Friday, April 1, 2011

Pssst! Sarah Palin Is Not "One Of Them".

By Robert Wiles

In modern politics, it seems that for one to make it to the top, you have to rub shoulders with those "higher up" in the group. We call them the "Party Elites." You kinda have to be chosen by your buddies and if you didn't fit into that particular group, you were counted as an outcast. Of course, we also have those that are to be "next in line" according to this elite buddy system. It doesn't matter if their politics and record stinks, don't you dare try to cut in line! Now do you understand why this elite buddy system hate Sarah Palin? The woman speaks her mind and she (excuse the language) doesn't kiss ass!! Yeah! I'll say it. One of the reasons I support Sarah Palin is because SHE DOESN'T KISS ASS! It's humorous to listen to both political parties try to demean her. It's simple to decipher the reasoning behind it. She doesn't jump when they tell her to. Hell no!! I also love the idea that these elitist fellows are finding out that they cannot control this woman! Do they try? Yes. Are they successful? Hell no! This woman is no coward and she will not cower to their demands. She speaks from the heart and not words of deceit used to garner votes. She is a woman of her word. Hell yes!

Sarah Palin will take them all on. Recently, we saw her take on Governor Chis Christie concerning the budget crisis in New Jersey. Click here. Many have asked, was Sarah's critique justified? I say yes. It doesn't take much courage to cut spending when your State is broke. Try doing it when there's a surplus. Now that's courage! Also, since we are on the subject of elitism and the "good ole boy" system, Governor Christie has not been kind to Sarah on several occasions in the past. I guess he never heard of Reagan's "Eleventh Commandment. He has rattled on about Sarah needing some "unscripted" moments to be taken seriously and even rolled his eyes when asked about Gov. Palin on the Jimmy Fallon Show. Many of Christie's supporters were upset by Mrs. Palin's comments. Well, all I can say is, if you can't stand the heat, get out of the freakin' kitchen! Next, we have Bill O'Reilly. Yep, we saw Sarah kindly but firmly ask Bill O'Reilly to stop interrupting her. Of course that threw O'Reilly into a tizzy for weeks. You can read about it here. There are many more incidences that I could site regarding Sarah and the elites, but this will suffice for now. From the day Sarah was introduced in 2008, the elites have gone after her more then any other. Oh, many will say Sarah Palin is cocky, too overbearing and too naive, but then again, these folks have never had to deal with someone that basically tells them "talk to the hand" and does her own thing. I love that about her! It causes me to support her even more...if that's possible. Here's what a Palin nomination and ultimate win means to me: No more ass kissing, no more backroom deals and no more elite gatherings where "We The People" are mocked and ridiculed. Sarah Palin is the people's candidate. Plain and simple.

Sarah Palin is you and she is me. She is a true American and cares about what we think. Let's all do our homework. Let's study Gov. Palin's polices and not let the "lamestream media" dictate what we think about her. To Sarah Palin we have a name and are important. To the elite, we are just a vote that they need. They have disdain for her because she cares about us. In my humble opinion, if she is willing to take them all on, I am willing to believe and trust in her as my leader and my President. They have come after her with a fierce vengence and yet, she is still standing. That's my kind of leader! One who doesn't bow to anything or anybody...except God!!!!

Robert Wiles

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  1. I couldn't agree more Robert. The "good old boy" system of picking the next in line is run and controlled by the party elites. But the party belongs to all of us, not the elites. We all need to get involved now to ensure our voices are heard. Volunteer to be a precinct chair or a member of a party executive committee. We will not be dictated to by a few elites or a hopelessly biased media. We will do our homework, study the issues, and pick the leader of our choosing. Sarah Palin 2012