Sunday, August 21, 2011

Palin In The Heart Of Texas!

Deep in the heart of Texas you will find Governor Sarah Palin, nothing could indicate this more than the two trips to the Restoring America event in the newly relocated location of Indianola, Iowa. One such trip planned in cooperation between the volunteers of the Southeast and Gulf Coast regions of TexasO4Palin. The planning committee has been very successful putting this trip together, even with a few bumps and bruises along the way. But as the bus out of Dallas says, “Texas is Palin Country” and we Texans were determined to make it happen. Cost for the the round trip to Iowa cost $120 per passenger (Two seats still available so get them while they last! Please contact:

The first leg of our trip begins in Beaumont, TX where we will be picking up our large passenger van and placing “Texas4Palin” magnetic signs on each side and back of the van, purchased to make the trip, but to use for future events as well. These signs were purchased at a discount from a fellow Palin supporting manufacturer. In Beaumont we will head to the Greyhound Bus station to pick up a passenger who is coming in from Alexandria, LA where Palin also has heart struck supporters.

Houston passengers will be picked up from a local parking garage so that our passengers have the option to park their vehicles in a secure location while they are away in Iowa. They may also choose to be dropped off at the parking garage to get on board the van.

Fast Park and Relax

3100 Greens Rd

Houston, TX 77032

$5.42 daily plus tax, no waiting or walking, complimentary luggage assistance. Optional covered parking.

Passengers will then be receiving small gifts as a token of our appreciation for making the journey with us. The gifts include a bumper sticker supplied by
and a special “Restoration Begins Here” button designed by the volunteers of Southeast and Gulf Coast.

We suggest that passengers eat dinner before arriving to get on the bus and bring snacks if they wish. We will be leaving Houston at 6:00 PM, we ask that passengers be on time to meet the van so that we may stay on schedule. We will be making stops along the way for passengers to stretch their legs, if they aren’t sleeping. And stopping in the morning for breakfast.

Depart Houston 6:00 PM

Arrive Dallas 10:00 PM-Depart Dallas 10:20 PM

Arrive Muskogee, OK 2:30 AM-Depart Muskogee 2:50 AM

Arrive Harrisonville 6:50 AM-Depart Harrisonville 8:00 AM

Arrive Des Moines 12:00 PM

We will drop off passengers at their hotels and pick them up for the Iowa events.

Our group will be attending the Conservatives4Palin meet up at Machine Shed Restaurant. The planning committee will be wearing specially designed “Texas4Palin” T-shirts that honor other Palin supporting groups on the back of the shirt. The day of the Restoring America event the planning committee will be wearing our specially designed “ Organize4Palin in Iowa Restoration Begins Here” T-Shirt.

These specialty items were designed by the volunteers of Southeast and Gulf coast regions with help from another TexasO4Palin member who designed our van sign and Texas shirt logo for event memorabilia and fundraising. Please visit our store to take a look, a lot of heart was put into these designs. Custom designs are also offered, your team or group logo on front Palin supporting groups on back.

Following the Restoring America Event there will be a Texas4Palin meet-up, information to be announced contact to sign up for TexasO4Palin newsletter to stay updated. We will be returning to Texas Sunday September 4 at 10:00 AM.

To sign up for the Southeast TexasO4Palin newsletter contact

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