Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sarah and Goliath

By Robert Wiles

Wow! I have never seen or heard of anything like it! A mom, wife and Conservative is now the most talked about and powerful woman in America. We have the media going after her and the unions are right behind them (did I mention the leftist bloggers, Left leaning publications…oh yeah…and Ewokie’s List?). Yeah, they hate her. They despise her because instead of saying “Let them eat cake” she says, let them have moose stew…along with the rest of us. Sarah is committed to her family and her Country. She is the epitome of strength, leadership and beauty. It is for this reason that “Ewokie’s List” (Emily’s List) hate her. She defines true feminism. She doesn’t need to whine about who she is…she just takes action. Yes, Sarah did not achieve success by whining about who she should be, she did it by being who she is. So, adding the the Ewok melee, we have the environmentalists, animal right’s groups and even some within her own party who would love to see her fail. Yep, you read right…fail! Here’s where the word “people” comes into play. They want her to fail because the “people” love her. Does that sound odd? It is.

So, some folks would just love Sarah to go back to Alaska and stay quiet. Pfft…yeah right! Just as there are some that hate Sarah, there are many who love her. There are those who see the leader for who she is. There is no question about it, Sarah is standing toe to toe against the Goliath(s) that has come against her (and us). Who else is able to stand the heat when the going gets tough…Mitt Romney? Mike Huckabee? Ask yourself, have they been tested as she has? Have they survived the vicious attacks that she has? Actually, the aforementioned have been on the attack…against her.

Who else can champion our cause? Despite being attacked so viciously, she’s still standing. I’d venture to say that no “potential” presidential candidate out there has the “cajones” to withstand what she has had to endure. You want to talk power? You want to talk leadership? I’ll talk Sarah Palin. You betcha! The current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is really pushing the envelope theses days. Arizona is in violation of “human rights”?? That’s what his Administration’s State Department says. And people question Sarah’s leadership ability?? If Sarah would have suggested anything as asinine (yes asinine) as that, she would have been run out of Alaska! Of course, that doesn’t include the nuts who would love to run her out. No, no, no, Sarah is NOT my Messiah nor do I follow her blindly. She wouldn’t want me to follow her blindly. I follow her because of her great love for this Country. It is the same love that you, I and our Forefathers have deeply instilled in our hearts.

Sarah, like David, is taking on Goliath(s). Sarah is a straight shooter and tells it like it is…they had better listen up. Is that a warning? Yeah, it is. Just ask Lisa and Frank Murkowski. Sarah lives and breaths the “American Dream”. That’s something that her detractors know nothing about. May I be bold? Sarah doesn’t give a rat’s behind about “political correctness”. Hee Hee! That’s why they hate her and that’s why we love her. No more retreating! We are reloading!! Bring it on Goliath (and EWOKS)!!

This past weekend we witnessed the “Restoring Honor Rally”. As I listened to the speakers and their messages, I realized…this is what Sarah Palin has been alluding to all along. Since she was first introduced to us, she has been speaking about God, values and restoring honor to this great Nation. Sarah definitely has changed the political climate of the United States of America. No one else, except Ronald Reagan, can compare. Sarah Palin wants to restore this Country to the values on which it was founded. That is HONOR. So, who needs a “career politician”?? Not me! I want a leader. Remember, we have always said we want our voices to be heard…now they are hearing us through Sarah Palin. NO MORE BABY STEPS, it’s time for us to leap forward along with Sarah.

Here is a video you may want to watch.


  1. Sarah vs the Goliaths arrayed against her. God, values, honor, country, she speaks to the best in each of us. With firm reliance on Divine Providence Sarah will provide the leadership that will restore our country's honor and strength. Sarah Palin 2012

  2. She is the type of person who when you listen to her, you feel proud to be an American, proud to have "small town" values, proud to be a God-fearing person. Because (1.) There's nothing wrong with it. (2.) We come from a very long line of such people...they're called patriots.