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TwoLegsGood: The Silence of The RINO's Part II










Tammy Bruce predicted months and months ago the 2012 elections would be a fight between Tea Party conservatives and the Establishment, whether they’re Establishment Dems or RINOs. She’s also been dead right to describe RINOs as “liberals in GOP clothing”, especially George W. Bush, who hid his liberalism behind an apparent Christianity.

It’s easy to take ideological shots at Dem liberals, but much more difficult to see liberals within the GOP — because RINOs hide behind the traditional family/conservative values of the GOP platform.


For example, Bush-Rove-RINOism set us up for Obamanation, but there’s a conservative reluctance to condemn Bush because of the beating he took in the lib MSM for so many years… especially now since it seems Bin Laden’s death may have been fruit of Bush-era interrogation policies.

Plus, it’s nearly impossible to remember George Bush is no conservative after his speech at the Flight 93 memorial, a speech given by a President who actually loves America.

“W” was so affable and so “right” on many issues, but in the end, his liberal agendas (amnesty; bloating government healthcare costs; no endgame in the W.O.T.; kick-starting the anti-American bank and big business bailouts; attempting to blend democracy into Sharia; creating a whole new intelligence entity — Homeland Security — rather than solving the problems of our intel-gathering institutions) were demon seeds.

(Rick Perry set off a Texas pissing contest with Bushies/Rove in 2007 when he said “George W. Bush has never been a fiscal conservative”… and Perry was right.)

Bush has come out to say he regrets the bailouts… but he neglects to speak out against disastrous Obama policies based upon his disastrous last years in office?

In our current shipwreck of state, certainly good ol’ W could dispatch with the “former Prezzies don’t criticize” dictum and say or do something constructive? Considering the enormity of his part in our dying economy, Bush’s current behavior is strangely irresponsible, if not abhorrent.

(I still want to know why Geo. H.W. and Geo. W. Bush took a meeting with Obama in January 2010.)


Adding insult to injury, the Bush daughters came out in support of Obamacare (while their parents were mute?), Jeb Bush took a Florida “edu” photo-op with Obama cashing in on the Kennedy/Bush “No Child Left Behind” defilement of public schools, Laura Bush made furtive calls to Mitch Daniel’s wife before he dropped out of the 2012 presidential race; and the elder Bushes entertained RINO Jon Huntsman at Kennebunkport.

And will someone answer me why Barbara Bush is calling Chris Christie’s wife to encourage him to run? The Bushes only interest in the 2012 race has to be Jeb 2016, so are the Bushes expecting Christie to lose? What strange political striving or working of the last vestiges of their political power is going on?

Why did the Bushes let Laura Bush make a new tv spot about women in the middle east last week? Rove used to call Laura Bush “his secret weapon”… are they afraid, as they should be, that Sarah Palin now occupies the spot Laura Bush used to occupy in the heart of the GOP? (But better than Laura, Palin has the making of a better President than Laura’s husband at the same time!)


And then, there’s Fox — vis-a-vis Hannity – who did a very long and overtly presidential infomercial on Jeb Bush. And with the McGinnis book published, we find out Joe McGinnnis is friends with Roger Ailes? Ailes who is BFF with George H. W. Bush?

On Labor Day (when Fox declined to cover either of Sarah Palin’s speeches in Indianola or N.H.) the Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin did an incredible puff piece on Jeb to position him as top dog in the current line up of GOP hopefuls.

(It must be a RINO thing. Ingraham also drops Jeb’s name as a potential ’12 candidate…)

A few weeks back, someone at the Frum Forum RINOfest wrote an article as if George W. Bush was the top pick of the GOP candidates in a fantasy debate.

The Bushes are still in the game and they’re gaming Jeb against Sarah Palin.


I believe this is why Rove baited Palin on her declare date: none of the Rove-tinged candidates (even Bachmann was backed by Rove in her initial congressional run) can beat Obama and everyone, including the lib-media, knows this.

Another BushRoveRINO, an actual Rove protégé, Chris Christie, is too un-vetted to beat Obama but maybe RINOs think he can beat Palin to the nomination. Christie is CapNTrade, anti 2nd amendment, pro Obamacare and bad on creeping Sharia — there’s really no reason but lunacy that Nancy Reagan invited him to speak last night.

Any RINO currently in the lineup – Romney or Perry or Cain — even the tainted Bachmann – would lose to Obama. Which just could be the plan of the Permanent Political Class, RINO division.

The other evidence Jeb is running is the Rove flip-flop on his former protégée, Rick Perry. Right after Perry declared for President, he declared open war with Bush-Rove. Then Rove was lovey-dovey with Perry, but then flipped back: Rove saying Perry’s view that Social Security is a Ponzi scheme is “toxic”. Last we heard of this supposed feud, Perry pushed back on Rove at the Reagan library debate.

The truth will come out about Rove/Perry if Perry can stay in the race. If Rove pulls his punches — and Rove knows where ALL the Perry skeletons are buried – they we’ll know whether or not this is some Establishment-Bush-RINO ruse to keep Obama in office.

Either Rove has some other horse (Jeb) in the race, or he’s playing a shell game with Perry and the other Rove protégé, Christie.

Sure is interesting how Rovepal Christie reconsidered a Prezzie run moments after Perry unraveled in the last debate, though.


Jeb himself took a Palin-jab a few months ago none-too-subtly:

“I don’t anticipate [running for President in 2012], you never say never. This is a standard answer that I’ve kind of learned how to give which is — you never say never, but I’m never ruling out being on Dancing with the Stars…”

Jeb must run if Palin runs. This is what the waiting game is all about. She’d beat Obama and that messes up the Bush Dynasty plan for Jeb 2016.

Palin dashes ALL their plans. She knows it. And they know it.

This is why last winter Barbara Bush warned Palin to just keep her pretty little self up there in Alaska (and stay “dead”).


As Karl Rove proved during the mid-terms with his attacks on (the Palin-backed) Tea Candidates — most notably Christine O’Donnell in the most spiteful Fox-RINO rant imaginable — the Bushes are RINO, Cap’N’Trade enemies of Tea Party and Sarah Palin.

The Bushes are pro North American Union, open borders RINOs. Notice not one of the Bush boys has said a word about Obamacare, the litmus test today for normal conservatives and, of course, Tea Party.

Normal conservatives have been disgusted at Rove’s chicanery since at least 2006, but hand it to Donald Trump to summarize the Rove problem best:

“Bush-Rove gave us Obama.”


Tea Party can also never forget RINO George H. W. Bush is an accursed New World Order dullard who hated Ronald Reagan and morphed the Cold War into the era of Islamic terror because of his UN-centric beliefs.

Who knows if the denuding of our intelligence services and selling of our nuclear secrets to the Chinese in the Clinton years was not an impotency set in motion by George H. W. Bush – and his desire for a day without national sovereignty?

January 20, 1993 was just as much of an apocalypse as January 20, 2009 — and both disasters were born of Bush failures.

The passive aggressive N.W.O. RINOism of the Bushes is as dangerous as blatant Dem liberalism.

No, I take that back.

Their RINOism is more dangerous.

Whether it’s Bushie, Frum, Rove, Mitt, Boehner, Christie, McCain, Romney or Graham (or newly minted RINOs Ingraham/Coulter) — RINOism needs to be dissected for its danger to be understood. There’s a behavioral RINO constant to behold — a strategy lesson to be learned.


The Tucson slander of Sarah Palin was the most egregious outpouring of political hate since George W. Bush and Ronald Reagan; a spiritual crucifixion, if you will.

But Bush was attacked by the Left because he purposely co-opted Reagan’s western cowboy/conservative image, attacks which fizzled after he left office exposed as a compromised liberal.

Bush was a counterfeit Reagan, an anti-Reagan.

While in contrast, Palin’s Reagan DNA was evident in 2008.

The virulent attacks against her during Tucson were because the Left and colluding RINOs recognized her as the inheritor of the Tea Party mantle, the true “winner” of the November 2010 election sweep: private citizen Sarah Palin wielded the political punch to take the House.

The Tucson hate was a “tell” for the Left and RINOs: they realized Sarah Palin plus Tea Party equals Reagan 2.0.


And, as the truth about the Tucson lies against Governor Palin proved crackhellcrazy, both GOP RINOs and the Liberal Media Complex went into a shared, delusory denial regarding her comings and goings. It started when Dana Milbank failed to take a month off from Sarah Palin. They needed the Governor to be a ghost to them, functionally invisible but haunting the shreds of their seared consciences.

So their “Palin’s over”, “Palin’s in hiding” “Palin’s not running”, “Palin’s content not being in office and only out for the money” mini-memes churned out during her (actually) very busy first quarter schedule: headlining Reagan’s 100th, speaking at the Long Island Association, cheering Todd at Iron dog, dazzling them in India, dining with the Netanyahus; all the while tweeting, Facebooking and media-squirmishing.

The disconnect was churlish wish-fulfillment for the RINOs — who wanted Palin to slink away somewhere and become RNC Chairman, “GOP Kingmaker” or “GOP Gal Friday”.

All this Palin denial was reflexive of the grotesque extremes they’d worked for her political death during Tucson — the Left hammering down false accusations of murder and other damnable lies, while the GOP RINOs – through a silence of shared bloodlust – held the nails.

And the Left and GOP RINOs inhabited an alternate Palin reality until…


“This is the speech they did not want to have happen. It is why everyone in the GOP establishment was quiet when (Sarah Palin) was being accused of murder in January… because they did not want THIS speech to happen. Well, it did. And not only have the Union thugs in Wisconsin lost, but the GOP establishment is losing as well.” – Tammy Bruce 4/16/11

Yeah. And every Palinista who heard Sarah Palin’s “Fight Like A Girl – Game On!” Madison speech on Tax Day Saturday felt like waving palm branches for “President Palin” Palm Sunday.

The Palin game shifted that day she stared down the beast in Madison (check out the hordes of union thugs shouting during her speech on YouTube sometime). There, she told the establishment RINOs in Madison: I’d like to try to work with you, but I’ll take you on if I must!

In order to outgame GOP RINOs, it’s a Palinista point of reference to remember they share the same basic motive with King Saul:

RINOs are murderously, insanely — jealous.


Jealousy, or envy, stems from the sweaty fear of being replaced or eclipsed. It’s a terror of losing your position or your identity to someone or something you fear is bigger, better, smarter, stronger or more favored than you.

Envy pushed King Saul to try to murder his loyal commander in the field, David. Good Friday happened because of envy of Jesus. Tea Party and Sarah Palin were “handed over” by the silence of party RINOs to be scourged by the Left during Tucson, during the Hobbiting of McCain, etc., because RINOs envy their organic power in the voting booth.

Again, silence when someone is being attacked is their agreement with the aggressor.

It is RINO passive aggression.

Cowardly RINOs such as this are as much of a political enemy as the Far Left Union/Marxist/CapNTrade thugs.


Today, the RINOs in Congress are so jealous of Tea Party’s November 2010 landslide WHICH BROUGHT THEM INTO HAVING POWER IN CONGRESS, they try kill this Tea spirit by capitulating to Obama on the debt ceiling and stalling on healthcare?

They are so insane with Tea jealousy they squander and give away their power in Congress to the Democrats?


RINOs see only one thing. Their jobs – their very identities — are threatened.

The RINOs who want to be President and the Beltway RINOs are jealous of the spirit of Tea, jealous of the joyous fight that invigorates Sarah Palin because it represents their own hypocrisy and culpability for the problem that is Obama — and they don’t know what to do with themselves.

GOP RINOs remember very clearly how the stock market spiked in a happy response to the Tea Party victories on November 2nd 2010.

They know the market response to Tea Party is enthusiastic, because the market understands Tea Party principles are soundly conservative and pro business. Yet the Congressional RINOs worked a terrible victory for Obama on the debt ceiling deal, in an open fear of the power of Tea? Jealousy makes them “think crazy”.

The GOP RINO mindset does not register political genuineness. They cannot understand Tea, they do not believe it to be real, they believe it to be some huge trickery or slight of hand.

This is why it’s vital Tea Party and Palinistas stick to their ideals. Appeasing, befriending or coddling RINOs doesn’t work. Compromise and appeasement with RINOs will get Tea Party… nowhere.

Ask Renee Elmers.

by TwoLegsGood

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