Friday, April 1, 2011

Sarah Palin Is Winning! So, Why Are So Many Still Playing To Lose?

By Robert Wiles

As I have observed Sarah Palin's career over the past few years, I have noticed one thing in particular. She is beating them all!! As an avid hockey fan, I have learned what the term "hat trick" means. It is a term used when a player scores three goals. That same concept is being played out by Sarah Palin in our political atmosphere, but, for some odd reason, instead of her own team cheering her on, many are booing her. Let's take a look at the "hat tricks" Sarah has scored. Goal #1) She scored against the Left's agenda. They despise her, yet, she continues to fight for the heart and honor of America and the traditional values on which this Country was founded. Many on the Left believe that this Republic is not of the people, but a Nation of entitlement, a welfare state that is to be controlled by the Government. Time and time again, the Left has attempted to malign Sarah with their smear articles just to have them "refudiated" by the truth. How about that "entertainment industry??" They sure are "entertaining" aren't they? Well, now they are producing a fictionalized story about Sarah Palin that will air on HBO. What a joke!! Good Luck Julianne Moore! By the way, Ms. Moore was asked to take the "Mickey out of Sarah. You can read about it here. Sarah Palin = GOAL!!

Goal #2) The Lame Stream Media, as she has so accurately dubbed them. When I was younger, I thought I had "seen it all". I WAS WRONG!! The lies, rhetoric, mockery and insults perpetrated by the "main stream media" against Sarah Palin is atrocious! Do we ever hear of Sarah's accomplishments? Her visions? Her policy stances? No, we sure don't. We only hear the lying trash they come up with. Heh, politics of destruction I guess they call it? It won't work! Sarah is beating them at their game. She has taken to Facebook and Twitter and has kicked their sorry butts! Now we hear that Sarah is "dropping in the polls" (their own twisted polls of course) and that Charlie Sheen's favorable ratings among independents are higher than hers. Ha! If Sheen's rants are garnering higher ratings among the independents that were polled (chosen by the LSM) i'd say Sarah is "Winning"!! Yeah folks, don't listen to those polls as most of them are skewed to make Sarah look bad and Obama look good. (Can Obama look good at all at this point???) Lame Stream Media = Loser. Sarah Palin = GOAL!!

Goal #3) The Establishment. Wow! She has really thrown them into a hissy fit! It is no secret that many within the Republican Party don't like Sarah Palin. It is also no secret that they want to destroy her. Why do they want to destroy her? Simple, they can't control her. They know that she will not keep their dark little secrets and will not put up with their crap. She took on the Republican establishment in Alaska and she will do the same on a National level. Corruption and corruptors will have to go. Period! In addition, she's a woman. Ohhhh...and what man wants a "woman" telling him what to do??!! Sarah Palin has proven that a woman can be a strong leader while some men within the Party have...ahhh...failed to show it. Sarah Palin = GOAL!!

Remember this folks, the elite class was not fond of the great Ronald Reagan either. He was not accepted by the elite nor by his own Party. First, lets catch a quote from the opposition back on August 9,1979. Illinois Democratic Congressman Thomas Foley stated “And if the nominee of the Republicans is Ronald Reagan, now clearly the front-runner, that will polarize a lot of voters. People who might otherwise be counted as soft for Carter could turn out to be very forceful for him.” Did you notice that word...POLARIZE?? Sounds familiar doesn't it? Then we have the Sumpter Daily commenting on the Republican field back on May 12th, 1979, "Indeed, once Reagan enters the race – and those who claim to know about such things are sure he will – even the right wing will be shattered beyond recognition.” How about this quote from Joseph Kroft from the Sarasota Herald Tribune on September 17, 1979: “But Reagan is known to the country more as a former actor than a former governor of California. His amateur status in political life unsays the major issue against Carter – competence. So Carter has probably a better chance of beating Reagan than any other Republican likely to win the nomination. Which is why, if you had to bet now, the favorite would be Jimmy Carter.” So, we all have heard how Conservative columnist George Will mocks Sarah Palin. Here is one of his quotes “The President’s secret weapon may be the Republican nominating electorate. There is one person, high in the polls, Sarah Palin, who cannot be elected president because she cannot compete where elections are decided. In the collar counties outside Chicago, Montgomery County outside of Philadelphia– just can’t compete there.” We also remember Mr. Will stating that Sarah Palin is not "presidential" on November 21, 2010. Okay George, lets go back to October 23, 1978, what did you say about Ronald Reagan? Here is what he said as quoted in the Sarasota Herald Tribune, "Bush’s principal problem is Ronald Reagan. And it’s possible that Ronald Reagan’s support today is like a piece of Steuben crystal, impressive but fragile, and vulnerable to one knock. Many Republicans who feel deep affection and respect for Reagan also feel a vague sense of regret, or at least dampened spirits, when they conclude that they are duty bound to support him again.” So here's my question? Why the heck do we listen to these clueless pundits in the first place?? What they thought of Ronald Reagan back then, they think of Sarah today. Here's a little news flash...Reagan won two elections. The second one being a landslide! Now these same folks are saying that Palin is not a Ronald Reagan. So, the President they thought was a dunce, turns out to be one of the greatest Presidents ever. And they have the gall to criticize Mrs. Palin??

Here's the reality of it all. The Left sees it. The Right sees it. And We The People see it. Sarah Palin is qualified to be the next President of the United States of America. Sarah Palin is strong, she has defeated and continues to defeat her foes. So, i'll say this: Let's go with the "Hockey Mom". GOALLLLLLLLL...!!!!


  1. Glad to see this, thanks for psoting it. Even though i wasn't around in 1980, i've been trying to tell people that the left and the establishments didn't like Reagan also. Glad to see proof of it. Yeah, those quotes sound very familiar to what is being said about Palin. I don't by what the left and establishment are saying about Palin. I believe Palin is the Ronald Reagan of this century.

    God Bless,

  2. Great post. A hat trick, Sarah would love that. Thanks for reminding us that pundits were completely against Ronald Reagan. They were wrong then and they are wrong now. We the people know a winner when we see one. She speaks truth and our hearts respond to her integrity and courage. Sarah Palin 2012