Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Jews4Sarah: Palin Doctrine Echoes Reagan's Foreign Policy

Benyamin Korn, publisher Jews for Sarah yesterday wrote in "A Foreign Policy Doctrine Echoing Reagan’s" that "allies should be supported, dictators reviled, terrorists hunted down and enemies defeated...we call it the Palin Doctrine." Korn recalled how Gov. Palin was the first to call for a no-fly zone over Libya nearly a month ago. While she was speaking in India, Gov. Palin's idea was finally adopted. In contrast to the Obama administration which considers the Muslim Brotherhood a secular organization, Korn wrote that Gov. Palin accurately and forthrightly said exactly what the Muslim Brotherhood is - a terrorist organization.

While Gov. Palin visited Israel at a critical moment - and as a private citizen met with that country's Prime Minister - Obama has yet to visit Israel after serving more than half his term in office.

Korn delineated how history is repeating itself. The relationship of Gov. Palin to Obama is like President Reagan to Carter.

H/T Doug Brady, Conservatives4Palin for story lead.

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