Saturday, May 14, 2011

An American Hero? Not!

By Ambusher

An  American Hero? Oh, the things we see going on today! It really makes one think the world has gone nuts doesn`t it? The culture seems to be sliding down hill with no bottom in sight. Bad people are good and good people are bad. Up is down and down is up. It all can be pretty confusing. Well, do not fear because an American Hero is here to help you! And no, it's not Sarah Palin, but Jane Fonda.

Are you surprised? Oh yes my friends! At one time Hanoi Jane was considered a brave hero for the stance she took against the Vietnam war. She traveled the Country and was a welcomed speaker on college campuses. She was paid millions for her movies, and was in high demand. But look at her now, she is reviled. It only took 30 odd years to see what a fool Fonda is and how foolish Americans were for buying into her hatred of this Country.

Here's my question. Is it going to take 30 years for us to catch on to what the new fools are trying to sell? I hope not! Have you noticed that Sarah Palin has been formed to look like the bad character, while fools are held in high esteem by the same folks who brought us Hanoi Jane? So what will it be? Do you want a brave and truthful Patriotic American like Sarah Palin or a Jane Fonda clone? And please, don't take 30 years to make up your minds.


"Common" In The White House.

By Robert Wiles

I can hear it now..."How can you even think that Robert?" Well, maybe I think that way because REALLY, let’s face it, we as Conservatives and Republicans, made this society. So why do we feel all of the shock, displeasure, and outrage over this? What have we done over the last decades to prevent or stop this philosophy? What have we done to make sure that our values and principles within America be held to the same high esteem as what our Founding Fathers deemed necessary to have this society endure? Let’s be real, show me what we did to try and stop this philosophy from becoming the educational program throughout our schools. Yes, the schools have educated using this philosophy for decades, so what are we to expect? The philosophy within our Country is changing; we look at the invite of the rapper Common as disgusting, unpatriotic, anti-police and immoral. Yet, I still see our side fussing about one certain person named Sarah Palin who is a champion at fighting for those old fashion values and principles that we are now in an uproar about because of this invite. This is what it is all about friends, and we are seeing it more and more each day. As with this invite, the changing of the guard within America is taking place and yet we Conservatives and Republicans still do not know what the hell is going on. The New Jersey State troopers are upset about this invite because of the lyrics in a song Common wrote for convicted cop killer and former Black Panther Assata Shakur. The song is called "A Song For Assata." The song lyrics say "Your power and pride is beautiful, May God bless your soul". Shakur, once known as Joanne Chesimard, was convicted of the slaying in 1973 of  NJ Trooper Werner Foerster<a/> on the New Jersey Turnpike. She escaped from prison in 1979 and now resides in Cuba. To me this is another wake up call for us Conservatives and Republicans. How many wake up calls do we need!? In another train of thought, I at times ask we really care..? I say that once again, because we are raising hell about this invite because to us this is an insult to not just the Police throughout the land, but an insult to who we are as a people within this great Country. Then again, I have to ask our side, have we really concerned ourselves to what path we deem is necessary for America to follow when it comes to values and principles? Oh yes, while we are at it, since we are talking about the rapper Common and his invite, along with the furor over the cop killer Assata Shakur, let’s not forget about California either. We recently saw the California Federation of Teachers endorse a cop killer named Mumia Abu Jamal. You can read about that story here.

So for me, I see one thing happening and that is as a Country we are moving further away from the values and principles this Country was founded on. I will always say this, the battle we are having is not just in the realm of political spectrum, but more into the philosophy and cultural spectrum as well, if not more. That's why I say if we win the political battle without also winning the cultural battle, then we will not hang on to the political seat within this Country for too long. Whoever wins the cultural battle will eventually win everything. Again, I have a hard time wondering why our side does not see and understand why the Left and Liberal Media are so much against Sarah Palin. Sarah Palin is fighting to restore the honor, principles and values that have been hijacked in decades past within our educational system. So I ask myself, why are we so shocked about this invite? This is the philosophy of today and yet we do not want to restore it back to what it was. Restoration of honor, dignity, respect, values and principles are what this Country needs. Today's society is a world where we do not think we need to take responsibility for our own actions. It’s because we have been taught we need not be held accountable for whom we are. I look back at the years of President Clinton and remember the scandal involving Monica Lewinsky. To me that was dishonorable to the office of the presidency. However, to the Left, their excuse was we are human, and we fall at times. Yes, that is true, we are human, but it doesn't mean that we stop trying to be honorable and dignified. I guess that's why we are fussing about this invite to the White House. I do not see the values and principles in respecting humanity that I was brought up with. To me, one of, if not the best, president’s was President Ronald Reagan. BUT, and let me repeat that BUT, if President Reagan had a Monica Lewinsky stint, I myself would be calling for him to resign. Yes, many will say that's too harsh, but I say no it isn't because I want to see honor within my Government, especially the Office of President. Yes, many will say President Reagan had some questionable policies during his career, maybe so, and I am sure many other presidents’ did as well. I can, however, live with questionable policies, but to me there is something more important and that is the soul, the heart, the honor, and dignity of who they are as a loving and respectful person. I just don't want to see the Presidency be honored, I want to see honor be within the president.

We have seen history redefined. We have seen more hatred between races and classes. We see the economy tumbling, redistribution of wealth, the dollar dying, unemployment high and so on. We see all these conflicts because of the change in philosophy that has been taught in our schools. We have seen America slammed within our educational system. We have seen our culture despised as well. Today's society is governed by what the children have been taught in schools and by our media coverage, so what should we expect? This is the philosophy that has been taught in our schools for decades, so basically in all this flack concerning Common being invited to the White House, all I have to say is what did we expect? We either pay the Piper or change it, but quit bitching about it! It is here, it will stay until we decide what we want. The Left has shown us who they fear the most and why is that? Maybe they fear someone as Sarah Palin because they see just one person who knows what the true battle is when comes to winning the Country. The Left knows to win they have to make sure we continue on the same path. Sarah Palin sees how the Left is trying to achieve their goal, and for many on the Conservative and Republican side, we just keep telling ourselves..."I don't believe what's going on in today's society". They tell us who they fear; maybe it’s time...WE FINALLY LISTEN TO THE LEFT AND BELIEVE THEM! Then just maybe we will not always see things like this happening that upsets us time and time again. The Left is fighting for a cause within unity; our side is fighting each other. We need to decide which cause we want to fight for. We deplore seeing things like this by saying this lacks class, decency and respect. What do we expect when this new philosophy deems class, decency and respect is yesterday’s past? I don't like seeing this happen either, seeing someone as Common invited to the White House, BUT I have to ask this..."What are we going to do about it?”

Robert Wiles 

Much thanks to Alicia Diviak for the editing.

The Reality of Saying "Never."

By Robert Wiles

Never! Over the years, we have heard many say the word "never" in regards to the subject of "torture." We've heard it being mentioned by the Left and even some Republican pundits. So, what is this "torture" they are referring to? Well, let's call it by its real name; waterboarding. Waterboarding has been called "sick" and "unethical". Its use in gathering information from Islamic terrorists has been labeled as "inhumane." No, I don't want to see humanity become savage-like, but we do have an obligation to protect our citizens, even if it means using tactics such as waterboarding to obtain the information to do so. 

 As we have recently learned, the whereabouts and ultimate killing of Osama Bin Laden may have been tied to this practice. It should be noted, Senator John McCain (R-AZ) has refuted that waterboarding had anything to do with the finding and killing of Bin Laden. My question is this, since when has the protection of those that want to destroy the innocent become more important than the innocent themselves? Why is it that so many condemn an act that helps save lives; yet, condone the act of killing a fetus? Yes, we can debate the issue of torture, but what about the protection of the innocent (both adult and fetus?) We have a long way to go America.

Here is an ethical scenario where many said "never." In 1973, a plane crashed on the snow capped peaks of the Andes Mountains. Forty-five people were aboard that plane and sixteen were rescued. Many lauded the survivors as "heroes" until they found out how they had survived. These individuals had survived seventy-three days in harsh, freezing temperatures by eating the remains of those that had not survived the plane crash. The shouts of "heroism" soon became shouts "cannibalism". These survivors were mocked and ridiculed for their method of survival. Prior to the plane crash, many would have said "never," but on that terrible day and thereafter, "never" became a reality. It's odd what one will do when your life depends on it. You can read about the story here.

Survival, is part of reality. Many say that we, as humans, should not lower ourselves to the level of "torture" "inhumanity" and "cannibalism." I agree, but where does one draw that line? Is it at the point where we allow evil to run rampant and the innocent to become victims? I, personally, am one who doubts when someone uses the phrase "I'd never." Don't get me wrong, I respect that they are repulsed by the idea of doing something that they deem "barbaric", but in the back of my mind I wonder...what if that scenario actually became a reality in their life? Would they still deem it "barbaric?" Yes, maybe my thinking is the worst case scenario, but once again, survival is part of reality and most people want to survive. Here's the moral of the story, never say "never."
Do I think waterboarding is immoral? No. Do I think it should be used to gather information from would be terrorists? Yes. Folks, we live in a society that deems spanking a child as immoral and giving an "F" to a student as emotionally damaging. What use to be considered normal is now considered anathema; thus, our downward spiral as a society. Progressivism wants to protect the rights of the terrorist, but take away the rights of  parents and teachers. Isn't that just great? So what do we do, let the terrorist run rampant and jail the parents and the teachers? Are we not going to search for truth when innocent lives are at stake? For many "never" has not become a reality and hopefully never will. The day that "never" becomes a reality in one's will never say "never" again.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Get Gov. Palin to 3m Facebook Supporters; Donate to SarahPAC

Please get the message out to anyone who supports Governor Palin but is not yet doing so on Facebook or does not yet have a Facebook account. Facebook is currently Governor Palin’s online base of operations. Let's get her to 3 million supporters.

When the number of Governor Palin’s Facebook supporters reaches 3 million, let's donate $30, $300, or $3,000 to SarahPAC. Help Gov. Palin support conservative candidates and get her message out. Please donate to SarahPAC or click either of the two SarahPAC links she provides on her Facebook page.

O4P NY Scores Meeting Double Header

Last night I spoke before a group of Log Cabin Republicans at the Metropolitan Republican Club and did a lit drop for both groups.

Log Cabin Republicans is a group for gay and lesbian Republicans. An O4P volunteer referred me to Gregory T. Angelo, who heads the group's NY Chapter. Gov. Palin enjoys a strong and loving following among the LGBT community. Most supporters are - or should be - familiar with names like Tammy Bruce and Hillbuzz (Kevin DuJan), both openly gay supporters.

In my remarks, I said:
Gov. Palin has a particularly loving following among the LGBT community with well-known names like Tammy Bruce, and Hillbuzz supporting her. My own organization has LGBT members. Gov. Palin’s proven track record of placing the Constitution above her personal beliefs, leading by example and preaching tolerance has earned her this special support.
I met Debra Leible, the Club's Executive Committee Chair. Leible had met Gov. Palin when she was on the set of Saturday Night Live with Tina Fey back in 2008. The Metropolitan Republican Club's history goes back over 100 years. Ruth Baker Pratt - a Suffragette - laid the cornerstone to the club's building in 1929. Several well-known elected officials called the Club home: from NYC's Mayors Bloomberg and Giuliani to NY Governor Dewey, to Presidents Nixon and Theodore Roosevelt. My presentation was for who I hope will be President Palin.

In describing Organize4Palin, I said:
In New York State, Organize4Palin is focused on booklets for distribution at meetings and events. Our Accomplishments booklet is written in English and Spanish. We are hanging wall flyers in supermarkets. We will be conducting a test door-to-door campaign on a small scale with door hangers. We’ve already determined what a door-to-door campaign would cost to canvass all Republicans and Independents in the state in a single door hanger run. We have researched New York State’s laws pertaining to signature gathering for a primary election. Our Orange and Rockland County Coordinator is able to charter buses for rallies and campaign events. While our activities are not high-profile like the early states, we are building membership and laying the groundwork to help bring victory home.

Greg T. Angelo asked me how Michele Bachmann's potential candidacy would affect Gov. Palin's decision to run and if Gov. Palin does not run would she endorse Rep. Bachmann? I responded that Rep. Bachmann was one of Gov. Palin's 81 endorsed candidates last year, 67% of whom won their elections. While discussing endorsed candidates, I said, "Her Take Back the 20 subset resulted in 18 of her endorsed candidates being elected – a 90% success rate." Back to Rep. Bachmann, I said, "she has no executive experience at all. Gov. Palin has nearly 20 years, being a governor, a chair on an oil and gas commission, and a mayor. She also has legislative experience having sat two terms on a city council." I added that I could not speak as to who Gov. Palin would endorse if she chose not to run.

One member asked if I thought Gov. Palin was going to run. "I don't have any special or inside knowledge, but I place the odds of her running at 95% - 99%," I answered.

One of the members expressed concern about what he said was "Sarah Palin's strong negatives" as seen by independents. I asked him to define those "strong negatives." He referenced polling data which suggests that she cannot win a Presidential run. I responded that most of these polls only sample "adults," not registered voters - and that tends to skew the results. I explained that I do not place my faith in these polls. But, I agreed that winning the minds and hearts of independents and Blue Dog Democrats was very important.

I then closed with a question of my own: "What two zip codes in the entire nation donated the most money to McCain-Palin in 2008?" No one was able to answer. "10021 and 10022," I said "or the 73rd and 65th Assembly Districts if you want to go by Assembly District. You are in the heart of Palin country."

The entire room applauded, including the member who was concerned about polling data.

Literature Distributed:
Gov. Sarah Palin: Accomplishments

Gov. Sarah Palin: Leadership for All

Is Gov. Palin a Quitter? Don't Believe the Hype

Organize4Palin 4" x 6" Palm Cards
In addition to @us4palin, you can follow Organize4Palin NY's activities at @ny4palin. I will be meeting with the Staten Island Young Republicans next Tuesday, May 17.


Join Organize4Palin (O4P)

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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Gov. Palin on "Common": Obama's Judgment Lacks Class, Decency

Obama's judgment in inviting rapper "Common" to a White House poetry reading is "so clacking of class and decency," especially during Police Memorial Week, Governor Palin said tonight in a single segment interview with Martha Maccallum, who substituted for Greta Van Susteren. "Common" produced two rap songs glorifying cop killers and one glorifying the killing and burning of former President Bush. "Common" is also against inter-racial relationships.

Gov. Palin said she is "not proposing stifling free speech," and is not opposed to rap. In fact, Gov. Palin along with Fox's Bret Baier know the lyrics to Sugar Hill Gang's Rapper's Delight, which is in a sub-genre known as "old school." But, Gov. Palin said events at the White House should promote decency and patriotism.

On 2012, Gov. Palin said she is happy Newt Gingrich is running and said he brings substantial experience. She added that 18 months out, it was too early to "throw my hat in the ring."

"We do have strong candidates out there. I look forward to more jumping in. Competition is good. Competition breeds success. The more the merrier," she said. Gov. Palin said she would encourage any candidates who support free markets, energy independence to run.

When Maccallum questioned Gov. Palin about her thoughts on the death of Osama bin Laden, Gov. Palin said she was "very appreciative" that he is gone, but his elimination is only one small aspect of the War on Terror, and while it did occur under Obama's watch and command, it does not make him a stronger candidate for 2012. "Obama has no clue" on free markets, Gov. Palin said and concluded that his views are extremely leftist, almost socialistic. Obama sees government growth as the solution to everything, she said.

Palin Raps Common, the White House retrieved from Fox News

Palin Hit Parade is a Bust So Far

The culmination of a failed effort to destroy Sarah Palin is here with the release of four books, the first two or three which already look like duds. Read my post about these miserable writers.

Read Stacy Drake's post about Frank Bailey's book.

Read Gary P. Jackson's blog for great stuff about Sarah Palin.

Listen to Stacy Drake, Gary P. Jackson and I talk about the hit books coming out on Palin tonight at 11pm ET 8pm PT on my Blogtalk Radio Show Patrick's World USA.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Restraining Order against Deranged Palin Stalker Extended 6 Months

An Anchorage judge granted Governor Palin a six month extension of the restraining order against deranged stalker Shawn Christy, of Hazleton, PA, various media reported yesterday.

The judge, however, denied protective order requests placed by the Heaths and Kristan Cole against Christy's parents. Apparently stalking is a family activity in the Christy household, with father and mother Craig and Karen Christy - calling the Heaths 26 times in one day. But, a restraining order was granted to Gov. Palin against Craig Christy for making harassing calls to the Palin house.

Are you confused yet?

Shawn Christy, had been harassing and threatening the Palins and Kristan Cole, and made threats against Obama and Senator John McCain, according to widespread media reports. Christy’s stalking included vulgar calls to Gov. Palin’s home; sending the Palins receipts from a gun purchase and telling them of his intent to purchase a one-way ticket to Alaska. Christy in fact made a brief round trip to and from Anchorage at a cost of $700 around the time of Gov. Palin's birthday.

H/T Josh Painter, Texas for Sarah Palin for story lead.

Monday, May 9, 2011

BIO Channel Orders Bristol Palin Docu-Series

The BIO (Biography) Channel has ordered a 10-part untitled series of half-hour episodes featuring Bristol Palin, Kyle and Christopher Massey, A&E announced today in a press release, and first reported to the Palin support blogosphere by Josh Painter, Texas for Sarah Palin.

"The series follows Bristol Palin’s move from Alaska to Los Angeles with her son, Tripp, to work at a small charity in need while living with her good friends Chris and Kyle Massey. The series is slated to air in late 2011," the release said.

Bristol and Kyle Massey were both contestants on Dancing With the Stars, with Bristol finishing the series in third place.

"Bristol is the kind of personality BIO is drawn to," said David McKillop, Executive Vice President, Programming, A&E Network and BIO Channel. "Her personal life has been playing out in the media for several years but this will be the first time she’s opening up her real life, with her son and her friends the Massey Brothers."

H/T Josh Painter, Texas for Sarah Palin for story lead.

O4P California; Meet Val!

Last Sunday in Lemoore, CA Sarah Palin told a crowd of 2,000+ supporters: "California, you have all the pieces to the puzzle"

One of the pieces to the puzzle is Valerie Patterson. Val is a dedicated, hardworking Organize4Palin (O4P) CA volunteer.

Born and raised in Los Angeles Val is known for her photography, art and philanthropy.

Recently, Val created a charity photo book called “The Pink Project,” which helps bring assistance to the fight against sexual assault and breast cancer. The Pink Project includes a foreward by singer Tori Amos.

Val has been donating her talents to O4P CA. O4P doesn't have a lot of extra money to spend on PR firms who design logos, or pay panels of experts to tell us which shade of blue will get more support from various bribable voting blocks.

Why spend money to find out what the people like. We are the people!

O4P CA relies on selfless volunteers like Val who work for love of country, not money.

Everyday entrepreneurial Americans like Val are GOING ROGUE, signing up for O4P, and getting to work with the help and guidance of their state coordinators.

Creativity, determination, and endurance will be needed in the coming days, weeks, months and next two years. All hands on deck.

As Barack Obama is busy fundraising to hold onto his seat; our patriotic army of David's is quietly working, planning, and preparing for the coming battle against Goliath.

We can't afford to let money, false teachings, or misleading worldviews get in the way of saving America.

Oprah may pledge her millions and her propaganda, and the frivolous NEA may pledge their millions and their propaganda; but I'm putting my faith behind loyal volunteers like Val who understand what America is all about.

What talents do you have?

Please join our cause.

Follow O4P CA on Twitter: @CA4Palin

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Thomas S Schmitz

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