while they are away in Iowa. They may also choose to be dropped off at the parking garage to get on board the van.

Fast Park and Relax

3100 Greens Rd

Houston, TX 77032

$5.42 daily plus tax, no waiting or walking, complimentary luggage assistance. Optional covered parking.

Passengers will then be receiving small gifts as a token of our appreciation for making the journey with us. The gifts include a bumper sticker supplied by
and a special “Restoration Begins Here” button designed by the volunteers of Southeast and Gulf Coast.

We suggest that passengers eat dinner before arriving to get on the bus and bring snacks if they wish. We will be leaving Houston at 6:00 PM, we ask that passengers be on time to meet the van so that we may stay on schedule. We will be making stops along the way for passengers to stretch their legs, if they aren’t sleeping. And stopping in the morning for breakfast.

Depart Houston 6:00 PM

Arrive Dallas 10:00 PM-Depart Dallas 10:20 PM

Arrive Muskogee, OK 2:30 AM-Depart Muskogee 2:50 AM

Arrive Harrisonville 6:50 AM-Depart Harrisonville 8:00 AM

Arrive Des Moines 12:00 PM

We will drop off passengers at their hotels and pick them up for the Iowa events.

Our group will be attending the Conservatives4Palin meet up at Machine Shed Restaurant. The planning committee will be wearing specially designed “Texas4Palin” T-shirts that honor other Palin supporting groups on the back of the shirt. The day of the Restoring America event the planning committee will be wearing our specially designed “ Organize4Palin in Iowa Restoration Begins Here” T-Shirt.

These specialty items were designed by the volunteers of Southeast and Gulf coast regions with help from another TexasO4Palin member who designed our van sign and Texas shirt logo for event memorabilia and fundraising. Please visit our store to take a look, a lot of heart was put into these designs. Custom designs are also offered, your team or group logo on front Palin supporting groups on back.

Following the Restoring America Event there will be a Texas4Palin meet-up, information to be announced contact to sign up for TexasO4Palin newsletter to stay updated. We will be returning to Texas Sunday September 4 at 10:00 AM.

To sign up for the Southeast TexasO4Palin newsletter contact

Dewaine & Susie Live

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O4P-CA: Could CA Blues Make Reagan Country Red?

We have all been told that California is a blue state, a Democrat stronghold, and its 55 Electoral College votes will inevitably be awarded to President Barack Obama in 2012. Therefore, the conventional wisdom goes that we, as conservatives, should not bother putting up a fight for it. Yet, there are conservatives who recognize that California has all the pieces of the puzzle to be a great and prosperous state, and that it is time for Californians to not only put California back on the track to prosperity but also America. In March 2011, the Public Policy Institute of California (PPIC) released a survey that documented that there are cracks in the inevitability of California continuing to support President Obama. This was further supported by PPIC’s July polling of likely voters in California. These cracks create opportunities for conservatives to lay the ground work necessary to make California competitive in the 2012 Presidential Election and, possibly, even to make it red again!

In the March 2011 survey PPIC reported Californians’ opinions of their government. The organization found that 52% of those surveyed had an unfavorable opinion of the federal government and 55% had an unfavorable opinion of state government. (Note, the state number is lower than what was reported in the fall of 2010.) PPIC also found that while 52% of likely voters in California approved of President Obama’s job performance, 64% felt that President Obama was not doing enough to help create jobs. When PPIC examined all adults, the number increased to 68%. Furthermore, in March 2011, 63% of Californians felt that the federal deficit was a serious problem facing the country. Since the release of this data, President Obama’s job approval has eroded among likely voters in California. PPIC polled likely voters from July 5, 2011 to July 19, 2011 and found that only 48% of likely voters in California approved of President Obama’s job performance.

These outcomes do not appear to be outliers and they seem to be reflective of what is occurring in other blue states and Democrat strongholds, such as New York and New Jersey. On August 16, 2011, the Siena Research Institute reported that only 36% of New Yorkers approved of President Obama’s job performance as president, which was a decrease of 17 points over a three month period. The very next day, Quinnipac reported that 52% of New Jersey voters disapproved of President Obama’s job performance, which was a dramatic change from the 50% job approval he enjoyed just two months earlier.

Several things could explain the drop in approval ratings: the rising and continued high unemployment in the United States; the recent battle in Washington, D.C. over the raising of the nation’s debt ceiling; the downgrade of the United States’ credit rating by S&P; and the rollercoaster sell-offs that have occurred on Wall Street over the summer seeing hardworking Americans again experiencing dramatic losses in their investments and retirement plans. Additionally, millions of Americans continue to every day feel the impact of the economic and fiscal crisis that has gripped the United States since the fall of 2008, and those who were once supportive of President Obama are now beginning to question his leadership on these important issues, particularly whether he is the right person to lead this country. As such, we are now starting to see that President Obama’s support is bleeding in California, similar to that in New Jersey and New York. This is most likely why the Obama administration announced recently that it would release a new jobs plan in September. The Democrats know without “blue states” like New Jersey, New York and California they cannot hold the White House in 2012, and most likely will be facing monumental losses in down ballot Congressional races.

However, if changing opinions of the populous were all it took to win elections in California, then our work would be relatively easier than the hard slog we know it to be. All elections, particularly those in California, are won by the party or candidate who has the best ground game. We know the Democrat Party, the unions, and the community organizing groups for the Democrat Party have a strong machine in place and know what it takes to get the job done. We also know that most political experts believe that the majority of Californians will vote Democrat. Part of this thinking is based upon the fact that in 2008 the Democrat Party had an approximate 2 million voter registration margin over Republicans. The numbers have not changed considerably since that time. Additionally, it is also based upon the unfortunate fact that rather than gaining registered voters, the California Republican Party has been losing registered voters for years; whether by natural attrition (i.e. more Republicans are dying or moving out of state) or by deliberately leaving the Republican Party. The California Secretary of State reported in February 2011 the percentage of registered Republicans decreased from 35.2% to 30.9% over a seven year period. During this same period of time, Independents (i.e. Declined to States) were the fastest growing “political” group in California, increasing by 5 percentage points from 15.3% to 20.4% of registered voters. Democrats marginally lost voters, decreasing from 44.4% to 44%.

While Democrats are the plurality of registered voters in California, conservativism is on the rise. According to a series of PPIC surveys of political party affiliations released in September 2010, 73% of registered Republicans indicated that they are politically conservative, which was up 8 points from 2006. PPIC also found that from 2006 to 2010 while Independent/Declined to State voters tended to lean towards the Democrat Party, this party affiliation was down 4 points, and those who reported that they were liberal declined by 3 points to 29%. The organization found that 31% of Independent/Declined to State voters identified as being politically conservative, up 5 points since 2006. Additionally, within the Democrat Party 18% of voters identified as being politically conservative. When PPIC examined likely voters in California, it found they were more likely to be conservative (40%), as opposed to being liberal (31%) or middle of the road (29%). Even those adults who are eligible to vote but are not registered were more likely to be conservative (36%) compared to being liberal (33%) or middle of the road (31%).

What we learn from looking at these political affiliations and identifications is that there is a large swath of California voters who are receptive to the conservative message because they identify as being politically conservative. Additionally, the numbers reflecting Californians’ opinions of President Obama’s handling of America’s economic issues show that the majority of likely voters in California may be receptive to voting for someone other than President Obama in the 2012 Presidential election, especially if his administration does not reverse course and our nation’s economic outlook does not vastly improve in the next 12 months.

With this in mind, we must remember that 2012 will be a high-turn out election. As such, it will not be enough for conservative activists to only get Republicans to the polls. This is supported by PPIC which concluded that because neither major party has a majority of registered voters Independents hold an important influence over the outcome of an election. In 2006, the Independents broke for Arnold Schwarzenegger; in 2008, the Independents broke for Barack Obama. In order to make California competitive, conservatives must not only target the Republican Party, which is absolutely critical for get-out-the-vote efforts, but they must also target Independents, particularly those who have pulled Republican ballots in the past. It is imperative that conservatives start now laying the ground work for get-out-the-vote efforts for 2012, which means talking to neighbors, friends, and family members; getting connected with local Tea Party and conservative groups; or volunteering to walk precincts or hold neighborhood tea parties in order to connect with people in the community. During all this hard work, we must remember that California is a beautiful state and it is worth the actions we take now to begin righting it. For an over taxed, over regulated state like our once golden California 2012 cannot come soon enough.

Citizen Rebecca

Rebecca is the Los Angeles City and County Coordinator of Organize4Palin. She has been doing political analyses for several organizations in the Los Angeles area, including TEAPAC. This article is part of a series of articles she's writing for TEAPAC.