Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Gov. Palin on "Common": Obama's Judgment Lacks Class, Decency

Obama's judgment in inviting rapper "Common" to a White House poetry reading is "so clacking of class and decency," especially during Police Memorial Week, Governor Palin said tonight in a single segment interview with Martha Maccallum, who substituted for Greta Van Susteren. "Common" produced two rap songs glorifying cop killers and one glorifying the killing and burning of former President Bush. "Common" is also against inter-racial relationships.

Gov. Palin said she is "not proposing stifling free speech," and is not opposed to rap. In fact, Gov. Palin along with Fox's Bret Baier know the lyrics to Sugar Hill Gang's Rapper's Delight, which is in a sub-genre known as "old school." But, Gov. Palin said events at the White House should promote decency and patriotism.

On 2012, Gov. Palin said she is happy Newt Gingrich is running and said he brings substantial experience. She added that 18 months out, it was too early to "throw my hat in the ring."

"We do have strong candidates out there. I look forward to more jumping in. Competition is good. Competition breeds success. The more the merrier," she said. Gov. Palin said she would encourage any candidates who support free markets, energy independence to run.

When Maccallum questioned Gov. Palin about her thoughts on the death of Osama bin Laden, Gov. Palin said she was "very appreciative" that he is gone, but his elimination is only one small aspect of the War on Terror, and while it did occur under Obama's watch and command, it does not make him a stronger candidate for 2012. "Obama has no clue" on free markets, Gov. Palin said and concluded that his views are extremely leftist, almost socialistic. Obama sees government growth as the solution to everything, she said.

Palin Raps Common, the White House retrieved from Fox News

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