Friday, May 13, 2011

O4P NY Scores Meeting Double Header

Last night I spoke before a group of Log Cabin Republicans at the Metropolitan Republican Club and did a lit drop for both groups.

Log Cabin Republicans is a group for gay and lesbian Republicans. An O4P volunteer referred me to Gregory T. Angelo, who heads the group's NY Chapter. Gov. Palin enjoys a strong and loving following among the LGBT community. Most supporters are - or should be - familiar with names like Tammy Bruce and Hillbuzz (Kevin DuJan), both openly gay supporters.

In my remarks, I said:
Gov. Palin has a particularly loving following among the LGBT community with well-known names like Tammy Bruce, and Hillbuzz supporting her. My own organization has LGBT members. Gov. Palin’s proven track record of placing the Constitution above her personal beliefs, leading by example and preaching tolerance has earned her this special support.
I met Debra Leible, the Club's Executive Committee Chair. Leible had met Gov. Palin when she was on the set of Saturday Night Live with Tina Fey back in 2008. The Metropolitan Republican Club's history goes back over 100 years. Ruth Baker Pratt - a Suffragette - laid the cornerstone to the club's building in 1929. Several well-known elected officials called the Club home: from NYC's Mayors Bloomberg and Giuliani to NY Governor Dewey, to Presidents Nixon and Theodore Roosevelt. My presentation was for who I hope will be President Palin.

In describing Organize4Palin, I said:
In New York State, Organize4Palin is focused on booklets for distribution at meetings and events. Our Accomplishments booklet is written in English and Spanish. We are hanging wall flyers in supermarkets. We will be conducting a test door-to-door campaign on a small scale with door hangers. We’ve already determined what a door-to-door campaign would cost to canvass all Republicans and Independents in the state in a single door hanger run. We have researched New York State’s laws pertaining to signature gathering for a primary election. Our Orange and Rockland County Coordinator is able to charter buses for rallies and campaign events. While our activities are not high-profile like the early states, we are building membership and laying the groundwork to help bring victory home.

Greg T. Angelo asked me how Michele Bachmann's potential candidacy would affect Gov. Palin's decision to run and if Gov. Palin does not run would she endorse Rep. Bachmann? I responded that Rep. Bachmann was one of Gov. Palin's 81 endorsed candidates last year, 67% of whom won their elections. While discussing endorsed candidates, I said, "Her Take Back the 20 subset resulted in 18 of her endorsed candidates being elected – a 90% success rate." Back to Rep. Bachmann, I said, "she has no executive experience at all. Gov. Palin has nearly 20 years, being a governor, a chair on an oil and gas commission, and a mayor. She also has legislative experience having sat two terms on a city council." I added that I could not speak as to who Gov. Palin would endorse if she chose not to run.

One member asked if I thought Gov. Palin was going to run. "I don't have any special or inside knowledge, but I place the odds of her running at 95% - 99%," I answered.

One of the members expressed concern about what he said was "Sarah Palin's strong negatives" as seen by independents. I asked him to define those "strong negatives." He referenced polling data which suggests that she cannot win a Presidential run. I responded that most of these polls only sample "adults," not registered voters - and that tends to skew the results. I explained that I do not place my faith in these polls. But, I agreed that winning the minds and hearts of independents and Blue Dog Democrats was very important.

I then closed with a question of my own: "What two zip codes in the entire nation donated the most money to McCain-Palin in 2008?" No one was able to answer. "10021 and 10022," I said "or the 73rd and 65th Assembly Districts if you want to go by Assembly District. You are in the heart of Palin country."

The entire room applauded, including the member who was concerned about polling data.

Literature Distributed:
Gov. Sarah Palin: Accomplishments

Gov. Sarah Palin: Leadership for All

Is Gov. Palin a Quitter? Don't Believe the Hype

Organize4Palin 4" x 6" Palm Cards
In addition to @us4palin, you can follow Organize4Palin NY's activities at @ny4palin. I will be meeting with the Staten Island Young Republicans next Tuesday, May 17.

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