Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Restraining Order against Deranged Palin Stalker Extended 6 Months

An Anchorage judge granted Governor Palin a six month extension of the restraining order against deranged stalker Shawn Christy, of Hazleton, PA, various media reported yesterday.

The judge, however, denied protective order requests placed by the Heaths and Kristan Cole against Christy's parents. Apparently stalking is a family activity in the Christy household, with father and mother Craig and Karen Christy - calling the Heaths 26 times in one day. But, a restraining order was granted to Gov. Palin against Craig Christy for making harassing calls to the Palin house.

Are you confused yet?

Shawn Christy, had been harassing and threatening the Palins and Kristan Cole, and made threats against Obama and Senator John McCain, according to widespread media reports. Christy’s stalking included vulgar calls to Gov. Palin’s home; sending the Palins receipts from a gun purchase and telling them of his intent to purchase a one-way ticket to Alaska. Christy in fact made a brief round trip to and from Anchorage at a cost of $700 around the time of Gov. Palin's birthday.

H/T Josh Painter, Texas for Sarah Palin for story lead.

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