Friday, June 24, 2011

Supporting Sarah

Why so many are still choosing to follow Sarah Palin!

 Sarah Palin, a strong voice in today’s society, is a woman most of us can look up to. Her name is that of one who seemed to grow overnight. Before Senator John McCain selected her as his running mate, I had sadly never heard of Mrs. Palin. However, I am glad that I did and can proudly say I am a supporter. Here’s why:

 How many people do you see today giving thanks, or credit for their actions, to Christ? These days, you hardly ever see a public official praying in, well, public. But, Sarah Palin, will proudly raise her eyes to Heaven and give praise, or silently bow her head in prayer, wherever she may be. She gives us an example of what this country used to be before Christ was taken out of everything we do.

Mrs. Palin is also a huge supporter of anti-abortion. She chooses life for these babies who have no reason to lose their lives. Palin is a prime example of what a family could be without abortion, as she is one with a large and fulfilling family. I admire her because even though she was told her beautiful son would be born with Down Syndrome, she didn’t take the road most travelled. She and her husband, Todd, CHOSE to keep their baby and raise him along with their other four children.

Sarah Palin is also a voice to women everywhere, not just America. She teaches us to rise above the men who are trying to keep us down and quiet, and take a stand for what is right. She leads us to a new “revolution,” where being president is obtainable by a woman. And she inspires us to reach as high as we can, and even further, for what we want. We, the women of America, make up a big part of this nation and I haven’t met one woman who doesn’t support her.

Sarah Palin doesn’t give up. She laughs in the face of adversity, she pushes on when the “lamestream media” try everything they can to bring her spiralling down, and she strikes back and takes lead when one strikes at her, or her children… Especially her children. Mrs. Palin is intelligent. She was raised by a great teacher, and she’s smarter than a lot of people give her credit for thanks to the lamebrains, for a lack of a better word, who criticize every little word she says.

Yeah, maybe I’m just an average Jane who works from home typing articles, writing books, and raising my son on my own. But, trust me, there are a lot of women out there just like me who all support Sarah Palin. So, go ahead and run for President, Mrs. Palin. We need a strong leader for our country. We’ve got your back… You betcha!

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