Friday, March 25, 2011

Gov. Palin Discusses 2012 and Family Life with India's Koël Rinchet

Governor Palin last week gave a wide-ranging interview to Koël Purie Rinchet following her speech at the India Today Conclave 2011. Rinchet, the host of On the Couch with Koël began the interview by stating that Gov. Palin could become the most powerful person in the world in 2012.

India's Fascinating Diversity

Gov. Palin said she found India's geographic, religious and cultural diversity fascinating, and praised India for "leading by terms of tolerance and embracing that diversity."

Gov. Palin lauded India's decisions pertaining to individual liberties, free markets, and small government.

She described her trip to the hotel from the airport as an "adrenaline rush," as she took in the New Delhi scenery. Gov. Palin said she wanted to see more of India, specifically the mountains and the Taj Mahal, sentiments she also expressed in her speech that day.

On Time Management

When asked how she manages a family of five children, a grandchild and her political life, Gov. Palin said her husband Todd is a great partner and helpmate. Both Sarah and Todd Palin have large families spanning five generations, and "all pitch in and help, making the logistics work," Gov. Palin said. When asked if something had to be sacrificed, Gov. Palin responded that she "does not spend a lot of time lazing around," and is usually multi-tasking. Downtime would be sacrificed. Gov. Palin said that both Todd and herself are wired to "go, go, go!"

Sarah and Todd Palin: Life Partners and a Team

Rinchet observed that Todd is a "such a caring man, checking your face before you went on." She noted that India tends to be a more macho culture and asked Gov. Palin if Todd ever felt like he was the lesser partner. Gov. Palin said no, adding that Todd is a successful businessman, four-time Iron Dog champion, and athlete. She said that they were very lucky to have met at an early age and though each does their own thing, they work as a team and as partners.

Rinchet asked Gov. Palin how she advised her daughter Bristol regarding her pregnancy with Tripp. Gov. Palin said at first it looked like an insurmountable challenge for Bristol, but she came to see what a joy and blessing Tripp was.

Recreation and Ordinary Tasks

When asked what she does for recreation, Gov. Palin said she goes running, snow-machining, and "anything else in the great outdoors."

Rinchet asked Gov. Palin what was the last ordinary thing she did. Gov. Palin had done many loads of laundry prior to her 19-hour flight to India. Gov. Palin and her family do a lot of life's ordinary tasks themselves. "It keeps me grounded," she said.

Did Pakistan's Prime Minister Flirt?

In 2008, Pakistan's Prime Minister Zardari asked Gov. Palin for permission to hug her. Rinchet asked Gov. Palin if she felt the Prime Minister was flirting. She said she did not know but wanted the meeting to get to politics and policy, which it did in short order.

People from India Gov. Palin has Met

Rinchet asked Gov. Palin who she would like to meet in India. Gov. Palin had already met Mother Theresa's biographer, and India's Prime Minister. She said there are so many dynamic, interesting people in India and "I'd like to meet more of you."

Frustration vs. Anger

Rinchet said that Gov. Palin was reputed to "have a temper" and asked her what things made her angry. Gov. Palin said reports of her "having a temper" were "ginned up" and "made up." She added that as a mom, she has to stay calm, cool, and collected in front of her children. Gov. Palin said she does not get angry, but sometimes gets frustrated at media lies about her record, accomplishments, and family.

Family, Todd, and God

"What is the most satisfying thing about being Sarah Palin," Rinchet asked. Gov. Palin said family, her relationship with Todd and her relationship with God were the most important things in her life, superseding all else.


Rinchet's final question was, "What do you make of President Obama?" Gov. Palin said, that she would not criticize him on foreign soil, that he is still our president, "but I look forward to 2012. I think we're going to see a change, and I think it's going to be a change for the better."

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Gov. Palin On the Couch with Koel Purie Rinchet, Part I retrieved from: Headlines Today

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Gov. Palin On the Couch with Koel Purie Rinchet, Part II retrieved from: Headlines Today

H/T Ian Lazaran, Conservatives4Palin for video source lead.

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