Sunday, April 17, 2011

Listen Up GOP!!

By Ambusher

Yesterday, in Madison, Wisconsin, Sarah Palin sent a resounding message to the GOP freshman class, which she and Tea Party helped to victory in 2010. What was that message? Do the job that you were elected to do! Stop run away spending and seriously cut the budget!

The GOP better listen up! They can shout red, white and blue speeches all they want, but if they don't do their job, we the people will find someone who will. At the end of Gov. Palin's speech, she said "game on!" That comment was not just for President Obama, but for anyone in office who is not listening to the will of the people. We the people are saying, "get us out of this massive debt." As Mrs. Palin has stated in the past "it's not rocket science, if you are in debt, stop spending." It really is that simple.

Now, other politicians would have you believe that this concept is more complicated, but it is not. These "politicians" want to protect every money grabbing and special interest program they have going on in their State. All these programs do is drain the pocketbooks of the tax payer. How do we turn this around? Simple. As Gov. Palin states, " your job." If you don't, kiss that seat goodbye!

To President Obama, the message is even clearer: One Term President! So, GOP, you stumbled in this recent budget fight. I hope you learned from this experience. There is too much at stake for anymore stumbling. You told us you could do the job, now do it!

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