Saturday, May 14, 2011

"Common" In The White House.

By Robert Wiles

I can hear it now..."How can you even think that Robert?" Well, maybe I think that way because REALLY, let’s face it, we as Conservatives and Republicans, made this society. So why do we feel all of the shock, displeasure, and outrage over this? What have we done over the last decades to prevent or stop this philosophy? What have we done to make sure that our values and principles within America be held to the same high esteem as what our Founding Fathers deemed necessary to have this society endure? Let’s be real, show me what we did to try and stop this philosophy from becoming the educational program throughout our schools. Yes, the schools have educated using this philosophy for decades, so what are we to expect? The philosophy within our Country is changing; we look at the invite of the rapper Common as disgusting, unpatriotic, anti-police and immoral. Yet, I still see our side fussing about one certain person named Sarah Palin who is a champion at fighting for those old fashion values and principles that we are now in an uproar about because of this invite. This is what it is all about friends, and we are seeing it more and more each day. As with this invite, the changing of the guard within America is taking place and yet we Conservatives and Republicans still do not know what the hell is going on. The New Jersey State troopers are upset about this invite because of the lyrics in a song Common wrote for convicted cop killer and former Black Panther Assata Shakur. The song is called "A Song For Assata." The song lyrics say "Your power and pride is beautiful, May God bless your soul". Shakur, once known as Joanne Chesimard, was convicted of the slaying in 1973 of  NJ Trooper Werner Foerster<a/> on the New Jersey Turnpike. She escaped from prison in 1979 and now resides in Cuba. To me this is another wake up call for us Conservatives and Republicans. How many wake up calls do we need!? In another train of thought, I at times ask we really care..? I say that once again, because we are raising hell about this invite because to us this is an insult to not just the Police throughout the land, but an insult to who we are as a people within this great Country. Then again, I have to ask our side, have we really concerned ourselves to what path we deem is necessary for America to follow when it comes to values and principles? Oh yes, while we are at it, since we are talking about the rapper Common and his invite, along with the furor over the cop killer Assata Shakur, let’s not forget about California either. We recently saw the California Federation of Teachers endorse a cop killer named Mumia Abu Jamal. You can read about that story here.

So for me, I see one thing happening and that is as a Country we are moving further away from the values and principles this Country was founded on. I will always say this, the battle we are having is not just in the realm of political spectrum, but more into the philosophy and cultural spectrum as well, if not more. That's why I say if we win the political battle without also winning the cultural battle, then we will not hang on to the political seat within this Country for too long. Whoever wins the cultural battle will eventually win everything. Again, I have a hard time wondering why our side does not see and understand why the Left and Liberal Media are so much against Sarah Palin. Sarah Palin is fighting to restore the honor, principles and values that have been hijacked in decades past within our educational system. So I ask myself, why are we so shocked about this invite? This is the philosophy of today and yet we do not want to restore it back to what it was. Restoration of honor, dignity, respect, values and principles are what this Country needs. Today's society is a world where we do not think we need to take responsibility for our own actions. It’s because we have been taught we need not be held accountable for whom we are. I look back at the years of President Clinton and remember the scandal involving Monica Lewinsky. To me that was dishonorable to the office of the presidency. However, to the Left, their excuse was we are human, and we fall at times. Yes, that is true, we are human, but it doesn't mean that we stop trying to be honorable and dignified. I guess that's why we are fussing about this invite to the White House. I do not see the values and principles in respecting humanity that I was brought up with. To me, one of, if not the best, president’s was President Ronald Reagan. BUT, and let me repeat that BUT, if President Reagan had a Monica Lewinsky stint, I myself would be calling for him to resign. Yes, many will say that's too harsh, but I say no it isn't because I want to see honor within my Government, especially the Office of President. Yes, many will say President Reagan had some questionable policies during his career, maybe so, and I am sure many other presidents’ did as well. I can, however, live with questionable policies, but to me there is something more important and that is the soul, the heart, the honor, and dignity of who they are as a loving and respectful person. I just don't want to see the Presidency be honored, I want to see honor be within the president.

We have seen history redefined. We have seen more hatred between races and classes. We see the economy tumbling, redistribution of wealth, the dollar dying, unemployment high and so on. We see all these conflicts because of the change in philosophy that has been taught in our schools. We have seen America slammed within our educational system. We have seen our culture despised as well. Today's society is governed by what the children have been taught in schools and by our media coverage, so what should we expect? This is the philosophy that has been taught in our schools for decades, so basically in all this flack concerning Common being invited to the White House, all I have to say is what did we expect? We either pay the Piper or change it, but quit bitching about it! It is here, it will stay until we decide what we want. The Left has shown us who they fear the most and why is that? Maybe they fear someone as Sarah Palin because they see just one person who knows what the true battle is when comes to winning the Country. The Left knows to win they have to make sure we continue on the same path. Sarah Palin sees how the Left is trying to achieve their goal, and for many on the Conservative and Republican side, we just keep telling ourselves..."I don't believe what's going on in today's society". They tell us who they fear; maybe it’s time...WE FINALLY LISTEN TO THE LEFT AND BELIEVE THEM! Then just maybe we will not always see things like this happening that upsets us time and time again. The Left is fighting for a cause within unity; our side is fighting each other. We need to decide which cause we want to fight for. We deplore seeing things like this by saying this lacks class, decency and respect. What do we expect when this new philosophy deems class, decency and respect is yesterday’s past? I don't like seeing this happen either, seeing someone as Common invited to the White House, BUT I have to ask this..."What are we going to do about it?”

Robert Wiles 

Much thanks to Alicia Diviak for the editing.

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