Monday, September 26, 2011

Gov. Palin to Discuss Leading World out of Crisis in South Korea

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin's speech before the World Knowledge Forum in Seoul, South Korea this October 11 is to provide a "US leadership perspective on how to lead the world out of the latest [economic] crisis, Hyun-kyu Shin - Samji Chung writer and Soyoung Chung, editor, Maeil Business Newspaper reported September 1 in Korean and English. Perhaps Providentially, a Google machine translation lists Gov. Palin as a "Presidential Candidate." Though far from perfect, the machine translation delves into a synopsis of Gov. Palin's policy positions on the deficit, debt, and quantitative easing. It compares and contrasts today's economic climate with the Great Depression and Obama's handling of the economy with President Franklin Delano Roosevelt's. The machine translation lists Gov. Palin as the World Knowledge Forum's keynote speaker.

Maeil Business Newspaper Korean Language Composite Featuring Gov. Palin

Gov. Palin will be among 250 leaders from 40 countries, including former UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

Gov. Palin's speech will be in Vista Hall at the Sheraton Grande Walkerhill Hotel, Seoul, South Korea on Tuesday, October 11 at 0900 / 9:00 AM Korea Standard Time. Since KST (UTC+9) is 13 hours ahead of Eastern Time, for us, her speech will be October 10, 2011 at 2000 / 8:00 PM. Registration fees for the World Knowledge Forum range from USD $500 to $800.

Her speech is on the Presentation Track and will be moderated by Riz Khan, an Al Jazeera English Anchor. In a telephone conversation I had with Jennifer Moon at the World Knowledge forum, she indicated that Gov. Palin's speech would be broadcast on NBN, a South Korean cable TV channel, which is part of the Korean Broadcasting System.

Photo by Melissa, retrieved from HillBuzz and posted by Kevin Dujan. H/T Josh Painter for lead to photo.

The event is being aggressively promoted throughout South Korea as evidenced by this billboard featuring Gov. Palin's photo in downtown Seoul. This is Gov. Palin's second trip to the Pacific Rim and could be historic. Her first ever Washington Speakers Bureau speech was delivered in Hong Kong, in September 2009. This year, Gov. Palin delivered her epic My Vision of America speech in India, gave an exclusive interview to India's Koël Rinchet, then made history as a private citizen breaking bread with Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu for Purim.

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