Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Why We Need Sarah Palin To Succeed

By Robert Wiles

I am here not to dictate policy or say what has to be done in the political field of legislation, for I am not a political guru or pundit. I am not a writer, an essayist. I’m just an ordinary citizen who sees the attacks on Sarah Palin as attacks on me and America. As a member of society ,who has to express his thoughts on reason and common sense, I see Sarah Palin as being that only reason and common sense. She is the only one that I feel is of reason and common sense.

I have watched the political atmosphere for years and have been intrigued listening and evaluating, not just the candidates, but the people themselves. I have seen many candidates climb to the top and I have seen some fail. I have seen candidates just drift away to obscurity and some have their 15 minutes of fame. But I have never seen anyone, climb to the top and hold their own as Sarah Palin. Yes, I have seen some very successful political figures in my life, but as I watched them, they grew out of the ranks of their Parties and did not find that throne of success. I had never seen a politician whom was an unknown, raised to the forefront and capture a Country like Sarah Palin. I say capture because I have never seen a figure crucified and hated by so many (who hate her not just because of her policies or beliefs, but merely because of who she is) like Sarah Palin.

This is not just a political battle with Sarah Palin by the Left. This is also a cultural battle that is more deadly because of the Left’s agenda. I will say as a Republican, I am not very happy with my own Party as well. I have not seen my Party slash taxes, downsize government, cut Government Programs, yet alone Departments that are a waste of taxpayers money; therefore, I am not here to just criticize the Democrats. Yet, I fear the Left’s agenda is far more dangerous then the side I belong to. I fear the Left’s tactics in controlling our schools and changing history. I fear the left dictating history, bashing our Country, our heritage, our pioneers, our Forefathers and so on. I fear the Left’s agenda in displaying it’s support of a system called Politically Correctness. I fear their intrusiveness in how we ,as a people, should live, believe, function and learn. I fear the building of yet a bigger Government for the purpose of controlling our wealth, our freedom, our individuals liberties with the purpose of making us a more dependent society.

For the reasons listed above, I believe a Sarah Palin Republican nomination would be a nightmare for the Left and would reach a lot more then just a political spectrum. This is the battle for our future. In 2008, when Sarah Palin was introduced, there was an awakening by many on the Republican side. Up until then, we had given up and said it is over. Yes, we still lost the election, but the result was an awakening of the American people that basically said “We have been silent for decades, no more”. There was one reason for that sentiment; that reason was Sarah Palin. I loved President Ronald Reagan, but even he was a known figure throughout his life. He began in the movies and later moved on to politics. That’s what amazes me about the Sarah Palin phenomenon. She was virtually an unknown politician. Today, in less then 2 years, Sarah Palin is one of the most prominent politicians in America. Even as a private citizen, Sarah is still one of the most popular persons in America. Why is that? Here are some of the reasons: Sarah Palin is my neighbor, my school teacher, my grocer, my banker, my mechanic, my fellow church goer plus a lot more. Sarah Palin is America. The Democrats, Media and many in the Republican Party see that and they do not like what they see. Sarah has not “paid her dues” to the Republican Party and they do not like it. Well, maybe if they’d start paying their dues and actually cared about “we the people”, they’d might be up there with Sarah Palin. However, they haven’t, and Sarah Palin is who we’ve been longing for. She is one of us and is willing to give us a voice. She is opening the door for us, but also she is opening the door of the American culture. The Left hate that idea. When Sarah opened that door of culture, the Left saw it as a great opposition. Americans had been silence for so long and Sarah Palin awoke us, now (according to the Left and some on the Right) she needs to be destroyed. For Sarah Palin has awoken the PEOPLE. We have been called Nazis, Terrorists, Right Wing extremists, racists, bigots, and homophobes. We are actually hated because we dare to believe in God, in sanctity of life, family, marriage between a man and women, the Constitution, the Bill of rights, our Forefathers, a smaller Government, less taxation and individual freedoms and liberties. They hate Sarah Palin because she believes like we do. With Sarah, it is a cultural and political battle. We believe in values, morals, character, integrity, conviction and faith. To believe in the aforementioned is to believe in yourself and others. It is a belief that one must not be chained to Government. The Left seems to have a different idea. They want control of society. Sarah Palin not only gives us hope in the political world, she gives us a voice of hope in the cultural world. The left believes it MUST destroy Sarah Palin; they must destroy the symbol that she has become. They want to silence “we the people” again.

There are many who hate Sarah Palin, but, there are many who love her as well. Having been around for years , I can say with complete conviction, I have seen no other who has made such an impact across this Country as Sarah Palin. Sarah Palin has renewed the political spectrum as no other. Even though she is disliked by many in both parties, the News Media, the Elite, Hollywood and many others, she has inspired the electorate to get involved and be more concerned with what is happening in this Country. Even President Obama has not stirred this kind of reaction. He was a well known Senator who ran on the promise of “hope and change” He was known. Sarah Palin came from obscurity. Her transcending into the political arena accomplished not just a position as a running mate, but accomplished her destiny as well. The moment she was introduced, her base was born; her fans of supporters and her fans of haters all became one Nation. A Star was born and that is why I titled this blog “Why we need Sarah Palin to succeed”. We need her to succeed for one reason, that reason being, the PEOPLE.

Her success is not for her, but for “we the people”. Sarah Palin came from outside the lower 48 to be a voice for the people. The card carrying NRA member, the sports enthusiast, the mother of 5 who had no reservations to give birth to a child with Downs Syndrome, a loving wife, one who has a faith and proud to say it, a strong willed woman who has character, conviction, integrity and even captures a beauty. She actually knows what a “Whopper” is! She would tell you that it’s a big juicy hamburger from Burger King. Would the elites of today be able to answer that question? Ask them and they’ll answer that it’s “one big lie”. Sarah Palin has broken the reins of the Party’s Elitists and they can not stomach that. She has come forward to fight the corrupt among the Elite and help put Government back on the side of the people. The Elite can not stand what they see.They see a hole penetrated by Sarah that they can not relinquish. Sarah has done more for the people of this Country then any politician; she has given us hope. She speaks to us as equals, not down to us. Sarah looks at us as equals, the corner stone of this great Country. Sarah is the elites worst nightmare. The nightmare they always saw coming and now has come true.

Sarah Palin is not who they want around. Why? Simple, she has the support of “we the people”. The elite don’t want Sarah around because they don’t want the people around. They don’t want our voices to be heard. Take a good look at the Tea Party revolt, the movement was born out of Sarah Palin. When the 2008 election came upon us, so many Republicans gave up because Senator John McCain was not the choice many wanted to see. Then someone came forward, Sarah Palin and a vast wind swept over the Republican Party. All of a sudden, there was true hope. Many saw Sarah as they saw themselves, a neighbor, someone who seemed to listen. Sarah slowly took on the elite, she went up to the castle door of the palace and slowly just barged herself into their realm. As the Elite looked behind her, they saw us, the people who were marching strong and the fear began. A fear that the people had awoken, a fear that we the people want a say in our Government. To the Elite, the Democrats and even the Republicans, their day of power was being tested. Even today we still see the damnation of Sarah Palin, her family and her way of life. But we also see a damnation of the people who like Sarah Palin. We are called Racists, Bigots, Morons, Idiots, Right Wing hate mongers and the like. We have the Hollywood elite, the media and politicians mocking us. We always hear that Sarah Palin is not qualified, she is stupid, unworthy to be President, yet it was the qualified, intelligent, worthy of this Country who put us in the mess we’re in. I ask myself what did Sarah Palin have to do with this eroding economy, the mortgage crisis, the high unemployment, the private sector being Government run as also the auto industry? What did Sarah have to do with many banks across the land folding? What did Sarah have to do with the devaluation of the dollar? What did this unqualified, stupid hick from Alaska have to do with this collapse that we encountered in this Country? She had nothing to do with any of it, yet they say she is not qualified?? The qualified, intellectuals, did the Country in. So don’t tell me Sarah Palin is not qualified. Maybe someone with common sense is what we need anyways.

Being an “unknown”, Sarah Palin has become more known then most and it just might spark a bit of jealousy. To many, she hasn’t played the game yet, its not her turn. Well, we the people see it is her turn because we are tired of politics as usual. Sarah Palin has made a dent into the elite’s castle, their Kingdom. Before it has always seemed that politicians only cared about the people during election time. They wanted our vote. They would praise us because we were the average American worker who made this Country work. It always seemed after election time, it was once again, goodbye, catch you later. I see Sarah wanting our vote in order to help us, but I also hear Sarah asking us for our input, out voices, our visions. Never had I felt that before, that closeness to any other politician. It is as if Sarah Palin wants we the people to have a say in our Government, not have the Government say… our will we will give onto you.

The nightmare for the Elite has come. Why is Sarah Palin mocked, ridiculed and crucified as no other?. Why put all your attention to destroy a nobody unless they are a SOMEBODY? I saw a comment that stated “Sarah is a soldier of many”. But why are they trying their damnest to destroy a soldier? No, they are trying to destroy a leader. Why attempt the total destruction of Sarah Palin if she is a “nobody”? As I have said before, this nobody is their nightmare, she has awoken the people, she has brought the people to life and that’s one thing the elite does not want. They do not want a people who are alert. In order to rule a people, you need them to be quiet, you need them to be uninformed, to be apathetic. Sarah has changed that and both sides as well as the Media are being threatened. The castle gates have been opened and Sarah is marching us into the realm of the Elites. Its time to say, no more. The Princess is leading her Paupers to the gates. The Elite look out beyond the gates and they see the mechanic, the janitors, the waitresses, the school teachers, the small business owner, the Wal-mart shopper, the librarian, the doughnut maker, the bread maker, the flag toting faith believer, the NRA member, the beer drinker who wears a pair of blue jeans and they see their exclusive club is now being joined by the Hicks who make this Country. We the people are not wanted in this exclusive club, Sarah Palin is giving us the chance to be a part of it. We are bringing common sense to the party and the elite don’t like it. The Preamble reads “We the people” not “We the elite”. Ask yourself once more, How good of a shape are you in as an individual with all the intellects running your Country? Our dream is Sarah Palin, their nightmare is Sarah Palin.


  1. I completely agree with Robert. Sarah is America, she is one of us. She shops at Walmart and thriftstores and she has the support of the American people. She has woken us up from our slumber and given us a leader to rally around. That is why the left hates her. She is not silenced or destroyed by their constant lies and smears so they get more hateful in their desperation. This reveals them for who they really are. Sarah is the nightmare the elites have feared. Run Sarah Run. You have an army waiting to rally to your banner. Sarah Palin 2012.

  2. Just posted it on Twitter @MaxCUA 100% on the money!

  3. Thank You! Robert always does a great job on his blogs. He is a true Palinista!