Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Iowa Was About Special Moments, Not Mere Politics

Last Saturday, thousands of Palinistas, of all affiliations descended upon rural Indianola in a mass pilgrimage. We came from New York, Florida, Texas, California, Alaska - all corners of this great nation - to see, hear, commune and meet with Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin - Our Sarah. We stood in the rain waiting for Our Sarah and were not bothered by it. I tried to get the "Official Organize4Palin Wet Tee Shirt Contest" going, but had no takers. I won by forfeiture.

You see, these two days were not just about politics. Of course, Gov. Palin gave an epic speech. She hit all the salient points about our economy. She pointed out the utter lack of leadership by the man who supposed to be a leader. But, when she descended those steps from the stage, the former Alaska Governor became simply Sarah. This weekend was about camaraderie, friendships, humor, special moments - and meeting not merely with Gov. Palin - but with Our Sarah.

We long ago got the memo that the prospect of Gov. Palin announcing her candidacy for the 2012 Presidential election during this rally was highly unlikely. Since Gov. Palin's intentions were clearly spelled out in public SarahPAC press releases, one would think professional reporters would have gotten that memo too. Besides, Gov. Palin did run the following day, though her run was not announced until after the fact.

They tried to spin the narrative of supporters who walked away "disappointed". That tale is pure, unadulterated baloney. Not one of the over 2,000 people on that field walked away disappointed in anything Gov. Palin did. She spent more time meeting with her supporters at the rope line than even on her own speech, walking two complete passes. Anyone who wanted to be with her got what he or she wanted. Even my wife, who tacks hard left was astounded when I told her that. We could not think of anyone in recent history who walked two passes on a rope line. "Sarah was going back to her people," my wife said.

This post is about my special moments, which are but a few of the thousands experienced by all who came to see Former AK Gov. Sarah Palin - Sarah.

Beautiful and Providential Flights

What could beat watching twilight and a huge first quarter moon for the entire duration of the flight out - and passing over the spot where where I met Gov. Palin the first time? On the return flight to Des Moines piloted by two retired fighter pilots, we were given the option to go to Channel 9 and listen in their communications with Air Traffic Control. So, I got a nice refresher in IFR communications. From Chicago back to Newark, great IFR flying and a sweet approach to landing. Thank you, United.

The SarahMobile

A proper SarahMobile is essential for getting around when you take your show on the road, and you haven't traveled with a charted bus group. Any decent rental car will do, but nothing beats a nice score. I rented this Alamo Jeep Wrangler at the same price as the econo-box I had reserved. Now, that's a score.

Under the Bus

Whether you are Republican or Democrat, liberal or conservative, love Former AK Gov. Sarah Palin or hate her, you no doubt use the political slang "thrown under the bus." So, I figured it was time to get a picture - well - under the bus. So, I took a picture under the Central West bus Jelayne Sessler's TX for Palin group chartered. No, the driver was not there to witness the humorous spectacle; and yes the bus was not running.

I couldn’t fit under the bus. Since Jelayne was the photographer, and I’m more than twice her size by weight, she couldn’t throw me under the bus either. So I did the next best thing – I laid down in front of the bus. Trust me, you don't want to be thrown under the bus. Yeah, I need to lose a couple of pounds. OK, a little more than a couple.

Speaking of Buses

I hated buses all my life until this one rolled out of the garage...and what a bus it is. This is the Palin family's mobile home and command center, and it was at rear stage left in Indianola. This bus was bought and paid for with money earned by the sweat of the Palin family's brows. Its operation is financed by donors who love the Palins and who donate without even being asked. There is one bus I love and adore: this one. You see, what's beautiful about this bus is not just the visually stunning artwork on it, or the fact that it was imported from Alaska and built right here in the good old US of A. The Palins will never, ever throw any loyal employee, or volunteer under it. They don't drive that way. This is a bus operated by people whose word is their honor and their sacred bond. No, I did not enter the bus. The open door did not mean "permission granted."


Machine Shed, Clive, IA - September 2, 2011 at the Twentieth Hour and the Twenty Seventh Minute Central Daylight Time

The First and Only (so far) O4P NYS Shirt Signed

As she signed the shirt, I said, “Take New York. Take the heart of it. Take it all...all 29 electoral votes. Do it for my wife. Do it for my mother. Do it for all the little girls of this country.”

Hug and Handshake with Todd and Sarah Palin

1080p HD YouTube

US for Palin, NY4Palin and Reagan-Sarah Signs Captured on C-SPAN

September 3, 2011 at the Thirteenth Hour and the Twenty Ninth Minute Central Daylight Time

September 3, 2011 at the Fourteenth Hour and the Fourteenth Minute Central Daylight Time

Photo Copyright © 2011 Ron Devito. Photographer, Jason Recher, SarahPAC.

September 3, 2011 at the Fourteenth Hour and the Twenty Eighth Minute Central Daylight Time

Front left to right: Ron Devito, Kristi Honas, Camille, Deb, Heather, Nancy (those with first names only have requested it). Rear left to right: Jason Recher, SarahPAC; and Former AK Gov. Sarah Palin.

Photo Copyright © 2011 OP Ditch, Vets4Sarah

Former AK Gov. Sarah Palin's Restoring America Speech and Meet/Greet - 1080p HD

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