Friday, April 22, 2011

Village Idiot

By Ambusher

In years past, there was a name for people like the person who wrote the vile article about Trig Palin, a child with down's syndrome. They were called "village idiots". Village idiots were never taken seriously. People would just laugh at them and throw them a few coins so they would not starve.

Unfortunately, in the days of modern technology, such as cable and the internet, promoters are lifting village idiots to a world stage and trying to pass them off as bloggers, writers and comedians. Oh, they're promoted as being "edgy" and "in your face;" therefore, they are given a pass when they hurl their insults and vile. But, if one peels away all the technology and hype all you're left with is a village idiot. The recently exposed village idiot's blog had regular readership, until he wrote the hit piece on an innocent child. People were shocked at the vile, hate and depravity of such an article. Why the shock? Did no one realize that this guy is a village idiot?

I predict the next village idiot to fall will probably be Bill Maher. His days of idiotic insults are numbered. He just can't help himself. He will do or say something that will go way too far and will be pulled off the air. Until then he will continue to be "edgy" and "in your face." Millions will continue to watch his program and tune out that they are listening to a village idiot.

So, the next time you want to laugh along with these edgy, in your face people, just remember it's a village idiot you're listening to. So, if you hang on to these individual's every word, what does that make you? Food for thought.

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