Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I Ask For Nothing, I Expect Nothing, I Believe In Sarah And That's All I Need!!!

By Robert Wiles

Lately I have been watching a storm which is brewing, and that storm has been cast upon us by none other then ones who want to see Sarah Palin fall in her ranking as the people's candidate. I am not going to get in all the details about who said this and who said that, but it does seem that there are some forces who just would love to see Sarah stumble. For 3 years we have been seeing this concerning Sarah, many want to see her out of the picture. I have been watching and hearing a lot of rhetoric concerning September 3rd. As we know, Sarah will be in Iowa speaking to the Tea Party on that day, and now we are seeing a story that is unfolding within the news media and blogosphere being will she or won't she. Oh we are hearing from Karl Rove, Dick Morris, the news media, event organizers within the Tea Party that this is going to be the day Sarah announces that she will run for president of the United States. We also hear this isn't the day from some and they even go on in saying she won't ever announce that she is running, and that as well is a ploy to have Sarah's supporters run away from her. Mark Levin has his take on what's going on and he doesn't hold back. Mr. Levin says Sarah will announce, but not September 3rd, he also sets the record straight in why this frenzy concerning the 3rd, he also says why this is taking place as he does mention there is a ploy behind all this http://www.therightscoop.com/mark-levin-pretty-sure-sarah-palin-wont-announce-on-sept-3rd/ . Concerning Karl Rove, we can't forget this statement either concerning the tease factor that Mr. Rove so much wants Americans to know concerning Sarah's decision. In this clip you will see at the end his candid remark http://www.businessinsider.com/rove-sarah-palins-probably-running-will-have-to-announce-next-week-2011-8 . To me all this is a set up to hurt Sarah and bring her support down, that's all it is, now it is time to show faith in Sarah and our solidarity for her.

Well, we see what's going on and as for me there is only one reason we are seeing this, its called FEAR. All we have to do is look back in these past 3 years and just study the entities that so much wanted to see Sarah stumble and fall. The lame stream media, The RINOs, the left, the establishment, the elites, and Hollywood to name a few of the distracters of Sarah wanted to see Sarah trounced by their hoofs because they can not stand Sarah Palin, for she is not of them, she is of us the people. Yes, again they see a chance to take Sarah down, and they want to disrupt the timing of Sarah in making a decision, they want her followers to feel like they are being teased as Karl Rove said. They want to start a battle within the inner circle of the supporters of Sarah Palin for this might be their last chance to crush this woman, so they are running with it and badgering the air waves as well as the blogosphere in hoping to finally put a stop to their nightmare that has been keeping them up for 3 years.

Well, enough said about that, I do have another concern and that being there might be some or even quite a few that might go along with this scenario that Sarah might be a tease, and she might be playing us the people as fools and will never announce. I say STOP it if you even think that, STOP it if you even remotely believe that. Oh yes, as I go around and see what is happening within the Sarah Palin community as on Faceboook, articles through out the news media and the blogosphere, I do see many posts and articles that for quite some time now are getting leary of what she might do. I have seen many losing patience and many are just ecstatic thinking Sarah might announce September 3rd in Iowa. I do fear that some might be heartbroken if she doesn't announce then, and I say to them...... who out there has lifted your spirits more then any other. Who out there has given you a serenity of hope, a feeling of knowing you are somebody, a person of strength, a person of wisdom, a person who is worthy. I remember 3 years ago what I felt, I remember thinking it is was all over, I remember feeling as if we have no hope anymore, I remember hearing many on my side say it doesn't matter who we vote for because neither is of quality, I remember feeling the times were upon us that only God could save us and then I remember God did save us because in a woman he gave us life once again in believing we are somebody to behold. Yes, I remember that day Senator John McCain announced his running mate. I remember that day when not even knowing who she was, I was ecstatic and didn't even know why. I remember watching and learning about this woman and seeing this woman was my mom, my neighbor, my grocer, my bank teller, my friend, my niece, my being. I remember following Sarah and seeing her conforming not to them but to us the people. I remember listening to Sarah and discovered she cared about us as a person, not a vote. I remember watching the liberal media attack Sarah for her beliefs, values and principles and noticed that I as well have those beliefs and knew they were attacking me as well. I remember Sarah standing tall for not herself, but for us. I remember watching Sarah stand proud and show strength in the times of despair when being attacked. I remember Sarah never backing down as when attacked and moving forward with such grace. I watch when Sarah holds a gathering and I see the smiles, I see the warmth of the people as they surround Sarah. I watch and see how Sarah worships the people who she is among and talks to them as human beings, not ones who are below her. I listen as she talks to others and I hear and see the compassion for the people, who they are, the conversing concerning their lives not hers. I remember how many times they called her stupid, unworthy to be near them. I always listened to the mocking of her and realized that mocking was directed to me but she was the one who endured it for me. I remember the times of joy we felt because we saw the visions of Sarah and they were of a pride in nhonoring us. This woman and her family has gone thru hell for us and I'll be damned if I am going to walk away from her. As far as I am concerned, Sarah put her life through hell so I wouldn't have to live it.

For 3 years I have watched how the liberal media, the RINOs, the left, establishment, the elites and Hollywood crucify this woman. I watched as she stood up to them, not standing up to them for herself, but for ME, for US. I watched her family go through hell, I watched her son Trig be humiliated and damned. I watched as they wished death upon her and the family. I listened to lies, to accusations of Sarah being a mastermind for the shooting in Arizona. I read books and articles damning her soul. I watched as they ridiculed and mocked her for her speech, her outfits, her hair style, her unconventional ways in being herself. I listened and read the names they called Sarah, every disgusting name you could call a woman. I watched as she shed a tear at the Glenn Beck's Restoring Honor Rally and I saw a woman of faith, honor, character and dignity. I followed Sarah and felt a love for who I am, for all of us. Lets not forget this as well, for 3 years now I have felt that I am worthy as a citizen of this country, not as a vote, but as one who is the backbone, the foundation in making this county great.

Yes, Sarah has no fear from me, whatever she does is fine with me and lets also not forget this either. For 3 years we have been behind Sarah, for 3 years we have said to ourselves "Sarah is who we need to lead this country, Sarah is a true leader of faith, values, principles, honor, character and dignity". So for me I have to say, if we trust and believe so deeply in her as being the one that is the only one that can save us, can't we believe in her as well in knowing what she does and when she does it will also be done with faith, character, honor and dignity as well.
Robert Wiles

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