Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Gov Palin on Greta: US Should Lead, Repeal Obama Care

Gov. Palin tonight said in a three-segment interview with Greta Van Susteren that the Obama administration needs to clarify its goals in Libya; ObamaCare should be repealed; Israel needs to know they can count on us; and "I need NOW's defense like a fish needs a bicycle."


"We are not leading. This is turning into much more than a no-fly-zone," Gov. Palin said, adding that the Obama administration's approach to Libya is very confusing and filled with mixed messages. She expressed concern that command and control over our troops would be turned over to a foreign power with no defined point as to when it would be turned back.

"We should be in it to win it!" Gov. Palin said. "That means Gaddafi goes."

"Gaddafi has the blood of innocent Americans on his hands and this is the opportunity to hold him accountable," Gov. Palin said twice during the interview. She predicted that he would end up dead either at the hands of the rebel fighters or America and her allies in enforcing the no-fly-zone. Gov. Palin said that if we turn over command and control and Gaddafi stays in power, we will have failed. We have the manpower and technology to win she added.

"We should not turn over command and control to a steering committee....the military's role is to get in, strike hard [get rid of him], and get out," Gov. Palin said. "Our goal should not be nation-building."

The Cost of War

Gov. Palin said that funding a war and these mission is a consideration, when we are $14 trillion in debt. "We have to choose our wars wisely. It is not our role to be nation-building. We need to know before we send troops into harm's way that we are in it to win it."

"A month ago, the mission was to get Gaddafi out of power. A real leader seeks to be informed and inform us. We need cohesive, coordinated, and consistent policy," Gov. Palin said.

Greta noted that the left is angry with Obama for taking the military action, and the right is angry for him taking the action and not informing us.

Israel - a Trip of a Lifetime

"I got to hear first-hand [from Prime Minister Netanyahu] what his concerns are and what the threats are. He wants to know that as our most valuable ally, Israel can count on us," Gov. Palin said. "Obama was inappropriate to interfere in Israel's zoning issue [regarding settlements last year]," she added.

"Israel has made concession after concession and dealt with threat after threat," Gov. Palin said. As President, Gov. Palin would ensure that "Israel knows they can count on us to secure peace and we would stay out of their skirmishes. Israel has threats all around....why aren't we telling the Palestinians to quit bombing, and [shelling]. Why should the Jews be the ones to always be backing down? We need to take a harder line [on the Palestinians]" Gov. Palin said.

She noted that the some of the problems in Israel go back 4,000 years and emphasized that we need to get our own house in order.


Gov. Palin said that ObamaCare is less popular now than it was a year ago today when it was signed into law. "People who ran in the mid-terms campaigned on repealing ObamaCare," Gov. Palin said. "...and in 2012, people will get elected on repeal." She said ObamaCare is job-killing, over-reaching, and unconstitutional. "It's unfair. We have 1,000 about a waiver for the whole country? Repeal it."

Gov. Palin said ObamaCare violates the Commerce Clause of the US Constitution. "The federal government cannot force citizens to buy anything," she said.

Double-Standards for Conservative Women

"Women are held to a different standard. So what? Work harder, do better, get over it!" Gov. Palin said. But, Greta said the double-standard is degrading to women. Gov. Palin responded, "life is not fair. Deal with it. I need NOW's defense like fish need a bicycle. When it's directed at me, it rolls off like water off a duck's back," Gov. Palin said. But, if it's directed at her family or other women, Gov. Palin said she would "reload" and rise to their defense.

Greta said that she has seen first-hand horrific comments directed at Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton. But, Gov. Palin said that kind of commentary is not said on Fox, but it is routine on HBO, MSNBC, and other left-leaning networks.

Gov. Palin concluded the question by saying, "we need to concentrate on what really matters in the world."


Gov. Palin is still considering and wants to see if someone is willing to serve for the right reasons with a servant's heart. She said you don't need a title to make a difference.

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