Thursday, September 8, 2011

What about the past 3 years?!?

I just finished watching President Obama's address... on Fox News, of course... And it prompted this blog. His speech really made me angry, to say the least. I listened closely while he read what he was supposed to say and didn't say a word until the end.

When Obama stated, "We have 14 months left to the next election...," there was an uproar in my home. He acts like he really wants to make this better, and then BAM! "Let's not make them wait until the next election." Really? That's all he really cares about is making himself look good now so that people will vote for him and his lies again.

Hey, Mr. Obama, what happened to the last three years since you were elected? Why couldn't you step in then and honor your promises? Why'd you have to wait until campaigning started for the next term? You were too busy going on vacations to stand up for the people of America. You waited until people were laid off and until some people took their own lives because they didn't know how to survive in this economy. 

We need a leader! A leader, like Sarah Palin, who will have our backs when times get tough. A leader who will find a way to fix our problems here in America instead of spending money relentlessly on some of the stupidest projects! We need a leader who will be our president during the ENTIRE term! Run, Sarah, Run!

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