Saturday, November 5, 2011

Gov. Palin Raises Over $900K for FL GOP

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin's November 3 keynote speech helped raise over $900,000 for the Florida GOP, Ian Lazaran, Conservatives4Palin reported last night, sourced from Alex Leary of the St. Petersburg Times. According to both reports, the amount exceeds the $894,000 the Democrats raised in their entire third quarter. Gov. Palin's fund-raising keynote speeches have a 100% success rate - that is they earn money for those who host her 100% of the time. For instance, Gov. Palin's fund-raising speech before St. Stanislaus raised over $200,000 for the school.

Lazaran also posted three videos which, when watched in sequence form the entire video transcript of her speech.

Sarah Palin's First Visit to Disney and her Caribou Stew by the SharkTank1

Sarah Palin At Victory Dinner 11-03-11 Part 1 by Snowlinen

Sarah Palin gives keynote speech at RPOF Victory Dinner 11-03-11 by RuBegonia

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