Saturday, April 2, 2011

You Want Checkmate? Put Sarah Palin In Position

By Robert Wiles

It’s been years since I’ve played chess, but when I did, I loved the game. It made me feel like a strategist; as though I was that General who had the insight and knowing the next move of the enemy. I won at the game many times and even had my share of losses, but one thing I learned: you look to the future, not at the present. After all these years, I feel I am playing the game of chess again, but this time if I and my fellow patriots make the right move, we can declare loudly….CHECKMATE! This is one game we can win. We can win the game of chess then play the game of LIFE. Yes, the game of living our dreams, achieving our goals and expressing our freedoms. Yes fellow Americans, we are in a position that is going to demand strength and courage, but in the end we can cry out CHECKMATE for all this Nation’s enemies to hear. We will no longer be mocked, silenced or controlled. We the people have chosen to arise and take our Country back!

This Nation’s enemies, within and abroad, are seeing the walls of their maze crumble. They are seeing the people they considered second class citizens rise up like never before and declare that we will no longer be accepting their crumbs. This befuddles the elitists. Why would these peasants be complaining? We throw them crumbs now and then. Well Mr. and Mrs. Elitists, We The People say: NO MORE CRUMBS. We are taking our Country back and we demand that YOU listen to us. We elected you to office to represent us. If you don’t listen to our voices, you just might find yourself in the unemployment line next election cycle. An uprising has started. It’s called the Tea Party. It’s the party of the people. People who are fed up with politics as usual. We now look at that chessboard and see the move that will end our game and give us life, that move is to position Sarah Palin in the spot where we can hear the wails and panic of the Left. Ha….Checkmate!

For the past two years Sarah has been ridiculed, mocked, hated, criticized, sued and even had her email account hacked; yet, they have not prevailed. She is a leader like no other, except our beloved Ronald Reagan. The Left will not cease attacking Sarah Palin because Sarah Palin speaks for us. I have asked on several of my blogs, why are they not attacking Mitt Romney? Mike Huckabee? John Thune? Keep an eye on the one they are attacking because that is the one that they fear the most. Did you ever see the media attack John McCain? Nope, at least not drastically. Hmmmm, I wonder why? Could it be that they knew he didn’t have a chance in hell of winning? But along comes Sarah Palin and all hell breaks loose with the media. Kinda makes you think doesn’t it. Sarah is our voice, she speaks up for us while others while others point their fingers to the wind to find out which way it is blowing. That’s not leadership folks, that’s called political convenience and we’re tired of it. Checkmate!

We are taking control of our Country. We are building an army and we are committed to showing them our forces. They will no longer disrespect us or our will. They may think we are ignorant hicks, in November 2012, they will find out who we are and the power of a frustrated electorate. Many of the elites are “embarrassed” of Sarah Palin. Well, if they are embarrassed of her, then they are embarrassed of you and me. And if they are embarrassed of us, they need to be voted out. We cannot wait until 2012, we need to start now. We need to rally around Sarah Palin and make the Left resort to wearing adult diapers! We are playing chess right now patriots. You can checkmate now or you can lose and continues to eat the crumbs being thrown at you. You know where the door is my friend, it’s the door to freedom and liberty. I choose the game of LIFE…..Checkmate!!

Robert Wiles

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