Thursday, May 26, 2011

Game On or Game Over?

By Robert Wiles

Well, in the past few days we have witnessed some encouraging events involving Sarah Palin. First, we find out that the Palin family has purchased a home in Arizona. Many believe this indicates a possible 2012 presidential run. You can read more about it here. Secondly, we find out about a movie that will be documenting Governor Palin's political life. The film will aptly be named "The Undefeated". Today, May 26, 2011, we learned that Sarah Palin is going to hit the road! Yep, she'll be going on a "One Nation" tour. This news has the Left shaking and the Establishment Republicans accusing her of "thinking that the 'rules' don't apply to her." It's funny, I never knew the Founding Fathers of this Nation had established "rules" on how to get elected. I always thought the process was between the candidate and the people. Anyway, with all this exciting news coming out, many of her supporters are convinced...she's in! Oh my! I can only imagine how the Left is burning the midnight oil trying to convince themselves that is not true. Meanwhile, the Establishment Right is stil trying to ignore the news, hoping it's all a mirage that will go away. Keep dreaming good ole boys! She's in it to win it! Yep, her detractors' worst nightmares will soon come to pass. Game on! As you can tell, I'm elated by the news!

I've said it before and I'll say it again, Sarah Palin is vital to our culture. Our culture is being destroyed and many on both sides of the aisle don't see it or don't want to see it. They want to go on following their "rules" and enjoying their elitist parties. All the while our Country is falling apart. Governor Palin is feared because she represents what our culture should be and she wants to restore this culture. We have witnessed the vile attacks on Sarah Palin. The nasty books filled with lies written about her and the mocking of her young son Trig, who has Downs Syndrome. I don't know about you, but when someone stoops to the level of mocking a disabled child, they have scraped the bottom of the barrel in my opinon. This reflects the shape that our Country is in. We have lost much of our moral compass. Do we realize that saving our freedoms and values is worth more than saving a job? Yes, the economy is in a mess, but could our loss of culture and ethics be part of the reason? I believe so. When we hear a TV host call female radio host a "slut," you know that our Country is in real trouble. You can watch the video of the verbal assault here. Mr. Schultz has apologized, but why the hate in the first place?

Our Country is crying out for someone who can restore the culture, ethics and principles this Nation was founded upon. The path the people of our Country decide to take will be determined in 2012. Will we be One Nation Under God once again or will we be the Nation that has gone under? Is it "In God We Trust" or do we look to the deity of man who has no wisdom to see or know the future? When I was a child, we were allowed to enjoy our youth, enjoy Halloween and live without fear. We'd go out trick or treating and have a ball! We had fun and the candy was abundant. We wore our costumes without worrying about being politically correct. We'd gather the candy, bring it home and then go out for more. Our parents were usually playing cards and didn't have to worry about us getting abducted or harrassed. We just had good clean fun. Back then, we trusted in our neighbors and we trusted in America. What happened? Could it be that this Nation has become arrogant enough to think that we can accomplish a life without God? Character today is defined by the latest Hollywood actor or pop star. Shouldn't it be defined by the God breathed spirit that is inside of us?

Today I see a path opening up. It's the highway being taken by Sarah Palin this Memorial Day Weekend. A highway that we as a Nation should start following. If we don't, we will be on a highway to nowhere. I choose to take the highway that Sarah is on and on we roll.

Robert Wiles

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