Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sarah Palin Is Self Made

By Robert Wiles

Help!! I’m lost in a sea of Sarah Palin News! It seems that every time I turn on my television, radio or computer all I see, hear and read is…Sarah did this, Sarah did that. Sarah, Sarah, Sarah. Well, you’d think I’d get tired of it right? WRONG! I LOVE IT!! Here are some reasons why: 1)She’s driving the Liberals, Media and Progressives nuts! Ha!!! 2)She stands up for me and says…”Back off, shut up, we are going to listen to Robert ( We The People ) now. 3) She’s taking on both Parties and the media without batting an eye (and is winning!)

I am tired of Politically Correctness; I am tired of being called a racist and I am tired of being called a Hick. Why the name calling you ask? Well, there are many out there who think they were granted the keys to the kingdom by some “political intellectual” that ends up being a figment of their imagination. It’s a power that is beset only in their “lightning fast” mind of ignorance and self acclaimed superiority over the rest of us. I love the idea of these “political intellectuals” straining their blood shot eyes waiting for Sarah’s next tweet or her next Facebook post. I love seeing them wait in anticipation over what or who Sarah will tear into next ( I guess you can call it being “wee wee’d up. ) It kinda reminds me of the old E.F. Hutton commercial…”When E.F. Hutton talks, people listen” It’s hilarious!! Today’s version would be…”When Sarah Palin talks, EVERYBODY listens”

So, now we have a long list of intellectually deficient individuals hurling vulgar gender comments at Gov. Palin. Please! Let’s get down to the nitty gritty…Sarah is for the people; therefore, they hate her. Plain and simple. All the attack proves is that Sarah is getting under their skin and is winning the battle. She believes in herself, speaks for herself and stands strong in her beliefs. I remember during the 2010 primary races, Rep. Jack Kingston stated that Sarah should “butt out of primary races” because “she is dividing the Republican party”…all I could say was buddy, this Party divided itself a long time ago. Welcome to reality. And by the way, the 2010 elections turned out pretty well didn't they? I'm glad Mrs. Palin "butted in." I'm a guy, so I want to know, Why all the flack? Is it because Sarah is a...woman? Or is it because she is a “Conservative woman”? Hmmmm. Let’s take this even further, do they hate her because she is a “Conservative woman who made it on her own”? Here’s what I think: Liberal women hate Sarah because she has become someone they are not and never will be. Sarah has done it on her own. She is the classic example of what Liberal women want to be; a women who relies on herself to achieve her goals ( may I add that Sarah also relies on her God). Sarah doesn’t need to belong to a group to be able to succeed. Sarah has made it to the top as a Conservative woman and that is blasphemy to Liberals. Even Liberal Kristen Powers has stated ” Palin is in many ways the quintessential Alaskan woman.” There’s a popular T-shirt line that states, “Alaskan Women Kick Ass,”! Well, that pretty much sums up how Alaskans view their women. Alaska has a history of fierce frontier women and that legacy continues. It’s also not surprising that she is so unaffected by what people say about her. Sarah is what many women, especially Liberal women, want to be and they hate her because…SHE MADE IT.

As you can tell by now, I admire Sarah Palin. It does bother me when she is attacked. I can see why the Left, the Lame Stream Media, the Elites and many in our own party despise Sarah; they fear her. I try to explain to people why Sarah receives so much hatred, but some still don’t seem to understand. As I stated earlier, Sarah dominates cyberspace, television, radio, but most of all Liberal’s unhinged brainwaves. They know she is a force and she is upsetting the status quo. We the people of this Country have a chance to have our voice heard, we have a chance to help lead and not be led. We’ve always wanted someone like this, someone to give us a voice and not be pawns on a chess board. The Left have shown us who their nightmare is…hopefully our eyes will be enlightened to what they have shown us. If not, we will be the ones to live the nightmare for years to come and continue to be pawns on that chess board and be expendable for the Kings (The Elites) to survive. Sarah Palin 2012!! You Betcha!

Robert Wiles

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  1. Robert you have hit the nail on the head. The very reason the liberals hate Sarah Palin is the same reason conservatives love her. She has done it one her own, trusting in her God, holding her gun in one hand and her Down's Syndrome baby in the other!

    She continues to go on when others would have long since quit. She is optimistic and loves our country!

    That's why we love her! Thanks so much Robert for a great article!