Tuesday, March 29, 2011

WSJ: Gov. Palin is a Stateswoman

"Sarah Palin did a fine job bolstering her foreign-policy credentials in a speech in New Delhi this month," Wall Street Journal Political Diary column Abheek Bhattacharya wrote in today's article headlined "Sarah Stateswoman," as he synopsized her speech and question answer session delivered at the India Today 2011 Conclave, March 19.

In his synopsis, Bhattacharya touched upon Gov. Palin's positions on domestic energy development and free markets, and how India faces similar problems to the United States in developing its energy sources.
"The past 20 years may have seen some of the country's entrepreneurial energies getting tapped, but a web of regulations keeps its natural resources untapped. Besides hindering expansion in a number of infrastructure sectors, these regulations -- many in the name of environmentalism -- enable cronyism, as rent-seeking bureaucrats skew the playing field to favor a few businesses. They also leave India at the mercy of foreign energy sources."
H/T Josh Painter, Texas 4 Sarah Palin

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